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“Boss Yuan, one serving of Phoenix-Tail Prawns,” the voice of Man Man was clear and melodious, sounding light and pleasant, just like the cakes she cooked.

“OK. One moment, please.” acknowledging her request, Yuan Zhou went to the kitchen and began to prepare the ingredients.

“Boss Yuan, your movements are becoming more and more handsome every day.” while holding the head in both hands, Man Man looked carefully at the prawns peeled cautiously by Yuan Zhou with a look of admiration.

“I can’t speak for his handsomeness, but in all seriousness, the food’s truly delicious.” Wu Hai said as he left.

“Humm, prawns are my favorite, but are those garnishes also delicious too?” Man Man asked curiously.

“They’re great. You’ll know after you taste them.” Wu Hai said cryptically.

“Apart from keeping people in suspense, have you learned nothing from Boss Yuan?” Man Man couldn’t help but ridicule him.

“Ha Ha, little girls are so funny to talk to.” he laughed and waved his hands before walking out of the restaurant.

During the conversation between Man Man and Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou finished cooking the Phoenix-Tail Prawns and carried the dish out to her, “Your Phoenix-Tail Prawns.”

Without taking off the mask, Yuan Zhou continued saying, “Why are you so generous today?”

“Of course. I got a big order today. The dish is a kind of celebration to me.” Man Man said with a complacent tone.

“Do you wanna eat anything else then? How about an Herbal Tea Egg?” Yuan Zhou asked earnestly.

“Ho Ho. Boss Yuan, you must be joking.” Man Man gave him a hollow laugh, pretending she didn’t hear anything, and then started eating the prawns without any hesitation.

Sitting at the side, Zhao Yingjun carried the bowl up to his mouth and drank all the remaining broth. He couldn’t help heaving a sigh.

“I feel that I have changed my entire point of view towards noodles.” touching his bloated belly, Zhao Yingjun said in satisfaction.

He looked around but didn’t see Wu Zhou, and so asked, “Where did Wu Zhou go?”

“He left.” Yuan Zhou answered.

“I think I remember him saying he’ll go out and wait for me just now,” after scratching his head, Zhao Yingjun stood up and turned around preparing to leave. It wasn’t until he’d almost reached the entrance that he realized he’d forgotten something. He turned and said to Yuan Zhou, “Thank you, Boss Yuan.”

Yuan Zhou’s response was merely a nod, indicating he had received the gratitude.

After raising his wrist and checking the time, Yuan Zhou began the daily announcement, “Business hours are almost over. Anyone still without a seat please comes back next time.”

Once he said that, many shouts and complaints were heard. However, they were only complaints about the short business hours and at most requests to lengthen the opening times. Which one of them did not know of Yuan Zhou’s nickname of “Compass”, and that he would never compromise even a single inch?

“Lucky I moved quickly.” while blissfully eating the Phoenix-Tail Prawns, Man Man patted on her chest thankfully. She suddenly felt the Phoenix-Tail Prawns in her mouth became more appetizing.

Man Man was a girl, and moreover a girl who could cook cakes. She always succumbed to beautiful things, especially towards the carved flowers that looked every bit the same as real ones. Even if they were inedible, she would still probably give them a try. Now that they actually were edible, she would definitely be the first to taste them.

Thus the sigh just now was simply because she’d tasted the flavor of the garnishes. She felt as if she had swallowed a real flower with a sweet aroma and refreshing flavor. It was truly a fantastic experience.

In the end, Man Man began to eat the Phoenix-Tail Prawns only after she finished eating the decorative sculpted flowers. Her theory was, “Save the best for last. Only that way can it be enjoyed to its fullest.”

“Prawns worth more than 1000 RMB are truly remarkable.” at last, Man Man touched her belly and said in fond reminiscence.

“Yes. Time is up.” Yuan Zhou started to expel the customers, lacking any sense of romance.

“I know, I know. Compass, right?” paying little attention to Yuan Zhou’s words, she leisurely walked out of Yuan Zhou’s restaurant.

“Don’t be late in the evening.” Yuan Zhou nodded to Mu Xiaoyun, signaling she could leave now.

“I won’t, boss.” Mu Xiaoyun nodded earnestly and likewise left the restaurant.

Looking at Mu Xiaoyun turn the corner, Yuan Zhou shut the door and prepared to go upstairs to rest.

At this time, the system finally appeared again after a long time of silence.

[Third Stage of the Mission] Restaurant Fame over Ten Thousand

(Mission tips, as a chef possessing the Master Chef System, you must keep striving to enhance your culinary skills. Young man, go and increase the fame of the restaurant past ten thousand.)

(Note, self-advertising is not allowed.)

[Time of Mission] Thirty Days (starting from tomorrow)

[Reward of Mission] Methods of Cooking Rice

(Mission status, 7000/10000, unfinished)

Every time he saw such instructions, Yuan Zhou couldn’t help complaining, “System, do you realize that your instructions are totally without any context?”

The system displayed, “Please accept the system’s encouragement.”

“Humph, thank you so much for your kind encouragement.” Yuan Zhou said snappily.

The system displayed, “You are welcome. Host, please work hard to improve.”


Now, Yuan Zhou finally experienced the awkward feeling his customers had, being made speechless by the system. It was truly impressive and powerful.

After stroking his bangs, Yuan Zhou calmed down and began to focus on the mission, “Can the fame come from the internet or does it have to be in reality?”

The system read, “As long as a person has some basic knowledge about the restaurant it is ok.”

“There must be a degree of “some” knowledge. So what’s the level of knowledge needed?” Yuan Zhou clearly asked about the bottom line of the mission, matter-of-factly.

The system displayed, “Some knowledge about the restaurant includes first and foremost, to know about the approximate location and secondly, to know at least one dish served by the restaurant.”

“Understood.” Yuan Zhou nodded subconsciously, indicating he understood.

However, where the fame would come from was yet another problem. If self-publicizing was not allowed, the target could only be achieved by words of mouth, as was mentioned by the system. In this case, he needed sufficient time to be able to achieve it without scrambling around.

Yuan Zhou checked the mission carefully and eventually discovered that there was a time limit of 1 month. If so, he would need to work very hard.

Just when he’d barely thought of working hard, he recalled the damn system ‘encouragement’ and instantly became annoyed.

“I’d better have a rest first. After all, I have to work hard in the evening.” in the next second, Yuan Zhou thought of an approach that was somewhat plausible and prepared to implement it during dinner.

“Dong Dong Dong”

Yuan Zhou walked upstairs to his bedroom, preparing to take a nap.

It was the afternoon. The Maltese with mixed fur colors was lying prone on the ground at the entrance of Yuan Zhou’s restaurant.

“Little honey, why do you always stay here? Let’s go to my home, shall we?”

It was the grandma whom Yuan Zhou had encountered when he previously fed the Maltese with the broth. She was now taking a ham sausage to coax the Maltese that seemed as if were guarding.

The dog, however, was as aloof as before, totally ignoring her.

“Be good. Eat the ham sausage and go home with me. Then you can sleep in warm doghouse later.” seeing the Maltese with mixed fur colors unmoving, the grandma had only to give up. Still, she put the ham sausage on the ground in front of the dog.

As for the Maltese, it had indeed ignored the grandma, but not the food. Otherwise, how could it have strength to be a guard?

“Little honey, it’s good as long as you eat.” the grandma said delightedly.

She had actually found the mixed-fur Maltese just after Yuan Zhou had. Seeing the miserable and alert puppy, she knew it must have been abandoned. With a burst of compassion, she tried to help the dog out and even thought of taking it to the vet.

After she consulted about the price, however, the grandma gave up. Upon seeing the photos of the dog, the vet told her frankly that it suffered from a skin disease, which would probably require thousands of RMB to be properly cured.

The high cost directly put out any intent the grandma had of adopting the dog. However, she still didn’t have the heart to leave it uncared for, and therefore came back to feed it every few days. Gradually, she discovered the skin disease was slowly disappearing without any treatment and the old wounds were again covered with healthy long strands of fur. Now that the dog had recovered and appeared extraordinarily cute and lovable, the grandma, again, came to expect to adopt it and raise it as her own.

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