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Chapter 1017 – No One Was Spared from His Sword (2)

The moment the other Great Saints landed, their figures flashed and they completely surrounded Ye Qingyu and Li Shengyan, sealing off all possible escape routes.

They were dressed exactly the same and wore long-hooded black cloaks and black ghost masks that concealed their features. They were dressed like Dark Great Saints, but their cultivation was truly at the Great Saint realm. Their Dark Great Saint aura was also a lot stronger than that of the three Great Saints who were at the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit's side earlier at the [Dragon Palace].

Black demon mist swirled and turned into wisps of dark formation chains that sealed off this part of the world.

"Haha, none of you will be able to escape this time. Accept your fate. You'll all go down with me!" Yang Wanqu said when he finally came back to his senses. He showed complete disregard for his own predicament and laughed loudly as his face twisted hideously. He was certain that these two people would perish alongside him, and he reacted like a poisonous viper that had seven inches of its body pinned down.

Li Shengyan immediately kicked him and all his teeth fell from his gums.

"Who's going down with you? You should be thinking of how you should be pleading for mercy later when I torture you… Hehe," Li Shengyan said as he deliberately laughed evilly, which caused all of Yang Wanqu's hair to stand on end. Over the past year or so, there was not a single soul who did not know that this fatty Li Shengyan was truly a little demon and that he had an inexhaustible arsenal of torture methods.

"Brother, I'll leave you to handle the rest," the fatty said nonchalantly. "Let me collect some interest from this fool first." After being tortured so badly by Yang Wanqu earlier, this vengeful fatty could not wait to exact his revenge.

This fatty left Ye Qingyu completely dumbfounded.

He flung the turtle shell to the fatty and said, "You should take this back. If I really can't defeat these people later, it will come in handy when you need to escape." Ye Qingyu felt very grateful toward this fatty. The previous incident with the turtle shell showed that this fatty truly treated him like a brother; otherwise, he would not have given him this turtle shell, which Quasi-emperor Xiaofei had given him for protection. If this turtle shell had been in the fatty's possession over the past few days, he would not have been tortured so badly by Yang Wanqu that he was almost turned into a human swine.

He did not expect the fatty to wail regretfully after he accepted the turtle shell. "Dammit, if I had known earlier that I'd be in such grave danger, I would have never given this precious treasure to you. From this incident, I've learned that one shouldn't be too loyal."

Ye Qingyu was once again at a loss for words.

"Dammit. I shouldn't have said anything."

Whatever gratitude he had felt toward the fatty vanished in that instant.

That fatty's attitude was making it hard for anyone to feel grateful.

"Have you finished saying your last words?" the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit said, his body full of cruel qi as though he was possessed by the devil. His eyes were bloodshot and he carried his sword as he walked toward Ye Qingyu. "If you're done talking, then you should prepare to die."

Ye Qingyu laughed. "I've defeated you once before, and yet you still dare to spout such arrogant words?"

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit flung his head back and howled fiercely. "The battle at the [Dragon Palace] resulted in me breaking past my mental shackles. I've also witnessed the Dao battle of Quasi-emperors and benefited in the same manner as you have. Since I managed to gain from that one battle, does it matter that I lost the battle?"

"I can tell that the demon qi has entered your body and your mind has gone to the dark side. You've clearly given up on your pride and dignity to completely become someone else's bitch. You've already completely lost your sense of self, yet you dare to shamelessly claim that you've broken past your mental shackles," Ye Qingyu said as he shook his head. "From now on, the Vast Thousand Domains have lost a Heaven's prideling of the younger generation and you're no longer worthy of being my opponent."

"What's the use of being so eloquent? The third deputy spokesperson of the Human Race is still destined to perish at the Wei River Mountain Range today… Kill!"

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit cackled oddly.

He had completely gone over to the dark side and his aura and temperament were no longer recognizable. He had lost his sense of self and fallen to the dark Dao. He then transformed into a bolt of lightning and slashed out with his long sword.

Ye Qingyu shook his head and scoffed, "Why isn't Four Stars holy girl here?"

Then, a ray of [Divine Emperor] sword radiance appeared from thin air and charged forward.

During his period of self-isolation in the cave, he comprehended the Dao essence law that he had witnessed from the exchange of blows between the million-year-old soul and Quasi-emperor Mushan. Then, he combined it with his knowledge gained from the fierce battles on the Life and Death Platform to finally comprehend the Great Dao. This resulted in his Divine Emperor sword will reaching the late stage, and he could now form visible swords that had the ability to slash all things. He had only displayed a small part of his strength earlier when he used his finger to overcome Yang Wanqu's [Heaven-Shaking Sword] and there had been faint traces of Quasi-emperor Mushan's movements. However, now that his opponent was the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit, who was more powerful and had sunk further into the depths of darkness, he finally unleashed his true power.

His [Divine Emperor] sword radiance was as dazzling as silver and was full of icy qi.

It was only one ray of sword light but it was more powerful than thousands of sword lights combined.


The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit used his [Black Lotus Demon Sword] to destroy the [Divine Emperor] sword radiance, but he was also thrown back by the impact.

"Four Stars holy girl has other matters to attend to. I'll be able to kill you single-handedly. [Heinous Crime Three Strikes Technique]!"

He bellowed angrily.

His figure paused for a short moment in the Void, then charged forward at an even faster speed. The moment he made his move, his figure flashed then split into three, and all three figures looked like his true form. He slashed out with his [Black Lotus Demon Sword] once more, and each sword seemed to contain even more murderous intent and evil qi than his peak true form. This was not an illusion that was created at high speed to confuse others, but it was the supremely powerful combat technique of the Sinful Pit.

One slash of his sword could transform into three slashes and all three slashes were equally powerful.

This was the [Heinous Crime Three Strikes Technique].

This move from the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was powerful enough to kill Great Saint experts.

He had indeed improved significantly since their last encounter at the [Dragon Palace].

"Heinous crimes? Watch as my light sword brings the light back into the sky." Ye Qingyu laughed. His heroic spirit surged and he did not move, but instead, he smacked his palms together in front of his chest. Then, silver sword radiance surged from all ten fingers and bloomed like a lotus flower to form a sword imprint. He pushed it forward with both hands and a ray of blinding silver splendor from his light divine sword that contained endless icy qi immediately charged forward. Then, Divine Emperor sword will spilled all throughout the sky.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Divine Emperor sword will was powerful and bright, as majestic as an ocean.

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit yelled loudly, then this light sword will shattered his sword technique and an icy coldness shrouded the Void to form black ice that froze everything. He was instantly trapped in a round, transparent block of dark ice that was more than ten meters wide. Then, this block of ice plummeted to the ground.


The black ice shattered when it was ten meters above the ground.

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit managed to free himself from the black ice but a layer of silver ice covered his body and his aura had diminished significantly.

"I'm really disappointed that only a few of you have appeared." Ye Qingyu's piercing gaze swept the area like a ray of sword radiance.

He was truly disappointed. He had already known that Yang Wanqu had submitted to the Four Stars holy girl a long time ago and he had allowed Yang Wanqu to release the distress signal in hopes that it would attract her. He planned to use this opportunity to kill that woman to prevent her from causing further harm. He did not expect the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit and the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] to arrive on the scene. Although these were also important people, he was surprised to see that they were also part of that [Camp]. Nonetheless, he felt disappointed that he could not use this chance to kill the Four Stars holy girl, who was completely evil.

"You may launch a joint attack together." Ye Qingyu's body was covered in silver sword qi and the icy [Divine Emperor] light sword will skyrocketed to the heavens. "Stop wasting my time. I'll send you all to your deaths together."

He was like a god from the heavens who had descended to the earth, and his body was protected by the [Divine Emperor] light sword will as though it were shrouded by a blazing sun column that was powerful and impregnable. His aura was as mighty as the sun and the stars—upright and righteous, abundant and mysterious. His Saint power was impressively powerful and was accompanied by a light so blinding that no one could stare directly at him.

"Hehe, the deputy spokesperson is so cool. I guess we'll have to respectfully do as you say," the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] said with a pretty laugh. With her gorgeous and matchless beauty, she was like a fairy of the Nine Heavens.

Her slim and slender waist, fair snowy skin, full breasts, swaying butt, slender legs, voluptuous lips, and every single part of her body were all full of seductive charm. Those who were not mentally strong enough would have fallen prey to her beauty, which was as dangerous as a poisoned knife, before they could even attack.

"Why are you still wasting time spouting nonsense? Kill, kill him!" the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit, who had experienced consecutive defeats, yelled loudly.

All eighteen black Great Saints immediately attacked.

A sea of black flames appeared and surged like roaring waves.

"Haha, great job. Now it's time for me to test out what I've comprehended… [Great Light Sword Tempest]!" Ye Qingyu chuckled and there was not a trace of fear in his eyes at all.

The [Divine Emperor] light sword will was as immovable as a divine mountain and protected him within its light, keeping all evil at bay.

At his mental command, ten thousand swords appeared.

Thick and wide great light swords appeared with a metallic clang and they fanned out in layers all over the sky like a peacock unfurling its feathers. It was an extremely beautiful sight, as though a flower made of light swords had bloomed. Then, he pushed forward with both hands and all ten thousand rays of bright sword light charged through the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds of frightening clashes rang out.

Black blood sprayed everywhere.

These booming sounds radiated endlessly in all directions like raindrops pattering on banana leaves.

The shadow of death immediately descended upon this place, and in one move, he killed eight out of the eighteen dark Great Saints and their spirits were destroyed with only a wisp of aura left in the Void. As for the remaining ten dark Great Saints, two of them were seriously injured and four escaped with light injuries…

"[Great Light Soul Stealing Heaven Strike]."

Ye Qingyu did not show any mercy after hitting his target. His figure flashed and immediately reappeared in front of the dark Great Saint who was the fastest to retreat. He reached out behind him and grabbed a wisp of sword spark, then he shook it and it transformed into a great light icy sword that was both thick and wide. He hacked down ruthlessly.


Black blood light exploded.

This dark Great Saint had shown the fastest reaction earlier and escaped without a single injury. He was also the most powerful expert amongst the group, but once he attracted Ye Qingyu's attention, he was as good as dead. He was rendered completely helpless, and as silver splendor flashed, he was hacked into two pieces down the middle.

"Hahahaha, he couldn't even handle one blow."

Ye Qingyu laughed heartily. He was like a god of death as he turned around and executed his sword moves.

The [Great Light Divine Emperor] sword will ripped across the sky, and an icy chill sealed the heavens and froze the earth.

Another two dark Great Saints who had escaped without injuries earlier were hacked into two pieces from their waists. The [Divine Emperor] ice sword will entered their bodies to destroy their vitality and spirit. The four parts of their bodies turned into ice blocks that plummeted to the ground, breaking into a million pieces. These two Great Saints were completely dead.

No one was spared from his sword.

Ye Qingyu was like a god of death who left no living creature behind wherever he went.

"Kill!" The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit turned into flowing light once more and charged upward.

The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] could not bring herself to laugh any longer.

"The third deputy spokesperson is indeed powerful. Please let me experience it for myself, too." She gave him a small curtsey and moved to attack. The next instant, she managed to break past his protective [Great Light Divine Emperor] sword will and her slender palms smacked out like a thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy to send endless palm power shooting downward at him powerfully like the milky way.

"Hmm? Interesting."

Ye Qingyu discovered to his surprise that although the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] was a woman, her attacks were bold and powerful. Each attack she made was extremely powerful and they rained down like falling comets that managed to faintly subdue the momentum of his ice sword qi.

This woman was many times more powerful than the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit.

Ye Qingyu deduced immediately.

The moment they exchanged blows at close range, he was absolutely certain of the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy's] identity.

He knew this woman.

She was an old friend who he knew very well.
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