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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 96: Blind Date

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Chapter 96: Blind Date

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"Ha, ha…" The sound of laughter was heard from the other end of the line — unrestrained yet musical.

"I’m furious, you’re not allowed to laugh! Jiang Luoshen, you are the goddess of a nation, show some restraint! I’ve never seen you laughing like this before. Stop it!"

Meanwhile, in the Chu Household.

Chu Feng was in a daze. A blind date?! He had been set up for a blind date?! How was that possible?

When did I ever agree? Was it just now? I was completely distracted! He realized Wang Jing had ambushed him!

"Mom, you have to listen to me. I was distracted just now. I didn’t even hear what you said…"

"How dare you be distracted while I'm talking to you. So absent minded! Well if you didn’t hear what I said before, I’ll say it again—tomorrow you will go on the blind date. It has already been arranged. Immediately go and buy some new clothes and make sure you dress fashionably. Now go, it’s already been decided."

Wang Jing continuously scolded him, completely suppressing his temper and rendering him helpless.

He had no way to forcefully resist his mother. If he kept on arguing, it was highly likely she would pinch his ears.

This made him really depressed. A grand elite among mutants was forced into a blind date. If this news was spread, he would be the laughingstock of the mutant world.

This must be kept secret at all costs. Chu Feng silently decided that he could not let the people of Hollow Jade Temple know of this matter, especially the Clairvoyant and Clairaudient duo. He had to think of a way to avoid them following him around.

Recently, whenever Chu Feng mobilized, the two would duly follow, always at his beck and call. For them, it could be considered a form of atonement.

"Dazed again! Why aren’t you leaving yet?" Wang Jing urged Chu Feng.

"Where am I supposed to go?" Chu Feng unwillingly asked.

Wang Jing replied, "We’re mobilizing the whole household to help you choose suitable clothing. You’re a grown man now, yet you don’t even know how to dress yourself."

Chu Feng was opposed to the idea as he said, "That won’t be necessary, let's just keep it simple. A t-shirt should be enough, it’s cool and comfortable."

"That won’t do! You need to be more formal. Don’t give the other party anything to criticize," said Wang Jing, beckoning to Chu Zhiyuan to leave together.

"I don’t want to! Who wears so many layers in this kind of weather?"

The following day, the sky was a radiant azure, and though the sun was shining brightly, it wasn’t too hot.

With such a beautiful weather and radiant atmosphere, surely, it would’ve been a more joyful day… if not for the ferocious birds of prey circling the skies above, with an ominous metallic luster flowing across their wings.

It was as if reminding the masses a new age has dawned—the age of mutant beasts.

Outside the city, gigantic mountains stood tall, linked together into a big chain. It was so close to the city that it appeared to be almost within reach, so much that from atop some high buildings within the city, one could clearly see the savage primordial scenery of the mountains.

For instance, just then, a huge white snake had emerged from within the jungle, coiling around a giant elephant before finally swallowing it whole.

"Big brother!"


None other than those two would address him like this. On the other end of the communicator, Du Huaijin and Ouyang Qing were together, earnestly trying to bootlick Chu Feng.

"Don’t bother me. You two don’t have to come over today. I don’t want to see you two waltzing into my field of vision, you hear? Now stay clear," Chu Feng warned.

"Boss, we wanted to invite you to have a meal together. Sister Ye Qingrou is also here. She’s wearing an open back dress; her skin exquisite and snowy white, absolutely pleasing to the eyes. The restaurant is also top grade. Boss, are you coming or not?"

These two chaps were simply too vulgar. Even a discussion about a group meal had to turn into something so dubious.

Even so, Chu Feng was really tempted. This was at least better than going on a blind date. He asked, "It’s seriously an open back dress?"

"Ouch!" pained cries were heard from the other end of the line. Obviously, they had been punished.

Ye Qingrou had personally taught those two disgraceful bastards a lesson.

However, upon taking over the communicator, her temper had vanished. On the contrary, she spoke to Chu Feng in a seductive whisper, saying, "Brother Chu, I’m truly wearing an open back dress, are you coming?"

The clairvoyant Du Huaijin cried out, "Numb! Limp! Intoxicated!"

The clairaudient Ouyang Qing was on the verge of getting a nosebleed. He stared at Ye Qingrou, saying, "Forget about it if he doesn’t want to join us. We’ll go with you!"

Peng! Peng!

Two men were sent flying.

Although Chu Feng went numb, he felt a well-hidden murderous intent from Ye Qingrou. He laughed dryly, saying, "I’m occupied with some business today, let's get together for a meal next time!"

He decisively cut short the conversation.

Du, Du… the busy signal was heard from the communicator. Ye Qingrou’s pair of charming eyebrows almost turned vertical, her pearly white teeth bit on her bright red lips as she exclaimed, "How could someone go so far as to hang up on me!"

In the end, Chu Feng didn’t wear the formal apparel as was arranged for him. He slipped out of the house, and an angry Wang Jing chased after him for well over 10 meters before finally turning back helplessly.

"Clear Sky Tower, 88th floor?" Chu Feng felt a big headache. His mother had booked such an extravagant place for the first meeting, wasn't it too wasteful?

If it was up to him, he would’ve chosen to meet at a cafe, simple and convenient.

Clear Sky Tower was located in a commercial center, so the neighborhood was bustling with activity. There were large stores, restaurants, theatres and various entertainment facilities—there was truly nothing lacking.

"This place is really not bad. That person is quite attentive. Qian Yu, I reckon your parents will be quite satisfied. Maybe he might even be one of those wealthy son-in-laws."

Below the Clear Sky Tower were two elegant ladies. One of them wore a gentle smile, with her sunglasses covering a good half of her graceful countenance.

"Jiang Luoshen! If you keep making fun of me, don't blame me for the lack of manners when I start shouting your name. That will surely cause you to be surrounded by a crowd of fans." The other lady was slender and graceful, with a stunning figure and fair skin, yet she was fuming with rage, glaring at Jiang Luoshen with her big eyes.

"Xia Qianyu, you truly misjudge my good intentions. I was simply helping you analyze the situation. This person must be really serious about this blind date, otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen this kind of place. Surely, you can’t give him the cold shoulder on your first meeting." Jiang Luoshen chuckled.

Despite being hidden behind her large sunglasses, her beauty was evident; with white, translucent skin, red lips and pearly teeth, she was indeed a radiant beauty.

"You’re really infuriating me! You’ve been teasing me since we met up, not sharing my distress at all. This is all my aunt’s fault. Why is she so keen on this, I’m not mentally prepared yet!"

Xia Qianyu was pure and natural, beautiful even without makeup, she had the charm of a young student.

"You’re the first one in our class to go on a blind date. If this news spread… oh, I can imagine the outcome—sweet!"

"Enough about that, when the time comes, you just have to expose your aura and leave him awed, making him retreat on his own. That counts as a mission accomplished for you," Xia Qianyu angrily said.

After strolling around the area, the two ladies quickly entered the tower, not daring to linger in the populated places. In addition to the large sunglasses, Jiang Luoshen also wore a mask—a truly thorough disguise.

The duo walked into the restaurant on the 88th floor and arrived at the appointed table. The view from the table overlooked the exterior of the city, and the wilderness beyond could be clearly admired over a meal.

Even standing at the window allowed one to appreciate the birds of prey soaring in the sky and the vicious beasts galloping on the ground—truly a magnificent sight.

"Luoshen, what did you come to Shuntian for?" sitting down, Xia Qianyu asked her classmate and close friend.

"What else other than for that Ash Wolf? Bodhi Biogenetics wants to understand how the wolf lost its Divine Sense for future reference."

The two were close enough to openly discuss these matters.

Jiang Luoshen asked, "By the way, how goes the ragnarok film you’re shooting? With such a famous roster, it’s sure to be a big hit. Be sure to give me an autograph when you become famous."

"Go away! Stop making fun of me. But this is all thanks to your recommendation, or else it would be impossible for me to join them. It’s truly a gathering of celebrities. It was tiring to the point of exhaustion, it’s a relief now that we've reached the final phase."

As Qianyu talked about the film, it was evident that even though she was tired, her mood was quite good. She was probably looking forward to it.

"You weren’t forced to do anything against your will, were you?" Jiang Luoshen had a mischievous look in her eyes as she asked in a whisper.

Xia Qianyu playfully hit Jian Luoshen before replying, "You’re so annoying! Simply asking for a beating! Being recommended by you, how could anyone dare to make a move on me? Hmph! You really don’t have the airs of a goddess in private. However, there was a certain vice-director who kept throwing perverted glances at me, truly annoying."

"I heard a lot of new core characters were added to the story in consideration of certain ‘connections’, wasn’t this a sure way to destroy the movie?" said Jiang Luoshen.

It was just as Xia Qianyu said, she was a very open-minded person in private. Except for her good looks, she was not at all like a goddess.

"True, for example, that missus of the Lin family, Xu Wanyi. She had never even appeared among the cast, but suddenly, she was featured in a few scenes later on!" complained Xia Qianyu as she shook her head.

"Well it doesn’t matter, your scenes in the movie are not few. I say that this young and innocent lady will surely blow those old fogies away!" Jiang Luoshen declared in a domineering fashion while gently caressing Xia Qianyu’s tender face.

Xia Qianyu slapped away her hand as she coldly said, "You female pervert! Are you truly the goddess of our nation? Truly indecent! If anyone saw you this way, their jaws would surely drop to the floor in astonishment."

With her bob hair, big clear eyes and her fair, white skin, she definitely looked like a student—a kind of pure and innocent beauty.

"Working on the set for such a long time in an apocalyptic setting and action scenes, it must be exhausting, right?" asked Jiang Luoshen.

"It was definitely tiring. I really must take a few months off. Speaking of which, it was during the time I wasn’t around that my aunt acted on her own initiative, arranging this blind date. It makes me so angry that I wish I could immediately return to the south, away from Shuntian," Xia Qianyu complained.

Soon afterwards, she checked the time, saying, "Eh? How come this man hasn’t arrived yet? Don’t tell me he wants us to wait for him?"

"When he arrives, do you want me to directly frighten him?" asked Jiang Luoshen.

"Not yet. If he’s reasonable enough, I can simply talk him out of it. It can be counted as making a new friend. In the case that he turns out to be an unreasonable, self-important person who refuses to back away, I’ll be counting on you to step forth and deal with him. Emit your tyrannical aura and blow him away." Xia Qianyu chuckled.

"No problem, when the time comes, I’ll let you see my Hegemon Divine Fists," exclaimed Jiang Luoshen as she waved her fists.

Chu Feng rushed over in a hurry, yet when he arrived, he was greatly startled. He saw Du Huaijin and Ouyang Qing helping Ye Qingrou out of the car.

He had a bad premonition.

"Luckily, they’re not coming this way!" Finally, Chu Feng wiped the sweat off his brows and hurriedly entered the tower.

Chu Feng arrived at the 88th floor and found the appointed table. There he saw 2 beautiful ladies, truly a sight for sore eyes.

Even though one of them was fully armed—wearing sunglasses and a mask—he had a feeling that she was an extraordinary person.

Chu Feng was truly calm as he went forth to greet them. He apologized with a smile for the late arrival, with traffic jam being the cause.

"No problem, we just arrived ourselves. Please have a seat," Xia Qianyu said with a smile.

Both of them were sizing up Chu Feng; both were of the opinion that Chu Feng was not bad looking, even by their high standards.

Merely, they found it surprising that Chu Feng did not come in formal attire.

This blind date was a first for both Chu Feng and Xia Qianyu. Although there was no need to be nervous, it was still quite awkward.

They maintained a fairly lengthy conversation, the contents of which were mostly trivial matters.

Jiang Luoshen sat on the sidelines, looking on at the two with her head propped on her elbow and feeling greatly amused. She had a nonchalant attitude as if the occasion had nothing to do with her at all.

Xia Qianyu angrily ground her teeth as she reassessed this "good" friend of hers.

"This is… your friend? Why is she dressed this way?" Chu Feng felt curious. This mysterious lady had not spoken at all.

Xia Qianyu was dissatisfied. Her trusted side-kick had chosen to watch a good show instead of helping her out. She decided to get back at her, saying, "Don’t blame her, she’s suffering from a type C avian influenza. Her eyes are swollen, and she has constant rhinorrhea, so she has no choice but to cover up herself like this."

Type C avian influenza? Jiang Luoshen’s eyes went wide with astonishment. That was a disease transmitted by mutant birds, and it rarely infected humans. She was unexpectedly sullied in this manner.

"You should seek medical attention. You probably shouldn't be out and about with such a serious condition." Chu Feng gave a simple nod.

Xia Qianyu nodded in agreement, saying, "You’re right! After this, I will personally bring her to the doctor for an avian injection. She’s a dear friend of mine. She was greatly concerned about me, and thus came along to this meeting.

"What rubbish! What medical attention! It sounded more like a curse. I even need to get a shot of that disgusting avian injection?" Being bullied by the other two, she felt greatly wronged.

"I heard from my aunt that you were recently quite busy?" Xia Qingrou’s understanding of this new acquaintance was vague at best. Though he was quite passable in appearance, he only talked about mundane matters, making it quite awkward. She wanted to change the topic of the conversation.

"I was truly busy the past couple of days," Chu Feng replied, slightly lost in thought. The past few days, he had been unexpectedly forced to go… shoot a movie.

He felt especially embarrassed when he recalled Zhou Yitian slapping his chest and promising that this movie would be a big hit.

How could a lousy director and a group of amateur actors produce a decent movie? It would be best if this film failed to screen. But if it somehow managed to find its way to the theater... Chu Feng felt his future darkening.

He was truly worried. If his acquaintances saw him acting in such a lousy movie, the embarrassment would be unthinkable.

At this point, his mind was wandering.

"What were you busy with?" Xia Qianyu asked a convenient question.

"Shooting a film," Chu Feng blurted out without thinking. He was distracted, worrying whether Zhou Tianyi’s documentary would be screened.

"Eh?!" Let alone Xia Qianyu, even Jiang Luoshen was startled. He was also from the entertainment circle?!
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