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Imperial God Emperor 1035 - Who Can’t Be Replaced?

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This graceful figure was fatally beautiful and extremely enchanting. Her looks had no equal in this world.

Faint and coarse imperial qi wreathed her entire body.

In particular, the imperial qi on the cone and hammer pair in her hands formed a terrifying mist. This was clearly a precious treasure and was at least a fake Emperor weapon. It was certainly not much inferior to the [Four Stars Sword], otherwise it could not have surprise killed and shattered Ye Qingyu's doppelganger so destructively.

Fresh blood flowed in the dark Void.

The fragments of Ye Qingyu's doppelganger were continually zapped by the green thunderbolts, disintegrating amid the unbroken series of booming and bursting noises. Foundation foprmations circulated on the broken limbs of the doppelganger as they tried to form back up. However, the destruction brought about by the green thunderbolts made it difficult to put the body back together completely for some time. If these limbs were thoroughly burned by the green thunderbolts, Ye Qingyu could be considered completely dead…


Agitated in spirit, Ye Qingyu's voice rang out, a mix of surprise and anger.

The woman holding the lightning cone and hammer was none other than Jiang Xiaohan, the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] who had previously been defeated by Ye Qingyu.

To think that she also possesses a fake Emperor weapon!

How’s this possible?

“Don’t blame me, elder brother Ye Qingyu. You’re destined to meet your end today. Rather than dying at the hands of an outsider, why not allow younger sister Jiang Xiaohan to send you on your way?” Her words were soft and tender, yet icy and vicious like no other at the same time.

She gently knocked the lightning cone and hammer together.


Thunderous noises were heard.

A green sea of lightning surged forth again. Dancing thunderbolts inundated the broken limbs of Ye Qingyu's doppelganger, intending to burn and kill Ye Qingyu off completely.

“You must be dreaming if you think it’s so easy to kill me.” The latter roared as a brass bell appeared in the Void and blocked off the green sea of lightning to protect Ye Qingyu's most important limbs. Amid a circulating splendor, Ye Qingyu's doppelganger was recreated.

Unfortunately, it was much smaller than previously, not even half of its former size.

This was because a huge portion of the doppelganger’s fragments had been annihilated by the green lightning, causing Ye Qingyu to lose a great deal of strength.

“Why struggle so hard?” A sympathetic expression appeared on Jiang Xiaohan’s utmost beautiful and enchanting face as she sighed and shook her head in pity. “If even [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] is certain to die, then you have absolutely no chance to survive. Why not go on your way early and save the pain? Elder brother Ye Qingyu, you shouldn’t have come here in the first place. It’s unfortunate that the five passes couldn’t stop you. I shall now have to take action personally. If you fall into the hands of those Quasi-emperors, life and death won’t be up to you. You’ll suffer all kinds of torture and will even be remade into a puppet. Is it worth it?”

“Evil has never prevailed over good, you shouldn’t be too smug.” Managing to survive, Ye Qingyu restrained the anger he felt from being surprise attacked and kept as calm as he possibly could.

In truth, the situation today was the most perilous he had ever been through.

Any kind of anger would cause him to lose his sense of reason and thereby become passive rather than proactive.

He realized from Jiang Xiaohan’s appearance that the situation was not as simple as it seemed. It was yet unclear who was the cicada, the mantis, and the oriole as part of the famous saying that “while a mantis is pursuing a cicada, an oriole is sneaking up on it.” Perhaps, there remained some terrifying being hiding in the dark.

With utmost caution, Ye Qingyu operated the mysterious one hundred eight ancient characters. The [Cloud Top Cauldron] began to spin, protecting the doppelganger. He then took out the Dragon Seizing wooden bucket and drank mouthfuls of the chaotic thunder liquid to replenish his energy until he reached his tolerance limit. Subsequently, he popped several dozen [Deathlike Pills], which side effects were negligible to the doppelganger and would not cause it to stiffen and feign death while serving to replenish its yuan qi at the fastest speed possible. Even so, however, the doppelganger was not able to attain optimum state within a short amount of time.

“Evil doesn’t prevail over good? That’s a joke for deceiving people with. Only strength is eternal.” Jiang Xiaohan struck the hammer against the cone, causing mysterious green lightning to bombard the [Cloud Top Cauldron] incessantly until Ye Qingyu was sent flying several hundred thousand kilometers back.

The power of this cone and hammer pair was utterly terrifying.

It contained imperial qi and was able to discharge greater power than the [Four Stars Sword].

The ancient Emperor formations within it were more complete and less deformed than those of the [Four Stars Sword], and thus could be said to be of higher quality.

Ye Qingyu only had the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to protect himself with as he continually absorbed the power of the chaotic thunder liquid and the [Deathlike Pills] in order to attempt recovering. Given the current state of the doppelganger, it was unable to work up the [General’s Expedition Mural] another time, which meant that defeating Jiang Xiaohan was impossible. If its energy continued to be expended, defeat and death would be the only outcome.

“Elder brother Ye Qingyu, I’m sure you’re very curious as to how my physical strength was able to increase by so much until I was just about able to fight against you during the battle in the Wei River Mountain Range, no?” Without pausing her attacks, Jiang Xiaohan spoke in a tender tone as if she was explaining a misunderstanding to a most intimate lover. “ It was because I used the lightning hammer and cone to strike my own body day after day, night after night, without a moment’s pause. This is the most primitive way of developing physical strength using the power of lightning… Elder brother Ye Qingyu, I’ve endured the most frightening and cruel torture in this world… and do you know why?”

Ye Qingyu remained silent.

Operating the nameless breathing technique, he was fighting against time to heal the doppelganger.

However, the bombardment of the green lightning caused the power deficient [Cloud Top Cauldron] to gradually lose resistance. The bright yellow light strips faded, while it could be vaguely seen that green lightning power passed through the protective light screen of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to strike Ye Qingyu's doppelganger and drain his energy, thereby slowing down his recovery process to a crawl.

“Hoho, I endured the world’s most frightening pain so as to defeat you at what you’re best at and thus prove myself to you, my dear elder brother Ye Qingyu… Hoho, you may go in peace already. I’ll avenge you when I become Emperor and send everyone who turned up here today to accompany you in the netherworld. The Four Stars Sect will also become history.”

Jiang Xiaohan’s mental state was somewhat crazy.

The obsession in her heart bordered on insanity and was only a step different from being possessed by evil spirits. It was a miracle that she remained able to maintain her power in this state.

Strange dull black light rays circulated among her facial features.

Though as fine as strands of hair, they were, like black holes, capable of devouring everything, highly peculiar indeed. It could be clearly discerned that they were not formed from the imperial qi of the lightning cone and hammer but from Jiang Xiaohan’s own foundation or an incomparably rare bloodline power instead. Despite looking like they could not be any weaker, they were actually capable of directing the power of the lightning cone and hammer. This was certainly most strange.

A voice suddenly rang out once more.

“You think you alone can destroy and replace the Four Stars Sect?”

A disheveled, bloodied-faced Four Stars holy girl appeared. As she spoke, she clutched the [Four Stars Sword] and stared fixedly at Jiang Xiaohan with flames of fury burning in her eyes.

The clothes on her dreadfully wounded body had been reduced to hanging strands of thread such that they barely covered her body and left her nearly naked.

A portion of her skin sparkled with a divine brilliance, while another portion was as ulcerated and darkened as rotten meat. In particular, her chest area had been completely mutilated, with a most ghastly sight of a bloodied hole which allowed light through the front and out the back of her body. This was the injury caused by the arrow of the ancient general from the [General’s Expedition Mural]. A khaki-colored corrosive force was incessantly draining the holy girl’s vitality.

“You actually aren’t dead.” Jiang Xiaohan was somewhat surprised.

The Four Stars holy girl gazed at her callously, saying, “Dead? Hoho, I’ll never die… Hoho, you’re nothing more than a loose servant girl who exchanged your body for the power you have today. How dare you betray me and think about killing me indirectly, and on top of that, seek to replace me when I’m dead… Who would’ve thought that a whore like you could have such fanciful ideas? This is too funny. You’ll forever remain a cheap servant girl as long as I’m alive!”

The Four Stars holy girl had apparently heard the latter’s words earlier.

Her defeat at Ye Qingyu's hands and the heavy injuries on her doppelganger had caused her lofty, unfeeling, and calm self to become rather discomposed and mad.

The one thing that more so enraged her was betrayal.

This was because the battle earlier had been planned in advance.

The two of them had been ordered to work together, with one showing herself and the other hiding in the dark, to annihilate all hindrances in the Void, and this naturally included Ye Qingyu. Unexpectedly, however, Jiang Xiaohan held back at the critical moment. Instead of taking action and obstructing Ye Qingyu, she allowed him to successfully unleash a fatal strike which nearly killed the Four Stars holy girl. This was clearly a case of indirect killing, hoping that the Four Stars holy girl died.

Recalling that this woman had all along fawned upon and deferred to her, the Four Stars holy girl could not put up with the thought that she had been deceived by this whore.

This is absolutely unforgivable!

Upon hearing what she said, Jiang Xiaohan’s beautiful eyes became covered by a terrifying layer of frost.

The Four Stars holy girl’s words had pricked the most sensitive nerve in the depths of Jiang Xiaohan’s heart.

Moreover, they were spoken in front of Ye Qingyu.

“If that’s the case, I shall cause you to die.” She laughed out loud. “Actually, on careful consideration, killing you with my own hands would be pretty neat.” Waving the lightning cone and hammer, she gave up on Ye Qingyu and instead, amid thunderous noises, unleashed a huge green lightning blade toward the Four Stars holy girl mercilessly.

“Whore, you’re seeking your own death by provoking someone who’s superior.” The Four Stars holy girl gnashed her teeth hatefully as she brandished the [Four Stars Sword].

In her state of surprise and anger, she bit the tip of her tongue and spurted unsparing mouthfuls of blood and essence onto the sword. The ancient figure phantom reappeared behind her and became even more vivid. Its giant figure bent down abruptly and used both hands to grab hold of the green lightning blade before tearing it apart.

“You’re the one seeking death.” Jiang Xiaohan guffawed.

Taking merciless action, she drowned the Four Stars holy girl in boundless green lightning power.

“You… how dare you...” The latter’s pupils constricted. “You’re doomed. The rules of the [Camp] are as fixed as a mountain, and any transgressor shall suffer punishment worse than death. His Highness surely knows about today’s events given his extraordinary powers, so don’t even think about hiding the truth. You shall soon experience the brutal torture of the [Camp] and regret coming to this world.”

“Aren’t you said to be someone who calculates everything? How did you become so dumb? If His Highness’ powers are so great, why didn’t he know that I want to kill and replace you? Haha, and why hasn’t he stopped me or warned you?” Jiang Xiaohan laughed sneeringly.

The Four Stars holy girl suddenly choked.

Jiang Xiaohan became even more vicious than before, “You have become used to your lofty ways and lost the necessary vigilance. Do you really believe that the [Four Stars Preordained One] cannot be replaced?”

“What are you saying?” Astonished, the Four Stars holy girl’s expression became somber as if she had thought something through. She then laughed grimly and said, “I was nearly deceived by your clever words. The [Four Stars Preordained One] is one-of-a-kind and extremely rare throughout history, and certainly cannot be replaced. Only I can fulfill His Highness’ plan...”

Jiang Xiaohan cut her short and laughed grimly, “As they say, one doesn’t start crying until one has been completely defeated. Don’t you understand that you have no chance of winning in your current state…? Do you really think that the [Camp] will punish me after I’ve killed you? Haha, you’re so naive. Who would offend another talent for the sake of a dead person? The Four Stars Sect is nothing more than a dog among the [Camp]. How audacious of you to try and take control of everything, like a guest trying to supplant the host. What an idiot you are!”
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