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On the first floor of the pub, Yuan Zhou was holding the phone and laughing privately while at the other side, Li Li only just managed to get some time to rest after working the whole day.

"Head chef, a great event took place today." Dragging his fat body, the chief chef went up to gossip with Li Li when he found him was resting.

"What's wrong?" Li Li drank a gulp of mineral water and asked with a frown.

Meanwhile, he was thinking and guessing what exactly happened today in the main hall.

"That tiny restaurant, Yuan Zhou's restaurant, was surrounded and blocked today. It was quite a spectacular scene." While saying that, the chief chef waved his hands excitedly.

"What happened?" Li Li frowned more tightly.

"I'm not too sure. I just heard that from others that the young boss was unable to go outside." The chief chef muttered.

"So you don't know the reason?" Li Li asked to the point.

"Yes, I know, I know. That young boss has an unfair rule of queuing and thus many people are unable to eat meals. Presumably, those people were requesting for extra meals." The chief chef said immediately when he heard Li Li was suspicious about his information.

"Extra meals? To increase the time?" Li Li's eyebrows got tighter.

"Exactly. Head chef, you never know how bustling the scene was. They held the banner and blocked the door and even attracted the police here." The chief chef spoke as if he was telling a joke about Yuan Zhou, therefore he said quite devotedly.

Having heard that, Li Li suddenly untied the apron, wiped his hands clean and walked outside of the kitchen.

"What's wrong with our head chef?" The chief chef was a little dumbfounded. He didn't understand why Li Li suddenly left.

"Let's go together." Li Li turned his head and suddenly said to the chief chef.

"Haw? Where?" The chief chef was slightly puzzled.

"To help." Li Li said decidedly.

"Help? Help that young chef?" Finally, the chief chef realized his meaning, but he just appeared a little unbelievable.

Without answering him, Li Li just nodded his head.

"Head chef, don't you dislike him?" The chief chef blurted out that.

"As a chef, as long as you can make customers satisfied with the taste and nutrition, it's alright." Li Li said earnestly.

"But..." The chief chef was reluctant to go to help with him.

"We are all chefs and really ought to go." Li Li turned his head and took a look at the chief chef and then said lightly.

"Ok. Let me bring a knife." The chief chef nodded his head and prepared to take a kitchen knife.

"Don't make it so complicated. Hurry up." Li Li directly walked away speechlessly.

"Pa Da Pa Da", the two persons walked quickly to the door and only then did they find there was nobody anymore in the empty street.

"Gee? What's the matter? Just now, there were so many people." The chief chef revealed a puzzled manner.

"Where are the people gone?" Li Li tilted his head and asked the greeter.

"They are all gone. I heard that the problem was solved. The boss provided a queuing machine or something similar." The greeter reacted swiftly, saying that.

"Ok. Go back." Li Li turned around and went back to the kitchen again.

Since the problem had been solved, there was no need to go over there anymore. He had no interest in looking at Yuan Zhou's manner of arrogance.

Yuan Zhou's indifference was interpreted by Li Li as excessive arrogance.

"The head chef changes so easily!" The chief chef patted on his fat belly and then said speechlessly.

With different viewpoints, people had different understandings. Therefore, the chief chef didn't understand why Li Li did it that way.

However, Li Li didn't need to explain. He had already started to prepare the Beef Wellington.

It was his unique weapon to win. Stealing away Yuan Zhou's business was his recent target.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou didn't know that somebody was thinking how to snatch his business. Instead, he was still creating his halo of insults (meaning that the way he speaks often insults others).

Meanwhile, he didn't forget to complain, "Speaking of which, I have the system's backup and; furthermore, I am a prince charming. Why does nobody come to me for romance? Those are usually shown in the TV series."

"Where's the hero's halo of insults?" Yuan Zhou complained again.

If anybody asked what Yuan Zhou was doing, the answer would be that he was provoking people everywhere.

Displayed on Yuan Zhou's phone was a Wechat group called Communication Group for Foodies Home and Abroad, where the group members were chatting heatedly.

There were Chinese and foreigners that talked with each other in Chinese and, occasionally, English in the group.

Yuan Zhou could understand all the Chinese. For the English, however, he had only to guess.

After all, Yuan Zhou was a man that had gotten 0 marks even when the English test was all multiple choice questions.

However, that totally didn't affect Yuan Zhou implementing his plan. He used an anonymous ID to participate the chat privately with a name totally unknown to others.

It would be called Countless Pi. Yuan Zhou nodded his head contentedly and thought that nobody could recognize him.

Countless Pi, [All that you have eaten are rubbish. I mean all of you.]

Once he typed the message, the hatred was thoroughly attracted. Therefore, many group members started to reply him.

I'm Zi Qiao, [Ouch. A newbie is intending to offend us. Come and tell us what you have eaten before.]

Countless Pi, [Haw-haw. Of course the Chinese dishes. But do you expect an answer from me once you ask that? No, I won't tell you. Haw-haw.]

Thunderclap Thunder, [The way you talk is so awesome. Why don't you just show us?]

Various Chinese Dynasties, [Although I believe Chinese dishes are the most delicious, reasonably speaking, French dishes are also very nice.]

Da Zhuang, [Even if there are many delicious dishes in China, you cannot ignore our Italian dishes.]

Tina0914, [[That's right. The delicacies in Germany also cannot be ignored.]

Similar comments flashed by quickly on the screen. Yuan Zhou waited quietly and only appeared again when he saw the atmosphere get heated.

Countless Pi, [Ho Ho. I did not mean to target France. What I really mean is that all dishes in your country are rubbish.]

The shameless tone of Yuan Zhou made all the members in the group speechless. This time, they uttered no more mild words.

Instead, they started to curse him altogether. After a long while, the person named Zi Qiao who answered Yuan Zhou first just now showed up and uttered, [This person is using a new and non-certified Wechat account. We can just neglect him.]

After that, she posted a pile of evidence. Then, there was no then. Yuan Zhou was cleanly kicked out from the group.

Taking the phone, Yuan Zhou knitted his brows, "It seems that the Wechat group doesn't work anymore. I will be easily kicked out. There would be no problem for the forum."

That's right. The only purpose of Yuan Zhou by doing that was to create the insulting halo. Like what he says, he can probably be located by a hacker and be disclosed to the public. That way, there would always be someone who wouldn't believe him and then came to have a taste.

Right after that, Yuan Zhou started to log in the forum deftly and actively. He used the anonymous ID and didn't mention the address and the name of his restaurant and thus he had no worries about the requirements of the system.

Yuan Zhou had experimented just now and the system had no reaction.

He didn't really know any foreigners, nor did he know how to climb over the Great Fire Wall. He had only to find some forums popular in both native and abroad to try the method.

"Although I was kicked out, the effect of attracting hatred is fairly impressive." Stroking his forehead, Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

The first one was a quite well-known gourmet forum as there were many foreigners inside.

It was said that many foreigners would first log in this forum before they came to China. Of course, it was helpfully provided by Sun Ming.

He was actually a senior foodie that stayed in the gourmet circle for quite a long time. All forums that Yuan Zhou knew of were basically provided by Sun Ming.

Because of that, Yuan Zhou was ridiculed by him. After all, Yuan Zhou's English-speaking ability was way too inferior.

Yuan Zhou changed another anonymous ID, 'The Mantissa of Pi".

Once he logged in the forum, he found a post on discussions of flavorings and foods and then he followed with a reply.

The Mantissa of Pi, [I'm not targeting anybody, but I just feel that you guys have never eaten authentic cuisines. What you are talking about is actually pig feed.]

After he posted that, Yuan Zhou waited there to be cursed.

Yuan Zhou's method worked very well, but he was cheated again by the system...
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