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Both beauties were lying in disarray on the floor. They were peaceful, silent, and their graceful curves accentuated their astonishing appearance to the utmost.

The silver-haired little lolita had red lips and white teeth. Her eyes were large with very long lashes, but it was a pity that they were now closed. Her skin sparkled lustrously like a sprite.

As for the sister, she had a slender, outstanding body. She was taller than an ordinary man, and despite lying on the floor facing down and that she hadn't revealed her genuine appearance, her snow-white arms and graceful curves of parts of her body had made it clear that she was a world-startling beauty.

Chu Feng muttered "I have sinned" and proceeded to perform a holy ceremony—that was to rob them!

He started with the elder sister because there was too many good stuff on this beauty. First, there were these pieces of jewelry on her head that could actually defy a smash from the golden thunder hammer.

But some of the flower beads were broken after being smashed by the king-sized golden hammer and were already broken to bits.

One hairpin was still sparkling, it was made of an unknown material that actually absorbed ninety percent of the thunderbolts and lightning from the big hammer just now.

Otherwise, to clash with such powerful golden hammer, the body of this peerless beauty from the quasi-immortal race would probably be charred black and her hair would be standing upright because of the electric current.

Chu Feng observed the item in his hands before putting it away.

And then, he swiftly and skilfully tore out the jewelry on Ying Zhexian's ears. Those earrings that were as brilliant as sparkling stars and could actually form a divine light to protect both sides of the head.

"Such good stuff!" Chu Feng grabbed it regardless of whether he could use it.

A pair of snow-white with translucent luster earlobes that could be said as extreme beauty. They were also very seducing because they looked so clear and exquisite, even Chu Feng who had no other thoughts but to rob thought that they felt very good.

However, because his method was wrong, he failed to take those earrings off. Instead, he made the ears of this third place beauty red from all the pulling.

Chu Feng murmured sorry while plying his craft with great efficiency. He soon took away these valuable earrings.

"You all entered the earth to snatch our fortunes. These inheritances were supposed to belong to us natives. Then, conversely, we can also snatch your opportunities. As a matter of fact, the competition has only moved ahead of schedule."

Chu Feng didn't even blush as he spoke. He then began plundering with great confidence.

He removed a pearl necklace on Ying Zhexian's snow-white neck. He gasped on the spot because he realized that he had hit the jackpot—this looked like the legendary Vajra Bodhi String.

This was not a common Bodhi Seed, it was shining lustrously and there were Bodhisattva diagrams on each of them.

"Can this be a Bodhi seed from the divine tree of the Buddhist race? The quasi-immortal race has a powerful background, so they might be able to ask them for one and give it to the greatest disciple of their race for cultivation."

Chu Feng tried it out on the spot and found out that his speed of the energy circulation had increased by 20%. When he operated the breathing technique, the effects also increased by 20%.

This… was simply a treasure!

Chu Feng gasped. This was the first time he felt that he had robbed an extremely unique thing.

Among Bodhi trees, the divine tree of the Buddhist race was the most authentic and sacred. Those on other stars couldn't even compare to it.

Even though there were some divine tree roots hibernating on earth, it was still inferior to that divine Bodhi Tree.

The most fundamental reason was that on the Buddhist race's planet, their entire race was reciting scriptures. Buddhist symbols everywhere had blended into the divine Bodhi tree. After millions of years of blessings, it had made the ancient divine tree more and more unpredictable—even the smallest leaf contained the principles of the Buddhist race and would shine brilliantly at night.

This string of Bodhi seeds could help people to speed up their cultivation. It was sparkling like a precious gem, pure and limpid.

Chu Feng showed no trace of politeness at all. He was incredibly fond of this item that could increase 20% of his combat power and cultivation speed, and thus immediately put it on his neck.

This Vajra Bodhi String was still warm with Ying Zhexian's body temperature. It was smooth, exquisite, and somewhat fragrant.

"O' Boundless Deity, I have sinned. I have sinned."

Chu Feng continued to search for treasures. He searched all over Ying Zhexian's body from head to toe.

In order to do this, he naturally had to turn over the most beautiful woman of the quasi-immortal race. He turned her face toward the sky so that he could easily search for the secret treasures on her. This revealed her true appearance.


Chu Feng exclaimed in admiration because this woman was indeed astonishingly beautiful, so much so that it was kind of surreal. She was indeed perfect, and her translucent white face was flawless.

As for her figure, there was really no need for a debate. He had already checked when while plundering just now.

Ying Zhexian definitely deserved to be called the third beauty under the starry sky. Even Chu Feng was slightly entranced as he watched her. He simply couldn't find a single flaw on her even after looking carefully for a long time.

Her physique was very slender and over 175cm tall. Her beautiful legs were perfectly straight, her waist was very slim, and she was well-developed in the right places.

Her silver hair sparkled and her snow-white skin glowed radiantly. Her face was peaceful even though she was knocked out and had a sort of aloof beauty to it. Her entire body was suffused with an immortal aura.

In comparison, Qin Luoyin was like the goddess in everyone's heart and classified as the world-startling type.

Yet Ying Zhexian was like a transcendent type of girl that didn't belong to the mortal world.

Like her younger sister, Ying Zhexian had long eyelashes, curved eyebrows, and big eyes. She possessed a straight, beautiful nose and lustrous lips.

"I'm rich!"

Chu Feng found the last spatial bracelet on Ying Zhexian's body. To be more precise, it was an anklet wrapped around her delicate ankle. Underneath it, her foot was exquisite and white as snow.

There were a lot of secret treasures hidden within the spatial anklet, much more than the spatial bracelet.

Those dozens of armor and weapons he had lost in the battle with Yuchi Kong had been replenished. Moreover, those were all even more valuable top-quality stuff.

This was especially true of the ten-odd Violet Heavenly Thunder Crystals. They emitted a dangerous aura, and their power ought to be very frightening.

He had already squandered most of the ones he had taken from Qin Luoyin. Presently, it was just in time for them to be refilled.

And then, he put aside Ying Zhexian and started to search the little silver-haired lolita. He also found some good stuff and he did snatch all of it with hardly any politeness.

Among those, the necklace was the most precious because it could actually draw upon the stars. It could utilize the energy of the starry sky to have the entire person submerged in the starlight.

Chu Feng was emotionally moved because at last, he had found the most powerful secret treasures on these sisters, the Vajra Bodhi String and this necklace. They were all divine stuff worn next to skin and could be considered valuable gems!

This two divine necklaces could also nourish the corporeal body and assist cultivation to increase one's combat power.

After Chu Feng had finished searching, he took a look at them again. He felt somewhat guilty even though they had come to earth to snatch the fortunes here in the first place. After all, he was also here to get even with Wan Jiansheng at first, but in the end, he beat up the wrong person.

He scrutinized for a while and discovered that if there was one flaw on the third beauty under the starry sky, it would certainly be the back of her head because it was swollen and still bleeding.

"I'm a good man, I'll bind it up for you!"

He felt the bump with his hand and he got some blood on them, and then, he tore down a piece of cloth from her snow-white dress and wrapped around her head after he put on some medicine.

And finally, he decisively escaped.

After all, this was the princess of the quasi-immortal race, and her identity was very special. If by any chance someone got some clues, he would definitely have to take the consequences and he would get another group of powerful enemies.

The two sisters woke up after a while. Ying Zhexian was very calm. She didn't say anything but quickly stood up to check herself.

But the silver-haired little lolita was not that calm because she had never met such huge loss before. Ordinarily, she would be the one to trick her own brother and sell her own sister. She began pouting to in anger.

She suddenly screamed with a sobbing tone and said: "Oh, my favorite star diamond necklace has disappeared! God, who would take a little girl's stuff? This is so bad, even worse than the Demon King Chu Feng that I admire. Give it back to me immediately. It's my favorite gift."

And soon after, she cried again, said: "Heavens! Even my food is gone. This is incredibly shameful. What kind of robber is shameless enough to rob a little girl's food? What a scoundrel!"

Far away, Chu Feng was sneezing. He was checking his spoils of war and had found some pretty good snacks that he was just going to put it into his mouth.

However, he couldn't remember whether it was grabbed from the elder sister or the younger sister.

On Mount Zhongnan, the silver-haired little lolita was immediately stunned after she saw Ying Zhexian's ripped dress and the bloodstains on it. She screamed, "God! Sister, you… have been bullied by bad people!"

"What are you talking about?" Ying Zhexian glared at her.

"Look at your dress!" Ying Xiaoxiao pointed.

Actually, it was when Chu Feng who had wiped his hand on her dress while trying to bind up Ying Zhexian's wounds. He didn't want to leave with her odor on him so as to avoid being traced.

Ying Zhexian looked down and stared blankly for a while.

"Look! Where is your belt? Was it stolen too? Your dress is loose! Oh god, that bastard is indeed a pervert!" Ying Xiaoxiao yelled.

That high-level Spirit Binding Cord was a very powerful secret treasure, so Chu Feng naturally would not let it slip by.

Kunlun, Chu Feng had arrived.

He was very emotional as he visited old places because a lot of things had happened here during the battle of east vs. west. The Black Dragon King, Schiller, and Polar King had died a long time ago.

Besides, this place was connected to the purgatory and close to the reincarnation path where he had walked between life and death.

And the sacred place in the deepest parts of Kunlun—home of myriad gods—was also about to come into being.

Chu Feng saw some familiar faces such as Yuan Shicheng the prince of the Origin Demon Race, Luo Fu the most powerful descendant of the Deity Race, the Dao Child, and young Buddha.

He even saw some frightful characters, including Yuan Cijian and Yuan Cishan, move away while fighting a mysterious entity. Their vitality surged into the skies and rampaged through Kunlun.

Chu Feng suspected that he was the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique because his blood energy was silver in color and he could handle the Origin Magnetic Energy—it was awe-inspiring because he could actually exert some restriction on domains.


On a majestic mountain, there was a person with purple hair. The purple qi being emitted from his body was several kilometers long and drifted to the top of Mount Kunlun. When he roared at the sky, the mountains trembled a little and the clouds in the sky collapsed.

Another dreadful person. He was neither the Divine Glass Golden Body nor the Immortal Destiny Physique nor even the Innocuous Divine Physique. It was an unknown identity!

Chu Feng's expression became grave because he couldn't despise those outstanding heroes of Kunlun. There were indeed countless experts in the starry sky, and some of the unknown ones were no weaker than the so-called top-ten. That person was absolutely ferocious.

And then, Chu Feng saw Ying Wudi. He was very calm as he traversed the sky like a divine king. He emitted an extremely frightening aura capable of intimidating everyone.

Chu Feng was somewhat unnatural because he had just robbed his sisters and had a guilty conscience.


Ying Wudi was fighting with someone. He erupted with immortal mist, his entire body suffused with divine splendor. His body was covered in a frightful armor. His every movement was almost capable of destroying the mountains and rivers.

When he inhaled, the clouds in the sky transformed into mists for him to swallow. And every time he exhaled, it was as though thunderbolts were shooting out from his nose—clouds and mist gushed out together with some flashes of lightning.

"Ying Wudi is battling with the Immortal Destiny Physique again!"

Someone shouted.

The group flocked to watch the battle.

Unfortunately, the two didn't want to give them the chance. They left rapidly into some secret place in Kunlun where common evolvers couldn't enter and started fighting there.

"As expected, it's bustling here in Kunlun!" Chu Feng was excited. He had just arrived but he's already seen some of the most powerful young people in the universe battling.

He wanted to know how powerful these people were!

"But some people are indeed not pleasing to the eye. I should knock them down and rob them all!" he said to himself.

And then, he saw a familiar figure of elegance and outstanding beauty. She was wearing brightly colored clothes as she landed from the outer domain. She was precisely Qin Luoyin.

This goddess in everyone's eyes had suddenly arrived. This caused an immense sensation.
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