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Chapter 1246: Camouflage and Idiot
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The impact wave and loud bang passed by so fast. With sound lingering in the air of the palace, all the people at present were stunned. Because Zhang Tie and Ockham had disappeared in a split second as if they were never here at all...

Actually, very few people in the palace could really understand what happened just now.

'Where're the two people? How could they disappear out of the void? Am I dreaming?' All the people wondered as they exchanged a glance with each other.

With a loud bang, the two brilliant wooden gates of the palace fell onto the ground in pieces. At the same time, the entire screen wall facing the gate of the palace along with the building that extended 20 m all the way to the palace collapsed, causing dust swirl in the air. As a result, the gate of the palace was blocked. Thankfully, there was nobody within 100 m; especially O'Laura and the other wives of Zhang Tie who were farthest away from the gate of the palace; additionally, they were surrounded by those guards by heavy tower shields. So were the crown prince and the other princes. Therefore, none of them suffered from any harm...

The only injured ones were those imperial guards who were holding heavy tower-shaped shields in the frontline. Due to the great power of the first impact wave, some guys' wrists were dislocated.

All the fluorite lamps within 50 m were blown up; therefore, it became dimmer in the palace.

The loud, collapsing sound and the diffused smoke caused a chaos inside the palace...

"Where's His Majesty? Where's His Majesty..." Someone shouted.

"Thor's Hammer, protect His Majesty..."

"It collapses outside the gate of the palace. Break out. Break out..."

Various sounds drifted in the palace.

All the knight elders in the Cardinal Elders Committee went into action at once. Pontiff Sarlin and the two elders of the huge bear tribe helped O'Laura, Sabrina, Olina, the 6 women of Spencer Clan and Zhang Tie's 9 kids leave the palace through a secret tunnel.

O'Laura looked a bit pale. As she tightly bit her lower lip, she was utterly upset. She didn't know what happened either. Therefore, she was a bit worried about Zhang Tie as she didn't want to leave out of here, Pontiff Sarlin's words stopped her from resisting anymore.

"Before His Majesty launched a strike, he had told me through a secret means. He let me and two elders of the huge bear tribe lead queen, concubines, the crown prince and the other princes to wait in the haven in Summer Palace and defend Summer Palace, Saint Petersburg..."

"What happened just now?" O'Laura asked in a quivering sound. As the queen of Sacred Iceland Kingdom, O'Laura was not weak; she was already a LV 12 great battle master. Even though she was sitting on Zhang Tie's side just now, she still didn't know what happened. Zhang Tie and Ockham disappeared in a split second. Like all the others, she just heard a boom and sensed an impact wave sweeping over the tower-shaped shields in the middle of the palace. Closely after that, she found that the buildings outside the palace had collapsed.

Pontiff Sarlin replied with a bitter smile, "I don't know either, it was really too fast..."

Those fighters of Thor's Hammer outside the collapsed gate of the palace rushed forward at once like being driven mad as they wanted to clear the way outside the gate. Those people inside the palace also coordinated with those people to clear the debris. It took them almost 2 minutes to do that.

"Get out of the way..." Dally the old wild bear roared impatiently as he fully released his battle qi. Closely after that, he punched onto a complete wall of the palace like a barbarous wild bear, making a big hole on the wall. Closely after that, he rushed out of the big hole and flew off. Standing in the air, he started to look around the summer palace...

The moons were bright and the stars were few. After seeing nobody within 60 miles, Dally the old wild bear changed his face at once...

All the other elders of Cardinal Elders Committee flew off one after another in a split second.

"Where's His Majesty?" Hags asked after looking around and not discovering any trace of flying knights...

"Just now..." The clan head of mutated bear tribe said with an unbelievable look.

"It was too fast. Even I didn't see clearly what happened..." The clan head of the mountain bear tribe shook his head too.

"What do we do?"

"Pontiff Sarlin and the others will be responsible for the safety here. We could only try our fortune. I suggest dividing into 2 groups, 3 people in one group, 4 people in another. We search over the north and south respectively. If there's any special situation, we can release our battle qi smokes..." Dally the old wild bear was very resolute at this moment as he immediately displayed his mature side. In a group of three, they could form a 3-in-1 battle formation. If they searched for Zhang Tie and Ockham independently, a black iron knight would be too weak in front of a shadow knight.

All the other tribes' knights exchanged a glance with each other before nodding. In a split second, they had divided into two groups before heading for the south and the north of Saint Petersburg.


Humans' naked eyes could only capture a moving object within 2 milliseconds. If an object moved too fast to be captured by human eyes constantly within 2 milliseconds, the object was equal to disappearing out of the void.

Just now, Zhang Tie launched a strike so fast. The moment he moved, he had reached greater than 13 times the speed of sound. In the limited observation space and the relatively narrow visual space between individuals in the palace, when everyone was gazing at him, the moment he moved, he had been out of their visions; because he stayed fewer than 2 milliseconds in everyone's vision.

Although Zhang Tie didn't wear Chaos, he wore a pair of metal caliga, a full-moons dragon soul waistband and a pair of rune metal wristbands. Although these items were not as integrated as the Chaos, they didn't reduce Zhang Tie's flight speed with the ability of the divine dominator.

Zhang Tie moved fast; however, his spear moved faster.

Zhang Tie aided a master-level god's rune effect on the 680 kg golden spear which he had not used before——cracking effect.

In a golden and brilliant robe, Ockham revealed a commanding and steadfast smile. He didn't even release his protective battle qi. What a good performer!


When he threw out his spear, Zhang Tie swore inside.

'It's hard to find a shadow knight as a target for an earth knight-level divine dominator frankly in this age.'


When those knights of the Cardinal Elders Committee were searching for Zhang Tie and Ockham in two groups, Ockham was retreating at a high speed.

Ockham was escaping like a strayed dog.

The brilliant religious robe that Ockham wore a few minutes ago had completely become strips of cloth like broken sacks that were picked up from the battlefield. Additionally, there was a punch-sized bloody hole on his lower abdomen, which directly penetrated through his body.

Ockham had lost his religious crown. His hair was swaying disorderly in the air; at the same time, he kept spitting out blood...

In this case, Ockham had used his trump card to escape as a shadow knight—— the light of life.

With this skill, he burned the source of his life for a greater speed. If not in dilemma, Ockham would never use this skill. Because each minute that he spent in this skill meant a one-year reduction in his longevity.

With the effect of the light of life, Ockham soon raised his speed to 8 times the speed of sound. This was a terrifying speed even for shadow knight. In the flight, a looming mist was wrapping around his body. As a result, his flight was quiet and secret...

The moment his body was penetrated through by Zhang Tie's golden spear, Ockham had been immersed in the sharp pains. He knew that he had a big trouble this time. He had not even heard about such a strike. He even doubted that Zhang Tie was a heavenly knight, who set a trap especially to screw him.

As long as Zhang Tie kept using such a striking skill, Ockham who had been severely injured would never win the fight. Therefore, the moment his body was penetrated through by the golden spear, Ockham had made his decision, namely, lighting his light of life and escaping away from Saint Petersburg as fast as possible with the inertia when he was sent flying backward.

In flight, Ockham wanted to close his wound; however, he found that the flesh near his wound had completely become dead like being struck by a lightning bolt with the bizarre cracking effect. Therefore, although being a powerful shadow knight, Ockham couldn't control his physical function at all.

What made Ockham more embarrassed was that his spiritual energy was experiencing a terrifying storm after being severely injured. His spiritual energy was fluctuating greatly. As a result, all of his spiritual energy had been disrupted and sealed in his mind sea. As a result, he couldn't use any secret spiritual methods or use remote-sensing telecommunications device; not to mention taking out medicament from his portable space-teleportation equipment.

It was Ockham's first time to fear death...

Ockham kept flying towards the north of Ice and Snow Wilderness as he gritted his teeth and dropped blood. Lands, mountains and rivers flashed backward at his foot. After over 40 minutes and burning over 40 years' longevity. Ockham felt that he should have got rid of Zhang Tie's vision. When he wanted to stop and deal with his wound, he heard Zhang Tie's lazy voice behind him...

"Ha, you're really good at flying. I thought you could have stood a bit longer..."

Together with the voice was a 6.8 ton Thor's Hammer which crashed onto Ockham's protective battle qi at a speed greater than 13 times the speed of sound ...
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