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The group of evolvers rushed over, but they still couldn't block Chu Feng. He had beheaded two divine sons among the thousand troops. His long blade glowed with an eerie and intimidating crimson light.


Although the Deity race, the Netherworld race, and all the others couldn't compare with those Dao protectors, they were by no means weaklings. Everyone went mad. Those were the strongest descendants of the two races, yet they had been beheaded in front of everyone. How could they bear this!?

Swish, swish, swish...

A group of people rushed forward and also ordered the others to follow the two races' men. They would swarm and surround Chu Feng like hornets.


Chu Feng felt something was fishy and suspected that someone was concealed. There was a divine light inside his eye. He did not feel desperate at all; rather, he felt a bit of surprise. He rushed toward the place where Luo Fu was killed.


Chu Feng was faster. He merged with the blade, transforming into a beam of light. He turned around to go for the kill, and then a piercing red light burst forth. It burned splendidly and cut across the vast sky!

This was because he saw that after Luo Fu was beheaded, he was corroded by the reincarnation blade and began to melt and disintegrate, and it seemed as though his body and spirit were destroyed...

But he still had some life force. A puddle of his true blood was glowing and flickering behind his head.

"Stop him!"

"Quickly, bar the way! Don't let him get near!"

People were anxious and unable to restrain their anger as they called out loudly.

Now, others felt it too and had some other ulterior motives, to say nothing of Chu Feng.

Chu Feng merged with his blade and transformed into a resplendent and blazing blade of light. He saw the truth of the matter with a single glance after he got close. There was still a puddle of true blood behind the corroded and thoroughly melted head. It held a talisman inside and was overflowing with a strong life force. There was also a ring of spiritual light.

It was a talisman of death replacement!

He immediately understood this to be the rare treasure only held by the supreme Confucianists and the strongest races. It was a divine object used by saints who would spare no cost to extract their life force and prepare it for the future generation's stunning bloodlines.

Originally, Qin Luoyin had used the talisman of death replacement in purgatory to survive; otherwise, she would have already died in a blue, monochrome flame.


Some people of the Deity race roared loudly, and the Dao protectors charged out from the depths of the Pure Land. Some of them had lost their arms, some had lost half their bodies, and others had died miserably. They were all burnt with a brightly colored flame. The last three injured survivors charged over. That they could still live was a testament to how decisive they were. They cut off parts of their own bodies to stop the multi-colored flame from spreading to their flesh and spirits.

"Get out of here, Chu Feng!"

"You evil creature, your entire family will be destroyed! You're courting death!"

The three people impatiently and madly charged over. Together, they condensed into one body, and dazzling energy burst forth and formed a gaudy, golden lance that shone as though it were forged from sunlight. The lance was thrust toward Chu Feng with the decisive intent to kill him. They wouldn't let him get near Luo Fu's true blood and death replacement talisman.

Everyone focused their attention on this critical moment. The Deity race's Dao protectors had come back and attacked, which could turn things around. They were on the verge of saving Luo Fu and letting him live again.

However, Chu Feng's figure moved swiftly like empty flowers in a dream. He disappeared from his original position. He combined and used the World's End Near at Hand and Ground Shrinking techniques to quickly evade the golden energy lance. In an instant, he arrived near Luo Fu's true blood. He raised his hand and lowered the blade.

This time, the long blade was silent. It cut through the true blood and eliminated the spirit while also chopping the death replacement talisman in half.

"Ah… Chu Feng, I won't let you go even as a ghost!" Luo Fu let out a mournful howl. The last sound he made was filled with hate and rage. He was not resigned at all.

He originally thought he could survive and escape death. How could he predict that Chu Feng would come back with a sudden thrust that caught him off guard, cut him once more, and send him on his way?

He obviously saw hope, and in the end, he was thrown into despair once again. This feeling was unbearable. In this moment, he experienced the agonizing torment of a fall from the heavens and into hell.

It was nothing more than one death, yet he had been tormented until he couldn't handle it anymore. He had experienced significant ups and downs until finally, he collapsed.

"I came back from purgatory, so why should I fear a little ghost like you? Besides, you have no chance of reincarnation!" Chu Feng callously said, "I said I'd kill you absolutely and thoroughly kill you!"

Then he turned around and steered the magic raft away, leaving the three Dao protectors with missing limbs to become deranged in their anger.


A fragmented blood-curdling screech came from the Netherworld people in the distance. In the crimson blade of light, some people's shoulders were cut off, some were sliced in half at the waist, and others had been decapitated. It practically rained blood, and separated limbs, halved torsos, and heads fell together.

Then Chu Feng hacked apart the Netherworld divine son's true blood and death replacement talisman with one slice. A mournful, desperate, and miserable shriek emitted from the area.

Two of the Netherworld race's Dao protectors rushed over from the distance. Originally, there had been five of them, but three had just perished in only a moment. The remaining two had injuries more severe than those of the Deity race's Dao protectors. They had been directly struck by the reincarnation blade and were truly bitter, so they returned from the depths of the Pure Land and were now much slower. They could only watch the scene unfold helplessly. The other people of the Netherworld race could not protect the race's strongest divine son.

The evolvers watching the battle all felt their blood run cold, and then they felt flabbergasted. The Netherworld race also had a rare death replacement talisman, yet in the end, their divine son similarly couldn't evade death. He was killed thoroughly.

The matter wasn't over yet, either. Chu Feng steered the green bamboo raft and instantly disappeared into the void. The unique danger had erupted once again.

There was a booming sound as an eye-piercing mushroom cloud of energy erupted. It brought with it unrestrained starlight, and strange shapes such as the sun, moon, and stars appeared. Chu Feng had made an all-out effort to strike using the mother gold bracelet. He was just in time to attack the last surviving Netherworld Dao protector. He exploded into a mist of blood that filled the air, and his flesh and spirit were completely disintegrated.

What was that!?

A group of Dao protectors had undoubtedly descended to surround and attack Chu Feng. How had the situation suddenly changed? Each and every one of them was seriously injured. They had escaped the Pure Land only to be counterattacked!

Now, there was only one person left among the five Netherworld Dao protectors.

"It's no good. Dao friends, this way!" the Deity race's three experts yelled. They attacked together again and emitted a golden light with one another. The three became one and formed a large, gold bell to defend themselves. They also struck forward to save the last person.

They were certain that Chu Feng wouldn't give up this opportunity.

Sure enough, a frigid blade of dazzling scarlet light blossomed with a type of bewitching beauty. It was practically flying out along with the celestial mother gold bracelet.


No matter how hard the last Netherworld Dao protector defended, he couldn't evade his fate of destruction. He had already been severely burnt by the reincarnation blade's blaze. Half his body was gone, and now he was powerless to resist.

Thus, his fresh blood splashed out and a treasure shattered. He had been cut alive by Chu Feng's blade and sliced open at the space between his eyes. His body split into two pieces and blood rained everywhere.

He didn't have a death replacement talisman for it was too precious. A saint had to pay a hefty price and fuse his own life force with a divine object to forge one.


The destruction of the Netherworld race's experts was accompanied by a last miserable scream. Chu Feng had killed all of them so quickly, and now, not even one Dao protector or divine son was left.

Originally, he had wanted each of the people who had come forward to be intimidated and frightened until they trembled. Those people who took advantage of crises for their own gain didn't dare attack. They just stared helplessly at the scene.

"You guys are nothing but manure today!" Chu Feng towered high in the sky and spoke emphatically.

Not too long ago, the Netherworld divine son and the others said they would slaughter Chu Feng today, that tomorrow he would be manure. In the end, they had all been eliminated and not a single one was left.


Chu Feng disappeared. He jumped into the depths of the Pure Land to retrieve the reincarnation flames and see how many were left.

This time, his success entirely relied on this colorful flame. It was abnormally powerful, and the combination of the flame, the dark red blade, and the concealing green bamboo raft was unrivaled.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to behead Luo Fu and the Netherworld divine son just like that, to say nothing of those Dao protectors. They were extremely weak after being burnt half to death by the colorful flame, and in the end, they were slaughtered while trying to run away.

The depths of the Pure Land were filled with stars. Sure enough, there were still feeble multi-colored flames. Chu Feng was quite pleased and utilized the stone box to quickly absorb them together.

In the end, he had reclaimed less than half. The rest was used up.

Then he charged out without looking back. In order to kill the enemy, one must strike while the iron is hot.

Right now, the Deity race's three surviving Dao protectors were stuck in a difficult position. They simultaneously felt surprise and rage, and their faces were ashen. Finally, they had no choice but to fall back and run for the exit.

Nearby, everyone's hearts were pounding as heated debates broke out. This was a significant event. Without even thinking, they knew that sentiments in the cosmos would boil over.

The Deity race's strongest descendant and the most exceptional young expert in the universe, Luo Fu, had died along with the Netherworld race's divine son who was known as a proud son of heaven. That the two had perished together would inevitably create a controversy.


Flames blossomed. Among the colors were blue, silver, gold… the six colors pulsed and suddenly broke out near the exit by the three Deity race Dao protectors.

Chu Feng attacked ruthlessly. He didn't hesitate to use up the reincarnation flame once again. When the Deity race and the protectors joined up with the Xilin race's four Dao protectors at the exit, he abruptly sent it out.

At this moment, the Deity race's three Dao protectors, whose arms had broken off and had half of their bodies missing, had already become easily frightened due to the previous experiences. They instantly panicked and could no longer merge together to defend.


Chu Feng roared like a demon king. His disheveled hair draped over his shoulder, his eyes burst with light, and his energy was like a mountain flood. He used all his strength to deal the fatal blow.

The celestial mother gold bracelet's interior transformed into a black hole that silently swallowed a Dao protector and twisted him into a bloody light.

Chu Feng attacked forward with the long blade in his hand. He hacked at another Dao protector who died violently on the spot. Yet the last of the Deity race was the most unlucky. He was infected by the colorful flame and was thoroughly turned to ash.

As for the four members of the Xilin race, they used all their strength to evade, but some of them were also caught by the flame. They let out long, mournful howls. Chu Feng chased them down to kill them.

What else would fit this type of moment? Each of them ran for their lives. They had already begun to tremble in fear when they saw the deaths of the Deity race and Netherworld race and were already in the initial stage of escaping. Now, they were even more unwilling to continue the fight.

In the end, one of them died at the exit, another ran into the distance, another was deformed and cut down halfway after catching fire, and the last was chased down by Chu Feng and slaughtered alone!

Finally, the Xilin race's four experts were completely eliminated, and just as before, none had been left behind. Just like that, Chu feng killed his way through Kunlun and hacked the group of old experts to death. His long blade dripped with blood. He was like a god of death!

Someone wanted to use their photon computer to take a picture in the last scene and transmit it to the outer realm. They would instantly create a violent commotion.

A young man wearing a bronze mask and dragging a long blade left a trail of his enemies blood. He now stood outside the Kunlun mountains like a revered demon king, staring disdainfully at the world.

The outer realm was shaken. What was this situation? What about the Dao protectors? Could it be that they were slaughtered by this demon-like young man?

"Extra, extra! The Demon King Chu is back with a massacre in Kunlun!"

It was an explosive piece of news, and along with the photo, it spread around the cosmos and instantly triggered a perilous situation!
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