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Chapter 1036 – Shocking Change

“Humph, you may be sharp-tongued and telling false stories, but do you think I’ll believe you?”

The Four Stars holy girl shouted angrily, with her bloodied face smacking of a demoness.

In truth, a huge shock wave had already been stirred up inside her.

All along, she was adamant that her possession of supreme status was a result of her one-of-a-kind and historically rare constitution which made her irreplaceable in the plans of the entire [Camp]. This was why she had never given a damn about many Heaven’s pridelings, including Jiang Xiaohan. However, if her constitution became no longer unique and indispensable, her status would be affected horribly.

“Hoho, I was just informing you. It’s up to you whether to believe me or not.”

As she spoke understatedly, Jiang Xiaohan was delighting in the flurried state of the woman who had suppressed and insulted her all along. The lightning cone and hammer in her hands showed no mercy, unleashing a blade formed from terrifying green lightning with every knock against each other. All kinds of giant-sized weapons, such as swords, hammers, spears, axes, halberds, shields, and chains were hurled frenziedly toward the Four Stars holy girl, who became exhausted from coping with them and was at a complete disadvantage.

Although the ancient Emperor phantom protecting her from behind had crushed god knows how many green lightning weapons, its figure was gradually fading. On one hand, this was because it had expended too much energy itself, while on the other hand, it was because the Four Stars holy girl was badly injured and weakened and thus did not have the strength to work up the [Four Stars Sword] and utilize the full power of this fake Emperor weapon like she had done earlier.

“Your ambitions are too big, lower domain slave girl. Like a snake trying to swallow an elephant, you’ll only bring disgrace upon yourself and die most miserably.” She unsparingly burned up foundation power to work up the [Four Stars Sword], causing the ancient Emperor phantom to become a little more vivid. However, it was hard for her to keep this up for too long. The destructive power of the arrow which had struck her was simply too terrifying and was still wreaking havoc inside her body.

“Do you really believe that all nobility are born to be?” Jiang Xiaohan laughed playfully. “What difference is there between upper and lower domains in terms of strength and skill? It’s truly a miracle that you’ve managed to live until now with that kind of mindset.”

Brandishing the [Four Stars Sword], the Four Stars holy girl frenziedly worked up its imperial qi.

Although she had entered a state of madness, her eyes were as frosty as age old dark ice, gloomy, and malicious, resembling those of a venomous python while giving off a faint glimmer. “You’re as conceited as a frog in the well… Hoho, even if I’m no longer one-of-a-kind, I still have a super large force that’s the Four Stars Sect backing me up. But what about you? You have nothing and are merely a rootless duckweed. On what basis can you compete with me? Just those junk which have submersed into your body?”

“Idiot.” A scornful look emerged on Jiang Xiaohan’s peerlessly beautiful face. “To think that you still want to talk foundations with me. Hoho, everything we have was bestowed to us by His Highness. Not only do you not submit to him fully, but you’re even thinking about relying on the Four Stars Sect. Are you telling me that the Four Stars Sect dares to go against His Highness?”

The Four Stars holy girl’s state of mind was badly shaken.

She realized that she might have miscalculated something.

Her change in expression was seen by a guffawing Jiang Xiaohan.

Boom boom boom!

The repeated collisions of the lightning cone and hammer created a sea of countless green lightning weapons which inundated the Four Stars holy girl.

Amid the violent booming noises, the ancient Emperor phantom behind the Four Stars holy girl rapidly faded. The latter’s body began to quiver wildly as fine cracks which resembled strands of spider web appeared on her skin and oozed blood. The radiance of the [Four Stars Sword] in her hand also began to grow dim. From the looks of it, she was already at the end of her rope and could endure no longer.

“Seems like you finally understand… A pity it’s too late… Hahahaha, how insignificant is the Four Stars Sect?” Jiang Xiaohan’s originally-beautiful eyes suddenly became sinister and ice cold. “The time has come for you to go on your way… The Four Stars Sect shall be joining you very shortly when it turns to dust!”

As soon as she spoke.

A strange change suddenly befell.


A voice which sounded like the angry howl of a deity rang out without warning.

A giant human palm weaved from silver clouds appeared equally without warning

This silver-colored human hand covered an area of tens of thousands of kilometers in circumference, tearing through the pitch black, desolate, and ice cold Void as if tearing paper before it descended. Silver cloud formations circulated on the palm with every formation chain possessing no less power than a fake Emperor weapon, forming a silver mist around the hand. A burst of power like that which hung over a divine mountain grappled toward Jiang Xiaohan, who had originally already taken an absolute advantage.

In front of such a large hand, Jiang Xiaohan was like a pullet facing a giant and did not have the strength to fight back.

The lightning cone and hammer in her hands buzzed and vibrated, signaling danger.

“The Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor!”

Jiang Xiaohan shouted harshly.

This was the true power of a Quasi-emperor.

The Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor, who was battling against [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] in the Void far, far away, had unexpectedly chosen to act at this time.

In the distance.

Ye Qingyu, who was seizing every second to regain strength, was also stunned.

He immediately became aware of how silly his earlier thoughts were. He had presumed that, by luring the Four Stars holy girl here, he could kill her without getting found out by the Quasi-emperor. The truth, however, was that it was impossible to escape the perception of a Quasi-emperor no matter how far one went. At this time, for instance, the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor decided to take brazen action and kill Jiang Xiaohan as soon as the Four Stars holy girl’s life was in danger.

Everything was within the perception of a Quasi-emperor.

Jiang Xiaohan instantly lost all battle will and wanted to retreat and flee. However, she discovered that there was no way for her to escape.

Invisible power of laws circulated on the Quasi-emperor’s palm and gradually pressed downward to lock her tiny figure in place while energizing the stars in the heavens. Although it remained dozens of kilometers away, Jiang Xiaohan could not even move a finger, let alone escape at this time.

In the contemporary world, anyone below a Quasi-emperor could be considered a cricket or ant

How could such beings possibly escape?

An ecstatic look appeared on the face of the heavily-wounded Four Stars holy girl.

“You’re doomed, bitch.” She laughed maniacally and roared angrily as if to vent.

“Ahhhh...” Seeming insane, Jiang Xiaohan uttered a long and angry cry, albeit she did not look too panic-stricken or fearful. She then began to laugh out loud.

“Hahahahaha… haha!”

It was as if she had accepted her fate and given up the struggle.

Her absolutely beautiful body and peerless looks appeared helpless and miserable against the Quasi-emperor’s giant palm.

A tinge of suspicion flashed across Ye Qingyu's eyes.

Something ain’t right.

Something about Jiang Xiaohan’s expression doesn’t make sense.

But, what exactly is it?

Just as Ye Qingyu was at a loss…

A strange change suddenly occurred.

“No need to get angry, these children are just fighting in jest.”

Another deity-like voice which was filled with supreme dignity resounded in the Void.

Following the emergence of this voice, the lightning cone and hammer spontaneously flew out from Jiang Xiaohan’s hands while bursting forth a mysterious, dazzling green radiance, as if something within had been awakened. The power and momentum of this fake Emperor weapon grew many-fold until it seemed to acquire a spirit and life of its own. As the cone and hammer knocked against each other in the Void, a booming noise was heard and the world shook before a green thunderbolt shot forth.


The giant palm was smashed by this beam of green radiance, turning into countless silver pieces of skin and dispersing among the Void.

Jiang Xiaohan had gotten out of her predicament.

The lightning cone and hammer returned to her hands.

Danger had been lifted.

The Four Stars holy girl was dumbfounded.

Ye Qingyu was all the more bewildered.

Is this… yet another Quasi-emperor?

It’s actually yet another Quasi-emperor!

To think that Jiang Xiaohan is also being supported by a Quasi-emperor, this… how is this possible?

A sky high wave arose in Ye Qingyu's and the Four Stars holy girl’s hearts.

This is simply unbelievable.

There were only so many Quasi-emperors in the contemporary age. Earlier on in the Reincarnation Hall, the sudden emergence of the little-known Quasi-emperor Mushan was already a huge enough event to cause a stir in the Vast Thousand Domains. Who would have thought that yet another one would emerge? Although this Quasi-emperor did not make an appearance earlier and instead concealed his tracks while borrowing the power of the lightning cone and hammer to break the attack of the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor, it could be confirmed that he had never appeared in the Vast Thousand Domains.

“Anyone who insults the Four Stars Sect deserves to die.” The Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor’s voice arrived from faraway time and space, containing an unmistakable oppressive power.

“These kids were just quarreling and said a few angry words. As a dignified new Quasi-emperor, you should take care of your reputation and not lower yourself to the level of a junior.” The voice of the Quasi-emperor standing behind Jiang Xiaohan sounded once more in an indifferent tone, revealing no fear for the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor.

Two Quasi-emperors stood facing each other.

Although it was just a simple conversation, it embodied a collision of will.

And a confrontation of two kinds of Dao attainments which had reached the martial peak of this world.

“I have to leave this place.”

Ye Qingyu rapidly turned and fled toward the distant Void.

Both Jiang Xiaohan and the Four Stars holy girl were his enemies who wanted to kill him, and so it would be extremely unfavorable to him no matter whether the two sides eventually decided to fight or to make peace. Either of the two Quasi-emperors could kill him without difficulty, while things would be slightly worse if the two sides ended the battle, whereby his death would be inevitable.

This was why he had to leave.

As curious as he was to know exactly where this Quasi-emperor who decided to protect Jiang Xiaohan had come from.

The fortunate thing was that neither the two women nor the Quasi-emperors standing behind them had placed their attention on him.

He rapidly fled tens of millions of kilometers back and arrived in a silent and deserted stretch of the Void.

He saw nobody and no energy movement around.

Jiang Xiaohan, the Four Stars holy girl, the nameless Quasi-emperor, and the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor completely disappeared from sight.

Heaving a sigh of relief, he decided to hide on an enormous meteor and concealed his figure within one of its huge rift valleys. Restraining his aura’s movement completely, he seized every second to regain strength.

The situation was a lot more frightening than he had thought at the beginning.

Could the successive appearance of new Quasi-emperors be a sign that there are yet some more Quasi-emperors hiding in the dark, waiting for their opportunity?

He was uncertain about this.

The more frightening thing was that, if the mysterious Quasi-emperor backing Jiang Xiaohan eventually made peace with the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor, it would be very likely for them to gang up against [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. The situation would make an instantaneous turn for the worse and a huge disaster would arise in front of Ye Qingyu's eyes.

This was certainly not impossible.

After all, the fact that this mysterious Quasi-emperor decided to protect Jiang Xiaohan revealed a high chance that common interests were involved and perhaps even that he was someone from the [Camp], which was probably divided into several factions and branches. In this way, the mysterious Quasi-emperor and the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor could belong to different branches while sharing the same overall interests.

Ye Qingyu was extremely worried.

Time flew by.

He had hidden on this meteor for three days and nights already.

On the fourth day, a bout of violent tremor transpired in this stretch of Void.

Several terrifying energy waves swept through the entire plane.

“Hahaha, Li Xiaofei, your array has been broken, so give it up!”

This laughter resounded through the world like Great Dao sounds.
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