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Chapter 1018 – An Unexpected Change

The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] was Jiang Xiaohan.

She had also been very charming in the past but compared to her charm now, there was still a significant difference. Jiang Xiaohan was like the ugly duckling that had finally grown into a beautiful and elegant swan and she could now be truly described as an elegant and peerless beauty. Every single part of her body was completely perfect and even if she was a bottle of deadly poison, countless men out there would be more than willing to drink it.

Ye Qingyu had heard of the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] in the past and he had also suspected that she could be Jiang Xiaohan but he wasn't absolutely certain. He merely felt that her behavior was very similar to Jiang Xiaohan and he didn't recognize her even when they interacted from a near distance earlier. However, he was absolutely certain of her identity by this point in time.

She was definitely Jiang Xiaohan.

Her appearance hadn't changed that much but her aura had undergone a complete transformation.

After the battle at Black Demon Abyss, Jiang Xiaohan hadn't appeared in front of him again. When they met again, she was completely transformed and was now a well-known figure throughout the Vast Thousand Domains and her fame was almost equal to Ye Qingyu's.

Unfortunately, she was still part of the [Camp].

You are already so beautiful, so why did you have to sink so low?

Ye Qingyu didn't say anything else.

Howling thunder radiated from his palm as he operated the [Heavenly Blind Way] technique and raised his palm to counter her attacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, they exchanged countless blows.

Ear-splitting booms rang out incessantly in the Void like a large series of thunderclaps. These explosive soundwaves were so powerful that the remaining dark Great Saints had to use their yuan qi to defend against it and were unable to join the battling fray.

"He he, the third deputy spokesperson has such powerful palm strength."

The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] smiled prettily like a flower.

It was hard to believe that such a powerful force could emerge from her slender body. Her fair and slender fingers that were like freshly peeled onions rapidly grew larger and her palm clenched into a fist. Then, her fair arm punched out and her punches were like thunder and roared powerfully like the roars of dragon-elephants. Each punch contained the legendary force of wild ancient dragon-elephants.

"[Great Expansion Dragon-Elephant Imprint Technique]," she shouted.

Punch prints rained down like falling meteors.

During their previous battle at the Black Demon Abyss, Jiang Xiaohan's physical strength was completely unable to handle a single blow and she had only managed to hang on by relying on her combat technique and yuan qi, and even made use of the geographical advantage. This time, her strong physical strength had given her the upper hand even though she knew that this was his strongest aspect. She had even managed to unleash an unbelievably strong power. It was hard to imagine how she managed to cultivate such a strong physical body in such a short period of time.

"So you’re trying to defeat me in my strongest field?"

Ye Qingyu thought quickly and immediately understood her intentions.

"[Great Light Dragon Punch]!"

Ye Qingyu was extremely skilled in all sorts of techniques and his aura immediately changed as he executed the first fist technique from the [Fiendgod Titled Chart].

He would counter her punch with a punch of his own.

The fiendgod combat techniques recorded in the bronze book were marvelous and incredibly varied so naturally, close-range fist techniques could also be found within it. He had already unlocked all the combat techniques recorded within the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] and studied them all. Although he didn't practice every single one of those techniques, he had committed them all to memory. Ye Qingyu's yuan qi and mental cultivation had already reached the highest point below Quasi-emperor realm. With the exception of the Dao techniques of Quasi-emperors, he would only need to take one glance at any other martial arts technique to be so familiar with it that it was like he had been immersed in that technique for hundreds of years.

Boom! Boom Boom!

Fist prints shot all over the Void.

Large swathes of the barrier walls of the Void shattered like glass.

An expression of surprise appeared on Ye Qingyu’s face.

He was greatly astonished by her surge in physical strength. As though it was made of Immortal gold and divine metal, her body managed to maintain the same fist force as he did. Any other peak Great Saint would have his body smashed into pieces a dozen times over and turned into a mangled mess of flesh but to his surprise, he was unable to gain the upper hand with his current body refinement when he exchanged blows with Jiang Xiaohan.

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit turned into a black flowing light and vanished. He wandered around and his [Black Lotus Demon Sword] was like an assassin god that tried to determine a flaw from which he could attack Ye Qingyu. The proud current successor of the Sinful Pit had completely gone over to the dark side. He had crushed his prideful spirit and turned from a recklessly brash Heaven's prideling to become an evil demon who would resort to unscrupulous means to achieve his ends.

However, he was much weaker as compared to the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] Jiang Xiaohan.

Ye Qingyu struck out with his [Great Light Dragon Punch] and the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was forced to retreat since he didn’t dare to face the punch head-on.

"He he, the third deputy spokesperson has such forceful punches that I find it a little hard to keep up myself," the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] stuck out her tongue like an innocent girl and said as though she was feeling aggrieved, "Why can't you give me a chance since I'm just a girl? What could possibly happen to you even if I land a punch or two?"

As her laugh tinkled like silver bells, layers of strange rhythms echoed outward.

Ye Qingyu was slightly stunned.

This clear and sweet laughter was like the whispers of a girl he had a crush on in his youth. It had a magical pull that caused one to lose his will to battle and subconsciously fall for her matchless elegance and beauty. Then, one would find it hard to summon up any thoughts of battling her, as though an attack on her would be a crime.

Ye Qingyu had been careless and his thoughts paused for a moment as he was pulled in by the mysterious attraction of her voice.

A flaw appeared in his [Great Light Dragon Punch].


Jiang Xiaohan was extremely powerful and immediately caught the flaw. She broke past his protective defenses like a ghost and punched out ruthlessly as she hit Ye Qingyu's shoulder. The terrifying ancient dragon-elephant force burst forth and immediately shattered half of his body.


The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit moved like a poisonous viper that finally saw an opportunity to attack and stabbed out viciously and swiftly with his sword.

Blood spurted from Ye Qingyu's hip.

His body was hacked into two by the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit.

The situation had taken a swift turn for the worse.

Ye Qingyu hastily retreated and in a flash, he was one thousand meters away.

A bewitchment charm on the spirit?

Her charm had actually worked on him, so could this be a Quasi-emperor level technique?

Ye Qingyu was shocked and immediately exerted his nameless breathing technique to break the strange spell. At the same time, his blood qi that was as abundant as the ocean surged, then his shattered body immediately repaired itself and he looked as good as new. His powerful consciousness power and yuan qi circulated along his meridians and immediately destroyed the unwanted forces from the [Great Expansion Dragon-Elephant Fist] and the [Black Lotus Demon Sword].

An injury of this scale was completely negligible to someone of his cultivation.

"He he, did I hurt you? I'm really sorry about that," the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] said with a soft laugh. Her bewitching demon charm intensified and relentlessly followed him everywhere he went without giving him any chance to catch his breath. She constantly attacked with her fists and her dragon-elephant fist imprints swept toward him like a stormy tempest. Every fist imprint contained the force of ten dragons and ten elephants from the ancient era, enough to destroy the heavens and earth.

According to legends, during the Ancient Age that was before the Fiendgod Age, the ancient dragon-elephants possessed terrifying power and they were so powerful that even the early Fiendgods didn't dare to easily provoke them. They were the dominant power of the Ancient Age and this [Great Expansion Dragon-Elephant Fist Print] must've been created by drawing inspiration from the ancient dragon-elephants. It was known to be the oppressor of all fist techniques and it was indeed extremely bold and dominating.

It was hard to believe that Jiang Xiaohan could display the strength of this technique so powerfully with her feminine body.

Her palm strength and her display of the [Great Expansion Dragon-Elephant Fist Print] was enough to show that the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] truly lived up to her name. No wonder she was such a famous character throughout the Vast Thousand Domains, able to stand on her own, even when compared to the Four Stars holy girl.


"It's time to end this," Ye Qingyu said as icy light swirled in his eyes.

An extremely mighty aura suddenly surged from his body.

"[Great Light Dragon Punch]!"

It was the same fist technique.

It was the same move.

However, this time, it was many times more powerful than the last. After he sent out his punch, heaven and earth collapsed while the Void shattered. The broken shards from the barrier of the Void were swept up in the fist force like it was a savage long dragon. As the frightening fist force pervaded the entire area, it transformed into waves of Void storms that swept across the area.


The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] Jiang Xiaohan was extremely astonished and her first thought was to dodge. However, when she thought of how she wanted to fight for supremacy with Ye Qingyu in his strongest aspect, she decided that she'd be admitting defeat if she retreated which meant that flaws and cracks would definitely appear in her Dao heart in the future. Therefore, she steeled herself to face this punch head-on and exerted the [Great Expansion Dragon-Elephant Fist Print] to its maximum level. The dragon-elephant force howled wildly from her beautiful body and it was like the waters of the Heavenly River were bubbling. Then, she sent her punch out to meet Ye Qingyu's punch head-on.

The moment she sent out that punch, her confidence soared.

This was her most powerful punch.

This punch was also sent when she was in her peak condition.

This was the best punch she could muster with her current cultivation and burning combat will.

A thought even crossed her mind at that moment in time - that she would never be able to display such a perfect peak ancient dragon-elephant fist print for the rest of her life.


As their punches collided, the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] Jiang Xiaohan's expression changed rapidly. Then, she was sent flying while blood spurted wildly. A series of cracks could be heard as her bones shattered. There was probably not a single bone in her body that was left intact. She had immediately been sent flying by Ye Qingyu's punch.

How was that possible?

Jiang Xiaohan's face turned ashen as she sailed through the skies.

At the same time, the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit soundlessly made his move.

This sword from him was many times more frightening and vicious than the sword he had sent at Ye Qingyu's hip earlier.

This was his most powerful move and one that he had been conserving energy for the entire time.

"I've been waiting for you."

Ye Qingyu had already been expecting this attack and detected it the moment the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit’s sword move began. He sent out another [Great Light Dragon Punch] with his backhand.


The bright glow from his fist prints exploded.

The sword radiance shattered and the demon sword broke.

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was thrown backward spewing blood. He immediately sustained serious injuries.

However, the physical injuries he sustained were nothing compared to the despair he felt mentally.

He had been plotting this for a while and had the protection of the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy]. More importantly, he had given up the dignity of a Heaven's prideling warrior to launch a series of sneak attacks but he still failed so badly and ended up like a block of rotten wood, unable to handle a single blow. He used his most powerful technique to carry out his sneak attack but it was still nothing compared to a casual blow from his opponent.

He felt utterly despondent.

This was how the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit felt at that moment.

Nonetheless, his mental state didn't persist for very long.

This was because he suddenly disappeared from the world.

He completely vanished without a trace.

At that moment, something suddenly happened, something that even Ye Qingyu himself wasn't expecting either.
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