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Ling Tian shifted his body and immediately hid within the shadows. He wanted to see for himself just who was it that actually had the guts to actually sneak around his palace at night. Right now, he had a belly full of anger but nowhere to vent. If that interloper had that much luck to bump into him, then he could only have his ancestors to blame!

But upon seeing the two white-robed people sneakily covering an entire round of the imperial palace, Ling Tian naturally came to the conclusion that those two were Ling Chen and Li Xue. The two of them moved around carefully, as though afraid of alarming someone. What exactly were they doing?

However, he barely started to think when he almost burst out into laughter. To think that the monarch of a country would not have a place to sleep on his nuptial night, and his Empress, as well as the Imperial Concubine, were behaving like thieves and doing a night search of the palace...

These two matters, no matter which one spread out, would turn into a story laughed by everyone across the ages. However, most likely Ling Chen and Li Xue did not feel that the safety measures were adequate, and hence were carrying out their own searches.

Ling Jian and Li Xue's movement techniques could be considered to be at the pinnacle of this world, and with the natural flexibility inherent in females, they had an even higher advantage. Even if it was Ling Jian, he would not be able to roam in such a carefree manner around the imperial palace without being spotted.

Oh, but of course, the only exception lay in the person following behind the two ladies, our dear Monarch Ling Tian.

After circling around through the palace, it was obvious that the duo who were unable to locate Ling Tian were feeling anxious at this point.

Finally, both of them huddled at one side.

Ling Tian carefully concealed himself a mere hundred feet away, listening closely to their conversation.

"Sister Xue, look at this... now we're in trouble. The young noble is definitely angry." That was Ling Chen's voice. "What should we do now?"

Li Xue frowned in response. "We're technically not in trouble yet, but he is definitely angry with us. However, who asked him to be so frivolous? This is a lesson for him, to let him know that even if he becomes the Emperor, the imperial harem is not at his discretion to fill as he wishes. We are the ones in power there, and if this rule is not set now, we'll be in trouble next time. Who knows, he might really choose to get 72 concubines or the like."

"But... what happens if the young noble is really angry? This..." Ling Chen was a little panicky, as well as a little heartbroken. "To be chased out during his nuptial night, to not have a place to go, no matter how you put it, it doesn't seem right. Furthermore, young noble now is the head of a country! This problem of face... how can he swallow it so easily?"

Li Xue confidently replied in return, "Relax, I understand him the most. This sort of thing, even if you beat him to death, he still won't admit it. He can only swallow this bitter pill in silence. He won't have the guts to spread out the word that he got chased out by his six brides the day he got married."

Ling Chen stomped on her foot, replying anxiously. "That might not be so."

"Oh?' Li Xue let out a strange sound, after which she mused to herself. "Hmm, that might be true, that jerk's face has always been thicker than that of the guarding city walls. If he really talks about it, others would definitely find some way to capitalize on this situation, such as bestowing more beauties upon him..."

"Sister Xue, I still think that we went a little overboard this time," Ling Chen said with a bitter expression. "After all, young noble is the Emperor now. From the ancient times til now, what Emperor did not have multiple pretty women inside his harem? But young noble he.... is already quite controlled. Even if we were to have a few more sisters, I think... it's actually nothing big."

Li Xue snorted as she replied, "Sister Chen, on this point you're misinformed. Do you think that guy's standards are so easy? Just based on looks, all of us sisters are already so-called country toppling beauties, and if we add in knowledge, who can hope to surpass us in this world? His appetite has long ago been jaded by us, and ordinary beauties just cannot catch his eye at all! He will not accept beauties on a whim just because they're sent to his doorstep. On this point, I'm extremely confident!"

"So it's like that. Then isn't it even worse for us to treat him as such?" Ling Chen was still feeling some trepidation in her heart.

"How is it too much?" Li Xue sniggered, "This shows that our bond as sisters are good, that none of us are willing to leave out the other sisters. Yes, that's why this sort of scenario has happened, and we definitely cannot be blamed for it. So long as we endure tonight, everything will be alright!"

Ling Chen still seemed obsessed over her own personal gains and losses, and as she gazed towards the dark starry skies, she lightly murmured, "Just where is young noble now? The weather today is chilly. What if he gets too obsessed over tonight's manner, this could be detrimental to his body!"

Li Xue inclined her head to look at the sky, before replying heartlessly, "Relax, based on his current cultivation, he has long ago reached the state where he will not be affected by curses and maladies! Forget it, let's ignore him and go to sleep. How about we engage in a heart to heart talk tonight?" After that, she pulled Ling Chen away.

Ling Tian stood up, twisting his mouth as he muttered to himself, "Something suspicious is going on!"

Looking at the two ladies slip off quietly, Ling Tian cracked a sinister smile as he thought, 'I might not dare to make a sound when you ladies bully me, but the same applies for you! Come look at this old man here shoot down two birds!'

Thinking along this line, he immediately felt a heat rise in his abdomen. He could no longer suppress his desires and shot off after the two ladies.

Ling Chen tagged along Li Xue, secretly entering Li Xue's bedchambers. She didn't know why, but she felt it to be somewhat desolate. A weird sense of emotion rose up inside her: That the palace life could not be compared to the life she had while in the Ling Family Courtyard.

The two of them ordered the maids to retreat, before sitting on the bed together and whispering to each other. It was unknown what they were talking about, but they smiled and frowned, and even burst out into laughter at times. While they were talking, they suddenly reached a point where both parties turned red. Li Xue might be a person of two lifetimes but, in the end, she was still a young virgin, and immediately jumped over to tickle Ling Chen as she teased, "I've never seen such an Empress like you, you actually... actually..." As to what she actually did, Li Xue did not continue saying.

Ling Chen was rolling around in helpless laughter while pleading for mercy, and the two ladies rolled into a ball as they laughed.

Halfway through, Li Xue sighed and said, "No wonder it is said that a founding emperor will definitely love his first wife, the empress, the most. After all, the time spent together is the most, so how could their feelings not be deep?! After founding the dynasty, due to the number of imperial affairs, to even meet him is difficult so how would there even be feelings? If we add on your own bodyguards as well as the fight between the princes, it would be weird if we don't make a commotion."

Ling Chen nodded her head in complete agreement, but before she could reply, a tiny voice sounded. "Since that's the case, how about I issue an imperial decree tomorrow, to hold a renovation for my bedchambers and partition them into many sections so all of you can stay together. That way, it will also save the time from walking to and fro, how good would that be??"

Both of them lost color in their faces at once. Turning over, they saw a person grinning like a Cheshire cat at their doorstep as he walked in. His body was well sculpted, with a face so beautiful it put women to shame. If it wasn't our great noble Ling Tian, who else could it be?

Both ladies were tongue-tied, and could not get any words out momentarily. It was only after Ling Tian had walked up to them did Li Xue finally recover her wits and raise her eyebrows skeptically while fiercely saying, "Why did you come over here?"

Ling Tian sniggered, feigning shock as he replied, "Wasn't that what you said? To want me to secretly slip into your place at night when everyone's sleeping?"

The moment this sentence came out, Li Xue turned completely red. Ling Chen thought quickly before saying, "So it's like that. Then I guess I had better return to my chambers first, to prevent disrupting young noble's happiness." As she spoke, she twisted her body, about to escape.

Li Xue was deeply embarrassed, and immediately held onto her as she shouted, "When was there even such a thing? This jerk is just spouting nonsense!" This went without saying, and how could Ling Chen not be aware? If there was such a matter, would Li Xue still ask her along to her bedchamber to talk? However, at this time it was better to first escape and talk later. Looking at Ling Tian's lascivious look, ready to draw his 'sword', how would Ling Chen still want to stay?

But could Li Xue be willing to let Ling Chen off? With Ling Tian appearing at this time, plus the fact that it was the nuptial night, even with Li Xue's normal nonchalant attitude, she was still a young girl and hence had already begun panicking. She could only feel her entire body softening in weakness, and knew that she needed to keep Ling Chen here to be her protective talisman. What else could she still think of?

Under her obstruction, Ling Chen thus lost the best chance to escape, and was taken advantage of by Ling Tian who pulled her close to him as he grinned, "Since you're already here, why leave? Let's just sleep together."

Li Xue began to struggle, and threatened, "Quickly let go of me... you you you... don't...."

Ling Tian cackled sinisterly as he replied, "You can try shouting for help, but I bet no one will hear it even if you shout yourself hoarse."

The three of them buried their heads together, seeming to meld into one whole. All the candles were suddenly extinguished, plunging the room into darkness, and Ling Tian's cackle could be heard as he pounced onto the bed, fighting two by himself...

On this night, whether one wished to term it as a tyrant forcing himself onto others, or something else, Ling Tian the Emperor did enjoy the entire night.

The sky was already bright, yet there was no sound coming from the bedchambers. This was because, under Ling Tian's prowess the whole of nighttime, the trio had just fallen asleep not too long ago. Even with their strong cultivations, there were still limits. All of them were still fast asleep.

On the huge bed, there was an unlimited scenery of springtime.

Beneath the thin blankets, Ling Tian's 'dragon' lay proudly; on his left was a head of soft hair, which was Ling Chen that was curled up like a kitten above his arm. Her long silky locks revealed a snow-white neck, just like that of a swan, and below the neck, one could see the trace of bulging snow-white globes...

On the right was Li Xue with a face twisted between joy and pain. This was her bidding farewell to her identity as a virgin. Even Li Xue, who was usually stronger than most men, had to go through this unforgettable experience of suffering. Her arms were tightly locked around Ling Tian's waist, with her head resting on his chest, her breathing slow and even.

On the other side of the blanket, two little pink feet revealed themselves, but after lingering for a while, as though feeling it was cold, huddled back into the blanket once again...
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