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"This is so embarrassing," Yuan Zhou grumbled while carrying the bowl and looking at the two dogs.

"I'd better buy dog food for you next time since you are so good at flaunting your relationship." Yuan Zhou was quite speechless.

"Forget it. Let me try some food to get over the shock." Yuan Zhou lowered his head and ate a mouthful of rice straightforwardly.

However, that wasn't a bad thing for him. Yuan Zhou was originally too sad to eat anything, but now, he suddenly had a good appetite. He couldn't just watch the two dogs flaunting their relationships in his face and do nothing.

In other words, he managed to turn the grief and indignation into a good appetite. Yuan Zhou then enjoyed the meal very much.

He naturally had to eat it enjoyably since the two dogs were eating so intimately in his face.

"Fortunately, I cooked a lot. Otherwise, it won't be enough for you two," Yuan Zhou couldn't help but ridicule.

The two dogs outside the door enjoyed the beef soup so much that they emitted the slurping sounds of the beef soup ceaselessly.

Accompanied by the two dogs, however, Yuan Zhou suddenly ate up all the dishes on the table including the food in his parents' bowls.

In that way, it could be considered to be a family reunion.

After lunch, Yuan Zhou continued to clean the restaurant. But this time, he was going to clean his and his parents' room on the second floor.

After a sound of "Zhi Ya", Yuan Zhou opened his parents' room that was beside his.

"It still looks the same as before," Yuan Zhou looked at the furnishings in the room and sighed with emotion gently.

The furniture was no longer as dusty as when the restaurant was opened at the beginning. Instead, it had a sense of stagnation, as if the time had been frozen.

Looking at the quilt cover with peony patterns that he had just changed, Yuan Zhou couldn't help smiling gently.

You will definitely like this color as it looks really pleasant, thought Yuan Zhou secretly.

"Tomorrow will be the first day of the Chinese New Year, so I'm going to remove all this dust today to welcome the Chinese New Year's," after saying that, Yuan Zhou rolled up his sleeves and began to wipe the furniture.

Along with the sound of "Ping Ling Pang Lang", Yuan Zhou did the cleaning very carefully.

While he was cleaning the room, Yuan Zhou didn't forget to say something, though he appeared a little insane by muttering to himself.

"By the way, I do hope you can help me to find a wife in the coming new year. I don't have too many requirements. It's fine as long as she is fair-skinned, good-looking, and capable of earning a lot of money. Also, she must have long legs and a sweet personality," said Yuan Zhou smilingly.

Time passed very soon. After Yuan Zhou finished cleaning the room and washed up, it had turned dark outside.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yuan Zhou stepped on the stairs and went downstairs then.

"The night falls earlier and earlier each day. It's not even 6:00 p.m." Yuan Zhou looked outside through the window near the stairs.

However, the kitchen was still as bright as before like always. The lamplight felt warm and it was like spring indoors.

"I can't keep the door closed while eating," Yuan Zhou muttered to himself and then went up to open the door.

After a sound of "Hua La", the door was opened at once. The snows outside were immediately blown into the room.

"It actually snowed?" Yuan Zhou raised his head and looked up at the sky.

Under the lamplight, he looked towards the dark sky. The sparkling and crystal-clear little snowflakes were falling down from above. They fell down to the ground little by little and then disappeared instantly.

"Such light snow cannot pile up." Yuan Zhou turned around and went back to the restaurant, then.

"Let's eat Tangyuan tonight." Yuan Zhou immediately made up his mind what to eat for supper.

It was also the habit of his family to eat Tangyuan on the evening of Chinese New Year's Eve.

Yuan Zhou opened the door and then the bright lamplight passed through the door. Not long after that, a person walked into the restaurant.

On the evening of Chinese New Year's Eve.

"It actually snowed and is so cold," Wu Hai patted his own head and said.

"Happy Chinese New Year's Eve, Boss Yuan," as soon as Wu Hai turned around, he found Yuan Zhou looking at him. Immediately, he stroked his small mustaches and said smilingly.

"Thank you. Same to you too," Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Dear me! What delicious food are you cooking, Boss Yuan?" Wu Hai immediately craned his head to the front and looked toward the kitchen.

"Tangyuan," said Yuan Zhou, short and concisely.

"Tangyuan is good. This thing is really not bad." Wu Hai went up and got seated at once. He then started to praise, "I like eating Tangyuan best."

"Heihei. I knew Boss Yuan's restaurant would definitely be opened today."

"Happy Chinese New Year's Eve," said Chen Wei while walking up to him.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"You guys all came at this time of day?" After Sister Wan put away the umbrella, she looked at the two people in the restaurant and then said.

"Is this an appointment? Why are you all here?" Mr. Wei also walked into the restaurant with his daughter.

Wei Wei still followed behind Mr. Wei, just as usual. She was still a little lame and thus, was brought into the restaurant by Mr. Wei and got seated then.

Consequently, the originally quiet restaurant suddenly became boisterous.

"Huh, I seem to have arrived just in time," Ling Hong waved his hand to Yuan Zhou and then he grinned and said smilingly.

"Didn't you go back home to have a family dinner? Why did you suddenly come here?" Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong with puzzlement.

"I've finished the dinner, but I just didn't go to the party. So I come around to have a look," Ling Hong shrugged and said casually.

"What about you?" Wu Hai looked at Chen Wei who entered the restaurant after Ling Hong.

"I have no other way but to come to try my luck. All the restaurants on this street are closed tonight. Heihei," Chen Wei stroked his own head and said with a big smile.

"Don't look at me. I'm here for dinner," said Sister Wan softly.

"We specially come here to say Happy Chinese New Year's Eve to Boss Yuan,"

"Happy Chinese New Year's Eve to you too," Yuan Zhou suddenly answered.

"Why did you all come here on this special day? Why didn't you stay at home and welcome the new year?" Wu Hai was quite dissatisfied with them.

They had simply disturbed the "two people world" between Yuan Zhou and him. As known to all, the more people that came, the more people to fight for food with him.

"Then why didn't you go back?" Chen Wei asked back.

"I didn't want Boss Yuan to feel lonely, so I stayed." Actually, Wu Hai had only one relative, his younger sister. She was now carrying out a task in the army, so there was no need for him to go back alone.

Zheng Jiawei naturally must go back home to accompany his own parents.

"Both my parents had an accident when they were out on a mission. Do you guys want me to eat dinner facing their photos?" Chen Wei said meticulously.

Well, that was really convincing.

Mr. Wei couldn't help nodding his head. Each subsequent reason was more convincing than the other. He said, "It's Chinese New Year's Eve today, so I asked my daughter what she would like to eat. So, we came here."

While saying that, Mr. Wei shrugged helplessly. He had originally wanted to make an exhibition of his culinary skills in the face of his daughter, but it turned out to be so.

"We also came to try our luck. After all, it's Chinese New Year's Eve at this time of day. Frankly speaking, we didn't expect Boss Yuan's restaurant to be opened," Wei Wei also said happily and joyfully.

"I had a quarrel with my family," said Sister Wan simply.

The issue was known to all by those that knew her. She was gentle and beautiful, but still didn't have a boyfriend at the age of 35. Wasn't it quite normal for her to quarrel with her family?

People could never experience how depressing it was for an unmarried girl at the age of 35 to go back home and welcome the new year, even if she had a successful career.

Therefore, no one asked anymore from her.

Tangyuan is a kind of glutinous rice balls, looking similar to Yuanxiao. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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