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Chapter 1033 – Impossible

“It shall be your honor to die to an Emperor weapon.”

The Four Stars holy girl was in an aggressive and arrogant mood.

With the awakened [Four Stars Sword] in hand, her doppelganger became even clearer and brighter, and it took her only a moment to regain the yuan qi she had lost when her arm was torn off by Ye Qingyu. The silver-glowing aura which emanated from the sword pervaded the area within hundreds of thousands of kilometers, completely suppressing Ye Qingyu with its momentum.

Emperor weapons were indeed terrifying.

“It hasn’t been decided who lives and who dies.” On careful perception, Ye Qingyu had further discovered that the [Four Stars Sword] was not a complete Emperor weapon, or in other words, was lacking in some way. The power which emanated from it was not even comparable to that of a Quasi-emperor and only contained some Emperor will.

He heaved a faint sigh of relief.

This is only reasonable.

If the [Four Stars Sword] is really an Emperor weapon, it would absolutely be a supreme treasure of terrifying power, and the Four Stars Quasi-emperor wouldn’t have had to painstakingly make use of the opportunity provided by the descent of the Reincarnation Hall to set up a trap here and gang up with Quasi-emperor Mushan to attack [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. Instead, with it in hand, all he needed to do was exert a full-power strike, and even Li Xiaofei, said to be invincible among his age, would’ve found it most difficult to withstand.

“It’s probably a fake Emperor weapon.”

Ye Qingyu made a final judgment.

However, even a fake Emperor weapon contained rather terrifying power.

“I know what you’re thinking… Forget it, I may as well tell you that you’re right... The core formation of the [Four Stars Sword] is missing, but even so, it should be enough to kill you with.” The Four Stars holy girl laughed grimly as she watched Ye Qingyu like a thin-furred rat before brandishing the [Four Stars Sword] as if she was dancing. This caused a bright silver glow to surge boundlessly as a beam of sword light diffused from the [Four Stars Sword] and shattered the Void.

Ye Qingyu felt an immense bout of qi activity lock on to himself. The murderous intent from that onrushing silver-glowing sword light was astounding. Murmuring to himself that things were not good, he had no choice but to tap on the power of the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] in order to dispel the bout of qi activity from the [Four Stars Sword]. At the critical moment, he was able to zip away and reappear hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, thereby evading this most certainly fatal blow by the skin of his teeth.

“Hoho, let’s see how many strikes you can dodge.” Looking jocose, the Four Stars holy girl continued to exert strikes.

A terrifying silver brilliance split the Void apart. As the beam of sword light zipped past unstoppably, a meteorite of ten kilometers in diameter was silently cleaved into two, much like everything else.

Ye Qingyu evaded it once more.

A section of his black hair was chopped off.

He looked somewhat wretched.

Subjected to the power of the fake Emperor weapon, he would have found it difficult to utilize a supreme sword technique even if he possessed one.

This was what was meant by using power to overcome technique, or “one power to break ten thousand techniques”.

“Hohohoho, why is the [Ice Sword Killing God], the number one swordsman of this age whose name has shocked the world, running away like a dog instead of fighting?” the Four Stars holy girl taunted.

Apart from the three Quasi-emperors, she was matchless among this Void with the [Four Stars Sword] in hand.

She guffawed as she watched her nemesis evading in utter panic with his clothes tattered while nearly getting pulverized by the sword on several occasions. He was indubitably the one who left the deepest impression on her among all those who had ever fought against her, having foiled her plans on several occasions and even slaying a doppelganger which she had painstakingly created. Ultimately, however, he had fallen into this predicament and was set to die to her sword.

The silver glow surged and imperial qi suffused.

Like flowing light, Ye Qingyu's figure retreated ceaselessly to evade that terrifying sword light.

He tried using divine abilities including the [Great Light Dragon Punch] sword will, the fiendgod secret techniques from the Bronze book, and the Divine Emperor Light Sword in retaliation, but each of them were nullified by the imperial qi of the [Four Stars Sword]. Although he was said to be matchless below a Quasi-emperor, he was no Quasi-emperor after all and thus had not comprehended Emperor will or, more importantly, obtained the mandate of heaven. In terms of power, he was way inferior, and this was not because his techniques were weak.

The only thing he could do was retreat.

“Why not pluck up your martial dignity and fight head-on instead of running away?” the Four Stars holy girl teased.

She was enjoying this feeling immensely.

It was certainly pleasurable to be pursuing an enemy of substance.

Her words continually knocked Ye Qingyu's martial heart and weakened his subconscious vigor. Of course, it would be best if she could impel him to go mad and fight a head-on battle, as that would allow her to slay him with one strike and exterminate this bane once and for all.

She had set up a pass on the mountain path of Capital Sky Peak because she did not want to let him come to this world where Quasi-emperors battled over Daos, but, unfortunately, was unable to stop him. She hence realized that it was certainly accurate of the [Camp] to give him the code name [Wildcard], albeit she was determined to make sure that this [Wildcard] did not live another day.

Without saying a word, Ye Qingyu fled at extreme speed.

He was looking as miserable as a rat scurrying away in fear.

“The universe may be big, but still there’s no place for you to hide. Accept your fate.” Boosted by the power of the fake Emperor sword, the Four Stars holy girl gave hot pursuit at an unbelievable speed while continually taunting and brandishing the longsword. As the silver sword light swept across the Void, it annihilated everything in its wake.


The sword light struck out.

An arm of Ye Qingyu's doppelganger was chopped off.

Energy spurted like fresh blood.

The doppelganger was injured at last.

As a splendor flickered, the broken arm regrew instantly, but the lost energy could never be regained.

[Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger’s] were the Dao attainments of a warrior’s lifelong martial cultivation. As such, if too much energy was lost, there would be pretty serious consequences, such as falling in realm attained or death.

A delightful radiance sparkled in the Four Stars holy girl’s frosty eyes as she struck out continually.

“There’s no escape. After I’ve killed you, Nan Tieyi will be next. To think that this leftover of the Immortal God Emperor Sect would also be able to obtain an opportunity in the Reincarnation Hall and thus rise sharply. It’s a pity he was too anxious. However, he’s a scourge as long as he remains alive. As for that sweetheart empress of yours, she’ll be joining you shortly. Anyway, I must thank you for founding a Human Race large force like the Heaven Wasteland Empire. I’ll certainly bring it to greater heights...”

She incessantly used words to provoke Ye Qingyu.

This was an undisguised form of insult.

She deliberately wanted to humiliate him so as to make this man who would never be hers to use feel regretful and upset about everything he had done.

The silver sword light swept across the Void.

Ye Qingyu suddenly stopped evading.

Turning around, he stood on the spot with a dim luster glimmering in his eyes.

“Finally accepting your fate?” Slightly taken aback, the Four Stars holy girl then brandished her sword to exert a fatal strike without hesitation.

Emitting a silver glow which blotted out the sky and covered the land, the power of this strike was hard to describe in words and more terrifying than any of the previous strikes.

Ye Qingyu's figure was instantly inundated by silver light.

Like magma submerging a tiny stone.

Like a hurricane sweeping up a blade of grass.

Like a flood engulfing a trembling mountain deer.

Everything vanished in an instant.

A slightly relieved yet somewhat complicated expression emerged on the Four Stars holy girl’s face as she muttered to herself, “All adversaries of mine have died, and you’re no exception. Soon, Li Xiaofei shall also die into the netherworld… All of this has long been predestined, and so there was no point struggling. You should’ve accepted your destiny early… Hoho, everything is predestined!”

Keeping her sword, she turned around and was about to leave.

However, she suddenly stopped and turned back, when her pupils dilated and she became extremely shocked.

“Impossible… how?”

She saw that, among the gradually dissipating splendor of the [Four Stars Sword] imperial qi in the distance, Ye Qingyu's figure was not destroyed but was slowly becoming vivid instead. As he stood in the Void, myriad stars twinkled brightly behind him, forming a beautiful yet desolate backdrop. A giant brass cauldron suspended over his head, giving out highly mysterious wisps of bright yellow aura, as if a deity had traveled through time and arrived from the age of chaos…

“How aren’t you dead, you...”

Shocked, the Four Stars holy girl retreated subconsciously, sensing danger.

Ye Qingyu slowly stepped out from among the imperial qi sword light with his black hair fluttering like flames and an indifferent expression on his face. The bright yellow divine light of the boundless aura given out by the [Cloud Top Cauldron] proved no inferior to the imperial qi as it withstood and even faintly suppressed the latter.

“You’re not the only one with an Emperor weapon. I’m fairly sure you’ve seen this giant brass cauldron before. It’s a pity you didn’t take much note of it back then… It now looks like we’ve returned to the same level as each other once more. And your sword can’t break my cauldron.” With the [Cloud Top Cauldron] replenishing his energy steadily, Ye Qingyu's doppelganger instantly regained peak state and the earlier injuries and losses were remedied. Drawing near with powerful momentum, he said, “You’re right, everything is predestined. Your clever traps and calculations shall cost you your own life!”

“Impossible, this cauldron… how?” The Four Stars holy girl was well and truly shocked.

She had certainly seen this cauldron before, with her deepest impression of it being from the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, where it had withstood the burning of the [Red Lotus Hellfire]. However, no matter how highly she rated it, she had never associated it with an Emperor weapon, which was extremely rare after all. Many super forces did not have an Emperor weapon to inherit, let alone – or so she thought – did a lower domain person like Ye Qingyu who had only risen abruptly thanks to a fluke opportunity.

But now… this cauldron can actually withstand the [Four Stars Sword]?

It’s really an Emperor weapon!

Ye Qingyu is actually holding an Emperor weapon!

This is bad.

The Four Stars holy girl immediately sensed that huge trouble was imminent.

“Kill… May the ancient ancestors please descend upon this world!” Giving her no chance to think about how to cope, Ye Qingyu immediately unleashed a killing move. The doppelganger worked up the [Cloud Top Cauldron] with unprecedented smoothness. As the bright yellow mist flashed, the stone spear ancestor appeared and instantly hurled forth the spotted stone spear in his hand.

Shouting out loud, the Four Stars holy girl waved the [Four Stars Sword] to parry.


Imperial qi circulated and chaos gradually arose.

Despite holding the [Four Stars Sword], she was sent flying several hundred thousand kilometers by the spear. Her body quivered terribly as if it was on the verge of shattering, while horror and incredulity showed unmistakably on her face.

“May the ancestors please descend once more.”

Like a shadow, Ye Qingyu gave her no breathing space as he exerted a huge killing move.

The torch ancestor and the rock ancestor appeared.

A flaming bifang swept through the universe while rocks hurled forth howlingly.

It was at this moment that the panicking Four Stars holy girl felt mortal danger.
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