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Castle of Black Iron 1799 Kill Two Birds with One Stone

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A qualified hunter might spend a few months in chasing his prey after crossing mountains and rivers for thousands of miles. However, it was just the blink of an eye's time for him to trigger his weapon to kill his prey...

Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu could never imagine that they had been under Zhang Tie's gaze since they escaped by Earth-River Vehicle; especially after they came out of the underground. Zhang Tie kept a close eye on them within 100,000 m.

In this process, Zhang Tie had a few opportunities to launch a strike; however, he didn't. 

At the border of Dragon Emperor Big Domain, Zhang Tie had an opportunity to launch a strike. However, as it was not far from Dragon Emperor Big Domain, if he started a battle there, the two people might continue to escape by Earth-River Vehicle. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't do it...

When the two people used that airboat as their cover, Zhang Tie could also launch a strike; however, given the innocent lives on the airboat, Zhang Tie didn't do it either.

It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that the two people would hide themselves in Brokenstars Ocean. It was a Heaven-sent opportunity.

There were only mountains floating in the air of Brokenstars Ocean, large or small where Earth-River Vehicle became useless. Additionally, it was scarcely populated here. No matter what loud noise did he make, it could hardly be discovered or involved with innocent people. It was the ideal place for killing Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu. 

Previously, Zhang Tie still doubted whether he would refine and absorb the fire chakras of the two people or not in Dragon Emperor City. At this moment, after knowing that the two people had killed dozens of immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace for two golden secret items of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, Zhang Tie didn't show any mercy to the two people anymore. 

After sneaking to the side of the two people secretly, Zhang Tie launched his strike. Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu who were in cultivation discovered it the moment Zhang Tie moved. However, it was too late. His heavy weapons and the kinetic strike had arrived the moment the two people started to release their protective battle qi. 

The physical strength of a semi-sage level knight was one more times greater than that of heavenly knights. However, no matter how irresistible are the bodies of semi-sage level knights, without the complete protection of protective battle qi, they were nothing but sh*t in front of Zhang Tie's heavy weapons and kinetic strike. At this moment, even if their bodies were made of iron, they would also be smashed into pieces. 

The space of the mountain cave was relatively small. Additionally, the two people were justing sitting face-to-face beside the bonfire. This created a condition for Zhang Tie to kill them simultaneously. 

A heavy hammer, a heavy mace and a deity-killing sword hit targets almost concurrently.

With a sound "pufff..." inside the cave, Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu were scattered into bloody ashes utterly the moment they opened their eyes out of shock...

The aftermath of Zhang Tie's strike heavily shocked the entire mountain at once while the hard ground, where Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu were, became a 3-m deep pit. The strong and extremely constrained impact wave broke out of the mountain cave along the tunnels with high airflows. With a loud sound "bang", the airflows outside this mountain went berserk, breaking the clouds and fog apart at once.

The two people, who were discussing how to take revenge on Zhang Tie just now, instantly turned into ashes together with their conspiracies, dignity, wealth and dreams of dominating the entire Motian Realm.

Kill two birds with one stone. Zhang Tie then started to refine and absorb the two people's fire chakras crazily at the same time. Meanwhile, his huge hammer and huge mace disappeared and returned to his qi sea. Additionally, Zhang Tie caught the remains of Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu by hands rapidly.

Each of them left three items, namely a space-teleportation finger ring, a silver secret weapon that they usually used and a golden secret item. 

All of them became Zhang Tie's booties. 

As Zhang Tie had too many space-teleportation finger rings and silver secret weapons, he just put them away. As for the two golden secret items, they made Zhang Tie drool at a stroke. 

At this moment, the Heavenly-Separation Sword had not turned into its real form. It was just a 3 cm-long tiny golden sword. Levitating on Zhang Tie's left hand, it looked pretty restless as it intended to escape from Zhang Tie's hand. Being as small as Heavenly-Separation Sword, the Earth-River Vehicle was like a small spiral shell which kept rotating and struggling on his other hand and looked pretty cute. 

Like silver secret items, golden secret items should also recognize their owners. Closely after Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu were killed, their spiritual brands on the two golden secret items had disappeared. After losing their owners, the two golden secret items became restless, especially Heavenly-Separation Sword, which kept plunging forward on this side and dashing in on that. 

However, now that Zhang Tie had already caught them, he would never let them escape. Watching the recalcitrant Heavenly-Separation Sword, Zhang Tie slightly released a bit qi of his swordsmanship. Closely after that, Heavenly-Separation Sword became still like being fixed. Then, it started to hum slightly as if it was pretty thrilled. Zhang Tie then let it go. Heavenly-Separation Sword then left his hand and started to fly around Zhang Tie rapidly like a cute puppy dog. Finally, it suddenly drilled into Zhang Tie's hair and stayed inside. 

Zhang Tie smiled as two drops of blood dripped out of his palm. One drop entered the Earth-River Vehicle. Closely after that, the restless golden secret item became still like a wild horse being reined. The other blood drop flew towards the Heavenly-Separation Sword inside his hair. However, before the blood drop arrived at the top of his head, the Heavenly-Separation Sword had already flown out of his hair as it couldn't wait to absorb that blood drop. 

When the two drops completely entered the two golden secret items, the two golden secret items instantly turned into the light without Zhang Tie's consent. Heavenly-Separation Sword then flew into Zhang Tie's mind sea, closely followed by Earth-River Vehicle. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhang Tie became shortly stunned. When the two items entered his mind sea, Zhang Tie received two messages respectively. Not until then did he know that golden secret items should be lubricated by their owner's spiritual energy in their owner's mind sea after recognizing their owner.

In Zhang Tie's mind sea, Heavenly-Separation Sword and Earth-River Vehicle dived into the lake at the foot of King-Kong Mountain as if they felt pretty happy...

Zhang Tie smiled as he didn't care about them anymore; instead, he kept absorbing the two fire chakras that he had locked using his shackle of chakra. 

10 minutes later, after absorbing the two complete fire chakras, Zhang Tie felt full.

As this mining cave was not suitable for lighting his fire chakra, after taking a glance at this place, Zhang Tie turned around and intended to fly out of there. 

Right then, an abrupt and strange voice sounded.

It sounded calm. However, Zhang Tie was greatly shocked by the contents of the sound. 

"Everyone says that the No. 1 human assassin in Motian Realm was Ye Haoran the unrivaled killer who has disappeared in Mountain Ruines 400 years ago for Nine Heavenly Immortal Spring. In my opinion, if Ye Haoran saw how you killed Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu, he might also feel ashamed. A person who came from another world could become the immortal emperor of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and the most terrifying killer in Motian Realm. That's interesting..."

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