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Among the stars up above the skies, a blue star-shaped like diamond mosaic was glowing against the backdrop of the dark night, shining brightly and brimming with radiance. It was absolutely beautiful.

The planet was named the Xilin Star. The planet had a very similar overall appearance to the Earth of old. The Deity Race had gifted the planet to the Xilin Clan after the ancient war.

The planet, as of now, was extremely lively, prosperous, and had turned into an eye-catching planet under the care and nurture of the Xilin Clan. It was popular all over the galaxy.

This could be attributed to the Xilin Clan's extreme talent. Even though they were people who had split off from the old Earth, they had currently managed to develop their clan to such prosperity.

On the moon, outside of the Xinlin Star.

Wei Heng was busy attending to his guests. He possessed fair skin and extremely handsome but feminine facial features. He also had an outstanding temperament and had always left a lasting impression on anyone's first meeting with him.

"The skull is right here, freshness guaranteed and its life-source well maintained. Should you use it, it can regenerate and restore any broken foundations with high effectiveness."

Wei Heng smiled throughout the conversation. Many years back, he was ranked ninth under the starry skies and managed to stun the entire ancient era. One had to know that it was the same era as Yaoyao and the Nine Orifice Tribulation Physique. Yet, he was able to shake the entire starry skies by being ranked among the top ten.

Even as many years had passed, that era was undoubtedly the galaxy's golden era—undisputed among the elder's of every race and recorded in history books.

There was a jar on the jade table in front of Wei Heng. It was plain looking but somehow managed to capture the attention of a few of the guests. All eyeballs were fixated on the container.

"Is Chang Ming sealed inside the container?" asked one of the onlookers.

"That's right, Uncle Ming's skull is right inside. I used the salt from the mother planet to pickle and seal him into the jar," Wei Heng replied calmly.

Wei Heng was very young, and he seemed not to have aged one bit from his facial features as the years rolled by. He was an extremely talented saint, and legends had it that he was gunning for the heaven illuminator status.

"This is unbelievable!, Even the notorious Chang Ming was subdued by Brother Wei Heng. Very impressive!" exclaimed the guests, their eyes gleaming and full of praise for Wei Heng.

"Yea, Uncle Ming was powerful, however, he had aged considerably, and had not been maintaining his rigorous training unlike during his younger years. This is a show of my empathy toward him! By imprisoning him inside the jar, he is able to rest and recuperate.

Wei Heng responded indifferently to the guests' praise, seemingly unfazed by his accomplishment. In his eyes, his only equal contender would only be the heaven illuminators and no one else!

In reality, the guests in the room were wary of his character. They thought of him as somebody who disregarded even his closest relatives and friends, someone who was extremely sly and cunning, and willing to do anything for revenge once the bridges were burned.

Chang Ming, whom Wei Heng referred to as Uncle Ming, was a saint of ancient Earth and had watched Yaoyao and Wei Heng grew up since their childhood days. He had even acted as Wei Heng's mentor, providing guidance. Their relationship was warm.

From a certain perspective, Uncle Ming could be considered his mentor. However, Wei Heng showed no mercy to Chang Ming the moment Xilin clan betrayed Earth and both immediately stood at opposing ends.

Many years back, Uncle Ming appeared on the galaxy and dug out a group of space turtle eggs. He entrusted Yaoyao to pass the eggs to Chu Feng, helping him build a solid evolutionary foundation.

Unfortunately, after delivering the nest full of magical eggs, Uncle Ming was tracked down by Wei Heng. The latter had searched far and wide for him and finally discovered his whereabouts after numerous attempts.

In the end, Uncle Ming encountered an unfortunate fate.

Wei Heng, the ninth under the starry skies, beheaded his master and sealed the head inside a jar using salt. He then returned to Earth to threaten Yaoyao and made her come into the outer realms.

Chu Feng could not believe his own eyes after witnessing it and became enraged at Wei Heng. However, he was helpless as he was no match against the galaxy's' top 9th ranked warrior in terms of skills and power.

Presently, Wei Heng was using Uncle Ming's sealed skull to negotiate with others on deals.

"Can you open up the container and let us see with our own eyes?" a red-haired man asked. There was a faint layer of fire on his body but a chill was emanating from his body.

The man who had just spoken was the Nine Yin Sparrow, who used to be a quasi-saint. He was also a heavenly knight during ancient times, infamous for being cold-blooded and blood-thirsty. A few months back, he went head to head against a domain expert while launching an attack on planet earth. He was badly injured and stripped of his quasi saint cultivation.

He was accompanied by a couple of other people, and amongst them stood an imposing man with sharp, chiseled facial features. Every strand of his hair was gleaming, and his eyes were deep as a bottomless pit.

He was Yuwen Chenkong, also a heavenly knight back in the year. Today, he was a saint and was Nine Yin Sparrow's brother-in-arms.

Back in the days, all heavenly knights were a ferocious bunch and extremely cold-blooded. Some had died in battle, some died due to old age while the ones that had survived till now were the tougher breeds, all highly skillful in their own right.

A few months back, Chu Feng slaughtered their disciples Zhu Wuque and Yuwen Feng. Both were handpicked successors of Nine Yin Sparrow and Yuwen Chenkong respectively, poised to inherit their stature and powers.

"No problem! It's perfectly legitimate to inspect the goods! Wei Heng smiled unenthusiastically, his calm composure causing uneasiness among the guests.

The clan's success in this day and age—in addition to the Heaven-Illuminator Wei Xilin—could be attributed to the talents and efforts of a top saint like Wei Heng.

A fishy aroma dispersed into the air the moment the porcelain container was opened. Inside the container was a man's head filled with white, blood-stained hair. Its countenance was old and full of wrinkles.

"Uncle Ming, wake up! Now is not the time to rest!" Wei Heng nudged gently in a soothing tone. Wei Heng's seemingly warm attitude spread even more fear among the guests.

In the jar, the old man opened his eyes in a stuporous manner. Here was a battle-hardened expert and saint, tortured countless times and pickled. He seemed to be in great pain and was fighting for survival every moment.

The white-haired old man had dim, sleepy eyes and not a shred of radiance. He sighed loudly the moment he regained consciousness and saw Wei Heng.

Uncle Ming reminisced the old days when Wei Heng was still a kid. The latter was bright, soft, handsome, and childish. The Wei Heng standing right in front of him, however, was a completely changed man, with highly contrasting characters.

Wei Heng used to be his disciple. Yaoyao, another kid, and Wei Heng used to learn martial arts and practice sword skills by his side. The past seemed just like yesterday.

Uncle Ming had high hopes for Wei Heng. But he never expected the truth to be so cruel—the Xilin clan betrayed earth and the young Wei Heng left without any hesitation. Today, the boy he knew was treating him like so.

Uncle Ming's mental agony far exceeded his physical pain. This was a kid that he once loved so much, one whom he had taught to read and write. He had also taught the boy breathing techniques. Yet, today the latter had beheaded him and pickled his head in a jar.

"Uncle Ming, are you resting well?" Wei heng asked with a gentle smile on his handsome face. He seemed to be rather easygoing with his former mentor.

Uncle Ming refused to speak. He had nothing more to utter under current circumstances, his heart only filled with sorrow. Wei Heng used to be an innocent child just like Yaoyao, but Yaoyao had grown up to be more compassionate.

"I wonder whether Yaoyao is alright.." Uncle Ming finally muttered his first sentence. Uncle Ming was concerned about the well-being of Yaoyao. Many were envious of Yaoyao's skills, and she was famous for her talents, being top in the earth skill-wise. He was worried that Yaoyao would never be able to regain the former confident self after being driven into exile by Wei heng. Uncle Ming became pale and worried the moment Yaoyao crossed his mind.

Wei Heng glanced coldly right though Uncle Ming but regained his relaxed composure in an instant. "Yaoyao has ventured deep into the broken universe. I have no issues updating you on Yaoyao's status since you are yearning for it. She was dragged out from earth by the Sagemaster along with her remnant corpse. You must be happy upon hearing this?" smiled Wei Heng.

Uncle Ming's droopy eyes lit up, and he instantly regained his spirit.

"Yep, they were indeed here. However, our Wei clan supreme leader has achieved the heaven-illuminator status. They couldn't gain the upper hand under his illumination and within the home ground of our Xilin planet. Moreover, the Deity Race, the Netherworld Race and other factions had laid down a heavenly trap. The two had almost fallen into our hands, but managed to escape in the end."

Uncle Ming was glad but worried at the same time after he heard Wei Heng. A mixed bag of emotions engulfed him.

Wei Heng smiled coldly. "Do not even try to imagine that their life will be good after entering the broken universe. That place is dominated by various warring factions, and is a disorderly battleground of chaos gods, prehistoric races."

"Chaos and havoc brings disruption to the established cruel order, and hence bring hope." Uncle Ming calmly replied without anxiety.

Wei Heng replied, "Uncle Ming, the reason for waking you up from your slumber is to put you to rest eternally, I felt that you have lived long enough since the ancient era ages and would be mentally depressed by now. Why not seize this opportunity to rest forever?"

"You've finally decided to finish me off." Uncle Ming was at peace, foreseeing that this day would arrive eventually.

Wei Heng shook his head and said with a sly smile, "No, No, No!" How could I take such despicable action against my mentor? I've been respectful to my beloved teacher all this while. I planned to sell you away to Nine Yin Sparrow in a discreet trade. As you may now know, his foundations were severely injured by domains during the battle on earth. He needs a saint's life source to recover his powers and overturn his disability."

"Hmm, Not bad." One of the current saints Yuwen Chenkong exclaimed. The latter used to be an extremely violent and cold-blooded heavenly knight, his hands tainted with blood from the many beings he had executed. He nodded in approval and acknowledged the effectiveness of Uncle Ming's life source as a healing attribute.

The Nine Yin Sparrow's red hair started prancing around, and his eyes were glowing with hope, much like flowing magma. He was satisfied with the goods being offered, and exclaimed after licking his bright red lips, "The goods are indeed of the highest quality, let's make the deal right away!"

This was a trade, and the goods on offer was Uncle Ming!

The guests around Wei Heng were highly skilled and powerful, some being saints and quasi-saints.

Uncle Ming had long since known about Nine Yin Sparrow, Yuwen Chenkong, and their many killing sins. In a surprising turn of events, he would soon be a healing source for restoring such despicable beings' energy and powers. He was mad and depressed, but was helpless under current circumstances.

Alas, Uncle Ming remained silent without uttering a single word.

Wei Heng continued with a somewhat cruel smile, "Uncle Ming, you may rest in peace. After so many years, you must be exhausted already. The is no more hope left since the annihilation of mother earth. Only a few weak soldiers remain, and I am certain they can never stand against us. This is absolutely disgraceful. Please take my word and give up all hope and energy, you old man! You have served your time. I will lead our Xilin clan back to our mother planet, rebuild the planet, and make our planet great again! By the time, our planet will shine brightly amongst the stars and this is true Hope!"

In exchange for Chang Ming's skull, Nine Yin Sparrow surrendered a small glowing piece of metal to Wei Heng, and the deal was completed.

This small piece of impure mother-of-all-gold was uneven and looked cheap on the outside, but was, in fact, extremely rare and valuable. It was a highly desirable object among powerful experts with everyone craving for it.

"Great!" Nodded Wei Heng. This deal had been extremely profitable to Wei Heng. Under any normal circumstances or deals, it was almost impossible for the mother-of-all-gold to be circulated around by normal traders.

Up above the universe, a spaceship was circling around the dark skies. It was afraid of breaching into any live planet's atmosphere and only managed to travel discreetly around the dark galaxy.

"Im telling you, in this dark galaxy world, the most hated clan would be Xilin Clan, Deity Race, Netherworld Race, the Spirit Race, Mechanical Race, and the heavenly knights. They are all a bunch of low life creatures, having committed various sins. Do not hesitate to kill and slaughter them on the spot!

Chu Feng was imparting his wisdom to the young girl—in order to survive in this chaotic universe, one must have the "right" principles, human values, and outlook. He was especially riled up when mentioning these races' atrocious behaviors, and could not wait to take action against them.
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