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Imperial God Emperor 1041 - The end of a Quasi-emperor 2

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The Four Stars holy girl, the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] Jiang Xiaohan and the others all had an abrupt change of expression.

“You have already taken the wrong path and transcended hope, why not return?” the voice of the old man Quasi-emperor echoed in the cosmic Void.

At this moment, his power and might were unmatched, silver emperor aura was exuding from all over his body. Even if he had fought to this extent, he still gave the graceful feeling of a celestial being. His moves did not display any sparks or smoke, and instead was as flowing and elegant as a celestial being, but strangely powerful.

“I am not willing, I have been sitting on the achievements of Quasi-emperor for hundreds of years, I am the youngest Quasi-emperor, I... have yet to shock the world...” Quasi-emperor Mushan roared. In his struggle, he was releasing violet light all over, seemingly burning the essence of his source origin, making the final struggle. He severed off the white whiskers that wrapped around him. He had a unique achievement of the Quasi-emperor but unfortunately before he had established real fame in the world he was going to fall.

In the distance, the experts who saw the scene were both shocked and awed.

A Quasi-emperor was going to fall?

This was a living Quasi-emperor. How long had it been since such a scene was seen?

The fall of a Quasi-emperor had always been an event that shocked the world.

The Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor gasped, his lips turning cold. If Quasi-emperor Mushan died, then he would be in a critical situation. He wanted to help, but was suppressed by [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], unable to even fend for himself. Even if he had the [Four Stars Sword] in his hand, and had joined forces with the macaque-resembling, lightning-wielding Quasi-emperor, was still at a disadvantage. He couldn't help feeling unwilling, furious, shocked, and a little reverent.

They were all Quasi-emperors but why was the gap between them so great?

Had the rumours not said that Li Xiaofei was suppressed in a bronze hall in the Black Demon Abyss and had almost worn out his origin source and led to a loss of his original strength?

Why would he be this strong?

The Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor weighed the gains and losses in his mind. If he chose to pay the price to forcibly resist the attack of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], perhaps he may have the opportunity to go out of the battle circle to rescue Quasi-emperor Mushan, but he was hesitant to do so and continued to calculate whether the benefits were worthwhile...

“Save me,” Quasi-emperor Mushan yelled out.

His body had already broken up, turned into hundreds of pieces, burning violet light. His struggle had little use.

The aura of the old man Quasi-emperor was graceful, but he was determined to kill.

However, the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect in the end did not try to save him at all costs.

“Ah... I'm not willing to, I... let's die together then,” Quasi-emperor Mushan screamed out in despair, and eventually all his dharma body fragments were burning, erupted in a blaze of ultimate strength and light, like the self-explosion of ordinary martial artists. The tremendous amount of energy produced ruptured the battlefield, and suddenly an extremely terrifying power burst forth in the direction of the Quasi-emperor old man.

It was his last blow before death.

The old man Quasi-emperor also dared not treat this attack carelessly. The silver dragons returned and twisted around him like dragon armour, defending his dharma body.

Even so, he was repeatedly drawing back because of the impact of the terrifying violet light tide.

How terrifying was the dying blow of a Quasi-emperor?

The old man sighed.

Each Quasi-emperor could be said to be the child of luck, loved by the heavens and earth. In the usual times, unless it was an era of war or chaotic killing period, a Quasi-emperor rarely fell. Who would have thought that today he would kill a Quasi-emperor? This karma was significant, and he certainly would have to take responsibility for his actions.

Violet light currents flowed around, drowning the Void.

One of the most dazzling brilliances suddenly emerged, bypassing the old man Quasi-emperor and sped towards the other direction.

“Huh? Not good...” The old man Quasi-emperor cried out in shock.

The one that Quasi-emperor Mushan wanted to kill before his death was not him but... Ye Qingyu?!

The direction the dazzling violet brilliance was shooting towards was exactly where Ye Qingyu and Lu Wei were.

At that very moment, Ye Qingyu also reacted.

“Damn it...” He couldn't help cursing, while Lu Wei next to him had been frightened stiff. He did not even have the chance to take out and activate the protective treasure that his grandpa had given him.


Violet brilliance bombarded the position of the two people.

The old man Quasi-emperor was furious, but his expression abruptly changed.

It turned out that at that critical moment, there was a flash where Ye Qingyu and Lu Wei stood as they instantly reappeared tens of thousands of kilometers away. They had unbelievably dodged that attack. That attack was incomparably sudden and Quasi-emperor Mushan was extremely determined, and even he was not able to react in time. But Ye Qingyu was able to dodge it...

How did he do that?

The Quasi-emperor old man felt that he really couldn't see through this junior of the same race.

Ye Qingyu was wiping the cold sweat on his forehead.

That moment just now was definitely the closest he had ever been to death.

Fortunately, the [Flash] formations under the Dharma State had a greater teleporting range, and not even the power of a Quasi-emperor could hinder it. Just as he was almost blown to ashes, he instinctively activated the [Flash] formation and escaped the calamity with Lu Wei.

“What a pity, the [Flash] formation of the ancient bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart] have a cooling-off time and can’t be used for a short period of time. My number of life-saving hidden cards has lessened.” Ye Qingyu felt a stabbing pain. He had another important use for this life-saving formation, but was forced to use it earlier than intended.

And on the other side, Lu Wei still had a look of shock across his face.

He looked at Ye Qingyu in shocked disbelief, still unable to believe that, in such a situation, Ye Qingyu was not only able to run for his own life, but also saved him from death——
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