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The black planet was as though it had been sealed by the nether lord since the glacial age. The entire land was dark, gloomy, and the cold cut right to the bones. Even someone as powerful as Chu Feng couldn't help cursing out loud.

He had just alighted from the ship and taken two steps when he was almost frozen stiff. The breath he exhaled turned into black icicles and crashed to the ground.

The energy particles he breathed in contained a dark glow to them, along with a piercing killing intent poised to destroy one's vitality. The pain caused him to grimace.

This certainly wasn't a place suitable for living beings. It was a true Ying-Realm through and through. One could throw a couple hundred tonnes of meat here and easily preserved it for a million years.

"It's so cold. Oh my, I…" He quickly closed his mouth because simply opening his mouth almost caused his saliva to freeze. This made him feel fairly wretched.

Without the vigorous energy within his body, any ordinary person would've turned into a pillar of ice. There wouldn't be any suspense at all.

The young girl cried out in misery after walking down the space ship. She was in tears as she hopped about and fled back into the ship at lightning speed.

She said trembling, "Ah… how cold! The yin energy is too intense. This place is ,the netherworld of the netherworld, the yin world among yin worlds. How can there be such a terrifying place?"

In the end, Chu Feng couldn't stand it, either. He ran back into the airship, hugged Xi tightly, and circulated his breathing technique to absorb her yang energy.

The girl screamed, "Little demon, you're indeed ruthless. You're robbing my yang energy to supplement your weakness. This sister will fight it out with you!"

This time, Chu Feng wasn't afraid at all. Although he was sent flying by a terrifying beam of energy, it was precious yang energy. He felt warm and comfortable from head to toe.

He sat crossed-legged and continuously circulated his breathing technique, completely absorbing the special energy from the Yang-Realm. It was a great supplement for him.

"Do you have any more? Gimme more!" Chu Feng hadn't had his fill yet.

"I'm warning you, if you mess around again, I'll use attack you with a secret used for killing ghosts and monsters." The young girl, Xi, warned while looking at him with an unfriendly expression.

In the end, they began exploring together and entered the forbidden zone for the first time. Even Chu Feng wasn't quite eager to disembark from the ship. The Nine Nether Planet was too cold.

Walking on the black frozen soil, his entire body felt like it was being cut up by blades.

But Chu Feng had no choice but to head down again after traveling several kilometers in. That was because he had to observe the lay of the land and seek the nine nether stone.

But this item wasn't an ordinary ore. It was formed of nine nether energy condensing together with other minerals. It was hard, cold and could be made into many secret treasures.

Fortunately, Chu Feng knew domain methods and he was highly proficient in the study of the leylines and soil. He could see the dragon bone of this evil land and use it to judge the source of the intense nine-nether energy.

As expected, after displaying his skills Chu Feng found the first nine-nether stone. It was the size of a fist with a black luster upon it, and it nearly froze his hand after being dug out.

This item didn't need any rune carvings upon it to injury ordinary evolvers.

"The legendary nine nether mine is likely made from this thing, but the quality might have to be higher.


This time, he dug out a rock enshrouded in dense black mist. It was also the size of a fist but the quality was much higher. It instantly stifled Chu Feng.

It was a piece of shocking treasured material!

"If I stop killing and become a prospector instead, I might become extremely wealthy." Chu Feng pondered. That was because, from the information he obtained from the photon computer, the nine nether stone's price was extraordinary. It wasn't something one could easily find and dig up.

Meanwhile, he had found two of them in such a short time.

He paid rapt attention as he carved some runes upon the second nine nether stone. In the end, he tossed it into the distance after completion.


A mass of black light erupted therein and the dark energy therein was akin to a breath exhaled from the king of the underworld. It emitted a thunderous echo and caused the area to sink down, producing a gigantic crater.

This was Chu Feng's simplified nine-nether mine. Due to material limitations, it could only injure a carefree realm entity at most.

"You say you're not a ghost but you seem fine even in such a place. Who're you trying to fool?" The girl mumbled on the space ship.

But she had just finished speaking when Chu Feng ran back frantically and began breathing the yang energy in the cabin to fend of the nether mist.

An hour later, Chu Feng dug out a piece of nine nether stone the size of a human head. He was delighted and surprised because this item was of great quality. It was emitting a dark glow and accompanied by ghastly wails—it was extremely evil.

He was cautious as he refined the ore one more time and laid down a dense array of symbols. Then he tried hurling it out one more time.


Yin energy exploded in the distance. The so-called nine nether mine was to release a type of frozen energy in the shortest time, causing it to explode.

Chu Feng had read a related domain book on the moon, so he could produce it.


A mountain was flipped over and exploded into several pieces.

"Life forms detected. Their energy levels are extremely high, their power is at least at the golden body level!" The young girl's warning emerged from the ship.

This airship was too heaven-defying. In addition to its powerful attack system, it's heaven's eye system could scan all enemies in nearby. It was thoroughly designed in both attack and defense.

Chu Feng rushed up the airship immediately and watched the screen together with her.

Afterward, they found a speck of light approaching them at great speeds.

It was a man full of red hair and eyes like lightning, a powerful evolver. His strength was at the golden arhat level and his body was flowing with golden radiance. He was much more at ease than Chu Feng in a land that could freeze a cultivator to death.

After visualization were the three realms: cloudeater, transformation, and golden body. This man was three major realms above Chu Feng—his breathing was akin to a dragon and the aura around his nose was accompanied by splendid brilliance and thunder.

Doubtlessly, in a true fair showdown, Chu Feng would be crushed immediately by such a character. There wouldn't be any suspense to speak of.

At this moment, the spaceship wasn't emitted yang energy due to the suppression of the Nine-Nether Forbidden Land. One couldn't tell that it was a spaceship from the Yang-Realm.

Very soon, a powerful spiritual fluctuation surged over and the cold spiritual voice echoed through the area.

"Who are you people? Why have you trespassed into our Yin Sparrow Race's cultivation grounds?"

"Sorry, senior. We just need some nine nether stones. We'll leave after digging some up." The girl replied in an embarrassed manner.

"Which galaxy do you come from?"

"We hail from the milky way," Chu Feng informed.

Afterward, the golden arhat level expert kept probing about their origins. After confirming that these two rookies were from an unknown vital star from the Milky Way Galaxy, his attitude changed immediately. He ordered the two to get off the ship immediately.

"Senior, we were chatting nicely just now. How come you've turned so hostile?" said Xi.

The golden body level expert said, "Enough with the rubbish. Get out here now. This is the Yin Sparrow Race's forbidden land. How can we allow you wild disciples do as you wish? You have to report to our race if you want to land here."

The girl replied, "But I read on the photon computer that this is an ownerless star. Any evolver can come here to mine the nine nether stone."

"Are you looking to die? This seat is asking you to come down, did you not hear? How dare a little lass who's still wet behind the ears defy my will? Are you looking to die, or are you looking to die?" The red-haired man mocked with a cold gaze.

"That pisses me off!" The girl shouted.

Chu Feng struck while the iron was hot. "See? I told you this race is full of bastards. There isn't a single good person there. But you didn't believe me and insisted on testing them out. You brought this on your self."

The girl had her own opinions and had long since known that Chu Feng wanted to borrow her powers to kill his enemies. She really didn't want to be tricked into killing the innocent.

In the end, she was filled with anger after sounding the other party out.

"You need to find the right place even if you want to court death. Who gave you the permission to dig treasures on the Nine Nether Planet?" the golden body level expert took action. He reached out with a single hand, accompanied by a golden brilliance and terrifying aura. It was suffused with vast power, much like a meteorite falling from outer space.

His hand when expanded could easily move peaks and tear apart mountain ranges. Its might was significant.


However, his palm could do nothing after coming into contact with the space ship. It was deflected by a light screen.


That person turned and left on the spot. He fled immediately after noticing something was wrong.

"Damn I'm so pissed off. Kind humans get bullied, kind horses get ridden. I talked nicely with you but you tried to attack me. This sister won't accompany you anymore, die!"


The space shot emitted an odd light which struck the golden body expert who had escaped to the other end of the dark land.


A mournful sound arrived from the distance as the Yin-Sparrow Expert's body exploded and directly turned into a bloody mist, leaving behind a head which duly fell to the ground.

"You… how hateful!" This man was both shocked and regretful. He knew he had made a mistake and kicked a steel plate.


Without a second word, Chu Feng hurled out the Divine Blood Banner which sucked dry all the vitality in that head, killing that man through and through.

The Yin Sparrow Race expert complained before his death, "Are the youngsters of this generation so fierce? This is… speechless. I just encountered two demons!"

Chu Feng went to look for spoils but found that the man's spatial bracelet had been shattered and all his items were destroyed. "Can't you be more gentle with your attack?"

The young girl was embarrassed. "I used the wrong weapon by accident. I was going to capture him alive at first."

But before long, they met a second opponent and she probed this person, too. She was again provoked until her face turned ashen with anger, and she blasted that person into pieces. Chu Feng didn't believe at all that it was an accident.

"Don't you know that the treasures on these evolvers are worth a lot of money? Their personal value is quite high, so be gentle with them, understand? This is such a loss!" Chu Feng persuaded her.

Chu Feng was no longer going out to dig nine nether stones because this area was too dangerous. He would die without a doubt if he were to run into a Yin Sparrow Race expert and couldn't run back into the ship on time.

In a dark but glowing land. Be it the rocks or soil in this area, everything was emitting a luster which weaved together with the black light like streaks of lingering electricity.

Herein sat a row of cross-legged figures. All of them were meditating and respiring the nine nether energy, refining their bones and tempering their spirit. Their auras were all powerful.

In the midst of this group was a small sacrificial altar, atop which sat a young, silver-robed man. He suddenly opened his eyes and shot out two beams of scarlet electricity. He had just woken up from a deep phase of contemplation.

"There are bugs around disturbing my cultivation. Go and kill them!" He spoke with a cold, merciless voice which shook the entire area and caused the frozen ground to crack.

Under his seat were six elders suffused with golden light. All of them were golden body level experts.

A spaceship appeared over the horizon at this point.

The six experts stood up at the same time and arrived before the spaceship in one step, effectively encircling it.

Xi spoke hurriedly, "Don't be rash. I'm very gentle as long as your attitudes are good."

The response was a beam of scarlet blade radiance from one of the golden body experts. The terrifying energy surged intensively like an exploding thunderbolt, accompanied by frighting rumbles and shockwaves.


Even the ground beneath the spaceship was cracked open and therein appeared a sword mark. The invisible sword energy had parted several kilometers of the frozen soil and opened up a huge ravine.

However, the spaceship was unharmed. Then divine light erupted from the ship's surface with a boom and penetrated the golden arhat, tearing him into several parts.


In a split second, the silver-robed man sitting on the altar opened his eyes again. There was boundless destructive intent inside his eyes. He took to the skies in one step and whipped down with his sleeves.

The spaceship flew backward and crashed explosively into a distant mountain.

The silver-robed man's expression was cold. He waved his sleeve once again and flattened the mountain range. Some of the peaks shot into the air and shattered.

The force behind a whip of his sleeve was absolutely terrifying. The energy produced surged like an ocean of terror!

"Can we slay saints or not? We've encountered a fierce person. This silver-haired middle-aged man is probably a quasi-saint!" Chu Feng was shaken. He felt that this girl, Xi, wasn't reliable.

"I'm not sure, either. I used the wrong weapon just now, let me try another one," the young girl said thus, apparently lacking in confidence.

That was because this silver-robed man was too powerful, likely an entity close to the saint level!

"Ants, you dare trespass our race's planet!" The silver-robed man looked young but his attitude was imposing as he clawed over.

"Who dares bully my granddaughter?!"

It was at this time that Xi activated a certain weapons system. A golden umbrella spun out with a terrifying aura and upon it was an incomparably dignified countenance. The face looked down on the world and didn't put the silver-robed man in his eyes at all.

"What's going on? Is your grandpa here too?" Chu Feng was bewildered.

It's just a weapon refined by my grandpa, known was the heavenly dao umbrella." The young girl replied with a smile.

This name was too tyrannical but Chu Feng was quite skeptical of its power. However, his mind was soon changed and he shouted loudly, "Be gentle, leave the corpse intact!"

That was because he saw that the silver-robed man was fleeing. His previous aura had vanished as he ran away with all his might."

The golden umbrella tore the void apart and shot over. Terrifying symbols of lightning drowned the entire sky.


The place was filled with howls and sounds of struggle. In the end, only a single blood-drenched thigh was left. Every other part of his body had been annihilated.

A quasi-saint entity had been finished just like that.

"I'm going to cry now. That's a huge fish, how can you be so rough? Why don't you leave behind his spatial bracelet?!" Chu Feng was heartbroken.

There were five golden arhat level experts left behind. All of them felt their hairs stand on end as they stood frozen in place.

"Hands up, no one move! I'll be very gentle with you." The young girl shouted.


At this moment, a spaceship was just entering the Dragon Sparrow starfield and moving toward the Nine Nether Planet. It was Nine Yin Sparrow, Yuwen Chengkong and the others.
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