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Chapter 1052, What great magisterial awe

Save people?

It turned out to be for that reason.

Ye Qingyu's mind was racing with countless thoughts.

Could it be a trap?

If the First Deputy Envoy wanted to frame him, the most effective plan was to use this method, luring him to save the subordinates of Lin Yutang, and then frame him for collusion with the traitor Lin Yutang. That would definitely put him in a very bad position.

But there was also the possibility that it wasn’t a trap.

Lin Yutang had said that his former close subordinates had all mysteriously disappeared, many had been dismissed, which matched with Tang Chong's statement. It was well known that, when Ren Puyang was still around, Tang Chong and Lin Yutang's relationship was very good, thus it was reasonable for Tang Chung to protect Lin Yutang's close subordinates.

Ye Qingyu had only thought over it for a moment before he came to a decision.

“Let's go, take me there.”

He got up, ignored the Great Great Dragon Turtle Demon, who had been making eye signals beside him, and left the Heaven Wasteland Building with Tang Chong.

Whether it was a trap or not, Ye Qingyu had to go.

He couldn’t leave the loyal White-robed Divine Guards to be slaughtered. Ren Puyang had already been killed, the loyal and righteous people of the Human Race headquarters were at a disadvantage position, and the White-robed Divine Guards, who the First Deputy Envoy was after, were Human Race elites loyal to Ren Puyang before and thus must not die.



The West District of Heaven Connect City.

Compared to the prosperity of the other three districts, the west side was relatively rustic.

Of course, this was only in comparison, the most shabby place in Heaven Connect City was also a thriving place compared to other cities and domains.

Blue Cloud Manor was not a particular famous manor in the West District, and the Lord of the manor, a martial artist of the Human Race, dwelled in deep seclusion and rarely came out. The majority of his time was spent in cultivation. Very few people had seen this mysterious expert, who bought this manor decades ago and had been living in harmony with the neighbours all this time.

In the sky, fragments of snowflakes were still fluttering.

It was already dusk.

The main entrance to Blue Cloud Manor was on Wuqing Street.

Wuqing street, one of the ten great streets in the West District, was wide and flat, and could accommodate twenty carriages running side by side. There were shops on both sides of the street, people were shuttling back and forth, and even if the sun was about to set, it was still as bustling as before. Many wine shops, restaurants, inns had lit formation lanterns, ready to welcome the night.

The day and night of Heaven Connect City were not much different.

Suddenly, a hurried warning sound rattled across Wuqing street.

All beings on the street had an abrupt change of expression.

Then there was a clatter of hooves as white torrents poured in from both the east and west side of Wuqing street. The speed was extremely fast, arriving in front of the Blue Cloud Manor in the blink of an eye. It was the two hundred White-robed Divine Guards of the Domain Alliance, sitting astride the muscular backs of single-horned cloud-swallowing beasts. The entire Blue Cloud Manor was fully encircled, and among them there were great formation masters setting up formations of isolation and interference to prevent the people inside from using formation transportations to escape.

“The White-robed Divine Guards are arresting criminals. People that have nothing to do with it leave immediately, otherwise, they will be punished with the same crime.”

A loud roar rocked the streets.

At the same time, in the sky, there were twenty black fish-shaped airships lowering from a height, stopping in the Void two hundred meters above the Blue Cloud Manor using a strange formation. A series of formation light arcs were linking the different airships, forming a red-black light screen, like dark clouds falling down, and fully shrouded the entire Blue Cloud Manor.

The citizens on the street broke into spirited discussions.

“What's going on?”

“When did Blue Cloud Manor anger the White-robed Divine Guards?”

“It's not just the White-robed Divine Guards, look, the black fish airships in the sky are the battleship of the Demon Race headquarters. Even the Demon Race's Black Guards are here. What had the Blue Cloud Manor done to anger both the Human Race and Demon Race at the same time?”

“They wouldn't be looking for the remaining people of the former commander of the White-robed Divine Guards, Lin Yutang, right? Recently, this is the biggest matter in Heaven Connect City. To alarm the Human Race's White-robed Divine Guards and the Demon Race's Black Guards, could the Blue Cloud Manor be Lin Yutang's property?”

Recently, there had been a lot of storm-like changes in Heaven Connect City. As a result, the people on the streets, the shopkeeper and waiters began to obtain some clues.

Everybody kept a good distance from the Blue Cloud Manor.

After all, this was a wrestling between the higher-ups of the Domain Alliance, thus they must not get involved.

Otherwise, they might not even know how they died.

In the blink of an eye, the whole Blue Cloud Manor was tightly surrounded, all kinds of formations were activated. Whether it was the sky, the ground or underground, everywhere was blocked by different forces. There were endless chain formations flashing, and terrifying power fluctuating. With such a frightening siege, even an invisible gust of spring breeze couldn’t float out of the manor.

“The people inside listen up, in ten seconds, open the door and surrender, otherwise, all will be killed, the whole Blue Cloud Manor will be flattened.”

A forty-year-old commander of the White-robed Divine Guards on a single-horned cloud-swallowing beast bellowed, surging with yuan qi.

The voice, like a rolling thunder, spread clearly within a ten-kilometer radius.

When he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and suddenly the White-robed Divine Guards all unsheathed their weapons. Yuan qi surged, like a torrent of white steel, in the direction of the entrance of the Blue Cloud Manor. The atmosphere suddenly tensed up.

But the door did not open.

The commander of the White-robed Divine Guards gave a cold smile and no longer said anything else.

A lieutenant beside him was counting.

When it was time, and if the entrance to the manor were not open, they would immediately storm in. At that time the entire Blue Cloud Manor would be turned to ruins, completely flattened.

The scene was watched by countless eyes in the distance.

“Sigh, speaking of which, Lin Yutang was one of the most powerful people in the headquarters of the Human Race. His reputation is extremely good, who would have thought that once he fell from grace, not only was he thrown into prison, but those White-robed Divine Guards loyal to him would be named traitors and hunted down. It really is hard to understand.”

“Do you think that Lin Yutang really killed Lord Ren Puyang?”

“I don't believe it, I have seen Commander Lin Yutang before. He is an upright and heroic man, also extremely friendly and polite. He absolutely would not do that kind of berserk thing, there is something fishy about this.”

“Shh! Quiet! You dare to say such a thing.”

In the distance, in a shop called [Jade Pavilion], dozens of people were gathered together, speaking in hushed tones and looking at the Blue Cloud Manor with sympathy.

Soon, ten seconds of time had passed.

“Hmph, dare to resist arrest. Storm in!”

Before his voice faded.

Suddenly, the door of the Blue Cloud Manor creaked opened lightly.

Then a little more and a little more until the door was completely open.

Dozens of guards of the Blue Cloud Manor rushed out, divided into two rows on the left and right sides of the entrance, all clad in the same blue-green armour. Under the guard's protection, another group of figures slowly came out, headed by a middle-aged man in a violet silk robe. He was tall and burly, eyes bright and exuded an extremely imposing manner. He was the Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor.

Behind him he was followed by more than thirty figures.

These people were all young martial artists, dressed in white robes and wearing a light helmet. It was the uniform of the White-robed Divine Guards of the Human Race. Each and every one of them had a look of grief and indignation across their face as they strode out.

“It turns out to be Commander Fang Bule, excuse me for not going out to meet you.” The Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor came to the entrance, and gave a cupped fist salute. “Forgive me, I wonder what Commander had come here for?”

The commander opposite was called Fang Bule, one of the four great commanders of the White-robed Divine Guards along with Lin Yutang and Tang Chong, also one of the strongest great masters of Heaven Connect City.

It was rumoured that this was not his real name, but because he always has a straight face and never smiled, somebody gave him the nickname ‘Fang Bule’. He was very satisfied with the name and simply changed his name to this.

“You should be well aware of why I came.”

Fang Bule’s eyes were piercing cold, “Don’t tell me you don’t know that the people behind you are all traitors of the White-robed Divine Guards, are Lin Yutang's subordinates. You dare to shelter them, you must also be Lin Yutang's accomplice. A little Blue Cloud Manor dares to fight against the Domain Alliance, do you want to die? I advise you to surrender, otherwise wait to be killed.”

Fang Bule was taken aback when he saw the Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor and the others swagger out.

But he immediately realized that the Lord of the manor was most likely going to abandon the pawns to save the chariot, hand over the traitors of the White-robed Divine Guards in order to protect Blue Cloud Manor. This choice was also the one that the White-robed Divine Guards would make if they do not want to involve the Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor.

But Fang Bule would not let the people of the Blue Cloud Manor get off the crime.

After all, the more he arrests, the greater credit he would have. Moreover, the Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor was rumoured to be close friends with Tang Chong. If this person was framed, he may even be able to implicate Tang Chong, suppress this competitor. In addition, the area of the Blue Cloud Manor was not small at all, and it would also be a great asset to be able to take this opportunity to swallow it up.

“In my manor, there are only the loyal defenders of the Human Race, there is no traitor.” The Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor gave a faint smile, “Commander must have made a mistake, please go back. These are fellow soldiers of the Human Race, who you have fought side by side with. Why go so far?”

“What do you mean by this, you want to shelter these traitors?” Fang Bule did not expect the Lord of the manor to have no intention of handing over the people he wanted, and instead spoke to him in this tone.

“They are soldiers loyal to the Human Race who were framed. Anyone with righteousness will not sit idly by.” The Lord of the manor did not have the slightest expression of fear on his face. “Commander Fang Bule you are also one of the commanders of the White-robed Divine Guards, you should know that they’re innocent. You are born of the same root, why torment them so cruelly?”

“Hahahaha, the Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor really wants to die. Someone like you dares to talk to me like this?” Fang Bule burst into laughter, but his smile did not seem happy in the slightest, instead it was fierce and terrifying.

When he finished, he no longer wasted time. With a wave of his hand, Fang Bule added, “Who are you to dare to lecture me? Listen to my order, attack and kill every one of them, do not let anyone go. No matter who it is, they must be killed. The remaining members of Lin Yutang’s group should not live on this world, Blood wash Blue Cloud Manor as a warning to others!”

In an instant, the sound of shouting and killing broke out.

The White-robed Divine Guards outside were advancing forward.

A vicious battle was about to begin.

That was when a voice sounded.

“Commander Fang Bule, what great magisterial awe… What, are you going to get rid of me too?” Ye Qingyu slowly came out from behind the Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor, with unconcealable anger on his face, “It really is an eye-opener for me, this is the graceful bearing of the divine commander of my Human Race, good, very good!” —
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