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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 95: The First Mission

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Chapter 95: The First Mission

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Ye Qingrou walked with grace and lightness. The wave-like curl of her hair swung in front of her forehead, and she gently combed them up with her delicate fingers. Her skin was white and smooth like a piece of ivory carving, but of course, her eyes were still the most attractive feature about her. When she flashed her eyes, a glittering luster flowed in her pupils; when she tucked her lips in a smile, the cherry-like redness of her lips highlighted the pinnacle of beauty that a woman could display.

She was a young girl of slight build, but her body was carved with curves. She was a busty lady but slim at the waist. She was so proud of her body that the quarrels she had with others over whether she was D or E-cupped wouldn’t have been so fierce and intense.

Ye Qingrou’s timely arrival astonished the crowd. Ye Qingrou had both fame and fortune. As someone who had entered the ranks of the top fifty most powerful fighters of the country, why would she be so willing to enlist in someone else’s troops?

Even the old man himself was taken by surprise. Before, he had wanted her to take charge of a team herself. She was a person with military talent, not someone who should follow other’s lead.

Many people had their eyes on Chu Feng. This man was swift like lightning and powerful like a beast. He was decisive and domineering. A man who could sweep off a crowd of thirty mutants in the twinkling of an eye was terrifying.

In the eyes of many people, a master of such terrifying power must be difficult to get along with. They saw a person who bordered on madness and insanity. They admired him as a fighter, but they were terrified of him as a person.

However, the reality was quite the contrary. Chu Feng’s face was all smiles. There was not a single bit of circumscription in his behaviors and actions. He nodded his head, warmly welcoming the arrival of Ye Qingrou.

People standing in the crowd were flabbergasted.

Chu Feng looked back over his shoulders and said to Ouyang Qing and Du Huaijin, "You two can go now!"

"What?" The two were dumbfounded.

Those who were spectating were also speechless. They could understand why Chu Feng wanted to fire them but wasn’t it a bit too harsh on these guys?

Even the expression on Ye Qingrou’s face froze. That charming smile crawling on her face grew a little unnatural.



Du Huaijin and Ouyang Qing were finally able to pull off a reaction to Chu Feng’s words. They threw themselves at his feet; one of them was pounding Chu Feng’s leg, while the other was massaging his shoulder. Flattery couldn’t get any more sickening than this.

Because Ye Qingrou was now part of the team, these two would rather die than to part from such an endearing beauty. Although their flattery might seem a tad too brazen and shameless, they were happy as long as they were permitted to stay here.

"Alright, alright. You can stay here for now, but what happens in the future will very much depend on how well you serve me. Is that clear?" Chu Feng asked.

The old man was very gratified with Chu Feng. He was a strong fighter and a good leader. Once the necessary cultivation was served to him, this young man could well become a competent fighter against the most powerful beasts out there.

In his eyes, he saw Chu Feng as a rising star!

"Do you need any more people in your team?" the old man asked.

"I want to join them too," Chen Luoyan stepped up and said. He was also one of the top fifty fighters of the country. His presence in the team would make people’s heart palpitate with fear. With a team like this, no-one could stop them.

Even Chu Feng himself was taken aback by this. It was Ye Qingrou at first, and now, there was Chen Luoyan. He never thought that he was such a charismatic man in the eyes of others.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because you are strong and powerful. I feel safe when sticking around with you. I want you to lead us into the pilgrimage site!" Chen Luoyan candidly said.

Ye Qingrou nodded with a smile. Clearly, she was sharing a similar idea as well. The two had gathered some information about the pilgrimage site from other sources recently. For them, who took charge of this team was not much of a big deal. All they cared was whether the man in charge would lead them into the pilgrimage site alive. In order to secure their chance of survival, the team needed to be strong.

Their intention was clear. They both wanted to evolve, but their wish for evolution could only be realized with the help of something sacred that was said to grow at the pilgrimage site.

"Alright. You can join us!" Chu Feng nodded.

At last, the list of people who would go on this mission was confirmed. Chu Feng, Ye Qingrou, Chen Luoyan, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient.

"You guys come with me!" The old man wanted to have a word with these people.

In fact, these people were already the candidates whom he had had in mind since the beginning. Of course, Chu Feng's arrival took him by surprise, but the surprise was a genuinely pleasant one.

The team walked into a brightly lit hall, but it was still somewhere underground.

"I’ve studied the past and the background of you fellows already. I have no problems sending you guys to the frontline."

The old man said to Ye Qingrou and Chen luoyan. He then introduced himself. His name was Lu Tong. He was the man in charge of relevant matters regarding all the newcomers to the Hollow Jade Temple.

"I’ve got a book for you guys. It is the only existing copy of a rare book," the old man Lu Tong said with a smile.

Du Huaijin the Clairvoyant and Ouyang Qing the Clairaudient were happy to hear this. This was one of the reasons they joined the sect since the beginning. With the help of this book, their power and strength could substantially improve.

Ye Qingrou bore a charming smile. "Is it a book about breathing rhythm?" she softly asked.

The old man’s words evoked Chen Luoyan’s sense of curiosity as well. He didn’t ask, but his eyes were gleaming with inquisitiveness.

"You guys are too greedy. Special breathing rhythm is a rare thing to acquire. What I’ve got for you today is a book about boxing style. This is an extraordinary book too. If you guys can practice these positions with unremitting effort, one day, you will find yourself naturally entering some forms of breathing rhythm as well," Lu Tong said.

Then, he sighed. "There are indeed books about some breathing rhythm stored inside the palace on Mount Emei, but unfortunately, the two cranes got them first."

"Does Hollow Jade Temple have their own breathing rhythm?" Ye Qingrou asked. She seemed to care about this a lot.

"Of course, there is. You will see them when you make your contribution to the sect! Just work hard, and you’ll be awarded," Lu Tong candidly admitted.

He then added, "In fact, there are special breathing rhythms underlying every sect of boxing style, but you can only isolate and acquire these breathing rhythms after you’ve reached a certain level."

Then, he motioned the four members of this team to go out to practice the boxing style while Chu Feng was asked to stay.

The old man turned around and brought Chu Feng into a different room. It was a room constructed of stone. Relatively speaking, this was a quieter place to have their conversation.

"Your name is Chu Feng. Weeks ago, you were in residence at a village near Taihang Mountains; only recently, you moved to Shuntian." Lu Tong was going through the files on his desk. He looked thoughtful as he browsed through them.

Suddenly, he raised his head. He seemed to have straightened out his thinking and thought something through. He looked shocked. "You’re not the man behind the mask of Angel Ox, are you?!"

"Yes, I am!" Chu Feng candidly admitted.

"It was you!" Lu Tong was taken aback. He had been probing for the true identity of Angel Ox since the fight at Taihang Mountains, eager to know who he really was.

Angel Ox had always been a big-name figure, so his appearance here today was quite a shock to the old man.

Lu Tong immediately understood why the man himself was seeking refuge at his place. He smiled, but it was not a visceral one. He said, "You feared that people from Deity Genetics might seek revenge on you, and that’s why you come to hide in our sect."

"The safety of my parents is all I care about. Otherwise, what am I afraid of? I’m Angel Ox! I’m fearless!" Chu Feng calmly responded. These were truths. He had the strength and power to fight off any aggressors who might seek revenge on him.

"I like your spirit, young man! You killed people from the family of Mu. It is going to be a trouble for us, but who are we? We’re Hollow Jade Temple! We’re fearless!" Lu Tong shook his hand in disapproval. He sounded rather overbearing.

People like Chu Feng was very much a rare find for them. They would keep him on their side regardless of the cost. Someone like him had boundless prospects.

Lu Tong was getting more and more gratified with Chu Feng. The old man told him that he was willing to make accommodation for his parents inside the safest district on the compound. Their safety would be guaranteed.

Chu Feng nodded as smile showed on his face. He was genuinely happy with this arrangement. Who would have the guts to crash into a compound owned by Hollow Jade Temple? The white snake from Taihang Mountains and the elder ape from Temple of Great Woods were perhaps the only creatures who would have the strength and power to do so. For others, the compound was a place of no return.

"Other people won’t receive such attractive remuneration this early on. Every piece of reward was given on the basis of their contribution to the sect. What I just offered you was your salary paid in advance," Lu Tong said with a smile.

Obviously, this old man wasn’t someone who would be willing to be taken advantage of. Lu Tong was still looking at him with a bright smile through a pair of squinted eyes. This made Chu Feng rather uncomfortable.

"Angel Ox… so you’re Angel Ox," Lu Tong muttered. He seemed to be thinking about certain things.

"Am I going to get a copy of that book too?" Chu Feng asked. He was keen on having a look on the boxing style taught on that book.

"Certainly!" Lu Tong seemed very generous. He took one out from his drawer and passed it to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng carefully read through the book. The boxing style taught in there was a strange one. It could make use of some forms of breathing rhythm, but he could tell that this was not exactly what the old man had claimed to be. The boxing style was not an ancient martial art; it seemed rather modern.

He soon lost his interest in this book. The breathing rhythm recorded in the book was only fragments of something much more powerful, but this was not enough to attract him.

However, he still pretended that he very much valued the book. Carefully, he put away the book in his pocket.

"I want to see more about this ancient martial art," Chu Feng said.

"All the other books are very precious. People who haven’t performed any merits aren’t qualified to read them, but you’re an exception!" Lu Tong said.

He then brought Chu Feng further down the ground to an underground shrine.

The place was tightly guarded. This was a depository of some of the most invaluable knowledge of the world!

The shrine was made of stone, and within it was a large space. There were a stone table and a stone shelf laying on the inside, but there were not many books stored on them.

"Is this it?" Chu Feng was surprised.

"These are some of the rarest books passed down through generations. These are treasures, not your average bok choy!" Lu Tong said, "If I hadn’t made my contribution to the sect in the past, I wouldn’t even be allowed to near these books!"

The old man’s words astonished Chu Feng. He hurriedly scurried over to the desk and scanned the books with his eyes. In the end, there was only one book that caught his eyes. It was a book teaching the same boxing style that Chen Hai had been practicing. Chu Feng wanted to make a start with this boxing style first.

"Don’t touch it. Someone will get the book for you, otherwise, you will destroy the book entirely!" Lu Tong warned.

The stone shelf that was keeping the books looked odd. There was something special about it.

At last, Chu Feng had the book in his hand; however, he frowned as he browsed through the pages. "Out of thirteen fist positions, why are there only three?"

Lu Tong said, "This boxing style was an invaluable piece of treasure. There is only one complete copy of the book, and it is kept by the sect who invented the style. There are a few other depositories scattered around in our compound, and if you combine every copy you find at those places together, you will only end up finding nine fist positions in total."

"Why are they kept separately?" Chu Feng felt baffled.

Lu Tong solemnly answered, "This is not just some ordinary boxing style. The master of this particular one could find a link to Heaven and God. In fact, mastering three to four fist positions is enough for anyone really. Those old boxing masters spend their life trying to work out the essence of only one or two fist positions, but if you insist on learning more, you will have to make contributions to the sect. Once you’ve gathered all nine positions from the other depositories, you will march over the world unhindered. Taking over a mountain won’t be any problem for you."

"The complete copy of the book is still kept by the sect who invented it? Are they still in existence?" Chu Feng asked.

Lu Tong nodded. "Of course, it is impossible for sects like this to become extinct. They were established in ancient times, and they have been flourishing ever since. But they do keep their heads down though, and because of this, very few people know about them, so people usually do find their existence to be quite mysterious."

Before Chu Feng left the place, he would have to return the book to the depository. Lu Tong told him that he could come to this place to read the book every day, but he couldn’t bring the book with him.

"Chu Feng, I’ve shown you the rarest of our treasure, and I guarantee the safety of your parents as well, so don’t you think it’s time that you make contributions to the sect to pay us back?"

"Oh, come on! Do you have to be so materialistic about this? Remember? I only just joined you guys!" Chu Feng said. He predicted that this old man wouldn’t be someone who was willing to be taken advantage of, and sure enough, he wasn’t. Chu Feng was still new to the place, but this old man was already pressing him to make great contributions and accomplish great tasks for the sect.

"Time is running short for us, and there is no better candidate than you for this task!" Lu Tong was getting more and more serious. The solemn look on his face made Chu Feng’s heart sink.

Soon, the other four members of the team were called to be at their post as well. They saw the serious look on the old man’s face, and this made them grow anxious and fearful.

"Tell us, what’s our mission?" Chu Feng asked.

Lu Tong didn’t answer. They stood quietly in the hall, gazing blankly at each other until a mutant brought in a man.

Chu Feng grew disquieted when he saw this man being brought into the room. He sensed that things might go very wrong for them.

Lu Tong introduced, "This is Zhou Yitian. Right now, he is making a large-scale documentary for the government. His ambition is to reconstruct the mythical era that it is today. There is cruelty in the film, but there is also the depiction of us human rising to power, fighting back against the beasts and reclaiming our lands. At the moment, everyone is in a state of anxiety, so we need something like this to inspire our people, to ignite the fighting spirit of the masses! And your task is to assist him in finishing his work and get the film to the big screen."

Chu Feng was charged with all sorts of emotions. His premonition seemed to have come true.

The other four members of this team were also flabbergasted. Was this a joke? They were mutants who were strong and powerful, who were capable of overturning the heaven if needed. Of all tasks that were available out there, why would they have to be assigned as the assistants in some bullsh*t propaganda?

"Hi, everyone. I know you are new, but I pledged my loyalty to these people only days ago too," Zhou Yitian forced a smile as he spoke.

"Oi! Watch your manner when you speak!" Lu Tong scowled at him.

Then, he pointed to Chu Feng and said, "The real Angel Ox is here. Now it should be easy for you to decide on whether you want to make a mythical blockbuster for the benefit of yourself or a documentary for us, right?"

"What?! Are you Angel Ox?" Zhou Yitian was so surprised that he leaped into the air.

Standing at his side, Ye Qingrou, Chen Luoyan, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient were all petrified. They widened their eyes, looking at Chu Feng as if he were some kind of monster.

"Why do I feel like I’ve gotten myself into some deep sh*t right now?!" Chu Feng said.

For the following few days, Chu Feng and his comrades were press-ganged into the filming crew. They were on almost every scene of the movie. Quickly, they grew so sick and tired that they felt that their life had become inert.

The torture finished five days later.

"Oh, Feng! I’m glad that you’re finally back!" Wang Jing was very happy when she saw her son. She was quite happy with her new home because the sceneries around the house were quite lovely. There was a lake by the window, and there were also patches of green in the area.

Chu Feng could finally use some slacks after so many days spent in… hell!

Before his departure from that place, Zhou Yitian was still boasting about his movie. He said that his film would become a worldwide sensation. He was confident that no matter what his competitors might try to do to win the spotlight, his film would always prove to be better than theirs.

"Feng, I’m talking to you! Did you not hear me?" Wang Jing raised her voice.

"Yes! I heard you!" Chu Feng made a casual reply.

"Good! I’ve made arrangement for you already. You’ll be meeting up with that girl tomorrow." Wang Jing seemed very pleased with herself.

"What did you say?" Chu Feng was taken aback.

"You’ll go on a date tomorrow!" Wang Jing said.


Meanwhile, in another district, a young woman was making a phone call. She shouted, "Jiang Luoshen! Help! Are you in Shuntian at the moment? Come with me tomorrow! I need your overpowering charisma to help me conquer someone tomorrow! What! Are you asking me what happened? My auntie decided things for herself and has arranged a blind date for me. What? Why are you laughing? Quickly! Come save my arse!"
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