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Chapter 1021 – Wine-Like Fame and Wealth, Knife-Like Battle Will

“What’s the situation?”

Arriving a little late, the fatty Li Shengyan descended among flickering flowing light, somewhat confused.

He could not understand how several hundred thousand experts from various races could, much like children being disciplined by their granddaddy, actually be put in order by a dozen or so petty officials of the Four Stars Sect. At least, based on their apparent strength, any one of them could alone beat the crap out of these petty officials.

Could these petty officials be in possession of some world-awing precious treasure?

The pitiful fatty had been chased like a dog in recent days and, like Ye Qingyu, had not been hearing much news. On top of that, he arrived late and thus completely did not know what happened below Capital Sky Peak.

“Let’s save these people before talking.”

As Ye Qingyu lifted Orchid Saintess up, an ice-cold longsword appeared in his hand. He then rapidly stepped forth with a sword light striking out.

Below the Capital Sky Peak, a silver sword light dazzled all.

With a sword in hand, Ye Qingyu went merciless on all evil spirits.

Without even working up the [Limitless Divine Way], fighting against the surrendered experts was as easy as cutting melons and cabbages to him. Nobody could catch hold of his tracks or clearly see the profound arc of those wisps of flickering sword light. The only thing they could see clearly was that whenever a wisp of sword light arose, an enemy of Ye Qingyu would be killed.

A single sword light could chill nineteen domains!

Within an instant, Ye Qingyu's figure reappeared beside Orchid Saintess.

Perhaps, in the eyes of the crowd, it was as if he had never left.

The only change was that an image had flashed and his body had become airy for a moment before solidifying again.

As for the boundless sword light which was so dazzling that it could not be looked straight at, it suddenly receded and reverted to an ice sword which fell into Ye Qingyu's hands. When Ye Qingyu's five fingers opened, a beautiful scene like that of flowers blooming appeared. The ice sword turned into snowflakes which fluttered like fairies and dissipated among the Void.


A heavenly wind circulated.

The near-hundred surrendered experts who had been restraining Tan Tianzi, Zhang Wudao and the others were now standing stiffly on the spot like wooden carvings

Bam bam!

Bouts of soft knocking noises rang out.

The bodies of the surrendered experts suddenly ruptured.

Among them were many Half-Step Great Saints, yet their bodies had ruptured even before they had moved, their auras had arisen, their blades had been unsheathed, or the expressions on their faces had even changed. This kind of rupturing was not a tragic sight of flesh and blood flying and bones bursting out. Instead, at the moment when each of these bodies – whether human or otherwise - ruptured, it turned into dazzling flakes of ice crystals.

Sharp rays of light refracted into a motley of colors under the sunlight.

As these dream-like colors circulated, they formed the very picture of myriad fatal yet beautiful flowers of death blooming profusely under the Capital Sky Peak!

The surrendered experts who had struck out and surrounded Tan Tianzi and the others were totally wiped out within a breath’s time.

Tan Tianzi, Zhang Wudao, and the others, who had been carrying some anxiety along with their wild joy, afraid that Ye Qingyu would bring about his own doom by doing what he was doing, had by now been so astounded that they could barely speak. It must be known that this was a true case of one versus hundred. Although the near-hundred surrendered experts had forsaken their self-respect and glory, they were nevertheless Saints who had fought in hundreds of battles and possessed rich battle experience, and when they joined forces with one another, even pinnacle Great Saints would have to admit defeat to them. The Celestial Race Great Saint earlier served as an example.

It was hence unexpected that they would disappear in a flash.

What sort of method is this?

Surely I’m not dreaming?

Ye Jieqian subconsciously rubbed his eyes.

This kind of battle technique and strength could no longer be described as “unexpected” or “shocking”, but rather was so terrifying that they made one’s flesh and bones turn cold.

Orchid Saintess had wanted to say a few more words of thanks, but could not even speak a word at present.

Because, this heroine, who all along would rather die than submit, suddenly found that she had lost the courage to talk to the handsome white-robed youth beside her. This was an instinctive fear towards experts, and it caused her mind to be in a mixed state of vacancy and confusion.

To one side, Tan Tianzi was also like that.

As for the other hundreds of thousands of experts, they were of course also terribly astounded.

Practically none of them had clearly seen how Ye Qingyu attacked, and could only tell that it was an excessively atrocious, even world-shocking, method which slayed nearly a hundred surrendered experts in a breath’s time. Many began to wonder if this white-robed youth was actually a Quasi-emperor, and if so, why they had not heard of his emergence before.

However, it was not long before someone identified Ye Qingyu.

There was a din among the crowd.

“It’s Ye Qingyu, the third deputy of the Human Race.”

“The [Ice Sword Killing God]?”

“How’s that possible? The legendary Ye Qingyu isn’t said to be this strong. How could he have become so frightening?”

As all kinds of discussions were heard, the experts from various races became ever more shocked.

They were beginning to doubt their own outlook on life, and felt that their world view had been turned upside down.

On the mountain path.

Strong winds were blowing high up.

Sitting cross-legged, the Third Prince of the Mizar Race suddenly opened his eyes.

An alarming battle will suddenly spurted from his eyes, giving the impression that flames were burning in his eyes.

“Ye Qingyu has indeed turned up.”

Yin Kaishan gradually stood up.

Although the experts below Capital Sky Peak were the elite talents from various races throughout the Vast Thousand Domains, they were nothing more than a bunch of clay sculptures in his eyes. The only person who whetted his appetite for battle was none other than Ye Qingyu.

Hundreds of thousands of Heaven’s pridelings could not compare to Ye Qingyu.

Before the latter appeared, Yin Kaishan had restrained his battle will and remained as unmoved as a monolith.

But after Ye Qingyu displayed his immense strength, Yin Kaishan instantly felt his chest burning.

Finding it hard to suppress his battle will, he picked up his long spear and was about to head down the mountain.

However, the Four Stars holy girl shook her head.

“Don’t go.” With ice-cold and indifferent eyes, she was looking at the countless experts at the foot of the mountain as if she was looking at pawns on a chessboard. “It’s not time yet.”

After glancing sideways at the woman whom he swooned over and briefly hesitating, he nodded and went back to sitting cross-legged among the wind and snow. He then closed his eyes like an old monk going into a state of zen. Having obtained a supreme opportunity and immense gains while he was in the Reincarnation Hall, he needed to use every second and minute possible for fusion and refinement so as to enhance himself.

He knew very well that, at present, he had definitely not reached his strongest peak state.

Seeing Yin Kaishan in his current posture, the Four Stars holy girl let out a faint sigh of relief.

A hint of apology indistinctly manifested in her beautiful eyes.

“I’m sorry, Elder Brother Yin Kaishan.”

She silently sighed in her inner depths.

She understood this man all too well.

This indomitable, imposing man possessed a righteous, honorable, and resolute heart, and could pass for a fearless martial god. Unfortunately for him, having followed beside her for so long, he had inevitably been corroded by darkness, and had to go against his own conscience to indulge her.

All this time, as ruthless as she was when dealing with others, the Four Stars holy girl had maintained a sense of warmth and care toward him. This was because she could not be any clearer that if there was one person in this world who treated her with sincerity and would never betray her, it would be none other than him.

She sighed inwardly.

In truth, her mood had also fluctuated at the very moment when she saw Ye Qingyu appearing.

Just as only Yin Kaishan could make her feel warm, Ye Qingyu was the only person in this world who could make her helpless and even fearful.

These two men each had a special and distinctive place in her heart.

As she stood among the piercingly-cold winds and snow, she could not help recalling the scene when she first met Ye Qingyu.

Who would have thought that the unknown little fellow from a Human Race lower domain struggling desperately back then on the Taowu Mountain Ridge would, after such a long period of time, become her nightmare?

And in the form of an aberration which she had attempted to deal with several times yet frustrated her each time?

“But… things are different this time. Ye Qingyu, your myth shall end here. I shall let your glory reach its peak on this peak, but after that, it’ll become nothing more than a legend for posterity, while you shall become a stepping stone of mine.”

She gazed at the white-robed, black-haired man at the foot of the mountain for dozens of breaths’ worth of time before turning to leave.

“If they come up the mountain, don’t obstruct them, Elder Brother Yin Kaishan. Should anything happen, you may return to the Mizar Race first,” she transmitted as her graceful figure vanished among the wind and snow.

“You’re Ye Qingyu?”

The young petty official was already gradually calming down from his shock.

As he stood among the crowd of surrendered experts and received the protection of nearly ten thousand elite martial experts, he felt a sense of safety once more. Recalling his panic-stricken embarrassment of that earlier moment, an uncontrollable anger arose in his heart. He raised a hand and pointed at Ye Qingyu, yelling, “So it was you, hehe. I’d thought that you’ve already been hunted down since you didn’t appear for more than ten days, but it turns out that you actually managed to extend your feeble existence. This is simply wonderful. Her Highness the holy girl has wanted your head for a long time. Haha, to think that this outstanding contribution shall be left to our brothers to perform. Hahahahaha!”

The other petty officials also revealed looks of delight.

Those words had been spot on, for every sect member knew of the holy girl’s wish to kill Ye Qingyu.

In the past, given their status, they naturally would not dare to have any hopes of accomplishing a feat like this. However, things were different now. Under the control of the [Three Corpse Yuan-Stealing Pill], nearly ten thousand Saint experts would follow their orders. Moreover, the deterrence offered by the Four Stars Quasi-emperor ensured that the other hundreds of thousands of experts would certainly not dare to help Ye Qingyu. As such, by manipulating this large army and sacrificing a good part of it, they would surely be able to wear Ye Qingyu down.

Besides, even if it was not to claim merit from the Four Stars holy girl, the deed of killing the [Ice Sword Killing God] who had awed the Road of Chaos, once spread, would allow these ten petty officials to make a name for themselves and leave behind a legendary tale among the Vast Thousand Domains.

As the saying went, ‘life is all about fame and fortune’.

How could they not reap this massive opportunity for fame and fortune?

“Go, I want all of you to go and exhaust him to death.”

“Hahaha, that’s right. Everyone, attack and kill Ye Qingyu.”

The more they thought, the more frenzied and feverish they became. Like red-eyed gamblers, they began to shout.

In particular, the young petty official’s countenance was already somewhat distorted and hideous.

Under such orders, the surrendered experts dared not show the least bit of defiance and hesitation, instantly turning into dazzling flowing light and charging toward Ye Qingyu from various directions, thereby forming what looked like a scene of black onrushing torrents. Their surging yuan qi overlapped with one another, becoming wild and frightening to an extreme, while the atmosphere instantly ignited and became riotous. Although they had never practiced combination techniques and thus things were a mess, being top-level experts after all, they possessed incomparably rich battle experience and innate abilities which when combined were difficult to withstand even by Golden Immortal Daluo himself.


Ye Qingyu waved his hands.

Tan Tianzi, Orchid Saintess, Zhang Wudao and the others, who had wanted to fight till death alongside Ye Qingyu, felt a wave of immense power onrushing irresistibly and pushing them back several kilometers.

Among the divine splendor, the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] appeared in Ye Qingyu's hand.

“You all still lack sufficient status and weight to lend His Highness Xiaofei a helping hand. But since that’s the case, you all may be able to obtain them from this battle.”

As battle will burned in his heart, Ye Qingyu advanced instead of retreating.


With a sword in hand, no evil spirits shall be spared!

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