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Chapter 1034 – Slay

“[Sword Mystery… Four Stars Sky Sword]!”

With a grave face, the Four Stars holy girl worked up her magical abilities.

As the [Four Stars Sword] in her hand began to vibrate, tadpole formations weaved from countless silver light rays circulated on it. Its power grew ever more terrifying along with the surging of the silver imperial qi, while the outburts of silver mist distorted space and light. A strange figure with an unclear face manifested behind her, as burly and frightening as an ancient martial Emperor. Although it was merely a phantom, it looked as though it had cut time short and traveled through the long course of history until it reached the present.

The Four Stars holy girl brandished her sword.

The ancient Emperor phantom behind her also made a sword brandishing action.

The Void tremored.

A seemingly substantial phantom of the [Four Stars Sword] struck through the air.


It collided with the flaming bifang and the ancestral rocks.

A violent power exploded wildly and swept through a circumference of several hundred thousand kilometers.

As a visible chaotic flow surged thunderously, all matter within this area of the Void instantly turned into nothingness, while meteorites disintegrated into fragments. Only Ye Qingyu and the Four Stars holy girl’s figures, under the protection of their respective Emperor weapons, remained standing within.

This battle had nearly reached Quasi-emperor level.

If affected by the aftershock of this kind of power, even a pinnacle Great Saint expert would be instantly turned into nothing but ashes and smoke.

Like a tide, Ye Qingyu's spirit began to wander, covering a circumference of several hundred thousand kilometers such that any aftershock became within his range of control. He was now very far away from the battlefield of the three Quasi-emperors and could no longer see their majestic frames. All he could vaguely feel were the aftershocks of their battle, while there was no other being around him.

“Get ready for a last-ditch struggle.”

As he zipped through the air, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] vibrated with extreme vigor.

His panicky flight from before was actually intended to numb his enemy and lure her to this distant region of space. This was due to his worry that the Four Stars Sect’s Quasi-emperor, or some other expert who had also entered this plane, would intervene and save the Four Stars holy girl when he showed his hand and attacked her. He wanted to ensure that he properly killed her off this time and thereby avert future trouble.

By this time, the Four Stars holy girl had already calmed down completely and seen through Ye Qingyu's plan.

“So this was your true intention. With an Emperor weapon like that in hand, you pretended to be weak and even sacrificed an arm, all to lure me here… What an ingenious plan. Too bad you’ll soon lose all hope. That broken cauldron of yours is no match for the blade radiance of the [Four Stars Sword].” She sounded very confident.

“Try and you shall know.” Ye Qingyu was in a determined mood and his killing intent was sizzling.

He worked up the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and rapidly advanced.

In this plane, the doppelganger was not restrained by the universal laws of the Vast Thousand Domains, and was thereby able to act most naturally. His working up of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] was all the more unfettered. The second mural on its walls finally produced a strange change - beneath the bright yellow mist, the patterns gradually became vivid. This was a [General’s Expedition Mural], on which were thousands of black-armored, ghost-faced silent soldiers and a plate-mailed ancient general who was riding on a unicorn while holding a blood dripping battleaxe in hand, as if he had just killed countless fiendgods and the blood evil qi of the army was soaring into the sky!

“After ten years and a hundred battles, the warriors return in triumph… Amid the beating of the battle drums and the playing military songs, may the army please embark on an expedition!” Ye Qingyu shouted.

At the moment that the [General’s Expedition Mural] vividly appeared, a strange piece of information circulated in his mind, enabling him to understand its operating technique immediately. As yuan qi circulated and mist emerged, a bright yellow fog began to pervade, with a sonorous drum sound ringing out from within. This was followed by the sound of uniform footsteps made by burly figures wearing clay-colored armor and copper ghost masks as they gradually walked out of the fog with an irresistible momentum.

Every one of these figures was wreathed by seemingly material blood-colored evil qi such that they looked as though smeared with blood. One could only wonder how many years of expedition they had been on and how many enemies they had killed before they could form such terrifying auras.

The evil qi from this array of golden spears and armored horses swept through the world.

An ancient army had traveled through time and descended upon this world.

Everything which obstructed their way would be crushed.


What sounded like the maniacal roars of countless people broke out before the array, which was advancing slowly at first, suddenly picked up speed frantically until it turned into khaki- and red-colored evil light and charged unstoppably toward the Four Stars holy girl.

Shouting noises rocked the heavens.

Even a martial Saint would probably be frightened to death by such noises.

“Has an army of ancient times really come back to life?”

Appalled, the Four Stars holy girl held the [Four Stars Sword] with both hands and dared not be careless in the slightest.

This was because she could clearly discern that these were neither phantoms nor effects of some magical skill but were real killing forces instead. The momentum of the hundreds of soldiers was increasing fanatically and perpetually, while along with their picking up of speed, their copper ghost faces seemed to come alive, uttering shrill ghost wailing noises which could frighten even deities and certainly shook the Four Stars holy girl’s mind. Akin to a sound-based mental attack, that it could affect the Four Stars holy girl was rather unexpected.

“Evil spirits… Ancient scourges, disperse!”

Immortal spirit circulated all over the Four Stars holy girl’s body as she brandished the longsword, giving out a silver glow and diffusing imperial qi boomingly.

A surging power comparable to the casual exertion of a Quasi-emperor sought to drown the ancient army.

However, the horror of the ancient army was beyond imagination. It instantly took evasive measures, splitting into two down the middle with uniform movements and thereby evading the strike before joining back up. In this way, it displayed near unbelievable battle technique and attainment, proving itself to be the most frightening army of all time.

Thereafter, hundreds of ghost-faced soldiers rapidly surrounded the Four Stars holy girl.


Shouts were heard.

Each holding a battle spear behind their backs, these warriors gradually built up strength before hurling the battle spears forth uniformly.

Yellow flowing light cut through the air.

“Get them away from me!”

The Four Stars holy girl revealed a look of startlement and anger while the imperial qi of the [Four Stars Sword] circulated and suffused.

Behind her, the emperor figure became even more vivid, emitting an Immortal qi to blast these battle spears off.


Swish swish swish!

The brownish-yellow battle spears tore cracks in and pierced their way through the protective silver glow.

Even the aura of the [Four Stars Sword] proved unable to withstand these battle spears.

An enormous murderous spirit nearly pulverized the Four Stars holy girl in an instant.

“How’s this possible?” she cried out in alarm. Given the current circumstances, the only thing she could do was to perform the supreme sword technique using the [Four Stars Sword]. A winter sword will circulated, giving off ten thousand beams of sword radiance which used the most primitive method to send the incoming black battle spears flying backward.

Huge collision waves diffused.

The Four Stars holy girl’s arm was nearly shattered. Power was not her specialty after all.


The army continued its onslaught.

Like precise robots, several hundred soldiers operated as one, charging forth unbridledly and inundating the Four Stars holy girl.

Boom boom boom!

The terrifying battle went on insanely.

The Four Stars holy girl found herself in a fix. These black-armored, ghost-faced ancient warriors were immense in strength and could completely withstand her head-on strikes. Moreover, they combined flawlessly with one another to form an ancient array which was brimming with murderous spirit. Although they numbered only in the hundreds, the incessant pressure they exerted on the Four Stars holy girl was equivalent to that of thousands, thereby exhausting her. Despite frantically working up the ancient emperor phantom, she remained incapable of completely tearing this evil-qi-spouting array apart.

Ye Qingyu could only feel that the yuan qi all over his body was continually being absorbed into the giant cauldron.

Maintaining such an array certainly required enormous amounts of energy.

“I have to end this battle quick.”

Resolving to kill the Four Stars holy girl, he held nothing back as he once again worked up the [Cloud Top Cauldron] at all costs.

“As wind blows against the grass in the dark forest, the general draws his bow… May the general please draw his bow!”

Following his angry roar, a qi stream surged among the bright yellow fog. A pair of blood-red firefly glows flickered as a unicorn wearing broken and rusty armor gradually walked out, those blood red firefly glows were actually its eyes. On its back was a burly general with an obscure figure which was shaped like an iron tower. Terrifying demonic qi wreathed around him, giving the impression that he was a Quasi-emperor from the furthest back in time. Even the armor he was wearing seemed to have been brought out from a grave.

This was the ancient martial general from the [General’s Expedition Mural].

He, too, had regained life.

As he stepped out from the chaotic yellow fog with flames circulating in his eyes, he took a carved iron bow which was flecked with rust marks off his back and drew it. A vortex of chaotic power circulated and solidified into a bright yellow arrow, also flecked with rust marks, and which gave off a blood-colored splendor. With the arrowhead pointing toward the Four Stars holy girl in the distance, he drew the bow fully and suddenly released.

During this instant, the Four Stars holy girl felt grave danger.

Before she could react, however, a beam from a bright-red arrow light had already perforated through her body and ruptured her heart.

Terrifying power sent her flying several hundred thousand kilometers off.


It was only at this time that noises of a bowstring quivering was heard, sounding like the groaning and howling of dragons and demons.

The Four Stars holy girl found it difficult to maintain balance as she flew backward while spurting blood from her mouth. Having been directly perforated by an all-destructive arrow, terrifying power burst out within her body, which broke into two with its vital points rupturing into paste and its bones spattering. Her doppelganger had shattered!

Meanwhile, the figures of the unicorn and the ancient general also crumbled and dissipated.

Ye Qingyu's power was still insufficient to maintain the [General Draws Bow] state for too long. Moreover, because too much energy had been expended on the arrow, the black-armored, ghost-faced army in the distance also crumbled, eventually turning into bright yellow fog which dissipated among the Void!


Ye Qingyu gasped heavily.

The Four Stars holy girl should be dead. The arrow from the ancient general was simply too terrifying.

However, this attack had all but depleted his yuan qi, causing him to enter a state of extreme weakness for a moment.

While continuing to gasp, he kept the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and was about to go up and confirm that the Four Stars holy girl was completely dead.

However, a strange change happened just then…

Carrying a world destroying, thunder-like power, a giant iron cone fell from the sky and struck him off guard. Amid explosive blares, his body was shattered. Green thunderbolts lingered around the fragments of his body as if they wanted to completely annihilate him.

A graceful figure walked out from the Void, holding an iron cone in the left hand and a huge hammer in the right hand.

“Everything has ended,” she smiled plainly. With the two greatest rivals on her Emperor path now dead, there was no longer anyone among the younger generation who was her match, and she could thus take up all of the resources and cultivation of the entire [Camp] for herself.
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