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Chapter 1248: An Unbearable Load
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Heavy snowflakes fell from the lingering night sky. Just now, the fight between the two people made this air territory brilliant and full of rumbling thunders; additionally, the land here was covered with pits. However, the moment the fight came to an end, the surroundings became quiet at once. Besides snowflakes, there was only icy and hard wind in the air...

Ockham had lost his arms and was bleeding all over; however, he was still alive.

Zhang Tie looked down at Ockham as he exclaimed about the strong vitality of this shadow knight inside. Even 10 earth knights would have been killed by Zhang Tie in this case; however, after being penetrated through by Zhang Tie's golden spear, Ockham could still fight Zhang Tie until now. Therefore, Zhang Tie became more expectant about the realm of shadow knights.

Ockham looked at Zhang Tie hardly with bloody and tearful eyes. He still had faint battle qi response as if he wanted to form his battle qi once again. At this moment, a snowflake flew over here and covered his eye, causing his eyelid to quiver. Ockham seemingly wanted to take away this snowflake; however, his body twitched for a short while as he could only wait for that snowflake to melt on his face with a bit cold.

The halos pastor who was pretty arrogant in Summer Palace just now was like a dead dog at this moment. Besides anguish, there was only fear on his face.

When the big figure who had been used to power, beauties and all the luxuries in the world found that he might say goodbye to all these things, he would not behave more dignified than those hooligans on the streets.

Ockham moved his lips as if he wanted to say something; pitifully, Zhang Tie's last strike was too powerful. After penetrating through his powerful body which he was proud of, it even tore his vocal cords. As a result, he couldn't utter any complete sound...

Ockham faintly roared for a short while. Through his mouth shape, Zhang Tie guessed that Ockham wanted to say, "Don't kill me..."

Zhang Tie revealed a sneer as he squatted down in front of Ockham as a winner. Closely after that, he waved his hand and drew away those snowflakes on Ockham's face as he looked at Ockham from his foot to his head like how an experienced butcher looked at a big fat pig. After that, he patted Ockham's old face as he said tenderly, "How could I kill you? You don't know how happy I was when I saw you. I won't agree even if you want to commit suicide..."

Ockham watched Zhang Tie with an amazed look. Although his hearing had been damaged greatly, he could still hear Zhang Tie's words. Although Zhang Tie expressed that he wouldn't kill him, Zhang Tie's eye light made Ockham twitch all over...

Ockham wanted to say something; however, he couldn't. At that moment, Zhang Tie's hand suddenly quivered while a bizarre strength passed onto Ockham's, causing him to pass out at once.

Closely after that, Ockham disappeared as he was teleported into Castle of Black Iron.

"Heller, this guy is a fat sheep, he's yours!" Zhang Tie told Heller through a secret means.

After that, Zhang Tie heard Heller's answer with a smile, "Castle Lord, don't worry, I will keep this guy alive. But I'm afraid that I couldn't completely recover him without using some senior medicaments that Castle Lord collected and some demonized fighters who were frozen in Castle of Black Iron."

"It doesn't matter. It's all worth it, right?"

"Of course, this one is a shadow knight. If not being severely injured by Castle Lord's golden spear, it would be not easy for us to teleport a shadow knight who has lost his resistance ability into Castle of Black Iron!"

"Greed is an original sin of humans!"

"5 days later, Castle Lord would be able to enjoy this achievement. I'm expecting for that..."

"I'm expecting for that too!"

"This guy carries a lot of rarities. Castle Lord might be interested in it. This must be a bumper harvest..."

Closely after Heller's words, a golden necklace appeared in Zhang Tie's hand. The moment this guy was teleported into Castle of Black Iron, none of his belongings could be covered in front of Heller.

Zhang Tie looked at that necklace. Compared to the precious material of the necklace, the emblem on the necklace was more valuable.

That emblem was bloody which had a metallic texture. It looked like a sun; of course, it was not as completely round as the sun; instead, it was like that kind of shiny sunflower in abstract paintings. In the dark, as long as there was faint light in the surroundings, the purple light being reflected by the surface of the bloody sun-shaped emblem could be seen. Additionally, there was an odd-looking classic mark of Sacred Light Church on the emblem. Touching the emblem on the necklace, Zhang Tie gradually felt a bizarre warmth. Furthermore, the necklace had been aided with a strong rune effect.

Of course, Heller would not give it to Zhang Tie if it was just a rune equipment.

After injecting his spiritual energy into the necklace, Zhang Tie knew that this sun-shaped bloody emblem was actually a space-teleportation equipment.

There was a huge cubic space whose length, width and height were over 30 m respectively in the emblem. The moment Zhang Tie injected his spiritual energy into space, he had seen two hills of golden bricks, which occupied over 3,000 cubic meters. It indicated that there were at least 60,000 tons of gold.

At the sight of such golden hills, Zhang Tie immediately swore inside, 'F*ck.' He knew that Sacred Light Empire was rich. The halos pastor who ruled one of the three major parishes of Sacred Light Empire would definitely not lack money; however, he had not imagined that a shadow knight's space-teleportation equipment could contain so much gold. 'How greedy this guy is! Why did he put so much gold which is meaningless for knights into his portable space-teleportation equipment?'

Zhang Tie was greatly shocked by the items in this space-teleportation equipment.

Although this space-teleportation equipment was not bad; it was still far worse than the other space-teleportation equipment that Zhang Tie had gained such as Xuanwu Secret Warehouse of Bloody Soul Temple. What shocked Zhang Tie most was that he had not seen such a crowded space-teleportation equipment before.

The space-teleportation equipment contained about 35,000 cubic meters. Those gold only occupied less than 1/10 of this space. Besides gold, it was filled with various items.

Earth element crystals, water element crystals, wind element crystals and fire element crystals occupied one corner of the space respectively. As for a shadow knight, earth element crystals and water element crystals couldn't further promote his cultivation base anymore; however, earth element crystals and water elements occupied most of the element crystals. There were over 100,000 earth element crystals. If Zhang Tie could have so many earth element crystals before he promoted to an earth knight, he didn't even need to grasp any purgatory samsara method at all. Because he could promote to an earth knight only by absorbing all the earth element crystals.

Besides earth element crystals, there were over 30,000 water element crystals, over 5,000 wind element crystals and over 1,000 fire element crystals.

Besides these gold and four element crystals, there were tens of thousands of square boxes which were made of precious metals such as gold, mithril, mountain copper, abyss magical iron, violet gold, platinum,etc.. These boxes were not furnishings or artworks; instead, they were used to maximize this space. Those boxes contained dazzling priceless treasures. Hundreds of boxes among them contained various gold checks and certificates about the ownership of lands, manors, castles, share certificates of business groups, mines and factories of Sacred Light Empire and the other countries on Western Continent. Zhang Tie really wondered whether these things were plundered by Ockham from Sacred Light Empire or being presented by others.

'F*ck, this is more like a bank vault than a portable space-teleportation equipment of a shadow knight.'

Besides these items, there were living necessities in this space such as grains, a water tank and clothes.

Over 1,000 expensive metal boxes contained medicaments.

There were 3 silver secret items which included an odd-looking long saber, a golden-horned helmet and a long spear.

At the sight of these 3 silver secret items, Zhang Tie started to feel lucky about the strong effect of his master-level cracking rune on the opponent's spiritual energy. Without this effect, Ockham might be able to use his silver secret items; if so, it would be more difficult for Zhang Tie to deal with him.

There were 2 boxes of bronze secret items in this space, among which, Zhang Tie saw elements gathering matrices in different specifications. He even saw another full-moons dragon soul waistband which was as same as that on his body.

Besides, there were other items which Zhang Tie could count for the time being...

The entire space was almost occupied by these items. Only less than 20 cubic meters' space was available. Although the word "overload" was not used to describe space-teleportation equipment, this space-teleportation equipment reminded Zhang Tie of an old truck which had been overloaded by many times that of the speculation on a mountain road.

Zhang Tie finally knew why Ockham was fascinated by his marvelous space-teleportation equipment. 'Perhaps that guy was thinking about having a space-teleportation equipment with a greater space so as to contain more items. Perhaps that guy usually struggles due to the limited space of his space-teleportation equipment. He had to give up something each time he wanted to put something more inside...'

When Zhang Tie looked at this space-teleportation equipment in a dumbfounded way, he suddenly understood something, 'What this space-teleportation equipment couldn't bear was not treasures, but humans' greed...'
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