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Chapter 1022 – A Miracle Isn’t Enough

Ye Qingyu had gone berserk.

This was what every expert thought at this moment.

For a human to single-handedly face nearly ten thousand experts was akin to paddling a boat against the current. This was a simply crazy deed and was no different from courting one’s death.

Despite the fact that Ye Qingyu had already shown that his terrifying cultivation could instantly kill nearly one hundred surrendered experts, virtually nobody at this moment believed that he could single-handedly kill ten thousand of them. After all, not a single one of them was weak, and it would take him half a day’s time to hack all of them down in any case. Even if they were ten thousand pigs, he would probably deplete his strength before he had killed every one of them.

In the Vast Thousand Domains, yuan qi martial cultivation, powerful offensive force, and all kinds of magical battle achievements were all built on the basis of yuan qi.

Moreover, before becoming a Quasi-emperor and acquiring the mandate of heaven, no expert could possess inexhaustible yuan qi.

Although a Great Saint expert could tap into the power of laws, the process of doing so would also deplete their yuan qi. And once a warrior’s yuan qi was depleted, their strength would be greatly reduced and many of their secret techniques and magical abilities would become unusable. This applied also to pinnacle Great Saints. Just two to three thousand Saint experts, let alone ten thousand of them, would be able to exhaust a pinnacle Great Saint to death.

This was a martial truth.

It was also the source of the young petty official’s and his fellow officials’ arrogance and demented confidence.

It was all the more reason why nobody looked favorably upon Ye Qingyu.

If there was one person who had a little confidence in Ye Qingyu among the near-one hundred thousand experts below Capital Sky Peak that would certainly be the fatty Li Shengyan. However, the truth was that even he did not have total confidence that Ye Qingyu could single-handedly defeat nearly ten thousand surrendered experts. He was already pinching in his hand the life-saving broken turtle shell, so that if Ye Qingyu was to be defeated, he could immediately act and save Ye Qingyu's life.

But before such a scenario happened, he saw no harm in allowing Ye Qingyu to go berserk for a while.

Thus, looking full of confidence, he waved his hands and said, “Everyone, none of you have to help. Just watch as my big brother make a name for himself below Capital Sky Peak by killing so much that there’ll soon be gloom and darkness all around. Muahahahaha!” The brash and unworried look on his face made it seem as if he, rather than Ye Qingyu, was the one challenging the surrendered experts.

To one side, Tan Tianzi, Orchid Saintess, Zhang Wudao, Tao Jieqian, and the others heard these words and thus remained as onlookers for the time being at least.

However, they had inwardly already resolved to help Ye Qingyu if he was to be found wanting. To them, if worse came to worst, they would simply die fighting together under Capital Sky Peak. This was the time to fight for the destiny of their race. They believed that if the Human Race needed fresh blood to awaken the crazy genes which were sleeping soundly in their bodies, then it might as well be their blood that was used.

In any case, it was a glorious thing to engage in a fight to the death alongside the third deputy of the Human Race, regardless of whether they ended up dead or alive.



Deafening bursting and booming noises rang out throughout the world.

The spot where Ye Qingyu had stood had already been bombarded by thousands of terrifying yuan qi splendors. This caused the land to tremor violently and many unfathomably deep crevices to be split open, as if the geological plates had splintered. This was how terrifying the combined full-power strikes of thousands of Saint realm experts was. As a result of this bombardment, an enormous sinkhole appeared out of nowhere.

However, Ye Qingyu's figure suddenly vanished at the very moment that the attacks befell.

Subsequently, a dazzling supreme sword radiance shot up into the sky.

“[Great Light Dragon Punch]!” Ye Qingyu shouted.

A noise exploded throughout the universe.

As he used the will of the [Pinnacle Divine Emperor Sword] to work up his fist technique, a fist radiance which was like that of the light divine sword shot up into the sky. It was prominent and vast, while its vigor was comparable to that of the sun in the sky. In no time, it cut across the haze and tore apart a ghastly-looking vacuum zone of a kilometer in circumference, within which every surrendered expert who appeared along the path of the fist force was wiped away like stains on a gemstone, vanishing from the face of the world without leaving behind even a drop of blood or a piece of bone.

It was as if several hundred surrendered experts evaporated from the world in a twinkling.

The [Great Light Dragon Punch] sword will suffused above the vacuum rift and did not dissipate for a long time.

The prelude of a massacre had started.

A commotion broke out among the crowd of experts from various races when they saw this scene.

However, everyone was only mildly startled, and was not much shocked, by this punch.

This was because Ye Qingyu had already used the [Supreme Ice Flame] sword technique to insta-kill nearly a hundred surrendered experts and displayed supernatural strength, and thus it was widely expected that he would be able to exert a punch like this. After all, it was currently only the start of the battle, and so, whether in terms of yuan qi, physical strength, or mental will, he was at his absolute peak – or even if it was not his peak, it could be considered a perfect state in which exerting a punch to insta-kill nearly a thousand, let alone a hundred, surrendered experts would be acceptable and tolerable according to martial theory.

The question was, how many more punch marks and sword radiances of this grade could Ye Qingyu exert?

And how many more opportunities to exert such punch marks and sword radiances would those surrendered experts, who possessed incomparably rich battle experience, concede to Ye Qingyu?

And, looking one step back, even if Ye Qingyu could continually exert punch marks and sword radiances of such power, who would be so stupid to remain standing where they were and wait to be struck instead of evading? Having seen how powerful these punch marks and sword radiances were, the surrendered experts could very well choose not to resist them head-on and instead to move around while fighting, thereby depleting Ye Qingyu's physical strength, yuan qi, and mental will. After all, these surrendered experts were also martial talents who had gone through a hundred battles on their way to becoming Saints, and so, notwithstanding the fact that they had given up their self-respect and freedom as compelled by the might of a Quasi-emperor, anyone who dared to belittle and disregard their battle intelligence would be the true fool.


A second [Great Light Dragon Punch] was struck out.

Its power was also as magnificent as that of the sun.

It also tore open a Void rift of several kilometers in length.

It was no weaker than the first punch, and was even several notches more powerful.

However, the number of surrendered experts killed this time was less than ten, as compared to the several hundred of the first punch.

Indeed, only nine surrendered Saints were killed by this punch.

It was truly a steep decrease.

This was because, at the moment when the punch radiance and sword will thundered across the air, the surrendered experts hurriedly evaded them using all forms of magical abilities.

These kinds of prominent fist technique and sword will did not have many intricate variations and were in fact great because of their simplicity. Although they were absolutely powerful, they were not hard to evade.

Seeing this, Li Shengyan’s eyebrows quivered while Tan Tianzi and the others' faces turned pale.

This was a frightening omen that Ye Qingyu would subsequently be locked in a tough battle, bedeviled by this crazy bunch of surrendered experts like a golden dragon being tormented by countless crickets and ants. Using their inexhaustible numbers, they would slowly wear him down until he died.

This process could be likened to drops of water slowly wearing away a rock.

As strong as a rock and as weak as drops of water might be, the latter would inevitably defeat the former eventually.

At the mountain path entrance, the young petty official and his colleagues could not help laughing out loud.

They did not care how many surrendered experts died, for the entire process had been anticipated by their holy girl and everything had been instructed. However, if Ye Qingyu could truly be killed, it would certainly be a supreme achievement. They felt that he was truly too arrogant and foolish, for he might have had a chance of winning had he chosen to rouse the other experts into action and fight together, but instead, he was adamant about courting his own death by single-handedly challenging ten thousand experts. As the saying went, this was truly a case of the god of longevity eating arsenic, tired of living for so long.


Shifting his position, Ye Qingyu flickered like a specter in the Void and exerted his third punch.

This time, because of his astute position and timing, he struck more than thirty surrendered experts dead.

It should not be forgotten how terrifying Demon King Ye Qingyu's battle intelligence was.

However, things were still not looking good.

It was only thirty-plus experts.

There remained more than nine thousand surrendered experts who, like savage beasts, were waiting for an opportunity to attack him.

Although Ye Qingyu's movement was extremely quick such that he was able to continually shuttle into the gaps between the waves of attacks, it would take just one time of being struck or affected for terrifying consequences to ensue. Once the rhythm of his movement was interrupted, he would instantly be inundated by endless torrents of attacks. It was just like walking a tightrope, whereby one false step would mean falling from a great height and breaking into pieces.


Ye Qingyu exerted a fourth punch.

Boom boom boom!

The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth...

Everyone was counting while shuddering with fear.

After the twentieth punch had been made, Ye Qingyu had already killed one thousand three hundred surrendered experts. This was a terrifying number which astounded the experts from various large races and was enough to make the name [Ice Sword Killing God] shock the world once again. The battle techniques used this time were even more stupefying than those used in the past, and thus were all the more enough to make this battle become a miracle to be recorded in the martial history of the Vast Thousand Domains.

However, at this time and in this scenario, such a miracle was still far from enough.

The one hundred thousand-plus experts sighed more than they were shocked.

Because, there were still more than eight thousand surrendered experts left.

This remained a number which was so terrifying that it could drive one to despair.

For Ye Qingyu to survive, a miracle was far from enough.

What he needed was divine intervention.

Or something even more incredible and crazy than that.

However, by the look of things, nothing of this sort would manifest.

This was because, after exerting the twentieth [Great Light Dragon Punch] sword will, he gave up on this method and decided to use an actual sword. A sword light reappeared indistinctly and cut across the battlefield in an inconceivable manner. As Ye Qingyu's figure flickered, every flash of the sword light marked the death of a surrendered expert.

Ye Qingyu's momentum remained unstoppable.

With a sword in hand, no evil spirit would be spared. So far, not a single one of his enemies was able to withstand his sword.

However, compared to the punches of earlier, every swing of his sword could only take away the life of one expert. This speed was way, way slower than earlier. Since the start, this battle was destined to be a game of numbers and mistakes. For the ten-thousand-plus-strong side, ten thousand mistakes and deaths were acceptable. But for the one-strong side, just one mistake would spell the end. There would be no next time or a second chance.

Time went by.

Ye Qingyu had already killed one thousand six hundred surrendered experts.


A fine metallic collision noise rang out.

Sparks flew.

The one thousand six hundred and first expert parried Ye Qingyu's strike but was sent flying backward while spewing fresh blood.

However, he was not killed.

He was the first expert to survive a strike by Ye Qingyu.

This moment had finally arrived.

“Ye Qingyu is dead meat.”

Among the experts from various races, a four-thousand-year-old demon made this judgment upon witnessing this scene.

“This rascal is certain to die.” At the entrance of the mountain path, a radiance of joyful malice flickered in the eyes of the young petty official.

Further up the mountain path, Yin Kaishan, who was sitting cross-legged among the wind and snow with his eyes tightly shut, suddenly opened his eyes at this moment.

“As the saying goes, many ants can together bite an elephant to death. It’s a pity that such a supreme Heaven’s prideling would perish this way… Ye Qingyu, it’s too bad that you have had to bear the weight of too many things which you shouldn’t have had to. The Human Race is declining in power and is on the verge of collapse, and even [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] is unable to turn the tide, let alone you. It’s simply impossible for a single person to lift up an entire race!”

This supreme Heaven’s prideling of the Mizar Race revealed a hint of regret as he watched the battle through the wind and snow.

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