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Imperial God Emperor 1053 - Say one more word and you will die

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Chapter 1053, Say one more word and you will die

Ye Qingyu had been here a long time ago.

After Tang Chong notified him, he immediately returned to the Domain Alliance Divine Hall.

It was inconvenient for him to show up.

Ye Qingyu also did not want him to appear in Blue Cloud Manor.

The Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor was called Huang Tianfang, a righteous and chivalrous person, who did not belong to any sect or faction. He was lucky to obtain the inheritance of an ancient sect and became famous among the Human Race. He and Tang Chong met and became friends after an exchange of blows, turning hostility into friendship. After he settled in Heaven Connect City, he also often met up with Tang Chong. Therefore, he promised Tang Chong's request to take in the White-robed Divine Guards that were being hunted down.

After he met Ye Qingyu and confirmed his identity, Huang Tianfang was excited and surprised.

He was originally an admirer of Ye Qingyu, and after Tang Chong's introduction, was completely obedient to the arrangement of Ye Qingyu. He gathered all the White-robed Divine Guards together to discuss countermeasures with Ye Qingyu. What made Ye Qingyu surprised was that, among these White-robed Divine Guards, unexpectedly there were the four martial artists who were ordered to station in the Heaven Wasteland Building and had sheltered the people of Heaven Wasteland Domain from the wind and rain before.

Everything after that was done following Ye Qingyu's arrangement.

Then, there was the scene at the entrance of Blue Cloud Manor.

Huang Tianfang incomparably believed in Ye Qingyu, and was incomparably righteous.

What he had said to Fang Bule was naturally equivalent to completely breaking of relations with the powerful commander who held real power.

The atmosphere was somewhat tense.

Fang Bule was taken aback for a moment, eyes falling on Ye Qingyu, and quickly reacted over.

He smiled faintly, “I was thinking who it was, it turns out to be Lord Deputy Envoy. I pay respect to Lord Deputy Envoy.” He was still sitting astride the back of the single-horned beast. He simply gave a fist salute and then said, “I do not know why Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu is at Blue Cloud Manor, could it be...”

“Could it be what?” Ye Qingyu interrupted him, sneering, “what? Commander Fang Bule is also going to pin the crime of traitor on me too?”

“This... I don't dare to.”

Looking at Ye Qingyu's mocking eyes, Fang Bule was startled for a moment.

In truth, just now, he really had an impulse to list Ye Qingyu as one of the traitors, but soon he cleared his mind. This Ye Qingyu was after all Ren Puyang's trusted aide, and there were rumours that he was Ren Puyang ‘biological son’. He was also the Third Deputy Envoy of the Human Race. Although it was only a nominal post, it was an honourable title. It would not be so simple to frame him, thus he hurriedly put away this thought.

“Is that right? Commander Fang Bule doesn’t dare to?” Ye Qingyu face was twisted with undisguised anger. “You could easily say you were going to destroy someone’s home and kill everybody, if you weren’t wearing the Divine white-robed armour that symbolizes the glory of the Human Race, I really would have thought you were a group of inhuman bandits attempting to storm into the Blue Cloud Manor.”

“Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu, this is the order of the First Deputy Envoy, who dares to disobey him? If you refuse to obey, then please go find Deputy Envoy Ou Wuji, why give this strange speech here.” Fang Bule coldly grinned, then added impatiently, “Forgive me, I have official business to carry out, and cannot waste time chatting with Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu. I ask Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu to quickly get out of the way and not make a mistake.”

“What if I don't move aside?”

No matter who was guilty and who was not guilty, based on Fang Bule’s attitude alone, he knew that he was not a good person.

It was really puzzling as to why such a ruthless and vicious person had occupied the position of one of the four great commanders of the White-robed Divine Guards. For someone like him to hold such a high position was not a blessing to the Human Race. Could Mister Ren Puyang not have realized this?

Ye Qingyu's heart was already filled with killing intent.

“Not moving aside?” Fang Bule also laughed coldly. “If I give you face, you’re Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu. If I don’t give face to you, you’re just a junior of the Human Race with an undeserved reputation. Swords and knives do not have eyes, don’t make a mistake, otherwise if any accident were to happen, haha, it would be too late to regret it.”

Ye Qingyu nodded.

“Based on your face alone, you cannot sit on the position of one of the four great commanders... Get lost.”

With that, Ye Qingyu raised his hand, gently thrusting out his palm.

Invisible majestic power instantaneously gushed forth.

Others could not perceive anything, but Fang Bule, in this moment, felt a terrifying power bubbling up like an undercurrent. An unprecedented sense of crisis had shrouded him.

“You... want to die!” Fang Bule roared.

He did not think that, in such a situation, Ye Qingyu would dare to recklessly and brazenly attack him. In shock, anger surged and an intense hatred suddenly rose. He activated his power to its peak, and unable to pull out the sword strapped at his waist in time, he gathered his hands into fists and struck out with a loud rumble. Two golden fist images formed in the air, like a meteor falling from the sky, and a golden brilliance erupted. His imposing manner was terrifying and tyrannical.

As one of the four great commanders, Fang Bule was a master among the masters.

Back when Fang Bule moved unhindered across the Vast Thousand Domains, Ye Qingyu was not yet born.

In this moment, no one thought that Fang Bule would lose.



Invisible vibrations rippled across the Void.

The moment the dazzling golden fist was formed it was all of a sudden crushed by an invisible force.

And Fang Bule's burly body, also struck by the invisible force, produced a burst of crackling bone fracturing sound, before he spewed out jets of blood. His face instantly turned gloomy like thin gold, and like a sack, was uncontrollably thrown off from the back of the single-horned beast, crashing into the troops at the back. It was unknown how many people he had sent flying.

Exclamations of anger and shock instantly sounded.

The dozens of White-robed Divine Guards subconsciously charged over.

“Get lost!”

Ye Qingyu thundered.

The sound waves erupted like a wave.

The White-robed Divine Guards all saw stars dance before their eyes, as they were sent flying like the outer hulls of rice.

Commotion broke out.

Countless shocking glances were projected onto Ye Qingyu.

He dared to do that?

How dare he do that?

Now in Heaven Connect City, the remaining members of Lin Yutang’s group could be said to be detested by all and hunted down by all races. It was difficult for them to turn over. Everyone avoided them like the plague, but Ye Qingyu dared to, in broad daylight, on Wuqing street, and under so many gazes, seriously wound one of the four great commanders in order to protect these people. This behaviour was simply too crazy.

Had he gone crazy?

Such a thought surfaced in the minds of countless people.

“You... the one with the surname Ye, do you know what you are doing?” Fang Bule stood up in rage, shook away the soldiers who had come over to help him, and like a raging lion, roared, “How dare you attack me? How dare you sneak up on me? You think you can do anything just because you have that bullshit Deputy Envoy title hanging in front you... Today, don’t think of leaving here, I think you’re also one of Lin Yutang's people.”

He pulled out the sword strapped at his waist with a clang, piercing cold light filling the air.

“Come, come and surround him, ready the formation... we must capture him at all costs.” The tip of his sword was firmly pointing at Ye Qingyu, face sinister and fierce, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“It seems you don't have a good memory.”

Ye Qingyu shook his head, raised his hand into the air, and then suddenly pressed down slowly.

“Get down on your knees.”

A giant silver semi-translucent palm interwoven with formation markings appeared out of nowhere above Fang Bule’s head, and then suddenly pressed down.


Terrifying power exploded.

“You...” Fang Bule attempted to resist.

But as Ye Qingyu's transparent giant palm pressed down, Fang Bule could only feel that the yuan qi in his body was difficult to operate, instantly suppressed, and that his yuan qi channels simply failed to flow smoothly. Being crushed by the tremendous pressure, it was no use no matter how he struggled. He could feel his knees weakening as he uncontrollably knelt on the ground, breaking the stone ground. Cracks were seen spreading out like a spider's web, centering around his knees.

“Ye Qingyu... you... how dare you... I...” Fang Bule struggled frantically.

With his hands pushing against the ground, he attempted to stand up, but simply could not lift himself up in the slightest. He stared at Ye Qingyu with eyes blazing with rage. Those eyes were extremely fierce, sinister, as though wishing to shred Ye Qingyu to pieces.

“You little bastard from a lowly domain... you... I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you...” Being insulted by Ye Qingyu in such a way and in front of so many people had almost made Fang Bule turn mad. He had never felt so embarrassed in his life, which to him was worse than death.

“If you scold me again, I'll make you shut up forever.” Ye Qingyu looked him in the eye, uttering each word loud and clear.

Fang Bule instinctively wanted to open his mouth and curse.

But when he saw Ye Qingyu's expression, noticed the emotion in Ye Qingyu's eyes, the anger and madness in his heart suddenly vanished like smoke in thin air. There was not the slightest threat in Ye Qingyu's eyes, or the slightest ripple. That calmness was like he saw an irritating bug, which made Fang Bule immediately realize that Ye Qingyu was not threatening him, he really dared to kill a commander of the White-robed Divine Guards on the street.

At this moment, Fang Bule suddenly thought of Ye Qingyu's crazy reputation, thought of Ye Qingyu's nickname called ‘Demon King Ye’. He was cold-blooded, ruthless, walked through the road of blood and fire, and had trampled on the bones of countless foreign race experts. This Ye Qingyu was a madman, a madman who was unafraid to do anything.

Then, at once, he realized something else.

How could the gap between him and Ye Qingyu be so huge?

The Ye Qingyu before, even if his name shook the Road of Chaos, his real fighting strength was still on the same level with the four major commanders of the White-robed Divine Guards. Fang Bule asked himself, “Even if I am no match for Ye Qingyu, I shouldn’t have been so easily defeated and humiliated by Ye Qingyu?” The way Ye Qingyu suppressed him was as easy as pushing down a toddler learning to walk.

The strength of this Demon King Ye had improved again?

To what extent has he grown?

A series of information flashed through the mind of Fang Bule, and then fear and regret uncontrollably surfaced in his heart. Finally, under the watchful gaze of countless people, in front of the disbelief of all those who were paying attention to this scene, and the astonishment of the White-robed Divine Guards, he slowly lowered his head, buried between his arms, and no longer dared to speak or struggle again.

Fear dispels anger.

Reasoning made him choose to shut up.

Otherwise, Fang Bule knew clearly that he would have been pinched to death like a bug.

And when one dies, there's nothing left.

The corners of Ye Qingyu's mouth were curved upwards in a contemptuous smile.

Suddenly in the sky there were flashes of black light, as six Black Guards of the Demon Race descended from the fish airship above.

They were headed by a figure that was shrouded all over in violet demonic qi and emitting an extremely powerful and tyrannical aura.

The moment they landed, a figure burst into sharp laughter, “Hahaha, wonderful, wonderful, I did not expect to see such a wonderful story. There is a traitor in the White-robed Divine Guards, and you could not settle this yourself. No wonder you need the assistance of our Divine Demon Guards. Haha, Fang Bule, you really are a disgrace. Say, do you also need me to help you get rid of this man, the Third Deputy Envoy of the Human Race?”

The Black Guards of the Demon Race finally couldn't help meddling——
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