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The person muttering was none other than Chen Wei who had finally decided to come. He muttered softly, yet the two girls had still heard him.

"We are not twins," said the two girls with serious expressions.

"Oh, sorry. My bad," Chen Wei blushed and promptly apologized.

"It's fine," the two girls replied together.

Then, they turned and found a seat. After sitting down, they prepared to order.

Chen Wei heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the two girls turning around. The pressure he felt when being stared down by two girls was comparable to the pressure of facing a lion or tiger.

At the very least, he could probably fight those beasts, but he would have to accept defeat if he had to face the two girls.

"P*ssy," Ling Hong said with contempt.

Chen Wei turned a deaf ear to this and completely ignored him. He focused on eating instead.

"I told you this place is not bad. See?" said the girl in a yellow cloak with a smug look.

"Up till this point, everything looks good. But that might not remain till the end," the girl in a red cloak said while anxiously looking around.

"There won't be any problems. Don't worry," the girl in a yellow cloak patted her chest and confidently declared.

They then started talking about something unknown. They were so engrossed in the discussion they did not even notice Zhou Jia arriving at their table.

Zhou Jia stood there and waited for a while. When she saw that more and more customers were coming, she spoke, "I'm sorry. What would you like to eat?"

"Sorry. Two Egg Fried Rices, please. Thank you," they blushed and immediately ordered.

"Don't worry. Are you paying in cash or fund transfer?" Zhou Jia shook her head with a smile and asked.

"Fund transfer. We already transferred," the girl in a yellow cloak showed Zhou Jia her phone.

"Ok. Please be seated," Zhou Jia nodded and moved on to other customers.

"The girl here is so gentle," said the girl in a yellow cloak, happiness filling her face.

"Jin Xiaoyu, can you not get smitten with someone at a time like this?" said the girl in a red cloak with a helpless expression.

"Ok. Look, it has been 2 minutes and 30 seconds since we entered," said Jin Xiaoyu while putting on a serious expression after she checked the time.

"Yeah, it has been quite a while. Looks like it's working nicely," the girl in a red cloak said in a pleasant surprise.

"See, I'm right," Jin Xiaoyu said, still with the same smug look.

"Yeah yeah yeah. Xiaoyu is right, but don't dress in yellow next time," the girl in a red cloak complained.

"Yeah, I know," Jin Xiaoyu nodded, seemingly unconcerned.

"No matter what, you are no longer allowed to wear yellow when coming out with me. Yellow attracts the most mosquitoes," the girl in a red cloak firmly said.

"Yes, I got it, mosquito boss that will be bitten by mosquitoes even during winter," Jin Xiaoyu teased.

That's right. There was a reason Jin Xiaoyu suggested this restaurant. There were no mosquitoes here and the girl in a red cloak seemed capable of attracting mosquitoes wherever she went.

Basically, mosquitoes would normally ignore anyone going out with her and focused only on her alone. Even mosquito repellents would not work. Moreover, this remained constant throughout the four seasons.

From this, one could see how much mosquitoes favored the girl in a red cloak. She often said that after living for 20 years, mosquitoes were the ones that loved her most. In all occasions, they would always pay extra attention on her.

Jin Xiaoyu was of the opinion that since Yuan Zhou's restaurant was such a popular place, there would definitely be little mosquitoes here. That was the origin of their trip here.

To put it simply, the two were here to run from mosquitoes.

"I can't believe this restaurant has actually accomplished what the other high-class restaurants failed. Looks like we can hang out here in the future," lamented the girl in a red cloak.

"Haha, sure. I heard the desserts here are super nice as well. But Boss Yuan doesn't make desserts often," Jin Xiaoyu nodded her head in agreement.

"The only thing you know is to eat," said the girl in a red cloak, a helpless look on her face.

The two talked, and shortly after, their food arrived.

"Please enjoy your meal," Zhou Jia said after serving the Egg Fried Rices.

"Thanks," the girl in a red cloak thanked with a smile.

Ta. Ta. Ta. Zhou Jia walked away. The girl in a red cloak looked at the golden and alluring rice in front of her and started sighing.

"I can finally focus purely on eating."

"Yeah, there won't be any mosquitoes disturbing you," Jin Xiaoyu knew what to say at the right time.

Then, the two smiled at each other and in a synchronous manner, they started digging into their food.

"A girl that attracts mosquitoes," Yuan Zhou placed the orders down and gave the two girls a glance before continuing with his cooking.

Meanwhile, the two people that were in an argument finally decided to look for Yuan Zhou.

"Master Yuan, which theory do you think is right?" Master Cheng asked.

Of course, Master Cheng asked when Yuan Zhou was just done cooking a dish. He did not disturb Yuan Zhou while he was in the midst of cooking. He knew what line to not cross.

"Yeah. Compass, which do you think is right?" Wu Hai asked as well.

Yuan Zhou did not stop what he was doing. After seriously setting the plate down, he raised his head to look at the two.

"You don't want to learn anymore?" Yuan Zhou expressionlessly asked Master Cheng.

Then, he looked at Wu Hai. Before he could even say anything, Wu Hai immediately sat back down and said, "I'm here to eat. Time to order. Zhou Jia, come, time to order."

Master Cheng was stumped by this question. He looked at Yuan Zhou, embarrassment on his face.

"I will work hard to learn," Master Cheng inhaled deeply and solemnly answered.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and continued cooking.

Yuan Zhou was not a person that knew how to reconcile their argument. He did not have the capability or the EQ required to do that anyway. Therefore, he used suppression on them instead.

Of course, what he did was quite effective.

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"The lunchtime of today has come to an end. See you again," Yuan Zhou wiped his hands and said to the customers.

This was an official end of lunchtime.

Ta. Ta. Ta. Footsteps sounded as the customers all left, leaving Yuan Zhou alone in the restaurant.

He then turned on the pipe to wash his hands.

"Looks like I have been working tirelessly recently. Why am I feeling sleepy again?" Yuan Zhou yawned.

After washing his hands, Yuan Zhou opened the back door and as he had decided to go pay Broth a visit while trying to get rid of his sleepiness.

However, the completely empty spot told Yuan Zhou that Broth was not around as well.

"That fellow must have gone looking for his girlfriend," Yuan Zhou complained.

"Spring has arrived and even Broth has gotten a girlfriend. But I am still being bothered by spring fatigue," Yuan Zhou lamented. Suddenly, he spoke to the system.

"System, I think you should provide me with some tea leaves as well," Yuan Zhou said, his tone firm.

The system completely ignored this random request.

"I phased the question wrongly. I need some fresh tea leaves," Yuan Zhou started scheming.

"As a future Master Chef, I have to be independent enough to process my own tea leaves instead of relying on the system to give me processed tea leaves, right?" Yuan Zhou continued righteously.

"To reach the goal of being a Master Chef, system, please provide me with fresh tea leaves. I will process them personally," Yuan Zhou resolutely said.

The system displayed, "It has been provided. Please check and receive it."

The smile of a person whose scheme had succeeded crept onto Yuan Zhou's face.
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