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Elsewhere, Zaro also told his agent, "Hey, this song isn't bad either. It's rather meaningful. Make a note. Perhaps I can use it in a future film and television series!"

Zaro's agent didn't say a single word.

This was only the second song. Was Zaro going to change his mind again later on? In any case, Zaro's agent wasn't going to let Zaro squander money.

Zaro's agent could see the quality of the concert from the first two songs. Just as Xue Jing and the other seniors of the industry had said, as long as his following pieces were not too far off from the first two songs, this concert would be settled!

Following that was the third song, titled "The Power of Life." Fang Zhao had gained inspiration for composing this piece when he had witnessed the germination process of the arrow sunflowers at the experimental plot at planet Baiji's Outpost 23.

The start had a monotonous repetitive rhythm, yet there was a hushed, murmured beauty about it, as though something was unfolding as the song progressed, carrying with it some tension that drew in listeners to the artistic concept being created.

Amidst the unfurling harmony, an impetus started to slowly push its way forward. The silence, the struggles of life as it muddled along a track, the explosiveness of breaking through the soil, a rallying cry, and finally, emergence!

This was a piece with a powerful finale able to invoke intense feelings and cause listeners to resonate with these emotions.

Then was the fourth song, "Enemy Attack," the fifth song, "Counteroffensive," and then the sixth song, "Legion."

When it got to this point, many fans who had listened to the "100-Year Period of Destruction" series slowly smiled as they reminisced.

Still the same old familiar recipe and that same fond flavor.

Similar to the styles of the four movements of "Period of Destruction," "Enemy Attack" had layer upon layer of the keyed-up tension of a crisis. It made listeners feel as if their nerves were frayed.

"Counteroffensive" showcased the power and grandeur of strings and woodwinds, creating a thick and heroic feel. Just by solely listening to the sounds produced from the stereo equipment, one was able to feel the mind-numbing killer intent hitting them straight in the face.

And "Legion" was an ever-fashionable march advancing step by step, an upbeat tune that stirred up the will of the people.


Listening to these songs brought about a really pleasant feeling, like having a steam hot pot on a cold winter day.


Although these three pieces had completely different tunes than the movements of the "100-Year Period of Destruction" series, people listening could tell right away that the songs had been created by the same composer!

If these three songs had played at the start, many seniors in the music industry would surely have thought, Fang Zhao is still relying on his old methods and only has this style. However, after listening to the first three songs and then appreciating the ones that followed, all they could do was sigh ruefully. "This little fella is really remarkable indeed!"

But the piece that totally changed people's opinion of Fang Zhao was the ninth song, the second-to-last piece for the concert: "Encore/An Ke."

"Encore? An additional song?" Zaro bemusedly looked at the title of the ninth song shown on the list. Noticing Barbara looking over, he hurriedly said, "Oh right, I think it has something to do with the significance of life?"

After he spoke, Zaro thought that he had been intellectually profound and felt particularly pleased with himself. In the end, all he saw was a look of disdain from Barbara.

Could he have been wrong?

Unconvinced, Zaro flipped through the electronic song list and read the information on the inspiration behind this piece.

"A name? Encore is a person's name?" Zaro mumbled to himself as he wore a befuddled expression.

Behind him, Zaro's agent sighed soundlessly. This is the result of opening one's mouth without knowing anything, you big idiot! In hushed tones, Zaro's agent explained, "Senior Master, the title on the song list and the representative person's name are written differently." 

Zaro flipped the song list back to check the title of the ninth song. Indeed, the words used were different from the song title.

However, Zaro was thick skinned and did not feel embarrassed at all. On the contrary, he acted as though he had just discovered a big secret. "That means to say this song was written for a newborn baby girl?"

"Er... According to the background description, that seems like the case," Zaro's agent replied.

Stage lights alternated. This time, there was no concrete image that appeared. Yellowish-orange ripple-like patterns appeared in the background. 

The strumming of a zither could be heard.

The prelude was gentle. Simple, crisp piano notes leaped around in the hearts of listeners.

A violin created an auspicious and peaceful vibe, like the first ray of sunlight emerging from the clouds in the early morning after a night full of heavy showers and warming the depths of one's heart.

From the tranquil concerto of violin and piano, a billowing surge emerged.

Continuous string tones were like a gust of wind flitting across a stream at dawn, rushing through the forests and gradually clambering up. With some bumps, it finally steered clear of the mountain tops and flew over the wilderness, finally soaring in the boundless sky. This was a tune of majestic freedom!

It felt as if something was passing very quickly, but it wasn't time.

It wasn't very fierce, nor was it heavy. It embodied warmth and radiance, like anticipating an answer that had been brewing over time.

To explain it generally, this song was like an unseen spring water, carefully and continuously permeating into the heart, and when one regained their senses, the heart was already crammed full.

The music contained too many emotions, yet when these emotions seemed to be on the verge of overflowing, they were suppressed.

Even Xue Jing had a flabbergasted look on his face after listening to it.

"This... was composed by Fang Zhao?"

"Listening to the other songs and then listening to this makes me... very surprised."

"It sounds a little similar to the style of that Ha Wen we heard a few months ago, that student of Ming Cang's."

"No, it is different from Ha Wen's."

Ha Wen's music style was like a thin never-ending stream: warm, gentle, and exquisite. On the other hand, Fang Zhao's diverged from this sort of tranquility with a splendid halo. It was seemingly clear and simple, yet it had a stunning effect that could not be described in words!

As soon as the song ended, Ha Wen clapped vigorously, laughing while shaking his head as if he had seen something unimaginable. Turning to his wife beside him, he praised Fang Zhao. "A really impressive junior! He really is remarkable!"

Over in the VIP booths, Zaro was also sighing emotionally. When my own children are born, I will also get him to compose a song. As he thought about it, he felt wronged. Why hadn't his own father gotten someone to compose a song for him when he had been born?

After lamenting, Zaro habitually glanced over to see the situation in the room next door, but he realized that the people there were pacing about. This puzzled Zaro.

Before, the room had been slightly quieter, and even when there had been movement, it had only been one person walking about, probably a bodyguard or assistant serving tea or something. But now, it seemed as if they had something they needed to do.

Could it be they can't hold it in any longer and want to head to the washroom? Zaro thought to himself with his warped sense of humor.

As for Barbara, after listening to the ninth song, she had a blank expression on her face. Afterward, she picked up her notebook and wrote down two lines before stopping, as though she was hesitating. Finally, she resolved herself.

She had decided to purchase this song!

Beckoning her assistant over, Barbara issued her instructions. "Contact..."

She had only said the first word in the sentence when she broke off.

Barbara stared at the electronic song list. On it, behind the title of the ninth song, "Encore," the originally hollow circle had become solid.

A hollow circle was a mark that meant the copyrights of that particular song had not yet been sold, while a solid circle meant that the rights had already been sold.

How long has it been since the ninth song concluded?

Has it even been a minute?!


Who was it that stole my target!?

If not for the fact that she had to uphold her elegant aristocratic image, Barbara would have flipped the table in front of her right now! 

Preposterous! To dare steal my goods!

However, right now, the matter had already reached this point. Barbara forcibly quelled the raging fire in her heart and put on an icy-cold face as she continued sitting there. After the concert ended, she would check it out. She wanted to see who exactly it was that had such quick fingers!

The concert's 10th and final piece was titled "Expedition." The image in the backdrop was of Baiji military district's airfield. This was one of the images that had been carefully handpicked by Shanta and sent over.

The opening three notes of "Expedition" were like the low-frequency warnings of a fog horn. It was as if the entire music hall was engulfed and jolted thrice. This established the song's main key.

Domineering, shocking!

That sort of warning sound was actually being simulated by instruments in the performance and was slightly different from an actual warning horn, yet every person who had served on Baiji knew that it signified that large numbers of transport ships or spacecraft nearby or within planet Baiji's airspace were prepared to take off or descend and that all unrelated personnel should clear the area.

The drum beats, nimble vibrations of the zither, and imposing blares of the trombone that were rousing up the audience's spirits converged to form music and, together with the image in the backdrop, made listeners feel as if they could see the countless flying crafts, both big and small, ascending and descending in planet Baiji's airspace. It was if the audience could see the massive expeditionary force on the faraway planet of Baiji!

With the music provoking the senses, each nerve seemed to be abnormally agitated, creating a rush of blood that seemed to boil over and turn to steam, spurting out from the open pores throughout the body. Even when one shut their eyes, they could still feel that majestic spectacle!

It was like an icebreaker, a combination of hard work and science charging straight ahead and smashing through layer upon layer of thick ice as it broke through and took a foray into space!

From one planet to another, from one galaxy to another.

Our military, fiery and passionate, advancing bravely, conquering the unknown sea of stars!

At Baiji military district base headquarters.


Shanta slapped his palm forcefully onto the coffee table beside. Laughing heartily, he said, "This is it! Get it!"

Actually, when the three instrument-simulated warning horns had sounded, Shanta had already wanted to slap his hand on the table. However, he had felt that, as the grand commanding officer, he could not act too impulsively and had held himself until the end of the song before bringing his hand down.

"Contact Fang Zhao..." Considering it again, Shanta said, "Contact Silver Wing... Forget it, Hong Lou, you go speak to your wife!"

Hong Lou, who was seated beside Shanta: "..."

Silver Wing was the managing company for Fang Zhao's concert and was handling the operations and sales of copyrights. Anybody wishing to purchase the songs would have to contact Silver Wing for negotiations. Thus, Shanta wanted Hong Lou to contact Duan Qianji. Directly liaising with the big boss was much more efficient, and they might be able to get a preferential rate.

Hong Lou sighed. He didn't have a choice, so he returned to his own office, picked up the communications device, and called Duan Qianji. Of course, he knew roughly how much Fang Zhao's works were worth on the market and also knew that if Baiji military district wanted a song copyright, Duan Qianji would surely give a discounted price, mainly because he, Hong Lou, was here. It wouldn't be good to offend Shanta. It was better to go along with Shanta's wishes. It wasn't that they were afraid of Shanta but rather that there wasn't any need to cause tension. On a larger scale of things, one song score was just a small matter.

This time, Duan Qianji would have to earn less of a profit.

At present, Duan Qianji was looking at the evaluations industry insiders were giving for Fang Zhao's concert. Seeing their acknowledgment of the concert, she was glad. She was happy for Fang Zhao and delighted at the pieces that would be sold off at decent prices.

After this, Fang Zhao's status within the industry would once again swell.

It was at this moment that Duan Qianji received the incoming call from Hong Lou. She wondered why Hong Lou was contacting her at this time; could it be to congratulate her?

Accepting the call, Duan Qianji saw Hong Lou's guilt-ridden face.

Hong Lou said, "Dear wife, I'm sorry!"

Duan Qianji's hands trembled slightly, and the smile nearly fell off her face.

The moment she heard the end of his sentence, Duan Qianji knew that he was talking about the last song in Fang Zhao's concert tonight: "Expedition."

Silently exhaling, Duan Qianji cursed in her heart. I thought you'd had an extramarital affair!

"Your Baiji military district wishes to purchase it?" Duan Qianji asked.

"Mmhm. Shanta has said he wants to get the last song."

"All right, got it. The price will be negotiated later on. Let me first make a note." As she spoke, Duan Qianji changed the hollow circle behind "Expedition" to a solid one.

At the same time, people in the music hall holding the electronic song list realized that even before the curtain call, yet another song had been reserved.In chinese encore is also pronounced An Ke but the words used are different
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