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Starting from Zero Chapter 167: Infiltration of Allied Forces [Vol 5 Chapter 18]

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Chapter 167: Infiltration of Allied Forces [Vol 5 Chapter 18]
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When we came out of Lost City's Teleport station, Su Mei immediately became restless. "Put me down now!" I put her down on the ground and she immediately took off to the structure by the side and touched it.

"Oh my god! This is simply perfection! What is this place? Why are there such glorious buildings! They're too beautiful, I want to see the designer!"

"Silly girl, this isn't a Player City, this is the Dark Shrine, one of the three Darkness regions!"

"You're saying that this is a Red Name Village?" Truly a little genius, her knowledge was different from others and would always hit the nail on the head!

"It's not as bad as a Red Name Village, but it's somewhat like that!"

"What pretty structure style! The designers must definitely have gone through a great number of historic documents to do this, all of this here is the first-class products of Losert's buildings, the classics!"

"I don't know the Losert Style in which you are talking about, I don't deal with buildings, I only feel that this place is very grand."

"But of course! Aside from its grandness, the true quintessence of it is the overwhelming pressure on people that makes them unable to breathe, it is truly hard to believe, but such structures actually exists!"

"Alright, let us move now! If you keep on looking around like that, we won't even leave the City area by tomorrow!" Talking about time, it suddenly dawned on me. I had gone online at night because I could not sleep, but by the time I met Red Cloud, it was already morning and the current time was already noon, which meant that I had actually not slept for over 30 hours? How was I not tired at all? Furthermore, I had been in the game for so long yet the Game mechanism did not kick me out! It was truly weird!

"What're you thinking about?" Su Mei came over and nudged at my tummy, she could only reach so high.

"Oh! Nothing much, I suddenly recalled that I might have exceeded the 24-hour timeframe of not logging out, the system restriction actually did not kick me out."

Su Mei revealed a look of surprise: "You didn't see the announcement?"

"What am I missing out on again?" Why was I always informed about the system update by others! I truly had to blame [Zero] for the dynamic system information log, every gain in level did not require opening the log, resulting in me not even knowing when I would level!

"The system log's latest reminder was that the time restriction has been removed, and they have started to use an even more advanced scientific method where they would observe the Players' brain wave equilibrium to determine if they are fit to play or not. The system will constantly check on the Player's brain activity and if they discover that the fatigue level of the Player's mind has reached a certain value, they will remind the Player to go offline or directly use the sleep function to assist in rest, if the Player ignores the reminder and accumulates the fatigue, the system will forcefully kick him out. You did not receive any reminders or get forcefully kicked out, which means your brain activity is functioning as per normal and does not have any sign of fatigue, so the system allows you to continue playing."

"But I haven't slept for over 30 hours, and I'm still not tired? Could it be that my Game Helmet has some hardware issues?"

"I don't know about that! I'm not a staff in Dragon Fate."

"Oh right! I'll go find Scofield and ask him another day."


"Huh, no! I meant I'll go check with the service." Shit! What a slip of tongue! Scofield was Dragon Fate's chief designer in electromechanical engineering, he was the one who personally designed the Game Helmet, and if I had any questions or problems about it, I would definitely go straight to him. But I could not say that to anyone else, whoever heard of someone's Windows having a problem and seeking Bill Gates to fix it?

"Are you hiding something from me?" The little Devil immediately knew that I was lying, being too clever can never always be a good thing!

"How dare I!"

"You are! You didn't say customer service at first but Scofield!"

Seriously! This little girl's ears were truly sharp! "What's Scofield? Is that a cold beverage?" I started to use my act dumb move.

"Scofield is the Dragon Fate's chief designer in electromechanical engineering and he is responsible for the Helmet. For you to say his name means you know him, and the relationship is definitely not shallow."

At that moment, I thought she was Sherlock Holmes' daughter?! "How can I! How will I ever know such a figure!"

"Humph! Don't feign dumb with me! You know him!"

I knew that persisting to deny it was impossible, acting dumb was ineffective, so I started to employ a reverse psychology move. "Yes, I know him, I know ALL the Dragon Fate higher-ups, Dragon Fate President is my father and I am the young master of Dragon Fate!" Hehe, that was actually the truth, but I spoke it in a way that no one will ever be able to make sense whether it was the truth or lie.

"You're truly no ordinary person! That's why I was asking why you were so generous, so it turns out you're super wealthy!" Su Mei seemed to believe my words, and my reverse psychology failed. But her latter words almost made me fall to the ground. "Television says that men that have money will turn bad, but a woman must turn bad to have money. So I will be bad and follow you, a super wealthy man, so I will have money in the future! But you cannot turn bad, if you dare to be bad to me, I'll die for you to see!"

I finally knew where the little girl learned all of this nonsense from! She had watched too much of television, China was constantly playing all of those relationship and messy shows, whatever family dispute and drama that tugs on the emotions, were there no other better shows to play? See what happened to the next generation of children!

"You're just a child, what do you need so much money for?!"

"I have a use for it, you don't need to know!" Su Mei's expression suddenly turned down and hurt, she definitely had some important reason to need money, otherwise, she would never have portrayed such an emotion. But I could not think of a reason for why a 10-year-old was in such an urgent need for money! Furthermore, it seemed to be a large capital that she was worried about, otherwise with her adorable personality and being at such a young age, how could the adults in her family not give her money. At least I knew for myself that if I had such a child, as long as the family could afford it, I would always give her what she wanted.

"Let's not talk about this now, I'm feeling uneasy, I'll go offline and ask the customer service and catch up on my sleep as well."

Upon hearing that I was going offline, Little Su Mei immediately became anxious. "What am I going to do if you go offline? Are you throwing me alone here?"

"Don't worry about it, I'll bring you to see Clark, he is the Blacksmith around here, you can research equipment designs or whatever civil engineering that you want. Wherever you want to go, ask Clark to bring you around, just don't leave the premises."

"Is Clark an NPC or a Player?"

"An NPC of course! Why?"

"NPCs can run wherever they want? And a blacksmith can hold a concurrent post of a tour guide?"

"I don't know about the other cities, but this city is extremely messy and the NPCs here like to run all around. But don't worry about it, Clark is my big brother, you'll be safe with him."

"Then I really want to meet him, to actually have such exaggerated NPCs in the game!"

I brought Su Mei over to Clark's shop but he was not around. With my experience, I headed straight for sister-in-law's clothing shop, he was definitely there with her! As expected, when we arrived, Clark was there.

"Third brother, what're you doing here?"

"I just knew that you were here! I need your help!"

"Did you spoil your equipment again?" Clark had fixed my equipment a couple of times, and most likely had a fear of artifact grade equipment.

"How did you know? I came here just to fix equipment. But there are other matters as well." I pushed Su Mei in front. "I have some things to do and need to leave for a while, this is my younger sister, can you help me take care of her?"

"Woah! What an adorable young lady! Come come, come to aunty." Sister-in-law became very enthusiastic.

"Then I'll hand Su Mei over to you guys, I'll head off first."

"Don't worry about it!" Clark pulled Su Mei over to his side. "We're all here!"

"Alright, bye!"

I immediately remembered that I had overlooked passing my equipment over to Clark to be repaired, but after thinking about it, I gave it a pass. I could come back online to repair it! Suddenly feeling hunger pangs, I decided to leave the house to find food. Unknowingly, a new set of clothes had been placed by my bedside, obviously for me. After changing, I realized that it was the security force's combat clothes. After changing, I headed out the door.


"Ouch!" I banged into the door.


All of the rooms in the base used automatic doors and would open when a person got close to it, but when I walked towards the door, it did not open, resulting in my knocking my head, luckily I did not move too quickly! After pacing back and forth a few times, the door still did not react. I waved my hand over the sensor, but the system still remained motionless. I had no other choice but to manually open the door, there was a handle that could be used with the average strength to open the door.

Creaakk! I turned the handle but found out that the mechanism was locked. The door was not spoilt, it was locked! What's going on? Dad knew that I'm in here, there isn't any reason to lock me in! Forget it, I'll find my way out first. I curled my hand into a fist and punched towards the position of the lock. The entire lock broke and flew out. Being in a resting room which was not a key installation, the materials used to make the door was weak and not sturdy, with the B13, I could easily destroy such doors.

With the door lock gone, I pulled the hole to the side and bent the metal door. It took a toll on me, but I managed to form a hole and crawled through. There was no one in the corridor, which was normal, no one would be in the rest area in the afternoon, if they were, they would be considered skiving.

I headed straight for the cafeteria, but strangely, no one was there. It didn't make any sense! The clock on the wall showed 12:20, so the majority of the personnel should be in the cafeteria, right? Why wasn't anyone present?


A gunshot suddenly broke the silence and a researcher dressed in white gown stumbled in from another corridor and fell with his eyes wide opened. I could see the pleading look in his eyes, but he did not have the time to say anything.

It was a hole of blood on the back of the researcher, the gun sound most likely aimed at him. His right hand was extended above him with a metal jar. From my position, I could clearly see the hazardous substance symbol on the jar. It was Dragon Fate's base trademark jar to store dangerous biological products, but no one would know what was inside. But the gunshots within the base was definitely against the rules.

The base had just been ambushed before, could it be that the researcher was a second spy? That was impossible, the spy would not seek help from me, the base people would never open fire in the base, so the person who fired was definitely not from Dragon Fate.

With this cognition, I quickly flipped and hid behind the cafeteria counter. The fixed marble counter easy concealed my entire body. I relied on my hearing to determine the other party's position while my eyes seemed to be able to see their body temperatures, even while being obstructed by the marble counter, I could easily pinpoint their locations. It was no wonder why the B13 was called the God-maker Plan, it strengthened the body to such a miraculous state almost to the state of being a God!

3 of them entered the cafeteria where one of them knelt down to inspect the body, while the other two conversed with one another. God damn it, they were speaking in Japanese! I quickly adjusted my brain wave frequency and increased my own metabolism, as long as I could raise it high enough, a human person's speed would seem to turn slowly to me. I unleashed a great force and leaped out from behind the counter, but with my strengthened body matched with my hyperactive brain, the three of them were put down by me by the time they reacted. I only knew some simple defensive techniques, in theory, I would be slightly more powerful than an average Joe, but with my current speed 50x a normal person, even the dumbest of movements would be made up for by speed.

The three of them were dressed in black urban combat clothes where only Japan or the US used, obviously from some Special Forces, while our Dragon Fate combat clothes were silver. Due to my focus on speed, I did not pay attention to my strength, all three of their necks seemed to have broke, they were not dead, but most probably they would never walk again. I did not take their guns but found a dagger on one of them, with my speed, a cold weapon was far more suitable for me than a gun.

I took the metal jar from the researcher's hands and had a look at it, it had a fingerprint lock at its base and a pin number code as double insurance, I used my hand to press down then put in my personal pin code. The seal opened with the vacuum being unsealed and a jar immediately popped open, revealing a test tube. I grabbed onto it and pulled it out. "M24?" I blurted out. This was Dragon Fate's confidential research product for China's Special Forces, through an intravenous injection, the user will gain superhuman strength and reaction for 12 hours, but would immediately have a severe hypersomnia after the 12 hours and have to go through 24 hours of high-quality sleep to recover. But even so, the Special Forces still admired this product greatly, using it for their jobs allows their mortality rate to fall by 80%, and was definitely something they loved! It could be used to preserve their lives and even laze around officially after the mission, only a fool would hate it. The Japanese definitely coveted it and wanted to recreate one themselves!

I closed back the jar and concealed it inside the air duct in the cafeteria. I ran into the passageway where the 3 of them came in from and quickly reached the end with my speed. Inside the laboratory, there were over 10 researchers scattered around different equipment and apparatus. They were obviously from different divisions, a group of them were dressed in the same black combat clothes, another group was dressed in black and white camouflage combat clothes while another group was in earth yellow combat clothes.

All of them would converse in English from time to time, that revealed the two other groups were obviously not from Japan.

The room had too many people, even with my speed, I might not be able to take on all of them. Right when I was thinking about what I could do, a hand suddenly patted my back from behind which shocked me and almost caused me to cry out.

"Ssh…!" I turned back to see a researcher who had his finger on his lips, telling me not to make a sound. He indicated for me to follow him to which I did.

The researcher brought me into the lift then closed the door. "Are you security?" The researcher did not recognize me.

"I'm not security but I don't have time to explain it to you, just tell me what happened here?"

Although he was suspicious of my identity, he still explained: "These men suddenly appeared around 11:30, they had around a few thousand men with them."

"A few thousand?" I was alone if I fought against a few thousand people, wouldn't I be simply throwing my life away?!

"They came from all directions, it seems like they came separately but after that, they worked together. Their equipment are extremely advanced and our outside security is completely overwhelmed, they might still be fighting outside."

"Did they force their way in here?"

"It seems like it!"

"It's not enough that they lost the last time, this time they are actually robbing us openly! The Japs are really arrogant!"

"It's not only the Japs! Coincidentally, the lift malfunctioned today, since I'm in engineering, I decided to take a look to see if I could fix it. They suddenly rushed into the lift just as I was fixing the motor above the lift, fortunately, I wasn't discovered. I listened to their conversation, they seem to be formed out of 3 groups, the black is the Japanese, the black and white are Americans and the yellow are the British!"

"No wonder it is such a large scale infiltration, the International Police are here!"

"Upon coming, they immediately broke the base's power, they then gathered all the researchers. They are now in the labs trying to take control and duplicate our data."

"What? How can we allow that we need to stop them." If Dragon Fate's data were taken away, how could we still play at the top?

The researcher pulled me. "Wait a minute. Let them make a copy, those are all encrypted data, without our key sequencing and program, they can't open it!"

"That won't do, with sufficient time, they can break the encryption, we can't let them walk away with our data. I will think of something, you just hide here!"

Alone, I jumped out of the lift and quietly grasped my way to the last defense control room, but what stunned me was that the entire corridor had been blown apart!

Without it, I could only think of another way.

Oh right, Lil White could help! Lil White was the lab's only successful bioengineered battle beast after it's creation, there were no other bioengineered battle beasts that were satisfying enough, and it was even an accident! Lil White's appearance was that of a large white dog and looked like a wolf-dog, aside from me or the other researchers that were present for its birth, it would not listen to anyone else. It might have been because animals would naturally treat the first thing they see as their parents, so aside from me and the other researchers, no one could control it.

I remembered that it was groomed in the Danger Biology Lab, hopefully, it did not change place! I sprinted towards the lab and when from a distance, I could see blood splatters across the outside of the lab, with many human parts and components scattered all around. From the looks of the clothes and metal helmets, they were most probably from the 3 Japs and 2 Americans, but now they were ravaged to the point of being unrecognizable!

I circled around the blood and entered the lab, Lil White's 100 square meter cage was actually empty, the superalloy fence had been twisted and worn out, with blood and bullet holes across the entire walls! Sprawled on the ground were two researchers seemingly dead from gunshots. I flipped their bodies over, to realize that they were Lil White's caretakers. The two of them were fortunate to witness Lil White's birth, usually, only they were able to enter the cage to feed Lil White or do tests on him. Now that the two of them were dead and the cage was twisted so badly, it meant only one thing, Lil White had run out. The 5 helmets outside meant that the 5 unfortunate fools had encountered Lil White and were ripped to shreds!

Suddenly, I sensed movements behind me, with my ultra, heightened reaction and speed, I turned back, but I was a step too late. A gigantic and white figure pounced on me and flipped me to the ground. This thing was faster than me, a person who had speed 50x that of an average person, it actually caught me off guard, and a big bloodied mouth extended towards my face.
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