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Swallowed Star 1287 The Three Races Were Defeated

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To the united force of the three races, there was a sudden twist of events on the battlefield.
Indeed, it was disastrous for them. The humans' counterattack consisted of a series of repeated attacks, putting their force at an advantageous position. The united forces of the three races were about to suffer a crushing defeat!
Ancient God Eye appeared suddenly to suppress the most powerful troop within the united force of the three races—the combined troop of 80 universe masters.
The combined attack by over 50 godly bodies, all of whom had powers at a universe master level, was enough to send the entire force on Father God's side flying back. They were driven to immediate retreat without being able to render help to the two demon ancestors at all!
Golden horned beast body suddenly appeared! Shortly after, it joined Luo Feng's original body, Peng Gong, and more than 50 godly bodies. The resulting attack sent Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor flying into the distance right away.
At the most critical moment, Star Tower finally appeared! It was executing its ability to "swallow and suppress." Originally, the 16 universe masters—who, in fact, had a total of 18 godly bodies—had been hiding within the vessel. With their powers combined, they could resist the suction force of Star Tower. However, at the deepest area of the black hole of the deep abyss within Star Tower, there was still a drop of godly blood!
For this war, the most important troop within the united force of the three races was the one consisting of 80 universe masters in Empress Palace. To prevent accidents from happening, almost all of those with the willpower of top-tier universe masters and universe supreme masters were included in this troop of 80 universe masters. This was the reason why, out of the 16 universe masters within the vessel that Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor were protecting, only one had the willpower at the ultimate limit of a universe master. The rest were not up to this standard.
So, in the face of an impact by that "godly blood," as many as half the members of their troop were knocked unconscious on the spot. Three went weak at the knees. Only one managed to resist the impact of that willpower and continued to stay awake! But only one managed to unleash an outburst of his normal combat power. How was he able to resist the suction of Star Tower at the same time?
Even if this vessel, which belonged to Shock Demon Ancestor, was manipulated by him from afar, there was no way he could put up a resistance concurrently. After all, even if Shock Demon Ancestor had control over one palace supreme true treasure, when pitted against Luo Feng's Star Tower, it would, at most, be equivalent to Star Tower. He was merely able to control this pinnacle true treasure palace, so there was naturally no way he could put up any resistance.
"No, Demon Ancestor." The cabin doors opened, and two figures flew out. They wanted to escape, yet they felt like a small wooden boat that had fallen into a vast ocean whirlpool. No matter how they struggled, they could not resist the gravitational force at all.
Everything was sucked into the Star Tower, including the vessel that was a pinnacle true treasure palace—and the two universe masters who had flown out.
Silence returned.
Far away, in the void space of the dark universe, there were numerous universe supreme masters either in their original bodies or their avatars. There were also universe masters deployed by various groups, some of whom were acquaintances who were familiar with one another and were chatting or exchanging their views when they met up. However, the moment they saw that the tables were turned and the situation was worsening, they were completely shocked.
The situation had been reversed. And it was a major reversal!
The united force of the three races was banished to the bottomless deep abyss! They had lost! A crushing defeat!
"They actually lost!" Out of the numerous universe supreme masters who were scattered all over, Sitting Mountain Guest, who sat cross-legged on the cyan mountain peak, registered a shocked expression on his face as he sighed and lamented, "How surprising. So surprising."
"Lost? The united force of the three races actually lost?" The purple-robed figure also lamented with a sigh. "The situation is going to become troublesome. The united force of the three races has suffered a great loss this time. They have lost too many universe masters. Indeed, this is a disaster. And the human force owns a true treasure possessing impactful willpower. This will deprive the group of universe masters of the united force of any possible grounds of unleashing their power. Without the help of that group of universe masters, the four universe supreme masters alone will definitely not be enough to fight the entire human force."
The old beast god shook his head with a sigh. "Hopeless. The united force of the three races has been defeated. It is impossible for them to even try to struggle."
What a devastating defeat.
The huge, winding black monster let out a piercing voice. "Many have died. Haha! Shock Horn and Dream Tea, that pair of bastards. The demons should have known that working with them would eventually lead to their downfall."
A ball of flame let out a voice. "Lost. They have lost to the impactful willpower of that true treasure within the human force."
"Right, that true treasure with its impactful willpower."
"That true treasure was the reason the situation was reversed. The troop consisted of universe masters with the strongest powers, and yet, they were all rendered useless by that true treasure."
The numerous universe supreme masters were all sighing.
"Just what kind of a true treasure is that?"
"We are too far away, and the power within the battlefield is under too much fluctuation. There is no way we can get a clear view. And the impact of willpower is intangible. There is no way to judge what kind of true treasure is causing it. But… judging from the reaction of the group of universe masters of the united force of the three races, they must have met with the impact of that willpower."
"Hasn't anyone noticed Star Tower?"
"Star Tower!"
"Of course, I see it. It's just that I had not expected it to be in the hands of the human race. And it seems like Luo Feng is the one controlling it!"
"Oh, Star Tower. Previously, we all have tried our best, but no one was able to control it. Who would have expected that it would fall into Luo Feng's hands?"
The numerous universe supreme masters started lamenting and shaking their heads amidst sighs. The power of Star Tower was undoubtedly extremely strong. The only problem was, in the past, no one was able to get it to recognize them as its master.
Such a supreme true treasure. A palace type, indeed. Such palace type true treasures were extremely rare, to start with! In the entire primal universe, with all the universe supreme masters put together, those who owned a palace supreme true treasure might add up to only two! Yet, in this war, the humans first presented Black Prison Tower, which had originally belonged to East Emperor Holy Land. Then, they revealed that they had Star Tower, a true treasure that had previously recognized no master.
"The human force is so powerful. They have such a big group of universe masters! And… they have a rod type attack supreme true treasure and two palace supreme true treasures! Especially that Luo Feng. That Luo Feng in his original human body, together with his golden horned beast body! Both with combat power at sixth tier as the top level! I have long heard of him having a beast body, and he also has that Mosha body that previously made an appearance. Come to think of it, it may be because he seized his golden horned beast body from his winnings. Thus, he was able to subsequently divide himself into three different bodies! Both the original body and the other body are able to unleash an outburst of combat power at the sixth-tier level."
"True, that Luo Feng's human original body and that other golden horned beast body are both capable of unleashing combat powers at the sixth-tier as the top level. Could it be that his blade and that pair of wings are both supreme true treasures, too? This is… too many treasures.
"This Luo Feng has actually received the inheritance of the pulse of Duan Dong River. He has met with such a great opportunity that you can never envy enough. It might not necessarily be a supreme true treasure. He has previously broken through the basic inheritance of the blade and seized the inheritance of the pulse of Duan Dong River! Based on the information I know… previously, when he broke through the basic inheritance, he was already able to create a secret technique at the level of a universe supreme master. Judging by his blade technique, I supposed his blade technique is also already at the level of a universe supreme master."
For ordinary universe masters to show power at the sixth tier, they would need to rely on their godly power. A godly power of 10,000 times of life genes would activate the secret engravings on their supreme true treasures, which would allow them to execute the secret technique at the level of a universe supreme master.
And Luo Feng… Even without the help of a supreme true treasure, he could already execute a secret technique at the level of a universe supreme master, which was his own creation! If he really was a universe master with 10,000 times life genes… even without a supreme true treasure, so long as he executed Nirvana Renaissance, he could still achieve an outburst of combat power at the level of the sixth tier as the top. His only disadvantage was that his godly power was a notch weaker.
Theoretically, his ability was only at a fifth-tier top level. Relying on Blood Ghost Blade, he managed to make it to the sixth tier as the top level. Relying on the white pair of wings, he barely made it to the sixth tier, so he needed to execute Extermination to achieve an outburst of power at a sixth tier as the top level.
"Old Beast God… That Luo Feng has a golden horned beast body. Why aren't you showing any reaction to it?"
"Since this golden horned beast that he won could allow him to cultivate another body, it also means that this golden horned beast has yet to become undying. My Space Beast Alliance… those space beasts who are weaker are destined to live their lives wandering about the universe. Be it life or death, their fate lies within their control." The old Beast God said this in a leisure tone.
"I'm leaving!"
"This war is over!"
"Let's go."
"I had initially pinned my hopes on the united force of the three races to save us some effort. It seems like they are still not up to it. Now, it's time for me to start preparing well."
The numerous universe supreme masters went still for a moment. Shortly after, they all left the dark universe. Those universe masters who were secretly observing the situation from afar also started to leave one by one.
After Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor were blown off in the air, they were fast in returning without delay, but they were still too late.
"Humans!" Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor yelled and roared. They were extremely angry.
"They all deserve to die!" Father God of the automaton race was also extremely angry.
"Loathsome, detestable humans! Revolting." Empress appeared outside her palace that in the distance. Her face also registered rage.
The four universe supreme masters of the three races were indeed at the apex of their anger.
Hovering in a horizontal manner amidst the void space by the cabin doors of the Boat of Mausoleum was none other than Ancient God Eye. It was still sweeping the surroundings repeatedly, as it consistently maintained a sharp eye that was directed at Empress Palace. The moment that group of 62 universe masters dared to step foot out of Empress Palace, they would be in danger of being swept under the impact of the willpower of this Ancient God Eye.
"Hahaha…" Luo Feng laughed heartily.
In midair, the huge, lofty Star Tower rapidly shrunk and directly landed on the golden horned beast's back. Golden horned beast carried Star Tower on its back. Beside it was Luo Feng with his silver wings widespread. Further down the row was Peng Gong Master, who was holding onto Yan Jun Rod, and from afar, Black Prison Tower was making its way over. Behind them all was the massive Boat of Mausoleum whose length spanned a distance of ten billion kilometers.
"Do you all still want to go on with another round of battle?" Luo Feng shouted.
"Demons, bug clan, automaton race!" Peng Gong Master also shouted out. "If you three races still want to go on for another round, we are most willing to oblige."
The united forces of the three races were so angry that they were on the verge of going crazy. But looking at Black Prison Tower, then looking over to Star Tower being carried on the back of that golden horned beast, these were two palace type true treasures they were talking about! Besides—those who had some prior bits of information could easily deduce that that golden horned beast body was likely Luo Feng's other body.
Luo Feng's original body and other bodies were all equipped with combat power at a sixth tier as the top level! This was the same as Peng Gong's combat power! In terms of the sixth tier as the top level combat power, the human race fared pretty well.
Besides, it also had a large troop of universe masters. And a treasure with impactful willpower that could suppress the power of the opposing united force of three races, so that they could not unleash their full potential. And the human race also had two palace type supreme true treasures!
"Humans, you won only because you had supreme true treasures!" Shock Demon Ancestor bellowed. "That's about it!" He was, certainly, at the apex of his rage.
"Hahaha! What a great joke."
Luo Feng held out his left hand, and Star Tower, which was beside him, flew right to the middle of his palm where it remained suspended in the air. Luo Feng laughed with gaiety as he said, "Being able to seize supreme true treasures is also an ability! Just like the inheritance of the pulse of Duan Dong River, within the entire Universe Ocean, who would not have heard about it… Everyone obviously came for it, but I, Luo Feng, was the one who won it. This is what we call an ability. Don't be such a bad sport! If not for Father God of the automaton race who hid himself in that black sphere and refused to come out. It must have been afraid that the group of universe masters under its protection would be sucked over by us humans once and for all."

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