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Chu Feng was increasingly certain that this mountain itself was more or less a domain secret treasure that had been brought into the home of myriad gods. It was set up here waiting for people to fall in.

He thought of an especially serious outcome. This trap was made specifically for a domain master and might be targeted at him. Could it be that someone set had this up suspecting he was alive?

This caused his eyes to turn cold and his entire being to surge with killing intent.

Presently, he was in great trouble. The mountain was lustrous, filled with sparkling runes, and the paths here snaked toward every direction. However, all of them were dead-ends. A random misstep would lead to a crushing death.

He had actually been trapped inside a domain secret treasure.

Chu Feng frowned because the domains were difficult to unravel, much harder than when he had entered. There were literal "dead" ends everywhere, and one could easily fall into those carefully crafted danger zones.


Hundreds of violet runes would float up when Chu Feng stepped forward rapidly. They bloomed like Chinese redbuds and interweaved into a large net which covered him up.

He whipped out the Reincarnation Blade and slashed wildly, destroying these violet energy runes.

Even though Chu Feng understood domains and had great attainments in this field, there were many times when he had no choice but to use brute force. That was because there was simply no time for him to use domain methods.

He was within a secret treasure. Someone was operating it in secret and attacking him constantly, poised to take his life. The level of danger here was far greater than with normal domains.

It wasn't a passive activation—someone was using it to obstruct him.

"There must be a domain grandmaster peering at me from the dark. I must kill him."

Chu Feng set off several explosions in the mountain amidst raging clouds of energy. Even someone like him was drenched in blood and badly wounded.

Any other master domain researcher or evolver would've died already.

He was only able to preserve his life because he was proficient in domains and his evolutionary level was sufficiently high.

He cleared out a safe zone and sat down cross-legged. He remained still as he sensed the area in detail. There were golden specks of light in his eyes as he focused his gaze in the dark.

He wanted to kill off the hiding domain master and completely clear away the trouble.

Afterward, Chu Feng was astonished to find that this mountain wasn't simple. There were dozens of complete domains here, not something a single person could do. The restrictions and runes inside were also quite powerful and suffused with killing intent.

He would need to spend a lot of time in order to break everything.

Chu Feng stood up with the Reincarnation Blade in one hand and the stone box in the other. He didn't want to waste too much time, so he was prepared to use the colorful flames of reincarnation to burn a path out.

"Interesting, it's possible that Chu Feng isn't dead yet. Then I'll send him on his way this time!"

Outside, Luo Fu, the most powerful scion of the Deity Race was smiling. It was just that his smile was somewhat sinister and contained boundless hostility. That was because Chu Feng had killed his brother, the divine son Luo Yi and their race's saint. This caused great damage to their prestige.

Beside him, there was a frosty middle-aged man from the Xilin clan. This time, it was the Xilin clan who had led the cautious move to set up this secret treasure. Unexpectedly, they'd caught such a big fish.

Even though they couldn't ascertain whether it really was Chu Feng, they had a feeling that it was the case.

The most powerful scion of the Netherworld Race was enveloped in dark mist as though he had come from the netherworld. Only his cold eyes were visible, and they were filled with the aura of death.

He chuckled, "It'll be quite interesting if it really is him. We'll kill him again."

Back then, the Deity Race and supported the Netherworld Race's army's invasion of earth. Meanwhile, the Xilin clan had turned against earth at the critical juncture and allowed the enemies to enter earth. What ensued was a bloody massacre.

It could be said that the Deity Race, the Netherworld Race, and the Xilin clan were the main culprits in the destruction of earth's evolvers.

To the side, Dameng Pure Land's Qin Luoyin was livid. She simply couldn't understand how Chu Feng had managed to escape. She had admitted under the interrogation of the saint that Chu Feng hadn't died yet when she left.

Now it would seem that he had escaped alive.

At the same time, Qin Luoyin noticed that the Dameng Pure Land had contacted the Deity Race and Xilin clans, telling them that Chu Feng wasn't completely dead yet in the purgatory.

"Go, let's go in and kill him. Otherwise, he'll hide once he escapes. Only in the treasure will he have no hiding place." Luo Fu smiled coldly. He swore in his mind to capture Chu Feng and crush him beneath his feet. He wanted to cut off the latter's head and let everyone see.

Within the stone mountain, that large-scale domain treasure. Chu Feng didn't want to spend too much time here lest unexpected troubles arise.

After the stone box was opened, the multicolored flames immediately destroyed the domains and materials within the stone mountain. It forcibly burned a large hole connected to the outside world.

At the same time, he discovered a human figure within the secret treasure. He could see everything clearly because he had the Fiery Eyes.

In the distance, that person felt his heart beating wildly and quickly turned to flee.

"You dare scheme against me? Where do you think you're going?!" Chu Feng shouted loudly as he charged over with his blade raised and the Sixth Path Reincarnation Flames opening the way. This thing was effective against other experts if caught off guard, but it was also easy to dodge if they were alert.

But this place was a dead end, so using the flames of reincarnation was quite suitable.


The stone wall turned into magma and quickly evaporated. All kinds of domain runes were destroyed!

Chu Feng ran like a bolt of lightning. He did not limit himself to using the Earth Shrinking Art since there was no one here. Instead, he used the World's End Near at Hand technique, a movement art he was greatly familiar with.

The air exploded with a boom because he was simply too fast. He chased down that domain master while holding the stone box in one hand and raising the Reincarnation Blade with the other.

"You… you really are Chu Feng. Fiery Eyes, World's End Near at Hand, you…"

He was shocked out of his wits. Everyone said Chu Feng had died inside the Purgatory but now he had appeared in the flesh. All of those things were rumors—the main character had appeared and was right before his eyes.

Chu Feng naturally wouldn't leave survivors since he had revealed his identity. He was confident about silencing his person and thus did nothing to disguise.

The domain master was fairly powerful but met a tragic end after coming face to face with this peak domain expert, who also happened to be a vicious evolver and the fiercest person among the younger generation in the cosmos.

Chu Feng chased the enemy and slashed the man with his sword, breaking all the bones in half his body. But he was left with his life.

"Tell me, who told you to do this?"

The domain master was quite stubborn and even made a quick move in hopes of restraining Chu Feng with domains. Runes lit up in the surroundings—they were well hidden but rather frightening. A burst of energy erupted all of a sudden.

But he encountered tragedy in the end. Chu Feng's attainments in the field of domains were simply too terrifying. Dozens of magnetic stones flew out to stabilize the place. Then Chu Feng leaped up and shattered the man's lower jaw with a kick. A mouthful of teeth fell out amidst miserable cries.

The domain master was now regretful. He had taken action after being asked by the Xilin clan. Who would've thought that this young man's domain methods were so much more powerful?

He confessed to everything, revealing that it was the Xilin clan, the DeityRace and the Netherworld Race who had orchestrated everything, adding the Dameng Pure Land into the mix.

"They were worried that you're not dead yet, so they set this trap up as a test. Who would've thought you were actually still alive?"


In the end, Chu Feng granted him a quick death. He put away the Reincarnation Blade and smashed the man into a bloody mist with his golden hammer.

"I won't use the Reincarnation Blade since you admitted to everything."

"Ah, not good!" At this moment, Luo Fu, the Netherworld Race scion, Qin Luoyin and the others had just stepped into the stone mountain. The Xilin clan man's expression shifted as he said, "Retreat, the secret treasure is crumbling and the person inside is about to escape."

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All of them stepped outside. Meanwhile, ten men appeared beside them, all of them elder-level characters from the four major orthodoxies.

"Since the treasure is ruined, then let's burn it thoroughly!" The Xilin clan man muttered to himself. Then, he hurled out a piece of profound magnetic stone.

He was actually a domain master. Now he was making a move to ignite the entire treasure.


In the end, the stone mountain erupted with light and became almost translucent. Then, it exploded with a boom.

Everything was too sudden. Chu Feng was drenched in blood as he flew outward with a muffled groan. He was almost done in by the Xilin clan domain master's methods.

Fortunately, he was wearing the undead divine silkworm robes, had the Daoist of Many Treasure's sword strapped to his back, and wore the Star Mother Gold Bracelet. All of these secret treasures were used to protect his body.

All of these were robbed from the group of heaven bestowed geniuses.

Even the secret treasures from unassuming places like Ying Zhexian's hairpin had blocked a dozen or so blows from his golden lighting hammer.

For instance, the Star Shuttle Necklace could draw upon the stars to protect his body.

Even so, Chu Feng was still drenched in blood and badly wounded.

Of course, any other person would've been halfdead by now, even those one level above the visualization realm. The explosion of this giant secret treasure was too terrifying.

With a bang, Chu Feng was tossed within the surging energy and dropped out when the light erupted. He then struck the ground with great force, producing a large hole therein.

Even this didn't shatter the bronze mask on his face. It was still intact because he had two peacock feathers stuck into his sideburns along with Ying Zhexian's earrings. All of those released divine light to protect his head and face.

"Chu Feng, you're quite fortunate to survive the purgatory. Today, we'll personally send you to hell. Scram into the Netherworld!" Deity Race's Luo Fu shouted. His movements were faster than his voice. He was already moving over at lightning speed as the Deity Blade in his hand descended upon Chu Feng.


A dazzling light erupted from the large hole, emitting an ear-splitting metallic sound. Chu Feng rushed up with the golden hammer in his hand and clashed head-on against the Deity Balde. The energy eruption was too majestic and caused the ground several kilometers around them to cave in. Black cracks extended outward like spider webs—the scene was shocking.

The Netherworld Race divine son purposely agitated Chu Feng in a frosty tone. "Heh heh, you're quite lucky to be able to escape the purgatory. But it all ends here. Back then, my ancestor led our race to replace this planet as the number 11 race in the cosmos. Today, I shall recreate past events and send you off. This planet has long since fallen."

He circulated the Netherworld Breathing Technique. For a split second, the entire land was suffused with an aura of death. Black mist rolled and surged as his entire person merged into the darkness and thrust at Chu Feng' head with the black spear in his hand.

Chu Feng spoke not a single world. With a boom, he erupted with power and smashed at the Netherworld Race divine son with the star mother gold bracelet.


Sparks flew out in all directions followed by cracking sounds as the spear crumbled. How could it block a weapon refined from star mother gold?"

"Bring it!" The Netherworld Race divine son was rather fierce and wanted to snatch the bracelet away.

However, the bracelet began to rotate with terrifying energy and formed a black hole, poised the devour the enemy.


Luo Fu took action, slashing at the black hole with his Deity Blade.

Just within this split second, the three experts had exchanged over a hundred blows. As the most powerful among the younger generation of the universe, their movements were too fast and they were simply too strong.

"Chu Feng, do you think we won't know that you've returned just because you don't make a sound?!" The Netherworld Race divine son shouted.

"Let's attack together!" The middle-aged man from the Xilin clan was standing at a distance, ordering the group of elders to attack.

At the same time, he let out a loud shout. "The Bronze-Masked Bandit is here. Do you know who he is? He's Demon King Chu!"

He shouted thus although there was no proof. The middle-aged man of the Xilin clan had a fierce expression. He wanted to borrow everyone's strength to slaughter Chu Feng, getting rid of this problem once and for all.

"Heh, heh…" Chu Feng chuckled. He made no comment about his identity and only attacked with great ferocity.

The arrival of the group of elders gave Chu Feng the opportunity for an area attack. The star mother gold bracelet trembled and spun out with a buzz. It shattered four visualization realm elders in one go, turning them into bloody mist.

Moreover, during this process, the black hole inside the bracelet materialized and swallowed five more elders. Chu Feng then activated the weapon with his spiritual energy. Those who had been devoured let out miserable screams as they were broken down inch by inch. It was indeed a miserable death.


At the same time, he drew out his Reincarnation Blade and entered a battle of life and death with the Netherworld Race divine son.

"Is it really him?" Qin Luoyin's heart throbbed. She emotions were complicated because there was a small life in her womb that couldn't be refined, and it was related to this person.

Her abdomen began to move with great ferocity as she approached the battle. This caused her to stagger back while holding her belly.

At this moment, the young daoist cried out, "I feel it! I feel the call of bloodlines. This must be my father. You've finally appeared. Have you come to save me? Dad, I've missed you so much. Subdue this unreliable mother and save this son who's destined to become the number one god of war in the cosmos."

He tossed and turned in excitement, causing Qin Luoyin to retreat with an unnatural expression.

Of course, if the daoist knew that this dad was the one who had conned him at the reincarnation cave and stolen his black talisman, he would probably want to curse his parents—literally. And then he would fight it out with Chu Feng.

"Where is that Bronze-Masked Bandit?" The Origin Demon Race Princess Yuan Yuan was the first to charge over.

"He's Chu Feng?!" The Vermilion Bird Fairy was clad in a fiery red dress. She gasped as she traversed the skies and was incomparably suspicious.

"Are you kidding? That bad and immoral Bronze-Masked Bandit is the Demon King Chu whom I like? I refuse to believe it." Ying Xiaoxiao also appeared with her sister.

The ladies all wore evil expressions as they stared at Chu Feng. That was because the belts on his body were simply too offensive. That wasn't just frivolous but also akin to provoking all of them silently. This caused them to grind their teeth.

As for the others, many of them also arrive.d

"Chu Feng? I've always wanted to meet you. Let me!" The Origin Magnetic Immortal Physique's blood energy was aboil as he descended from the skies.

Everyone cried out in surprise at this moment. The Innocuous Divine Physique had also appeared.

Moreover, he said nothing after appearing and attacked Chu Feng from behind. He wanted to deal a lethal blow.
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