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Imperial God Emperor 1050 - Little Lin in the dark prison

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Chapter 1050, Little Lin in the dark prison

Chaos Ruins Domain.

Heaven Connect City.

As the city where the headquarters of the Domain Alliance was situated, Heaven Connect City, to some extent, was the political and economic center of the whole world. It was no exaggeration to say that it was the core of the world. All powerful forces, sects, groups, families, and races would set up an encampment here, and everything that happens in Heaven Connect City would, in the first moments, through various channels, spread to the entire Vast Thousand Domains.

In the last ten days, the most shocking news was that Heaven Connect City's envoy of the Human Race Ren Puyang had died.

Around seven or eight months ago, Ren Puyang had strangely left Heaven Connect City and never returned. When he showed up in Heaven Connect City again, he was already a corpse, carried back by his most trusted commander of the Divine white-robed guards Lin Yutang. He was said to have suffered an ambush in the dark domain and killed.

The news spread, shocking everybody.

What kind of status did Ren Puyang have?

He was an important and influential person of the Human Race, an authority of the martial arts circle, and whether it was in influence or strength, he could be said to be one of the top figures.

But he had been ambushed and killed.

Exactly what force or existence dared to do such a thing?

As the news spread, no one dared to believe it.

But very soon, more shocking news broke out——

Lin Yutang had rebelled.

The commander of the Divine white-robed guards, who Ren Puyang had treated as his right arm and put into an important position, was said to be the real culprit who plotted against and killed Ren Puyang. After he killed Ren Puyang, not only did he run away but carried Ren Puyang's body back to Heaven Connect City, went to find the first envoy of the Human Race and took advantage of the time that the first envoy was devastated by the bad news, mounted a sneak attack and severely wounded the first envoy who had replaced Ren Puyang for the past eight months!

Fortunately, at that time the second deputy envoy and other Divine white-robed guards were present. In the end Lin Yutang was captured, his martial arts cultivation base destroyed, and was imprisoned.

Witnesses and material evidence were both available.

Because there were quite a few people who had witnessed the scene at the time, the matter could not be kept under control and soon spread across Heaven Connect City. And then, like the plague, in less than ten days, the news had quickly spread throughout the Vast Thousand Domains.

The Heaven Connect City was a mess, and undercurrents were surging.

In particular, the human forces in Heaven Connect City. They all felt the first signs of the storm, and their status had become affected.

The position of the Human Race in the Domain Alliance had become precarious.

This day, the clouds were low-lying, snow fragments fluttering.

The cold gust blew through the long winding corridor of the Domain Alliance dark prison, producing the howling cry of evil spirits, as if there were countless lonely souls and wild ghosts that were wandering in the dark prison, which had been around for tens of thousands of years, and where countless high and mighty people had died, and where millions of tremendous demons had been slaughtered and confessed. Moreover, any ‘nobody’ or creatures that entered the dark prison, no matter what race, were most likely doomed to die——either tortured to death or sentenced to death, with no exception.

Lin Yutang was being held in the ‘Flame’ prison cell of the Sky Symbol District.

The Sky Symbol District was the most heavily guarded area of the dark prison.

While the ‘Flame’ cell was the most heavily guarded cell in the Sky Symbol District.

He was a serious criminal of the serious criminals.

This was not because they feared his strength; after all, his martial arts had already been destroyed, and he was no different to a crippled person. His tendons had been cut off by some secret method and cannot be recovered, and it was impossible for him to escape. The reason why he was placed in such a heavily guarded cell was because of his crime, which was too serious.

Resting against the icy rock wall, Lin Yutang saw a glimmer of light coming in through the crevices of the stone window.

He was riddled with scars, and had been tortured for several rounds. There was not a complete bit of flesh all over his body

But he did not feel the pain——or, to be precise, the terrifying physical pain was no longer worthy of him paying attention to.

In Lin Yutang's eyes there was anger.

But more of despair.

Thinking of the task that Lord Ren Puyang entrusted him with before death, thinking that there was no way he could be cleared of his charges, thinking that... his eyes dimmed.

At this point he was not afraid to die.

But he was afraid that if he died, then everything couldn’t be changed.

If the hero was wronged, the evil villain occupied the top position, it would be worse than death. If Lord Ren Puyang's last wish could not be fulfilled, then nothing could redeem his sin.

But did he have the strength to change the tide?

Lin Yutang went through the names of all the Human Race experts he could think of in his mind, and in the end found that there may be some people who he could trust, but among these people, there was not one who had the strength to topple over a great building. The situation seemed to be absolutely irreversible.

“I'm not willing... I can't just die here, I would let Lord Ren Puyang down!”

Lin Yutang blamed himself.

He slammed himself in the head with his hand, wanting to shout and wanting to roar.

But when he opened his mouth, he did not really shout aloud.

Because he did not know when a figure had appeared in the cell, looking down at him with a strange look.

“It's you?” Lin Yutang was incredibly surprised.

He recognized the man who had appeared quietly in front of his eyes. It was the Third Deputy Envoy of the Human Race, Ye Qingyu.

“How did you get in here?” He quickly found that something was wrong, because the door of the cell was unopened, and a jailer of the dark prison had not lead him the way here. This meant that Ye Qingyu did not enter the dark prison through the normal channels, which was a huge shock to him. This was the dark prison, but he was able to sneak in.

“Lord Ren Puyang, was killed by you?”

Ye Qingyu stared at Lin Yutang's eyes.

This commander of the Divine white-robed guards, who Ren Puyang called Little Lin, was incredibly familiar with Ye Qingyu. The two have had many meetings and exchanges. Ye Qingyu's impression of Little Lin was that he was a loyal and highly capable martial artist of the Human Race, who was considered as Ren Puyang's right arm and showed incomparable respect to Ren Puyang. He didn't expect him to betray Ren Puyang.

“Do you believe that?”

In Lin Yutang's eyes, a glimmer of light flashed.

Ye Qingyu didn't speak.

Of course he didn't believe it.

Otherwise, Ye Qingyu wouldn’t have sneaked into the dark prison the moment he returned to Heaven Connect City without letting anyone know in order to see Lin Yutang in person, listen to what the former Commander of the Divine white-robed guards had to say.

“What happened?” Ye Qingyu asked.

Lin Yutang at this moment gradually calmed down.

He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, slowly struggling to stand up, his eyes twinkling with a hopeful light, and did not answer Ye Qingyu right away, but as though talking to himself, mumbled, “You... you can sneak in here without anyone knowing, your strength... it’s already so strong, then... you may indeed be able to avenge Mister Ren Puyang...”

He was a little emotional.

For the past eight months, he had been following Ren Puyang, traveling around the Domain of Darkness, and was almost isolated from the outside world. Thus he did not know about the matter of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor nor that Ye Qingyu's strength had reached a terrifyingly powerful level. As a result he was incredibly shocked that Ye Qingyu could sneak into the dark prison.

Ye Qingyu stretched out his hand, allowing a gush of yuan qi to flow out to treat Lin Yutang's injury, as he asked, “What is going on, tell me, who killed Mister Ren Puyang?”

With these words, even if Lin Yutang were a fool, he would also understand that Ye Qingyu was on his side.

“Lord had been betrayed, it was the first deputy envoy, only he knew about the whereabouts of Master Ren Puyang and I, and able to set up that killing formation. Lord and I have investigated a lot of things on this trip, and as we were preparing to return we encountered an ambush. The other side was well prepared, and incredibly strong...” Lin Yutang first spoke slowly, but when it came to the end, his tone became agitated.

“But that's just your speculation” Ye Qingyu frowned, “Do you have any evidence?”

Lin Yutang was taken aback, “Evidence? I...”

He hesitated slightly, then shook his head, “I don't... however, in the entire world, the only one who knows about the whereabouts of Master Ren Puyang was me and him, there is no one else. The other side was able to so precisely know about the whereabouts of Lord, and even his martial arts, weapons, battle strength, temper and habits. Besides the First Deputy Envoy, I cannot think of anyone else... Of course, you can suspect me, but I know that I'm not that traitor!”

Ye Qingyu's frown deepened.

It was just a speculation, even if he could convince him, it would be hard to convince anyone else.

Ye Qingyu could ignore all obstacles, and could avenge Ren Puyang without the need of any evidence. The him today indeed had this qualification and strength, but first he must be sure that Little Lin was telling the truth, and there was no other misunderstanding or trap after this.

“Then why did you attack the First Deputy Envoy?” Ye Qingyu asked again.

This matter was already witnessed by too many people.

“I... ” Lin Yutang gritted his teeth. “I wanted to avenge Lord Ren Puyang, because I know he is the one behind this. Lord Ren Puyang had died, and the one who will take over his position must be him. Perhaps he had a cunning plot waiting for me, so if I wanted to kill him I only had that chance. Otherwise, when he really takes over, he could find any reason to kill me...”

“You could have chosen other methods, such as accusing him in front of the Domain Alliance, or wait for me to come back. There are thousands of methods, but you chose the one that you shouldn’t choose. Now no one believes you. The culprit you think is now the victim. You have carried the black pot for him...” Ye Qingyu said, staring at him.

“I...” Little Lin smiled bitterly with an exhausted look.

He was mournful and helpless, shaking his head he sighed, “After I returned to Heaven Connect City, I soon found out that the majority of the fellow soldiers of the Divine white-robed guards had been changed, and my most trusted soldiers were mysteriously gone. Everything became unfamiliar. The other side had carefully prepared a big net, waiting for me to get in. I am after all just a commander, a military man, and all along I have settled things with violence and killing. It is my duty and also my only capability. I don’t know who to trust, even more did not know that, if I let time pass, will the other side’s plot succeed step by step. At that time, I even more would not have a chance. Thus, I could only go all out before they close the net. If I killed the First Deputy Envoy, the net ripped open, then perhaps the Human Race would still have a chance to gasp for breath... I understand very clearly that, even if I succeed, I also cannot escape death. However, this did not matter. Whether or not I would go down in history is out of my control. I did what I can do, the rest of what I couldn’t do would have to be left for the future generations...”

This steel man, at this point, showed a determined expression, but there were tears in his eyes.

At the time, he was really forced to the dead end.

And most importantly, Lin Yutang didn't think anyone else could fight the First Deputy Envoy in the Domain Alliance.

He was unable to fully trust the Second Deputy Envoy, and was in a state of isolation and without help at that time. Even if he trusted the Third Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu, he did not believe in Ye Qingyu's ability. First of all, because Ye Qingyu was only a deputy envoy in reputation and not a deputy envoy with real power. Secondly, because Ye Qingyu, although he had extraordinary talent and was thought highly of by Ren Puyang, was still a kid, and did not have the ability to reverse the tide!

If he had known that Ye Qingyu had the ability to sneak into the dark prison, perhaps he would have controlled himself back then.

But now, he didn't know how to prove the truthfulness of what he said to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu was silent for a moment.

Then he patted Lin Yutang on the shoulder gently, and said, “This matter, I will look into it. I will definitely avenge Mister Ren Puyang. Whoever harmed Mister Ren Puyang must pay the price... Before that, you will stay in the dark prison, they will make you carry the blame, make you receive trial, and will absolutely not kill you before the funeral. It is the safest for you to stay here, if I take you out, it will only alarm them!”

Little Lin nodded, “I know this, even if you were to bring me out, I will not go.”

Ye Qingyu nodded and asked again, “In your opinion, who else can be trusted in the Divine white-robed guards, or in the Human Headquarters of the Domain Alliance?”

“Commander Tang Chong can be trusted, and...” Lin Yutang said the names of dozens of people.

These were all loyal soldiers who he felt he could rely on.

Ye Qingyu, who had an extraordinary memory, firmly remembered all the names.

Then he turned around, and disappeared from the cell with a flash, as if he had never come.

Such an impressive method, besides shocking Lin Yutang, made him a little more hopeful.

He was also well aware that Ye Qingyu did not fully believe everything he said, but he was not afraid. With a little careful investigation, he would be able to figure out the truth, find out the hypocritical faces, and prove that everything he said was true.


There of course was evidence on him.

But he couldn't give it to Ye Qingyu yet.

What if Ye Qingyu's ability couldn't protect that evidence?

After all, he was only a young man in his early twenties. In Lin Yutang's view, a person of that age was too young.

The stakes were high, and he dared not have the slightest carelessness——
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