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Jiang Changxi directly waved her hand impatiently and tasted the lonicera standishii without a break. The sweet and sour taste was her favourite.

"Sigh… I spoke in vain since I couldn't eat Boss Yuan's dishes." Zhou Sheng stood at the side and grumbled while looking at the customers with a bitter look.

That's right. Zhou Sheng attached special importance to the interview when he first came. He was dressed in a formal business suit and glistening leather shoes. Besides that, he even washed his hair carefully in the morning before he left home. Only after he put the resume in the document envelope meticulously did he come here for the interview spiritedly.

It was naturally Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship that made Zhou Sheng attach so much importance being a part-timer that only worked for one day.

Under the possibility that he might be able to eat Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship, Zhou Sheng naturally tried his best to apply for this part-time job.

Though he made it finally, it wasn't the result that he had expected.

The key problem was that he had boasted to others.

He had already told his friends that he would eat in Yuan Zhou's restaurant and have a chance to come into contact with Yuan Zhou.

"If I knew it would happen this way, I should have boasted after I ate. Now, it's only fruits and they weren't cooked by Boss Yuan. The taste definitely won't be that good." Zhou Sheng looked up at Yuan Zhou and felt a little annoyed inwardly.

He regretted that he had boasted too early but now he couldn't eat what he wanted. His heart felt tired.

"You don't need to do anything right now. Go to eat some fruits." Just as Zhou Sheng was regretting not being able to eat the delicacies, Yuan Zhou suddenly stood behind him and said lightly.

"No need. We'll have to add some more fruits shortly. I can stay here and add them when the time is right." Zhou Sheng turned around and said seriously.

Even if he couldn't eat the delicious dishes, Zhou Sheng still wanted to do good work.

After all, he wasn't here just to eat some fruits. In his opinion, the fruits provided for free wouldn't be as delicious as the dishes.

"No need. Go eat some." Yuan Zhou refused him directly.

"Well…" Zhou Sheng wanted to say something more when he was interrupted by Yuan Zhou.

"You'll have to clear them up after the tasting is done." Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

Of course, his meaning was quite explicit. He thought Zhou Sheng was too shy to eat the fruits. Therefore, he reminded Zhou Sheng that there was no need to be shy.

"Okay, Boss Yuan. Please call if you need me to do anything." Zhou Sheng agreed when he found that he had no way to refuse Yuan Zhou.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head. Seeing Zhou Sheng find a place casually and prepare to eat, Yuan Zhou began to wander around and prepared to add some more fruits.

"This is really strange. Is this pineapple?" There happened to be a plate of bright red fruit in front of the place where Zhou Sheng stood.

The fruit was cut into triangles and laid out on a leaf-shaped plate.

The middle of the plate was white and was surrounded by a circle of dark green outside. With the red fruit stacked up in the middle against the plate, it looked extraordinarily beautiful.

"There's actually red pineapple?" Zhou Sheng looked at the pineapple in the bowl curiously. It looked like the pineapple but the color didn't match.

"This is indeed the pineapple. It tastes very good." Wu Zhou reached out a hand from the side and picked a piece with a fork for his girlfriend. At the same time, he said to Zhou Sheng conveniently.

"Um. I just felt that the color was fairly strange." When Zhou Sheng found it was a customer, he changed his words.

"This is the Hawaii Royal Pineapple. I told you not to speak carelessly if you don't." Zhuang Xinmu smiled to Zhou Sheng at the side and then glared at Wu Zhou.

"Thank you." Zhou Sheng thanked her courteously. However, Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu's attention had already been diverted to each other.

Seeing that, Zhou Sheng just shrugged and started to taste it.

A fork had been prepared in the empty plate at the side. It was very special. There were tiny barbs on the top in case the fruit dropped.

"Pu Chi". Zhou Sheng pierced a piece of the pineapple easily with the folk.

"Hopefully, it isn't too sour." Zhou Sheng was just curious about this pineapple. He wasn't really looking forward to the taste that much.

Once the piece of pineapple entered his mouth, however, Zhou Sheng was stunned.

"Holy sh*t. Is this pineapple? It tastes like the pineapple juice." With Zhou Sheng's mouth full of the pineapple juice, he spoke with a lisp.

That's right. This piece of red pineapple was totally different from other kinds of pineapple. Though its bright color appeared a little strange, it tasted soft and juicy as if the sweet and sour juice could all be drawn out directly from the inside with a straw.

"Mmm… I've never expected that Boss Yuan would be so honest and frank." Zhou Sheng ate several pieces of the pineapple continuously and then sighed with emotion.

"Wait. I must take photos and send them to the chat group." Zhou Sheng took some photos of the remaining red pineapple from every direction.

Then, he took up his phone and started to send them to his chat group.

"It's the Hawaii Royal Pineapple. It's fresh, sweet and juicy and moreover super refreshing. You guys have absolutely never eaten it before." Zhou Sheng added a sentence for this picture with an irritating tone.

Zhou Sheng had originally intended to come and eat Yuan Zhou's dishes, but now he straightforwardly forgot those regretful feeling and immersed himself in the tastiness of various fruits.

Yuan Zhou had never introduced any of those fruits to Zhou Sheng. There wasn't even any information about them on the table.

Nevertheless, this was perfectly normal. After all, the background of these fruits wasn't even known to Yuan Zhou. How could he possibly introduce them to others?

For example, the bright-red pineapple in front. Even Jiang Changxi thought it was the Hawaii Royal Pineapple. But the answer Yuan Zhou received from the system showed that it was a kind of hybrid fruit that had been developed recently.

The purpose was to get the best taste and the most beautiful outward appearance.

"Boss Yuan really deserves his reputation. Even the fruits are so tasty." A customer sighed with emotion while eating.

"Of course. Boss Yuan is the most awesome chef." Huang Li chimed in at the side.

"Exactly. Some of the fruits are both novel and tasty. Most importantly, they are free." Another customer joked and smiled.

"Yes, yeah, yeah. It's so difficult to eat something free of charge in Boss Yuan's restaurant. After all, he is the well-known Compass who has never offered discounts. Furthermore, the customers can't even eat the same dish twice in a meal, either." Somebody ate another plate of the fruits immediately after one was finished. He said that with a look of satisfaction on his face.

"That's right. It's the very first time that I ate something until I got full in Boss Yuan's restaurant." Ling Hong stroked his belly while carrying a plate of the refreshing pear in his hand.

"Wait. Ling Hong, your words sound so familiar." Jiang Changxi said with puzzlement while she was eating a full plate of red pineapple.

"Because Wu Hai often says that." Chen Wei hit the nail on the head.


"Poor Wu Hai."

"Indeed. Though it is a rare chance for free fruits, he surprisingly can't eat it."

"I don't think he's worth pitying. Last time, he ate the fish slices prepared by Boss Yuan." Ling Hong was still dissatisfied with this matter.

"I can fully understand Brother Wu's mood. I just sent the photos of today's tasting to Brother Wu." Man Man waved her phone to others.

Man Man's behavior won everyone's thumbs-up and laughter.

Only Yuan Zhou still had some good conscience because he managed not to laugh out loud.

"Boss Yuan, how come you suddenly thought of holding the fruit tasting and even made it free of charge?" Jiang Changxi turned her head and asked curiously while looking at Yuan Zhou flirtatiously.

"I did that to express my gratitude to all customers' support." Yuan Zhou stood still and answered earnestly with a serious look.

Then, the customers who were eating in the restaurant all revealed a warm smile.

However, the system suddenly came out inappropriately and said a few words to Yuan Zhou.

The system displayed, "Shame on you!"

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