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Miracle Throne Chapter 563: Pill refining

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In the crystal slot in front of Chu Tian, there were two different coloured liquids. One was white gold and the other was black purple, both of them releasing energy. There seemed to be a kind of lightning jumping through them and it was hard to imagine what kind of power was contained within them.

The two different liquids were essence drawn from a god and demon’s body respectively.

Chu Tian was very clear how powerful the energy contained within these things were. The pill furnace he was using was bought from Thunder’s Fury by Miracle Commerce and it was made of top grade level four materials. It was so powerful that even the Titan’s divine thunder couldn’t destroy it.

There were several other arrays being used in this pill refinement. Other than the core array Chu Tian used for refining, there were also large amounts of stabilizing, additive, strengthening, and blessing arrays. Smart Brain was using source stones to provide energy for these arrays.

The preparatory work was pretty much done now.

Now he could begin!

Chu Tian threw several precious materials into the cauldron like he didn’t care about money. The source energy arrays all around him activated at the same time and the runes lit up one by one, turning into source energy arrays. The source energy arrays lit up one by one as they formed an even larger source energy array.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Intense energy fluctuations came from the lab as countless runes crawled forward like nimble worms as they covered the surface of the cauldron. When the various assisting arrays were activated, Chu Tian began to refine the pill. The material inside the cauldron were refined and the sound of a storm rang out as the energy inside the precious materials were stimulated by the arrays.

Chu Tian had a very calm expression as he kept refining for several minutes. When the storm of sounds gradually became smaller, Chu Tian placed a Five Coloured Immortal Fruit into the cauldron.

The instant the Five Coloured Immortal Fruit was placed in.

Large amounts of strange signs instantly appeared from the cauldron. There was a five coloured cloud, all kinds of noises, and waves of spiritual energy instantly filled the entire laboratory. The cauldron shook several times and if it wasn’t for the rare materials used to make it, it would have exploded already.

The herbs inside the cauldron, they were all rare top grade items. Not to mention the third level middle Immortal Grade Five Coloured Immortal Fruit, any one of these herbs could be used as precious main herbs in a pill. Now they were being used as supporting herbs, how extravagant and wasteful was this?

Chu Tian gradually felt tired as the trembling of the cauldron became stronger, just like a beast that was cornered and banging around inside the cauldron as it tried to escape from its imprisonment. This power was very strong and it was close to a peak 9th True Spirit Cultivator going wild. Luckily Chu Tian had placed enough arrays that could suppress this power.

However, letting this power run wild was not a proper way since it would make the pill refining time even longer and would greatly affect the quality of the pill. Flames appeared in Chu Tian’s flames and these blue and white flames formed two dragons as they surrounded the shaking cauldron. Faint traces of flames seeped into the cauldron and the powerful Netherworld Ghost Flame immediately suppressed the trembling, sealing the cauldron like a giant piece of ice.

The Netherworld Ghost Flame could be used to suppress the rampaging power when a pill was being formed.

Chu Tian increased his speed, refining the material inside the cauldron until the cauldron finally calmed down. Chu Tian waved his right hand and the cauldron was opened, causing a rainbow coloured light to come out. Waves of spiritual energy filled the laboratory as several dragons danced in the air. This scene was powerful enough to stun anyone.

Too strong!

This was the image of an Immortal Pill being born!

This was a middle grade level three Immortal Pill that was close to the high grade. Even if it was given to someone in the peak 9th True Spirit Layer, it would be enough to largely increase their cultivation. Not to mention Chu Tian who had just reached the Spirit Transformation Realm. If he directly swallowed it, it wouldn’t be strange if he even jumped up two cultivation layers!

What Chu Tian wanted to refine was not an Immortal Pill.

This Immortal Pill was just a half finished product for Chu Tian!

Chu Tian was not in a rush to take the Immortal Pill out, rather he surrounded it in Netherworld Ghost Flames, causing the pill to sink back into the cauldron. With both hands, he poured the demonic and divine essence into the cauldron and the three materials instantly mixed together!

The cauldron was sealed again!

Another round of refining began!

If the alchemist masters of the continent saw Chu Tian’s refining method, their eyes would have popped out into the cauldron. This had never been seen before. A peak pill was refined with great effort, but this pill was not the finished product, but rather a half finished product or it could even be called a material.

Chu Tian used the pill as the main material and used the divine and demonic solutions as supporting materials. The three came together and they were refined again. Using pills to refine pills, this kind of shocking technique was something only an inventive and skilled alchemist could do.

This was because the essence of refining pills was to remove impurities, fuse essences, create change, and combine everything together again as an elevated product. To extract essence from normal materials was already a very complicated matter, not to mention combining, changing, and elevating it.

The pill itself was very complicated with various stable ingredients contained within. No one had ever heard of something decomposing a pill again and using it as a refining material!

Chu Tian was simply a maniac!

The Immortal Pill shattered inside the cauldron and it was filled with explosions. The entire cauldron shook with violent energy that slammed against the incomparably firm cauldron walls. Various instruments inside the laboratory began to crack and the walls in all directions began to form large amounts of fissures.

Chu Tian used the Starlight Immortal Body to forcefully block this attack. He didn’t even blink as he kept staring at the cauldron and continued to refine. The demonic and divine essence combined with the fragmented pill in the cauldron and something incredible happened. The fragments dissolved while the demonic and divine essence solidified. Following that, it began to inflate like a balloon and continued to inflate outwards.

It was like a newly born placenta growing at an incredible speed!

The cauldron kept shaking and the walls made sounds like they were about to crack. Chu Tian’s Divine Sense found large amounts of tiny fissures on the cauldron walls, like the cauldron was about to explode. Once the energy in the cauldron lost control, even if the laboratory was not blown apart, it would cause large amounts of damage to the laboratory!

He had to hold on!

Otherwise all his efforts would be wasted!

Chu Tian’s body gave off the sound of an explosion before he released a powerful flame clone that charged at the cauldron. This clone was just made of Netherworld Ghost Flames, but it contained all of Chu Tian’s Divine Sense. It charged right at the cauldron that was filled with flames and the Netherworld Ghost Flame seeped in through the cracks, forming a barrier between the cauldron and the materials.

The entire cauldron now looked like a cauldron made of flames.

Chu Tian split his mind as he used his Divine Sense to stabilize the cauldron while using his spirit energy to activate the arrays. The cracks on the cauldron slowly became bigger and the energy within became stronger and stronger, but the refinement slowly and calmly continued.

Waves of energy fluctuations were already being sent throughout the underground research laboratory.

Even the slowest person could also feel the existence of this power.

This energy was too terrifying, even if Death Wing and the others were here, their expressions would change. What kind of terrifying experiment was the City Lord doing? If it were to fail, not only would the underground laboratory be destroyed, it would be hard to keep the City Lord’s life!

While everyone was feeling restless, Chu Tian reached a critical moment in his refinement. There was a spider web of cracks all over the cauldron and the Netherworld Ghost Flame wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

This is bad.

It will definitely explode like this!

Chu Tian felt this thing was pretty much refined, but this thing didn’t form a pill after all this refinement. However, there was no other way. The cauldron was already greatly damaged and this thing was too powerful, how could it be easy to form a pill?

If the medicinal power couldn’t form a pill, the cauldron would explode when it was opened and the herbs would become worthless.

Now he had reached the final step.

Would the pill congealing step fail?

How could he be willing? Chu Tian knew the situation was very bad because forming the pill seemed like something impossible to do.

What to do?

How could he solve it?

The race against time didn’t allow him to consider this!

Chu Tian steeled his heart and stimulated his Netherworld Flame, sending it all into the cauldron. Large amounts of Netherworld Flame burned with the medicinal energy inside the cauldron and he combined the medicinal energy and essence inside the cauldron with his Netherworld Flame!

“The moment is now!”

The cauldron exploded as it couldn’t take the damage and the terrifying wave spread in all directions, shattering all the equipment inside the laboratory. The special walls with runes making them stronger shattered apart like weak paper.


The entire laboratory was blown to pieces!

Although the cauldron had exploded, the things inside the cauldron were wrapped inside a layer of Netherworld Ghost Flames. This was something that mixed golden white with purple black, being surrounded by the sparkling of a rainbow glow. The Netherworld Ghost Flame wrapped everything inside like an air bubble.

Chu Tian charged forward and his arms went into the air bubble trapped inside the flames. Chu Tian released his source spirit as his eyes turned jet black and he turned into a bottomless black hole. A powerful attraction drew the surrounding energy into his body!

In an instant!

Waves after waves of energy wildly poured into his body.

Chu Tian didn’t congeal the pill, but rather he directly sucked in everything!
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