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"Alright. You win. I'm going to make biscuits for you." Yuan Zhou stood in front of Broth just like that. He had nearly gone through half a bag of beef jerky.

Only when Broth revealed no reaction at all did Yuan Zhou compromise.

Nevertheless, Broth just raised the head and looked at Yuan Zhou before it continued lying down for a rest.

After all, it was going to be on duty at the door for a whole night after a while.

Speaking of which, however, Broth guarded the restaurant every day whenever Yuan Zhou went out. It no longer played cute to beg for food, but just guarded the restaurant while lying by the door.

In the daytime, Broth guarded the front door while the stray dog that Broth had saved guarded the back door. And at night, they changed the position. They just kept guarding the restaurant like that ceaselessly.

But Yuan Zhou only knew that Broth would help to guard the restaurant. As for the stray dog, he truly didn't know about it.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou accepted Broth being picky about food. After all, it was really very obedient.

Thinking of the capricious Broth that was picky about food, Yuan Zhou closed the eyes and revealed a faint smile. He and Broth could also be considered companions.

In the following two hours, Wu Jun behaved very well and didn't make any noise to disturb Yuan Zhou. Of course, in Yuan Zhou's eyes, it might be because he fell asleep and thus didn't hear him.

He had sort of clear perceptions of Wu Jun's destructive force, which was at least equal to three times of Wu Hai.

When the plane landed steadily, Yuan Zhou opened his eyes on time.

"Huh! Your biological clock is pretty good. It's actually so accurate. You woke up just as the plane landed. Terrific! It was really depressing for the past 5 hours. I could not chat happily nor eat to my heart's content." Wu Jun stretched himself and then said.

Yuan Zhou responded to the changes with constancy and decided not to say anything. However, he couldn't help ridiculing in his heart.

"Don't you feel tired since you kept talking for three hours throughout the journey? He has even eaten five sets of in-flight meals. Originally, there were only four, but he asked for another set after that. How can he feel tired since when he is seated so comfortably?" Yuan Zhou ridiculed expressionlessly.

"This expression of yours is quite familiar to me. You are definitely saying inwardly that I'm so active and can't be tired at all. I don't have a choice since I didn't want you to feel bored. Sigh. I spoke so much that even my mouth feels tired. But no need to thank me. After all, I'm a good man." Wu Jun sighed and said.

"Time to get off." Seeing that Wu Jun intend to continue, Yuan Zhou pointed at the open cabin door and said.

"Oh, yeah. Let me get off the plane to let some air in. Considering your physical condition, I suggest you put on your coat. The winter here isn't warm." Before Wu Jun ran away swiftly, he looked at the coat that Yuan Zhou had put on the chair and then said without decency as usual.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou answered blandly. He took up his coat and put it on before walking out of the cabin.

As the plane was landing, the airline captain had actually broadcast the surface temperature of Japan. It was 11℃ / 5℃. Definitely not warm, but it wasn't too cold, either.

After they got off, they waited to get their luggage baggage arrival site. Then, Zhong Lili led them all towards the exit.

At the exit, two men and two women were waiting for them. Besides that, all four of them could speak standard Chinese.

"Hi, everybody. You must have had a long day. Welcome to Japan. Next, we'll accompany you to the hotel. If you need any help, you can tell us or you can tell this Miss Zhong. We'll do our best to meet your requirements." Of the four people who came to pick them up, the man in front had a short spiky hair and wore a suit along with leather shoes. Apparently, he was dressed less than Yuan Zhou and the other fellow chefs. He revealed a courteous smile and said a long statement in Chinese.

Seeing that Yuan Zhou and other fellow chefs all heard him, the person started to make an introduction solemnly.

"I'm Chengtian Yilang. This is Songxia Zhenjun. And these two girls are Shangjing Meicai and Qianshan Huizi. You can directly call me Chengtian." Chengtian Yilang introduced themselves one by one smilingly.

"Hi, everybody. You all must be tired." The remaining three people bowed and started to greet them.

Since the four Japanese people had introduced themselves, Li Minghui also took the lead to introduce himself and others followed one by one.

However, they introduced nothing but their own names in Chinese.

Nonetheless, the four Japanese people were quite proficient in Chinese. They were all very polite. Whenever a guest was introduced, they all greeted him smilingly.

That took about more than ten minutes. After that, they arrived at the airport exit and got on the MPV, preparing to leave for the Century Kaiyue Hotel.

As they were all chefs and were on the plane together for more than 5 hours, none of them talked in the car.

Lucky that the several Japanese people appeared to be quite used to that. They just made some introductions of the scenery that they passed by in a low voice, naturally in Chinese all along.

It took about one hour to get to Century Kaiyue Hotel from Chengtian Airport by car. The car ran very steadily on the highway. They arrived at the entrance of the hotel smoothly.

The check-in procedures were directly handled by three of the Japanese people. The one left stood together with Zhong Lili and spoke with the chefs about something.

"As we have just arrived here for the first time today, we won't have a meal together. We can get together for dinner when we are leaving. After you get your room card, you can go to have a rest. If anybody wants to change rooms, please call me directly." Zhong Lili said quickly with a clear and melodious tone.

The several people chimed in and then they took their room card and went to their own rooms.

"Zhi Ya". Yuan Zhou swiped the card and opened the door.

The rooms ordered were all luxury suites and the fundamental decorations were basically the same to each other. They looked bright, clean and neat.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling". Yuan Zhou had barely put away his luggage when his phone rang.

"The international call service seems to be quite useful. At least, I can at least receive a phone call." Yuan Zhou took the phone up and said conveniently.

That's right. Yuan Zhou didn't apply for the international call service when he went to France last time. Therefore, for the time he stayed abroad, it was as if he had vanished from this world. After all, he didn't surf the internet frequently.

"Assistant Zhong." Yuan Zhou answered the phone and directly revealed the identity of the caller. 

"Hi, Boss Yuan. Mr. Wu, Wu Jun, called me just now and told me that you had a strong demand to live in the same room with him when we were on the plane. Do you need me to change a two-person suite for you two?" The courteous voice of Zhong Lili passed from the other end of the phone.

"No need." Yuan Zhou refrained from beating this shameless guy and then said coldly.

"Alright. Understood." Zhong Lili's tone didn't change at all.

"Please do ignore him when he says anything about me later." For the sake of absolute guarantee, Yuan Zhou emphasized again. Though he sounded very calm, his attitude was nevertheless very resolute.

"Got it. Boss Yuan, have a good rest." It was rare for the tone of Zhong Lili to carry a hint of a smile. At the next second, however, she managed to control it and said goodbye politely and courteously.

"Um." Yuan Zhou answered simply and then hung up the phone.

With the roaming service on, it was fairly expensive to make or answer a call.

"Hoo... What a damn guy!" Yuan Zhou muttered. Then, he began to clear away his luggage.

Having thought that he could get rid of Wu Jun after they got off, Yuan Zhou was still too naive. After he cleared everything away and rested for 5 minutes, Wu Jun knocked on his door.

The timing was so good that Wu Jun was like a fortune teller who could foresee everything.

"Open the door. I know you are showing a long face and is still inside. Let's go. This experienced man is going to bring you to eat something good. We've agreed on the plane. Do you still remember? Even if you have forgotten, it doesn't matter. Look, I specially come to pick you up. Don't be shy. Just take it as my gift to you for helping me order a meal on the plane. I have already booked the seats in the first half of the year. Open the door. Open it." While knocking at the door, Wu Jun said ceaselessly outside the door.

"It seems that the soundproofing of the hotel isn't so good." Yuan Zhou let out a sigh and then walked towards the door.

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