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Chapter 1017 – What Exactly Had Happened? (1)

Yang Wanqu immediately stiffened.

Although his back was facing the intruder, he had clearly recognized the intruder's voice.

Who was he kidding? He would definitely be able to recognize this voice anywhere.

He had been pursued by this person until he had nowhere left to hide and the Black Moon Immortal Palace was crushed by this person to the point where they were unable to regain their former dignity. There was a period of time when Yang Wanqu would even constantly dream of the killing demon slashing at him repeatedly with his sword. Was there ever a time when he woke up from these dreams without being drenched in cold sweat?

Although his cultivation had soared significantly and he was no longer an ignorant fool, he was still unable to erase the trauma from the depths of his heart.

This was why his hair immediately stood on end when he heard this familiar voice.


He transformed into a bolt of lightning and immediately hurtled to Li Shengyan as he stretched out his hands to grab him.

He knew that he would definitely not be able to escape. Their [Camp] was very updated on the latest news so he knew that Ye Qingyu's strength had skyrocketed at the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor to the point where he was now even more terrifying. Therefore, Yang Wanqu's plan was simple – he would capture Li Shengyan and use him as a hostage. He was certain that Ye Qingyu wouldn't dare to act rashly, for fear of accidentally harming Li Shengyan once he captured him.

As long as he bought some time to turn the situation around, this would mean survival for him.

Their [Camp] had worked together with the Four Stars Sect to lay out all kinds of traps that covered a radius of thousands of kilometers around the area. Quasi-emperors had fallen victim to these traps so he was sure that Ye Qingyu wouldn't be able to escape either.

However, for all his speed, someone else was even faster.

Yang Wanqu had already caught hold of the corners of Li Shengyan's clothes and he could even feel the warmth from his body on his palm but suddenly, the fatty's figure transformed into a phantom shadow and disappeared from his hands like flowing water.


Yang Wanqu was greatly astonished.

When he looked up, the fatty who was now missing an arm and a hand was already ten meters away and he was being supported by Ye Qingyu who was dressed in white robes.

"Ow ow ow, please be more gentle. It hurts…" The fatty squealed loudly like a pig facing slaughter and his face was so full of injuries that it swelled up like a pig's head. It was clear that he was in extreme pain and the shape of his face had even changed while his bloodshot eyes brimmed with unshed tears.

"Weren't you facing death stoically earlier?" Ye Qingyu said exasperatedly even as he placed his palm against the fatty's back to release powerful yuan qi into his body, helping him dispel the five or six beams of unwanted forces within him that had been planted by the Four Stars holy girl and her cronies.

"That was then, this is now. I didn't know that you were coming earlier. As a descendant of ancestor Xiaofei, I couldn't possibly cry out in pain in front of the enemy, how embarrassing would that be?" The fatty's face was soon drenched in tears and he looked very pitiful as he retorted sharply.

Ye Qingyu was left speechless.

"The enemy who tortured you earlier is still present and he’s still looking at you, so I doubt there's much of a difference now," Ye Qingyu said a little helplessly. This fatty was truly a funny fellow and together with the silly dog Little Nine, they would be a match made in heaven.

"What? Do you actually mean to let him walk out of here alive?" The fatty said angrily as though he was a dog whose tail had been trodden on, "Kill this bastard. Once he's dead, no one else would know of this matter."

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded.

No one paid any attention to Yang Wanqu who stood opposite them.

The moment he missed earlier, he immediately turned to flee.

But he failed.

He was pinned to the spot by an extremely powerful qi activity and this sensation was terribly frightening, as though he was standing on a snow peak up in the sky that was on the verge of collapse. It seemed as though any small movement, even if a needle fell to the ground, this would set off a destructive avalanche that would destroy him.

Obviously, this qi activity originated from Ye Qingyu.

Yang Wanqu had not expected that Ye QIngyu's cultivation was even more terrifying than what was described in the news report their [Camp] had received earlier.

He was absolutely sure that a single movement from him could set up this abundant and majestic qi activity and bring about a destructive attack from Ye Qingyu that would tear him into pieces.

Therefore, he didn't dare to move, neither did he dare to flee.

An icy chill that seeped into his bones completely engulfed him.

Beads of sweat slid down his forehead.

Approximately fifteen minutes later—

The fatty Li Shengyan suddenly let out a relieved groan.

Strange pattering sounds could be heard from his body and five or six beams of mists that were of varying colors carrying traces of death qi spewed out from his nose and mouth to disappear into the Void. Then, powerful ripples of aura surged from the fatty's feeble body and in a flash of divine splendor, the injuries that festered all over his body and crawled with maggots healed at a visible speed.

Even the arm and palm that had been hacked off and grown back on his body.

His flesh and blood had grown back on his body.

This was the handiwork of an expert.

The fatty was the descendant of a Quasi-emperor and he had been personally guided by [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] which resulted in a significant surge of his strength. He had already attained the Great Saint realm some time ago – this rate of improvement might seem shocking but he had been personally guided by a Quasi-emperor. The fact that he was innately talented was secondary; even a pig would have been able to dominate the world if it were to be guided by [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] who was matchless in this world.

Ye Qingyu had managed to completely dispel the unwanted forces from this fatty's body in a short period of time.

These unwanted forces moving through his body were the reason why the fatty had been unable to unleash his strength earlier and they also suppressed his cultivation. When these unwanted forces clashed intensely, he was no better than an ordinary human which was also why Yang Wanqu could hack at his body at will. Once these unwanted forces were dispelled, his abundant yuan qi cultivation was restored.

"Ah…" The fatty released an ecstatic moan. "That felt great."

Then, he looked at Yang Wanqu and beamed as he said, "What goes around comes around, it seems like you’re the unlucky fellow this time... Tell me, how would you like to die?"

Yang Wanqu grew very pale.

The fatty turned back to look at Ye Qingyu and said, "Help me kill him."

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded.

"Sure, it just so happened that I've been searching for him for a long, long time," Ye Qingyu said with a nod and turned to walk toward Yang Wanqu.

At that moment, the qi activity that felt like an avalanche suddenly relaxed.

Yang Wanqu instantly felt like a great weight had lifted from his body.

He didn't even bother to exhale and immediately turned into a ray of flowing light as he tried to flee.

However, he hadn't even flown three meters upwards before a ray of sword light hurtled toward him. Yang Wanqu was extremely shocked. If he continued rising upward, he would definitely be sliced into two by this ray of sword light, so there was nowhere else he could go but to return to his original spot. If he tried fleeing anywhere else, the ray of sword light would definitely hit him.

All his blood suddenly rushed backward and he almost vomited blood as he was forced to return to his original spot.

"There's nowhere else for you to run. Prepare to defend yourself."

Ye Qingyu's expression hardened. He had only just ended his period of self-isolation in the mountain cave when he sensed movement nearby and rushed over. He hadn't been expecting to come across this situation. In any case, other than the fact that Li Shengyan was his friend, whatever Black Moon Immortal Palace did to the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission in the past was enough reason for him to not spare Yang Wanqu.

"If you kill me, then both of you will also be doomed. No one would be able to walk out of the Wei River Mountain Range alive," Yang Wanqu's face twisted savagely, then he laughed coldly, "This place has already become an iron-walled hell and everything is within our control. Furthermore, it won't be easy for you to kill me since I'm no longer the Yang Wanqu of the past."

Then, he suddenly raised his hand.

A dazzling ray of black radiance that was at least ten thousand meters tall skyrocketed to the heavens. Then, it transformed into a peculiar black udumbara flower that was three hundred meters wide that lit up the skies so brightly that it could be seen throughout the Wei River Mountain Range.

Ye Qingyu stood in a corner and watched this scene quietly.

He didn't move to stop him at all.

"Ha ha, you're far too arrogant," Yang Wanqu let out a sigh of relief and his heart that had been caught in his throat returned to its normal rhythm. He laughed wildly as he said, "I can't believe you actually let me release the distress signal. Ha ha ha, do you know who'd be coming to rescue me? You're definitely doomed. It'll be impossible for you to kill me now."

He finally let himself completely relax at that moment.

Once the news spread, the surrounding troops would be able to arrive really soon. Although he knew he wasn't Ye Qingyu's match, he would definitely be able to hang on until help arrived. He felt as though the looming shadow of death had completely left him, just like how a drowning man felt when he was finally rescued.

Ye Qingyu looked at Yang Wanqu like he was looking at a dead man and said, "I wanted you to release the distress signal. How else would I be able to find your allies?"

"How arrogant of you. You've merely courted death with your actions," Yang Wanqu threw his head back and laughed heartily, then he continued, "Let me show you how powerful I've become… [Heaven-Shaking Sword] – First Killer Move!"

His sword light rose and fell.

Yang Wanqu's palm transformed into a sword and hacked downwards from a distance.

A heaven-splitting black sword radiance that was hundreds of meters long cut through the air and slashed downwards. The air split into two parts as though it was made of butter, the earth quaked and the mountains trembled, and cracks appeared in the Void. It was as though the entire heavens had been split into two by this one sword move. The ancient formations that covered the sword body circulated around; this deadly killer move clearly wasn't of this world.

This sword movement wasn't of this era.

It was an ancient technique from the bygone era.

This move alone would be enough to kill a peak Saint which showed how much powerful Yang Wanqu had become.

"So this is why you were so confident. How pathetic of you," Ye Qingyu looked contemptuously at the confident Yang Wanqu, then he stretched out his index finger and pointed outward just before the [Heaven Shaking Sword] reached his head.

Sword radiance spurted out from the tip of his finger.


There was a soft sound.

His finger had immediately shattered the black sword radiance.

The shattered sword radiance sprayed across the Void like shards of black glaze, then it was no longer able to maintain its form and completely vanished.

"You…" Yang Wanqu was completely astonished.

When he attacked earlier, he already knew that he wouldn't be able to defeat Ye Qingyu with this move.

However, he hadn't expected his sword move to be destroyed so effortlessly.

"[Heaven-Shaking Sword] – Second Killer Move…. Third, Fourth Killer Move!"

Yang Wanqu was both surprised and enraged, and a [Demon Lotus Black Sword] appeared in his hand that swirled with demonic evil power. It was clearly an ancient demon sword and comprised of Yin and Yang. He instantly made his move and endless black sword radiance covered the skies and the sun as it slashed downwards. Every move he made this time was more powerful than the First Killer Move he unleashed earlier.

The sword radiance was like a sea of demon swords that descended from the heavens with the intent to wipe out all signs of life. It completely blanketed Ye Qingyu's figure.

"It would be possible to defeat a Great Saint with this move," Ye Qingyu said with some surprise. Yang Wanqu turned out to be more powerful than he had expected. "Unfortunately, this is still nothing to me. As compared to the Greater One Spiritual Master, there is a vast difference in your aptitudes. How disappointing," Both men had been completely transformed by dark forces that resulted in their cultivations skyrocketing but the Greater One Spiritual Master had created a Black-White Yin-Yang technique while Yang Wanqu had merely rigidly followed the techniques of ancient men.

Then, Ye Qingyu pinched out a sword imprint with the five fingers on his right hand and smashed it out with his fist.

Dazzling silver splendor exploded instantly and a blinding sword radiance shot up to the skies to transform into light qi. It was like a divine light sword that immediately broke apart the sea of demon swords that filled the skies. The black demon sword move was completely destroyed just like snow on hot oil before Yang Wanqu could even react.

The skies returned to their bright and blue hue.

Even though it was daytime, the stars in the universe could clearly be seen.

Nothing was more beautiful than this scene.

The power of that one sword was extremely formidable.

Yang Wanqu was greatly astonished.

There were eight killer moves to his [Heaven-Shaking Sword] and these were all imparted to him from the [Camp's] arsenal. These were all matchless moves but Ye Qingyu had destroyed them all so effortlessly that he lost confidence in the remaining four moves that he had yet to display.

Fortunately, at that moment, powerful energy waves rippled in the Void some distance away.

Dozens of figures flashed as they ripped through the skies.

Help had arrived.

Their leader was a thin man with a head of messy hair who also carried a large black sword that swirled with evil qi – this was the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit and he looked many times more powerful than he had been at [Dragon Palace]. He moved like a black blazing sun through the skies and right behind him was a voluptuous figure who was clad in bright red armor. She was extremely beautiful and youthful like a flaming ball of fire. Her fatally beautiful aura could be felt from kilometers away – she was the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy].

These two people had joined forces.

They were both from the [Camp].

They were accompanied by more than ten other experts and from their energy waves, it was clear that they were all Great Saint experts.

"Our men have arrived, so you've missed your window of opportunity. Ha ha," Yang Wanqu whistled and guided these men to him, then he laughed wildly and looked mockingly at Ye Qingyu, "Ha ha, from now on, you'd never be able to kill me. Don't even think about exacting revenge for the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission. Ha ha ha, you're completely trapped now with nowhere to go and it is time you pay the price for your foolish arrogance. Once you're our prisoner, I'll be your worst nightmare…"

Cavalry had finally arrived.

Yang Wanqu's confidence surged hundredfold.

Ye Qingyu laughed, "Idiot."

As soon as he spoke—

Sword light rose and fell, then a wisp of silver radiance appeared.

Ye Qingyu had officially made his move.

This sword contained the late stage mysteries of the Divine Emperor sword will that he derived from his observations of the battle of Quasi-emperors.

Yang Wanqu was already on his guard and his body was protected by the sword qi from his [Heaven-Shaking Sword] that even a Great Saint wouldn't be able to destroy in seconds. As he frantically exerted his protective force, the [Heaven-Shaking Sword] qi shot up to the sky like a divine column with a black radiance that tore the clouds apart and protected him within it. Before he knew it, he suddenly saw a flash of silver radiance, then suddenly he felt an icy sensation from his left arm and right hand. Instantly, his right arm and left hand had been hacked off.

The protective sword qi that he had been so proud of was torn as easily as paper.

"Ah…" He shrieked in surprise but before he could finish screaming, he felt the world turn in a blur.

The winner of this battle had already emerged.

Ye Qingyu grabbed him and threw him at Li Shengyan's feet.

Icy cold sword qi entered Yang Wanqu's body and sealed his cultivation.

The entire process had only lasted mere seconds, so quickly that it was like time had turned back or stopped at that moment. Yang Wanqu was so stunned that he couldn't even feel the pain from his missing hand and arm. The only thing he could think of was – what exactly had happened?

It was only then that the twinkling flowing lights who were supposed to rescue him finally descended on the ground.

Ye Qingyu had moved too quickly.

Neither the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit nor the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] was able to rescue Yang Wanqu in time.

A moment of silence later.

"He he, I can't believe that this idiot Yang Wanqu attempted to catch Li Shengyan single-handedly in an effort to take all the credit. But then he accidentally caught a big fish." The [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] was thrilled when she spotted Ye Qingyu. "Ha ha, this is brilliant. Ye Qingyu who had vanished without a trace has finally made his appearance. Now, we've gathered all the people we were supposed to find."
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