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Imperial God Emperor 1051 - Tang Chong asks for help

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Chapter 1051, Tang Chong asks for help

In the sky outside the dark prison, the clouds were dim, revealing some gaps, where a few rays of sunlight pierced through.

Heaven Connect City was slightly warmer.

Ye Qingyu quietly left the dark prison, walked along the street, and roughly had a plan in mind.

But he was not anxious to confront the First Deputy Envoy.. Instead he slowly walked along the street, going over the plan in his mind over and over again. In particular he repeated and analyzed what Lin Yutang had said to him. Logically, there was no flaw or loophole.

He more or less believed Lin Yutang.

But Ye Qingyu did not know what sort of person was the First Deputy Envoy of the Human Race.

Back when he was promoted to the Third Deputy Envoy of the Human Race, it was all because of Ren Puyang’s recommendation. At the inauguration ceremony back then, the other two Deputy Envoys also did not appear. After all, Ye Qingyu was only a Deputy Envoy in reputation, and did not know the First and Second Deputy Envoys who held real power. Therefore the original inauguration ceremony was not particularly grand.

Therefore, Ye Qingyu wanted to see what was going to happen next.

It was inevitable to kill.

But he had to make sure that he doesn't kill the wrong person.


Half an hour later.

Ye Qingyu and Lu Wei met up, and with the still unconscious Li Shengyan, returned to the Heaven Wasteland Building.

“Lord, you're back?”

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon was incomparably surprised to see Ye Qingyu.

The Heaven Wasteland Building was closely linked with Heaven Wasteland Domain. The Great Great Dragon Turtle Demon had long known that Ye Qingyu had gone to Clear River Domain and that he was involved in the matter of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. He had disappeared for over half a year, and both the Heaven Wasteland Domain empire and the people of the Heaven Wasteland Building had been extremely worried. They had even sent people to Clear River Domain to investigate.

He did not expect Ye Qingyu to show up today.

Everybody in Heaven Wasteland Domain can finally relax.

“Well, this is young warrior Lu Wei, my friend. Can you arrange for a famous doctor in the city to come over, my other friend is injured and needs treatment.” Ye Qingyu came to the second floor of the Heaven Wasteland Building. After exchanging greetings with the Great Great Dragon Turtle Demon, he then commanded, “Summarize all the matters that had happened in Heaven Connect City into a scroll and give it to me. In particular, investigate the background of the First Deputy Envoy and the Second Deputy Envoy.”

A series of orders was passed down quickly.

The Great Great Dragon Turtle Demon immediately sent someone to carry it out.

The Heaven Wasteland Building, which had existed in Heaven Connect City for several years, had established its relationship-information network. Adding to this, they had their own channels, thus it was not too difficult to collect some information. Moreover, the Great Great Dragon Turtle Demon usually paid particular attention to this aspect, thus in less than an hour of time, Ye Qingyu had already received the scroll of information he needed.

And almost at the same time, the news that Ye Qingyu had returned to the Heaven Wasteland Building, through some channels, had spread to the ears of some forces.

At such a critical moment, the Heaven Wasteland Building had long been watched by countless pairs of eyes.



Domain Alliance.

In the main hall.

“I didn't think that Ye Qingyu would actually show up at this time... wasn't it said that this son of Ren Puyang had long died in the Wei River Mountain Range of Clear River Domain?”

In the main hall where Ren Puyang discussed official business in the past was a slender blue-green robed figure standing in front of a huge stone window, condescendingly looking out of the window at the densely packed buildings of Heaven Connect City with a slight frown.

This was an elegant middle-aged man, radiating a scholarly air. He had thick, dark hair, a white-jade crown, green-jade hairpin, and hints of silver in his sideburns of black hair. His phoenix eyes and the corners of his mouth were always curved in a faint smiling expression. He must have been a beautiful man when he was younger. Even now, at middle age, when he knitted his brows in a frown, there was also an intoxicating charm that made women crazy.

This man was the First Deputy Envoy of the Human Race, Ou Wuji.

“From the news we received, Ye Qingyu had indeed gone to Clear River Domain, and also was involved in the calamity of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. He had disappeared for more than half a year, and was thought to have died in the Wei River Mountain Range like all the other experts that flocked there. Unexpectedly he had survived, and came out alive after such a long time. It is indeed a bit of a surprise.”

An old man advisor had a look of astonishment across his face.

The advisor appeared to be around sixty years old, his face covered with deep wrinkles that seemed carved with a knife. It seemed that every wrinkle concealed countless plots and calculations. All over him there was an unapproachable coldness and fierceness. When he smiled, there was not the slightest sincerity in his eyes. That sort of smile was like a crying expression.

His name was Wei Wubing.

No one knew where he came from or his background.

Thirty years ago, Wei Wubing appeared next to the First Deputy Envoy Ou Wuji, and became the most trusted adviser of Ou Wuji.

“That Ye Qingyu was a junior that Ren Puyang thought very highly of. For him, Ren Puyang had made several exceptions, and there were rumours in the outside world that Ye Qingyu was Ren Puyang's son,” Ou Wuji said thoughtfully. “He surely came with bad intentions this time, and will certainly investigate the cause of death of Ren Puyang. He definitely will not easily believe in our words and will cause some trouble.”

He was a little worried.

After all, Ye Qingyu now had a bit of fame among the Human Race.

“Haha, no need to worry Lord. It's just a Ye Qingyu, let him come. He is just a Deputy Envoy without real power, what storm can he set off.” Wei Wubing gave a faint smile. “Based on strength, power, prestige and the achievements in the Human Race, Ye Qingyu cannot be compared with Lord. Do you think he dares to compete with Lord for the position of main envoy of the Human Race?”

Ou Wuji revealed a smile when he heard this.

After a pause, he then said, “Having said so, we still cannot be too careless. The closer one is to completing a task, the tougher it gets. It was not easy to get this far, we must not be too careless in the last moments. The lack of one basketful of earth spoils the entire effort to build a mountain. We cannot let that happen to us.”

It was the lifelong dream of Ou Wuji to ascend to the throne of the Main Envoy of the Human Race.

Now that it was about to succeed, he was afraid of any more changes.

In psychology, this was called the needle effect. [TN Note: the basic idea is when someone tries really hard to thread a needle, they would err more times than he would if he were completely relaxed).

Wei Wubing also gently nodded.

Ou Wuji then added, “This Ye Qingyu is a hot-headed youngster, does things regardless of the consequences. He dares to say anything and dares to do anything. He and Ren Puyang had a deep friendship, and is acquainted with Lin Yutang. For him to suddenly appear at Heaven Wasteland Building at this time, he most likely has some sort of plan.” His jade-like delicate and fair fingers gently tapped the window. “At such a key moment, if this hot-headed youth really were to cause trouble, it will definitely not be beautiful.”

Wei Wubing bowed his head, pondering for a moment, and then his eyes flashed a glimmer of fierce light.

“Lord is thinking too much, perhaps the appearance of Ye Qingyu may not be such a bad thing for us. Ren Puyang had died, and his trusted aides had been arrested, scattered, or killed. There are only a few left. Even if Ye Qingyu really caused a scene at the funeral, no one will stand on his side.”

Wei Wubing gently waved the scarlet feather fan in his hand, a sinister smile curving his lips, “Without Ren Puyang, how much storm can Ye Qingyu set off. Also I have investigated that, this barbarian of Heaven Wasteland Domain, though valiant, is still only of the Great Saint realm. We just need to ask a few Great Saints to sit at the funeral to suppress him. Moreover, Ye Qingyu's character is impulsive and reckless, which we can also make good use of. With a little planning, he will fall into the range of our bow and arrow. At that time we can get rid of him, eliminate the roots, and never have to worry about him again. Lord, you can sit firmly on the seat of the main envoy.”

Since all the relevant experts had died in the Wei River Mountain Range, nobody knew that Ye Qingyu had slaughtered tens of thousands of experts alone, and was still judging Ye Qingyu with the eyes of the past. Wei Wubing felt his plan was foolproof.

He had always been a confident man.

This time it was no exception.

Ou Wuji stood in front of the window, thinking quietly.

No matter how perfect Wei Wubing's plan was, he needed to make his own decision.

No matter how much he shared the opinions of his subordinate, he needed to show at least a superficial hesitation and a pondering expression to outsiders.

This was the method of a superior.

Otherwise, how would he establish the majesty of a superior person? And what difference would he be to an opinionless person controlled by his subordinate.

He pondered quietly for the time to take a cup of tea, before he turned around, looked at Wei Wubing and said, “You mean, get rid of Ye Qingyu?”

Wei Wubing nodded, replying extremely confidently, “That's correct, once and for all.”

“How confident of success are you?” Ou Wuji asked.

Wei Wubing waved the scarlet feather fan again, “One hundred percent confident, Lord, please be rest assured.”

Ou Wuji revealed a smile, “Good, go arrange it, don’t be careless, we must not underestimate the enemy. Ye Qingyu, this person, still has a certain threat.”



“Lord, Commander Tang Chong asks to see you.”

In the Heaven Wasteland Building, the Great Great Dragon Turtle Demon knocked on the door of the main room on the third floor and spoke respectfully.


Ye Qingyu set down the scroll in his hand, looking deep in thought.

Tang Chong was one of the four main commanders of the White-robed Divine Guards, and along with Lin Yutang was seen as the right and left arm of Ren Puyang. Lin Yutang had been imprisoned, Tang Chong must be sitting very stable on the commander position, serving normally in the Human Race headquarters of the Domain Alliance without any changes. It was not surprising for him to know of Ye Qingyu’s return to Heaven Connect City, but strangely, why did he come find him in such a hurry.

What was going to happen?

“Please bring Commander Tang Chong in.”

Ye Qingyu put away the scroll on the table.

Soon Tang Chong, under the guidance of the Great Great Dragon Turtle Demon, hurried to the hidden chamber.

“I pay my respects to Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu.” With an anxious look, Tang Chong said, “I ask Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu to help out and save a loyal brother of the White-robed Divine Guards...”

Ye Qingyu pointed to the chair next to him, “Commander Tang Chong sit down first and speak, what’s going on?”

“The situation is urgent, I have no time to explain... The First Deputy Envoy had issued the order to arrest the former subordinates of Lin Yutang. He had captured and killed dozens of people already. These days, I have secretly hid away several brothers, but that hiding place had been found. The brothers are in danger now, please can Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu help out. Only you can save them now...” Tang Chong said in an incomparably anxious tone of voice——
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