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The energy in the back was boiling and vigorous like molten iron, but also like a sun being held in one's hand. The beams of light pierced the heavens and fiercely pounded toward Chu Feng.

The instant lasted for what felt like an eternity.

Heaven and Earth were both broiled, water vapors evaporated, and even the surrounding evolvers were letting out stifled cries as all the flesh from their heads to their toes dried up. They couldn't handle such an intense energy.

The Innocuous Divine Physique!

His blow was fatal and moved the Deity race's strongest descendent Luo Fu, the Netherworld race's divine son, and Qin Luoyin. This was an extremely terrifying expert.

Chu Feng suddenly turned around. A light shone from his palm and a golden symbol appeared. He faced this sudden punch and collided with the Innocuous Divine Physique for the first time.

There was a booming sound and energy flared up like a sea of molten metal breaching its dike and crashing against the shore, yet it also melted all living things. The Pure Land caved in, the space warped, and its life force perished.

Chu Feng felt an acute pain in his finger. A fiery-hot energy surged like a flood trying to breach and enter his body. It was like the magma from a volcanic eruption was fusing with his body and wanting to spill over.

He called out lightly. His finger was glowing and the reincarnation symbol rotating about it emitted a gaudy divine light that struck back at the Innocuous Divine Physique.


The area suffered a huge explosion resulting in several mushroom clouds appearing around Chu Feng and the Innocuous Divine Physique. This wasn't at all like a body of flesh; rather, it was like a nuclear weapon. A potent radioactive matter even filled the air and spread rapidly.

Pfff, pfff, pfff...

Many of the surrounding evolvers coughed up blood before they were sent flying by the shockwaves. Their entire bodies became tattered and so covered in bloody holes that they looked like sieves.

Some people's blood instantly dried up; as for their hair, it burnt to ashes in a flash. There were some skeletons on the ground letting out mournful, blood-curdling screeches.

Many people retreated, terrified of the scene.

"Secular world, fist of the world of the living!" The strongest descendent of the Deity race, Luo Fu, was so emotionally moved that he couldn't stop himself from uttering such words. This shocked many people.

The Netherworld race's divine son's pupils were faint and penetrating like lightning. One must know that the phrase "the world of the living" had only been mentioned in the past ten years. This was because the Heaven Illuminator, who existed in the primordial chaos' broken universe, discovered something extraordinary.

As for the past few years, each race's strongest descendent was only just now imbued with knowledge that, in their eyes, was extremely subversive.

Chu Feng's expression changed upon hearing this. Could it be the Innocuous Divine Physique's punch was so full of yang energy that it was like a glowing, burning divine furnace? How could normal people endure an attack that was related to the world of the living?

Nevertheless, he obstructed it. The reincarnation symbol on his palm glittered and directly obliterated his opponent's profound technique, blocking the punch.

A person across from him was wrapped up in a gold gas. That was the yang energy from a moment prior. It was like a flaring, raging blaze.

Him standing there made many evolvers unable to get close because they simply couldn't handle the vigorous yang energy. It was just like a ghost facing the intense sun overhead.

Without a doubt, the Innocuous Divine Physique had wanted to directly end Chu Feng's life with this sudden punch and dealt a fatal blow.

This was because not many people at the scene dared to say they could block this kind of fatal blow. The yang energy was too strong, the boxing technique was too terrifying, and the energy was incomparably forceful.

Chu Feng realized that he was not the only one to have learned the secrets of the world of the living from Red Spider Lily. Now, all the great races in the depths of the universe had already been made aware of it.

At the same time, he thought of the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique because it was related to the world of the living and thus coveted by some of the universe's powerful races. They wanted to seize it for themselves.

Chu Feng then made the connection to the Deity race's past meticulousness when they descended on Earth along with the Netherworld race and slaughtered everyone. He reckoned they must have wanted to snatch the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique.

Did they clearly understand many things back then?


Then Chu Feng wordlessly yet ferociously and tyranically attacked. He abandoned Luo Fu and the Netherworld race's divine son for now. Instead, he rose up in one bound like a golden-winged roc spreading its wings. He flew forward and attacked the Innocuous Divine Physique.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two met with three successive blows which couldn't be seen by any other than themselves. Outsiders couldn't see clearly because of the piercing light of the energy which submerged the heavens and Earth.

The entire Pure Land was covered in the golden light of the flaring yang energy.

Several people felt stifled. They breathed hurriedly while covering their chests and holding their heads. They quickly escaped into the distance.

After the silhouettes left, Chu Feng and the Innocuous Divine Physique were separated by several kilometers. They stared at each other in complete silence.

The Innocuous Divine Physique turned and walked away, but just as he was leaving, he exposed his pearly white teeth, smiling at Chu Feng. The surrounding people rushed away in an attempt to give him a path.

This was because common evolvers couldn't withstand this man's pervasive energy. The yang energy was too strong, and they were like ghosts unable to come into contact with it.

Chu Feng chased him at lightning speed. He wanted to know if this so-called Innocuous Divine Physique was the Earth's True One, and could there be two with this kind of physique?

If he was the Earth's True One, certainly, he would give him a life worse than death!

He struck his opponent through the distance, causing great upheaval in the void. The energy waves surged, and the entire Pure Land was trembling.

However, the Innocuous Divine Physique was very decisive. His body flashed and did not shake along with him. He sank into the mountain's stones like a ghost, and after a few rises and falls, he disappeared.

Originally, Chu Feng could have chased him down, but the path forward was blocked by a man covered all over in silver blood energy. He raised a hand and lifted a foot, and just like that, the entire mountain range trembled and shook violently. The scene was somewhat terrifying. He descended upon the world like a god of war and blocked Chu Feng's path.

This was the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique. The blood energy was welling out from his whole body and overflowing from every pore. It submerged the heavens and suppressed the numerous evolvers until their souls were all trembling. This man's flesh and spirit were both excessively strong and abnormally terrifying.

His pupils were both silver with silver flames overflowing from them. His entire being was awe-inspiringly imposing and vigorous to the point where it could no longer increase.

The Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique instantly attacked. He had previously said that he wanted to attack Chu Feng. Even if he still couldn't confirm whether or not this was the real guy, he couldn't hold himself back.

This was because the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique controlled the power of the origin magnets. This was a nightmare for domain researchers, but those incomparably powerful domain researchers could still control and threaten this type of physique.

All in all, if their strengths were similar, he and a domain researcher would restrain each other!

He stared at Chu Feng, and the void exploded when his fist smashed downward. The aura was so violent it was as though a picture scroll were about to be opened!

A revolving origin magnet was about to conceal within Chu Feng's body. It was splendid yet tyrannical. Finally, it formed a well with which to cover Chu Feng.


Chu Feng held the reincarnation blade and swept it forward. The blade hacked at the well forged by the origin magnet's light, causing an intense explosion among densely-packed runes.

Everyone shivered as the two exchanged blows. A domain symbol had unexpectedly blossomed.

Chu Feng felt fear in his heart. This Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique also understood some domains. Although he was inferior to actual domain geniuses, he was naturally and intimately connected with origin magnets, so his power could be extraordinary.


Chu Feng's personality was by no means passive. The long blade sliced forward and hacked apart the origin magnet's well before it moved to cut that surging silver blood energy.


The Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique roared and the earth split apart, sending countless boulders soared upward. There were numerous magnetic stones under ground as well as a domain. He'd surprisingly used and activated it! The light of the many origin magnets covered the area.

At the same time, the evolvers standing off in the distance all cried out in alarm when they saw the metal weapons they carried fly over and gather around the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique. Afterward, they were all brandished and exploded toward Chu Feng.

All kinds of flying swords, spears, halberds, and dagger-axes fell together. The piercing light of the metallic sheen was terrifying. An eerie cold air filled the area and a cold light shone.

The evolvers were all petrified. All of their elite magic weapons had been inexplicably stolen and made into the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique's weapon! Had they been participating in this battle, they reckoned they would be instantly killed by their own weapons.

"Ding, ding…"

All manner of metallic trill filled the area. They exploded in mid air causing multiple clouds of energy to surge. Chu Feng grasped his long blade and crossed the sky. All kinds of swords, blades, and spear heads fell and energy raged after he violently slashed!

This was a total annihilation. All before this long blade would be destroyed.

"Heh, heh…" The Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique laughed coldly. His hair rose upward as he took out his huge and terrifying broadsword. It was purple with a glittering luster.

His silver blood energy flared up as he walked out about seven kilometers with his broadsword in hand. Once again, he attacked from a distance and slashed toward Chu Feng.


The dark red long blade and the huge purple broadsword clashed in mid-air. In that moment, holy light shot out in all directions, and a world-startling, turbulent energy was diffused and flowed in all directions.

Chu Feng trembled in fear and awe. He could see with just one glance that this blade's material was out of the ordinary. It was made of polished magnetic essence, which was originally a rarely-seen divine material used to arrange domains.

Now, it had been polished to form a weapon!

Ding, ding, ding...

The two clashed fiercely. Chu Feng fought the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique with his reincarnation blade, and the battle shook the entire Pure Land. The information later reached the outer realm and shocked the cosmos.

A mysterious expert had come into being and fought the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique after previously meeting the Innocuous Divine Physique in battle. He fought the two unrivaled physiques at precisely this moment yet did not lose in the intense struggle?

Most importantly, many people were saying this might be Chu Feng back from the dead.

The cosmos instantly erupted in a clamor, and sentiments thoroughly boiled over. A mysterious, strong character incited two peerless physiques. This was a bit shocking.

"Who is this? Is it really Chu Feng? I think it's a bit hard to believe. He should have been buried in purgatory!"

Back in the pure land, Chu Feng let out a long hiss. He did not fear the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique's famed and unrivaled fighting prowess. He rose up and crossed the sky. Multiple blades of red light burst from his hand like lightning. They threaded together in the sky and below the ground, linking with the heavens. It was beyond challenge.

The Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique's silver pupils were faint and like sharp swords. The broadsword in his hand was like a dragon as it criss-crossed, fluttered, and rose up and down.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

They crashed together in a violent battle like a golden-winged roc and a silver dragon. They fought form the sky to the ground, and then they rose back up into the sky in an incomparably fierce struggle.


At this moment, another terrifying blade of light glowed. Luo Fu emerged holding a deity blade. His aura had increased dramatically, and most importantly, he instantly appeared high up in the air and behind Chu Feng like a clap of thunder. He suddenly struck with a world-startling slash.

"Chu Feng, you bronze-masked robber. You disgraced the Deity race and looted my companions! Everyone has the right to punish you!

Actually, he had already taken action when he started speaking since he was far faster than the speed of sound. He was going to directly cut Chu Feng's back in two.


Chu Feng didn't turn around. The reincarnation blade in his right hand clashed with the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique's broadsword, resulting in beams of light to pierce the heavens. The cosmic mother gold bracelet in his left hand waved backward and crashed against the deity blade. The vigorous energy exploded like a sun.


At this moment, the Netherworld race's divine son rose up into the sky with a bursting murderous spirit. He rushed toward Chu Feng with a fist like a black millstone. He was going to crush the void and obliterate Chu Feng's body!

While this was happening, many people below were eager to try. Now, the crown prince of the Origin Demon race had arrived, and the Immortal Destiny Physique was also nearby. Most importantly, the victims' families, including those of the Vermillion Bird fairy, Yuan Yuan, and the Myriad Star Physique Xu Chengxian, were also here.

"All of you, come on up!" Now, Chu Feng finally spoke. He would face the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique, Luo Fu, the Netherworld race's divine son, and all the other opponents by himself!
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