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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 103 The City of Unmoving Darkness

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Chapter 103 – The City of Unmoving Darkness

Wang Yan was Wang Jianru?

Ye Qingyu suddenly realized this key point.

Then he could only feel a spell of dizziness. He could not believe in his own guess.

That person standing independently on the blue dome of heaven, as if she was a female immortal overlooking all living things. That person controlling the [Splitting Heaven sword will], that female sword immortal that sliced apart the demonic black clouds shrouding the entire sky, that person… that person, was the head teacher of the first year of White Deer Academy?

This was completely inconceivable.

If he had not seen everything in front of him with his own eyes and that Ye Qingyu would genuinely come to such a conclusion of his own volition, he would not even in his dreams connect the two together. Because the two had absolutely nothing in common.

Previously, Ye Qingyu had vaguely felt that the strength of Wang Yan was very strong. But even in Ye Qingyu’s most positive estimation, even if Wang Yan’s strength was greater, her level was at most at the early stages of the Bitter Sea stage. He did not think that it would reach such a stage.

“It seems that from your appearance, you seem to have thought through several problems. Then I don’t need to waste my breath.” Wang Jianru’s face had a faint smile as she looked at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu fiercely swallowed a mouthful of saliva, disguising the shock in his heart. Shaking his head slightly to make himself more clear headed he asked with a bitter smile, “Then right now should I call you head teacher Wang Yan or the sword immortal Wang Jianru?”

“A name is only a name. Nothing more, nothing less,” Wang Jianru said with a smile. “Ten years ago I was called Wang Jianru, and in these ten years I am called Wang Yan. What is the difference? In the end, I am me.”

Ye Qingyu seemed to have understood something. He asked again, “Then… which is your real appearance? Was the person who was at White Deer Academy the true you?”

Wang Jianru began cackling in delight. “Why don’t you guess?” Not waiting for Ye Qingyu’s response, she answered her own question, “Of course the appearance right now is the true me. Kekekeke, you really thing a woman such as me with peerless strength, would be as ugly as Wang Yan?”

Sister, you are too self-confident.

Ye Qingyu silently cursed at her in his heart.

But at this time, he was able to guess just what had happened. Wang Yan should have used some sort of technique to change her facial appearance, transforming the way she looked. Because her strength was high and her method was profound, other people did not see through her disguise.

If this was known to the fellows of first year of White Deer Academy, that what they normally thought as the middle-aged housewife Wang Yan was Wang Jianru, what would their reaction be? If they knew that her true identity was the peerless sword immortal Wang Jianru, who knew what kind of stunned expression would they display. And those students that had nearly slept in her lessons due to her ordinary appearance, would they be so regretful that they would begin to weep?

There were still many questions in his heart.

But Ye Qingyu did not continue asking on.

Because after a short stunned moment, Ye Qingyu recovered very quickly and realized.

He suddenly realized that the person standing in front of him was no longer that middle-aged woman of White Deer Academy. It was a top expert that was enough to shake the entire Deer City.

A true top expert.

Although for some reason this top expert had hidden her true colours. But an expert possessed the temperament of an expert. As to why Wang Jianru would hide herself within White Deer Academy for ten years, she must have her own reasons and motives. Perhaps it involved many secrets. It was not something that he was capable of interfering in – this was also the reason that he did not try to understand.

In many situations, knowing too much was not a good thing at all.

“Where’s Xiaojun?” Ye Qingyu changed the subject. “Is she fine?”

Wang Jianru gave Ye Qingyu a glare then said, “How can she be fine? The situation that the little girl is in is very dangerous, otherwise why would I hide here? The battle on that day, did you not see it?”

Ye Qingyu opened his mouth asking again, “The person that day controlling the black clouds that shrouded the sky, that expert is here to kill the little loli? Then the girl of darkness he mentioned, could it be…”

“She is Xiaojun.” The facial features of Wang Jianru became serious. “The girl of darkness of the City of Unmoving Darkness has finally awakened the bloodline within her. Do you still remember the energy that appeared within her during the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]?”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Xiaojun, within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], as a result of Xia Houwu’s betrayal, became extremely enraged. Without any warnings, her body exploded with an abnormal and powerful energy. From a distance of over five hundred meters away, she destroyed a protector statue with just one strike. At that time Ye Qingyu was also stunned, because even if it was he himself, he could not from so far away destroy a protector statue.

The power that appeared within Song Xiaojun’s body fluctuated with a scarlet red light. As if it was an apocalyptic monster that had awakened from within the depths of the abyss, it caused one’s soul to unwillingly shiver in fear. It was absolutely not a power that belonged to the light.

The Unmoving City of Darkness. This was the first time Ye Qingyu had heard such a name.

Unmoving City of Darkness.

The girl of darkness!

Just simply these two names made someone feel as if they were within an endless abyss of darkness. The horrifying sensation of being stifled by a terrible atmosphere made one unable to breath.

“Someone wants to act against the little loli?” Ye Qingyu carefully asked.

Wang Jianru nodded her head. “It’s not just someone… Every righteous person in this entire world wants to kill her. Apart from the royal family of Snow Country, within Heaven Wasteland domain, every martial power within the human race wants to destroy her, root and branch. The one school, three sects and four great ancestral families and other small and large factions all wants to kill her. Even the Demon Court of Heaven Wasteland wants to eliminate Xiaojun.”

Ye Qingyu felt like his heart was fiercely struck by something.

He felt his throat was somewhat dry. He could not stop asking, “Just what kind of place is the City of Unmoving Darkness? Why would it have so many enemies?”

“A place that has left light. A place that even the Demon Race fears. A places that is situated between darkness and light. A place that has once travelled through countless domains. A place… A place that is like a puzzle.” Wang Jianru seemed as if she was immersed in some sort of memory. After a while, she lightly said, “Fine, the words that I should say have already been said. The condition of the little loli is not that good, go see her. Perhaps this is the last time you will be able to meet her.”

“Our last meeting?” Ye Qingyu was frightened. “Your meaning, could it be…”

“Deer City is not a completely safe place. I need to bring her away,” Wang Jianru said in a small voice. “In truth, we should have long left. If not for the fact that Xiaojun is willing to risk such a danger to remain to see you, we would not have remained.”

When she spoke, Ye Qingyu could vaguely see in the eyes of this female sword immortal that there was indecision and confusion. But in an instant, she became incomparably determined.

Ye Qingyu did not know what to say.

He followed along the area that Wang Jianru was pointing to, passing through a long water pavilion passageway. He came to be in front of an ordinary wooden house.

As he opened the door of the house, the dim light from outside shined in.

Ye Qingyu saw the person he wanted to see in the first instant.

On the willow bed, the little loli Song Xiaojun was leaning against a large pillow, lying down with a delighted smile on her face. Her body was covered with thick quilts, as if she was a gentle and agreeable little kitten that was currently sick. Her eyes that were thin and pallid, brightened with surprise and happiness when she saw Ye Qingyu arriving.

Compared to their last meeting, the little loli was much skinnier.

Her previous baby fat had gone, her face so skinny that bones were able to be seen. Her temple was somewhat sunken in. The originally thick jet black hair that seemed to glimmer with light was now somewhat yellow and dim, dried out and seeming to curl slightly. The little hand that was exposed outside of the quilts did not possess its usual vitality. It had withered till it was like the claw of a bird, the skin tightly hugging the bones, blue veins clearly able to be seen…

Ye Qingyu’s heart at this instant tightly clenched together. He felt something painful in his chest.

Just what had happened in these few days on the body of the little loli, that made her so haggard? As if her life force was about to be expended, as if she was a flower that was about to wither.

“Brother Qingyu!” On the face of the little loli, there was a joyful expression. “You’ve finally come. I’m too happy.”

She struggled to sit up.

But evidently her body was too weak, without the slightest shred of strength remaining. Only moving slightly made her once again lean back on her pillow, panting for breath.

“Don’t move.” Ye Qingyu quickly rushed beside the bed, supporting the little girl.

As his palm touched this delicate body, he felt as if this did not have any weight behind it. The heart of Demon King Ye could not help grieve. He could not even imagine, in these past days, just what kind of torture the little loli had experienced that would make a martial artist of the Spirit spring stage weaken to such an extent.

“Just what has happened?” Ye Qingyu painfully asked. “Your body… why has it become like this?”

The little loli difficultly used her head to rub against Ye Qingyu’s arm, displaying a dazzling smile. “I’m fine. Don’t be sad brother Qingyu. It’s only that a strange and hateful energy is activating within my body, wanting to possess my body. I need to expend a great deal of strength to temporarily suppress it… Sister Jianru once said to me, this is a good thing for me. Because once I become used to such a power, I can ascend to heaven with one step, becoming a peerless expert.”

“A strange power?” Ye Qingyu thought of something. “Is it that type of power that appeared within the battlefield?”

The little loli obediently nodded her head.

And at this time, the colour of the little loli’s face suddenly changed. Her face became incomparably pale, her body suddenly started to shake.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then saw a bizarre scene—

Scarlet lines upon scarlet lines, appeared under the little loli’s deathly pale skin. As if it was frantic water snakes crazily extending everywhere, more and more appeared with it becoming more concentrated. The originally blue veins became scarlet red, the peculiar lines crawling towards the little pallid face of the little loli. As if she was suffering from some kind of horrifying poison…

A scarlet red aura began emitting from within the body of the little loli.

Ye Qingyu felt that he was facing a bottomless abyss of darkness. The humongous pressure made him somewhat unable to breath, his heart as if it was being tightly clenched by an invisible hand of darkness, wanting to reap his heart from his chest.

“Huchi Huchi!”

The silly dog Big Head immediately awakened from his sweet sleep.

As if he was a bolt of lightning, he jumped out from Ye Qingyu’s embrace. His two hind legs stomped with a strange rhythm, staring at the little loli with both anger and fear. An urgent voice emitting from his mouth. He drew back the corners of his mouth, his throat moving up and down. A ferocious appearance, as if he was about to choose someone to take his rage out on.

This was the first time that Ye Qingyu had seen the stupid dog display such a ferocious appearance.

“Be quiet, return.” Ye Qingyu was deathly afraid that this stupid dog would really rush forward and attack. He grabbed the silly dog Big Head, covering his mouth and once again bringing him back into his embrace. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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