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Miracle Throne Chapter 590: Outer Space plan

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Before Jin Luo came to Miracle City, she never thought that she would be participating in such a crazy plan.

When Meng Qingwu found her and Vivian and gave them this duty, Jin Luo simply felt she was in a dream…..Can you actually make a flying machine that could go into Outer Space to pick stars?

No. Jin Luo felt that she wouldn’t have this kind of rich imagination even if it was a dream!

When Vivian received this task, she didn’t object or find it unbelievable, rather she accepted it while being filled with wild joy. During the next twenty or so days, the two beauties who were princesses began their wild work.

Vivian first found help from her best friend, who also managed the production and resources department of Miracle Commerce, Meng Yingying. It was much smoother with Meng Yingying’s help. They took several hundred skilled researchers from the Yun Sect and over a thousand skilled artisans from the Giant Mountain Range, as they began on this task that most people of the continent would deem impossible.

According to information from Chu Tian, if they wanted to open an Outer Space Mine, they needed to reach an altitude of at least fifty thousand kilometers. MIracle Commerce’s airship’s highest altitude was around fifty thousand meters because once they went past one hundred thousand meters, there was an astral wind layer. These astral winds were strong enough to instantly rip apart iron.

The resistance created in the dense astral wind area was also very big!

It was like trying to pass layers of iron. Not only was this a test of the strength of the flying machine, it also had a high requirement for energy material. There wouldn’t be enough force generated if there wasn’t enough energy and they couldn’t pass through the astral wind layer if they didn’t have enough force, so thinking about going into Outer Space was just a fool’s dream.

There was a thousand times difference between fifty thousand meters and fifty thousand kilometers!

Miracle Commerce needed a flying machine that could reach fifty thousand kilometers if they wanted to open an Outer Space Mine, but this seemed unlikely. Miracle City’s most advanced flying machine currently was the Black Thunder fighters, with the large scale flying machines being still developed. The Black Thunder’s chassis was decently strong enough, only the energy source was too weak, it couldn’t penetrate through the astral winds.

Therefore there needed to be changes!

Chu Tian gave Vivian the solution which was to separate the propulsion engine from the aircraft itself. Since an aircraft couldn’t contain that much fuel, they would directly make a rocket that could be filled with fuel. They would use the rocket to reach Outer Space and then directly get rid of it since there was no resistance in Outer Space.

This was not a difficult matter for Miracle Commerce.

This was because Miracle Commerce had already begun studying missiles. Rockets were nothing more than a missile that was several hundred times bigger and couldn’t hurt anyone, so the rocket was designed like a missile. After day and night work from thousands of artisans and scholars adding runes on the frame, the first rocket had been completed.

Now it was almost the day of the launch.

Meng Qingwu felt that sending a rocket into Outer Space was a very prestigious matter and that it was a magnificent feat for humanity, as well as a large matter for the Forest Alliance. Therefore she found several dozen reporters to record this matter from different angles to broadcast to the Forest Alliance and the kingdom alliance.

The warm up over several days was over.

It was now the day of the launch.

The entire Forest Alliance, including the kingdom alliance, at least several billion people were focused on this matter. Whether it was the radio channels or the television channels, the simultaneous viewer ratings broke records.

Miracle City wanted to go into the sky!

Could something like this not create a stir or shock?

Perhaps only the Forest Alliance could do this on the entire continent!

Meng Qingwu specially had Feng Caidie be the broadcaster, explaining Miracle City’s Outer Space plan. She also used this chance to expand Miracle City and Miracle Commerce’s influence through the forest and kingdoms. Not to mention if Miracle Commerce really flew into the sky, even if it was all a joke, it would be something discussed over the continent. In the future, Miracle Commerce’s sales could increase by over ten times.

Vivian and Jin Luo were filled with excitement.

This was because the two of them supervised the building of the rocket and they had the honour of sitting in the rocket, having the chance to be the first people to go to Outer Space. If this really succeeded, they would leave their marks in the history books. Was this chance something normal people could imagine?

The one most pleasantly surprised was naturally Jin Luo.

She never thought that she would have this kind of chance.

Actually Jin Luo didn’t understand anything and didn’t help that much during this time. She had been looking on in amazement from the side, it was really strange how she was chose to participate and how she had a chance to fly into the sky.

The Forest Alliance created a large propaganda campaign.

It wasn’t just the billions of people in the forest and kingdoms paying attention to this, even West Sea City was paying attention to this. When she thought of her millions of Merpeople compatriots, her blood began to boil. If she could really fly into the sky on Miracle City’s rocket, she would definitely be a hero when she returned to West Sea City.

The Merpeople had lived in the sea for generations and there had never been anyone who had gone to Outer Space.

Jin Luo was definitely the first!

“Vice City Lord Vivian is coming out!”

“Wa, princess Vivian is too beautiful today!”

At the launch site of the rocket, the Miracle City citizens was already surrounding it. After all, how could the Miracle City people not know about this since this was such a big matter? This was a large event that everyone in Miracle City could be proud of, so several hundred thousand citizens had completely surrounded the area. When they saw their hero Vivian come out, the sea of people instantly broke out in cheers.

“Who is that golden haired beauty? I’ve never seen her before!”

“Are you stupid! Didn’t they write about it in the news! Vivian and Jin Luo, the two beautiful princesses are going into the sky together! Since she is beside princess Vivian, that noble beauty must be the Mermaid Princess Jin Luo!”

“I just find it strange the Merpeople can walk on their legs!”

“Who told you that Merpeople had to crawl with tails?”


The Miracle City citizens kept talking among themselves. The two princesses were definitely the highlights this time.

There was no need to mention Vivian. She was one of Miracle City’s vice City Lord and the princess of the Eternal Forest, having both power and natural born nobility. Compared to the mythical dragon Chu Tian and the high up Meng Qingwu, although Vivian was a vice City Lord, she had become a popular figure among the citizens, always appearing at the local events.

If Chu Tian was the soul and spirit of Miracle City, Meng Qingwu was the heart and brain, Vivian would be the public image of Miracle City. Her popularity in Miracle City was very high.

Jin Luo was a new face, not holding any positions and never appearing on screen before. However, with the Mermaid Princess’ perfect stature and noble aura, she had instantly captured the hearts of countless people.

The two peak beauties of high nobility, they were definitely fit for being the face of Miracle City.

Vivian and Jin Luo both took this task seriously, dressing up in magnificent attire. How did they look like they were going into unknown danger, they simply looked like they were prepared for the red carpet.

Of course.

Chu Tian wouldn’t place the two in danger, so he prepared Transport Scrolls. If the launch failed or some other complication came up, the two of them could at least teleport back.

Feng Caidie held a mic as she appeared in front of the two of them, “You are about to embark on an Outer Space journey and there are at least several billion people watching, what do you have to say to everyone?”

When she said this.

Feng Caidie gave the mic to Jin Luo.

“Ah?!” Jin Luo never thought it would be like this. Several reporter pointed their cameras at her. When she thought that every one of her words and expressions would be broadcast real time to every corner of the forest and the human and spirit beast countries, she felt like she was sitting on pins and needles, “I, I…..”

Vivian saw that Jin Luo couldn’t speak and immediately took the mic as she proudly stuck out her full chest. She could be considered as someone who had seen the world, so she wouldn’t have any stage fright. She directly said, “First, I want to thank my most honourable, worshipped, and favourite big brother Chu Tian. It was him who made everything possible and created Miracle Commerce. Next, I want to thank the intelligent and capable big sister Meng Qingwu for giving me this chance, as well as my best friend Meng Yingying for helping build this rocket. If it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t be such an honour for me and big sister Jin Luo today. Miracle Commerce is a great company and the Forest Alliance is also great…..”

Vivian kept going for several minutes, giving an exaggerated account of Miracle Commerce and the Forest Alliance. She also mentioned the Miracle Shopping Center, the Elven Bank, and other things, giving advertisements without changing expressions.

There were several billion people paying attention to this and it would spread even further in the future.

The advertising effect here was very strong.

When the elven City Lords and the elves heard Vivian mention the Elven Bank, as well as the important elven companies, they all happily praised Lancelot for having such a good daughter. These words seemed quite casual, but they contributed quite a bit to the elven race!

Feng Caidie felt that Vivian was talking for too long so she casually looked at Vivian. Vivian immediately noticed this, “That is all I have to say, thank you!”

“Vice City Lord Vivian’s speech is too good!”

The crowd began to clap.

Feng Caidie took back the mic to say, “Now it is time for the launch, let us witness this historical moment together!”

Vivian brought Jin Luo to the cockpit, which was around the same size as a Black Thunder fighter cockpit. Actually the aircraft was just a special version of the Black Thunder fighter, there weren’t much difference between them.

The cabin door was closed.

Smart Brain checked over the rocket and didn’t find any problems.

“The rocket will launch after ten seconds, everyone countdown with me!” Feng Caidie also became a bit excited looking at the launch site in the valley, “Ten, nine, eight…..three, two, one!”

The rocket was over fifty meters tall, completely black, and covered in runes. There was also Miracle Commerce written on it in large words.

When the countdown finished, there was a large boom from the bottom of the rocket. A large jet of light blue flames was shot out and the rocket quickly flew into the sky from the large propulsion.


Outside the valley, the entire forest, and the cities in the kingdoms all erupted in cheers.
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