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Imperial God Emperor 1032 - All the Millions of Sword Immortals in the World Would Still Have to Submit to Me

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"If I kill you here, [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] will definitely be distracted."

The Four Stars holy girl's Doppelganger was as bright as jade and looked many times more beautiful and noble compared to her true body. There wasn't any flaw on her body at all as though she was the purest body who had never been tainted by the world, holy and sacred. Ten thousand beams of light burst forth from the [Four Stars Sword] in her hand while the pure and holy light swirled around her body as she walked on the Void toward him and tried to pressurize him with her words.

Ye Qingyu smiled.

"If I were to kill the talent that the Four Stars Sect had spent so much effort in grooming, I'm sure the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect would be even more distracted," he said as his yuan qi circulated around him and a wisp of Immortal qi wrapped itself around his white robes like a silver snake. His sword qi burst out silently and he looked like a matchless sword emperor who stood in the light.

He used her tactic against her.

The Four Stars holy girl's expression didn't change but the corners of her lips curled contemptuously, "I'm afraid you won't be able to do it. You're just an amateur and you're unworthy of the reputation you've earned. You've never truly battled against a true Heaven's prideling, so you’ve formed an exaggerated opinion of yourself. You're incredibly full of yourself, so how would you know just how frightening the resources of the force with a true Emperor could be?"

She was trying to give him a hint and dampen his confidence.

"Is that so?" He said calmly, "You make it seem incredibly powerful but let me tell you what I know, I defeated you at the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, killed your Doppelganger on the Road of Chaos, killed countless of your men at the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor... Yet, you've never once dared to show up and have a proper battle with me. Even earlier, all you dared to do was to try to sneakily attack me. If you mean to tell me that the resources of force with a true Emperor are hiding and escaping, I must admit that I'm not as strong as you in this aspect."

"You've got a sharp tongue," she said extremely calmly. His words didn't get a rise out of her.

As she approached him, her aura continued to surge and she left a trail of strange visions of Four Stars light. White mist circulated as though it was about to destroy the Void behind her. It was extremely mysterious and frightening.

"Brother Nan Tieyi, I'll deal with this woman," he said.

Nan Tieyi nodded and retreated. "Watch out, Brother Ye Qingyu. This woman is very terrifying and she's definitely not as simple as she seems... the Four Stars Sect definitely still have other trump cards, so you can't let down your guard."

Ye Qingyu nodded.

"[Great Light Dragon Punch]!"

He immediately used his deadliest move. His ten fingers bloomed like a lotus flower to pinch out a fist print. He tucked in his hips and arched his spine to get into the most basic stance of the Black Tiger Heart Cannon Punch and this was also a sign that he was going to go all out. He punched out and threw all his might behind it.

A light punch divine sword hurtled out from his fist.

This punch seemed to split the Void of the universe.

If he had used this move against the ten thousand experts who surrendered at the foot of Capital Sky Peak, he was confident that he would have killed them all in three punches

"[Heavenly Darkness]!"

The Four Stars holy girl charged at him with her sword and muttered spiritual words.

Then, the boundless Four Stars silver light behind her surged and protected her within it.


The [Great Light Dragon Punch]t hit the Four Stars silver light squarely but then it passed through the silver light as though it had hit an illusion and shot toward the vast Void of the universe. It failed to injure the Four Stars holy girl at all. Her white skirts floated in the Void while she looked like a phantom, her aura extremely peculiar.


Ye Qingyu's expression changed slightly.

After battling the three matchless swordsmen of Four Stars Sect at the fourth checkpoint, he had already formed an understanding of the mysteries of the Four Stars Sect's martial way. Whatever the Four Stars holy girl displayed earlier was a sign that she had managed to make great advancements in the martial arts techniques of the Four Stars Sect and her figure could now switch between real and illusory. This was a terrifying tactic since this meant that she would remain undefeated even if she didn't attack.

No wonder the Four Stars holy girl was finally ready to face him in battle.

So this was what she could fall back on.

Nonetheless... so what?

His lips curved into a cold smile.

His sword skills had improved tremendously after the battle at the fourth checkpoint and he felt as though he was invincible once he held a sword. He reached out in the Void and two large ice swords that were as white as jade appeared with green wind and purple lightning splendor circulating around these swords. These were the three strongest forms of energy he had mastered to date.

So she could switch between real and illusory without warning?

Then, let's engage in close combat.

Three million sword Immortals in the heavens will still have to bow to me.

This was how confident he was.

He had a sword in each of his hands and knows millions of secret and divine techniques so he would similarly remain undefeated.


His figure flashed and he exerted the initial stance of [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike]. He disregarded all defenses and instantly appeared in front of her. His sword light was like bright stars and dotted the skies. There was no trace of killing intent in his sword light so it was as enchanting and as beautiful as a dazzling starry night sky.

"[Sword Darkness]!"

The Four Stars holy girl was as aloof as a moon fairy and there was a Dao rhythm in her voice. Her figure flashed and sword radiance flashed like starry swords to slash at her body but they all passed through her body as though they had slashed at air without any obstructions in the way.

At the same time, the [Four Stars Sword] in her hand trembled and similarly, sword radiance filled the sky.

She sent out thousands of swords in an instant and the tips of her swords bloomed like flowers to release an extremely icy aura that expanded outward unstoppably as though it was going to destroy everything in the stars and planets. Her sword qi was incredibly piercing and sharp.

"Hmm? It’s sword will!"

His eyes lit up.

The Four Stars holy girl was indeed also a master swordswoman and had already comprehended sword will.

The large icy swords in his hands also released a thousand rays of silver light that hurtled out. His counterattack was just as strong as hers.

Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink!

This was a fierce battle of swordsmanship.

Each time there was a metallic clink, it was when their swords collided.

These two were both equally confident of their sword skills and aimed to use this most implausible method to block their opponent's sword moves. The strongest opponents would know each other best and both the Four Stars holy girl and Ye Qingyu didn't utilize any other method to counter the other's attacks.

Even when the doppelgangers battled, unless they were true Quasi-emperors, they would otherwise revert to the most primitive form of battling with their moves, battle techniques, adaptability, determination and stances, and these exchanges would also reveal their true comprehension of the martial way.

His figure flashed.

His Divine Emperor sword will burst forth like a Divine Emperor surveying his kingdom who was so domineering that one couldn't raise one's head while the Four Stars holy girl's icy Four Stars Lunar sword will was like an ethereal fairy from the ninth heavens descending in a ray of clear and bright light. This was a clash of exceedingly powerful sword wills and for a moment, sparks flew everywhere, mist swirled and destructive forces scattered within a million kilometer radius of the Void, as though it was about to smash space.

Bang! Bang!

The pair of large ice swords in his hands was finally unable to bear the frightening force and broke apart.

These large swords that were formed by ice yuan qi were ultimately not as powerful as the [Four Stars Sword] in the Four Stars holy girl's hand.

The moment his swords shattered, silver light swirled in his hands like a long serpent and immediately, a pair of new large swords appeared in his hands that swirled with green wind and purple lightning. These swords formed so quickly that it didn't affect the momentum of the battle at all.

As for Nan Tieyi, his figure had quietly vanished without anyone noticing.

An hour flew by.

In the distance, the battle between the three Quasi-emperors was still ongoing.

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]'s body was still as large and domineering as ever and the nebula that swirled around him moved at a mysterious and peculiar pace, like dozens of planets orbiting around the main planet. It looked extremely slow but at the same time, it contained a power that could control the entire universe. His eyes were closed as he continued to defend himself. His defenses were impregnable.

The Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect and Quasi-emperor Mushan employed a myriad of magical abilities and their killing intent boiled like lava and affected an area millions of kilometers around them, turning the entire area into a ravaging death zone. It was like hell and any living creature that stepped into this zone would instantly be reduced to ashes.

Gradually, he sent out his swords that moved like lightning while his Divine Emperor sword wil;l surged unbelievably high. His three powers- ice, purple lightning and green wind expanded outward and covered the entire battlefield, pressing down on the Four Stars holy girl while his sword radiance that filled the sky rained down like comets as he exerted his sword skills to its maximum limits. The Four Stars holy girl's expression changed as the [Four Stars Sword] in her hand gradually lagged behind the speed of his attacks.

"Scatter!" he shouted.

There was an icy flash.

The Four Stars holy girl groaned and an icy coldness slashed her wrist. His sword had hit her. Blood light twinkled as the tendons in her hand broke, then the [Four Stars Sword] flew out of her hand.

A layer of silvery-white snow spread wildly across her wound and instantly, her arm was frozen.

The battle had been so intense that the rate at which she switched between real and illusory was unable to keep up with the pace of his attacks.

She was injured.

His ten thousand rays of sword light spread out like a starry wide web to sweep her within it.

"[Heavenly Darkness]!" She immediately turned into her phantom form as the jaws of death closed in on her and avoided being smashed to pieces.

She escaped and retreated extremely quickly.

As she retreated, her frozen arm broke off and shattered, then a new one grew in its place and the [Four Stars Sword] had also returned to her hands.

"You're not as good as me," he said as his black hair danced wildly. He moved like a sword killing god and didn't let his opponent have any room to breathe as he quickly bridged the distance between them.

"[Sword Darkness - Heavenly Waterfall]!" The Four Stars holy girl's eyes were cold and hard with hatred as she sang an enchanting spell.

The [Four Stars Sword] in her hand shuddered and released layers of dark light like it was tearing off some kind of seal. Then, an extremely terrifying force surged out from her sword.


He was knocked back several thousand kilometers by this terrifying force.

"Is this... the power of the Emperor Dao? This sword..." He stared hard at the [Four Stars Sword] and realized it seemed like it had suddenly come back to life. It had been in a 'dead' state previously and was only revealing its true power now. Wisps of Emperor Dao qi spread across the surroundings, as frightening as can be, as though a Quasi-emperor had awakened from his slumber.

This sword was an Emperor weapon.

"Even if your sword skills are matchless, you'll still die here," the Four Stars holy girl said darkly and coldly as she looked at him. Then she continued, "You're the first person who managed to overcome my Lunar sword will but this is where it all ends now. Without the resources of a super force supporting you, you're destined to be cannon fodder. You'll not be able to create miracles anymore."

Ye Qingyu's expression didn't change at all.

He remained extremely calm. He had already been expecting this since the Four Stars holy girl was the successor identified and groomed by the Four Stars Sect. She was extremely highly regarded by the sect and the sect was rich in resources and had also produced an Emperor, so it would definitely have a supremely powerful weapon. She would've come prepared for such a crucial battle.
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