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The Sacred Ruins 627 Beating up the Wrong Beauty

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At the east sea, the sun had just started to rise, as if it was about to leap out of the sea. Soon, it would release endless golden radiance, and would add some splendor and holiness to the entire ocean.

A green bamboo boat streaked across the sparkling sea surface then leapt high into the sky and charged into the land.

But nobody was able to see it.

This was an ancient boat used by the almighty of ancient times as a means of transportation. It had crossed over a boundless sea of stars during the ancient times.

Now, it was in the hands of Chu Feng—a spoil of war that he grabbed from Yuchi Kong, and was also the biggest reward he got from that battle.

Actually, Chu Feng himself did suffer quite a loss; other than those severe injuries, he also lost tens of saint armors in that battle just because the difference of level between them was too big.

After Chu Feng explored for some time, he had gradually understood the emerald green bamboo boat. He showed a cheerful look and thought that this was indeed an uncommon treasure.

Now, he broke the void and walked in it. Along the way, he saw quite some evolvers, some were natives, while some were from the outer domain, but they all ignored him because the… boat was hidden in the void.


After he drove it with spiritual power, he made the special symbol on the treasure boat glow, and it began to transit in space. It abruptly disappeared and reappeared thousands of kilometers away.

During the process, the green bamboo boat shone and transformed into a light screen wrapped around Chu Feng to protect him from being decomposed in the process of space transition.

"Good treasure, this is indeed an essential of living at home or traveling!" Chu Feng was delighted that he exclaimed in admiration sincerely from his heart. If this was used together with the reincarnation knife, the enemy would evade to thousands of kilometres away after one strike, who could stop this?!

Chu Feng tested over and over—he injected spiritual powers with different intensities into the symbol on top of the green bamboo boat, and it controlled the distance of space transition.

At the same time, he realized that if it was powerful enough, he could use the bamboo boat to cross the universe. It wouldn't even be a problem to create a super worm-hole!

However, in terms of his current strength, he could only go as much as several tens of thousands of kilometers at a time.


After Chu Feng adjusted the directions and estimated the distance from Mount Zhongnan, he then disappeared from the original place together with the bamboo boat, transited again, and reappeared within the borders of Shaanxi in a whoosh. 

He came here to get even with someone.

Because he hadn't yet mastered it, there was some inaccuracy. In the end, although he had arrived nearby Mount Zhongnan, he was a hundred or more kilometres away.

This was considered to be a nice surprise to Chu Feng because he thought it was already pretty good!

Since then, he could teleport in just one thought, and rapidly arrive at another area from one part of the earth. At that time when heaven and earth just started to vary, he had thought of accessing flying saucers, and he even wanted to use this one hour to fight the east.

Now, it seemed that this wish not only could be realized, moreover, the time was also shortened substantially.

However, in the end, he wasn't relying on black technology like flying saucers, but instead on a green bamboo boat which had fresh and clean leaves on it—a very original and ancient handwork.

He was speechless. This was a contrast of two different civilization system!

This time, he didn't bring the Netherworld Cat, but he suppressed it in Mount Eternal and prepared to use the restrictions there to make the cat monster yield and become a hired thug for Yellow Ox and the black yak.

Now, he had come alone and was prepared to get even with Wan Jiansheng, the sworn brother of the underworld cat. Last time, he had missed him, but this time, it was unknown if he could find him.

Wan Jiansheng was ranked nineteenth in the younger generation of the universe, his strength extremely frightening and powerful. He was in the same place with the Innocuous Divine Physique, and he also wanted to capture Chu Feng's parents and get the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique.

Chu Feng drove the green bamboo boat and was slowing down to drift into the main hall of the ancestor of the Daoism, Mount Zhongnan.

The loftiness here was out of the ordinary; it was cloudy and foggy like the atmosphere of an immortal's abode. The energy qi was very rich, and some of the mountain peaks had brilliant clouds that were sparkling and translucent. It looked like a god.

Mount Zhongnan was part of the Qinling range within the borders of Shaanxi. It was verdant and lush throughout the year, and the terrain was dangerous and the path was craggy.

On the way, the brook babbled, the waterfall evaporated, and the immortal clouds showed their incredible splendor.

This was one of the most important mountains on earth; it claimed to be the number one happy land under heaven.

Chu Feng came. He passed through the mountain forest with the whistling wind in the pines and passed by the land of the dense stream. He saw some heterogeneous evolvers such as large numbers of demon races that were evolved from giant salamanders.

Not long after, Chu Feng laughed because he saw a very powerful heterogeneous evolver in this area, and it was actually the national treasure, panda.

This guy was very lazy. He was lying in the bamboo forest and snoring loudly in its sleep with a wine can next to it—it seemed to be very at ease.

If it was an ordinary day, Chu Feng would definitely go forward to observe the national treasure because it was rare to see an unusually powerful one. It seemed to be as powerful as the mastiff king in the big demon of Kunlun.

But right now, he had no leisurely mood because he still had to prepare to go to Kunlun—he only passed by here only to incidentally collect an overdue payment.

"Huh, he came back?!" Chu Feng trembled because he sensed a few formidable auras when he approached the main peak of Mount Zhongnan, two of them especially prominent.

In the main peak, the rosy clouds were slowly rising. There were vague sounds of thunders and wind and at the same time, which was accompanied by some scriptures.

But no one had yet to climb up because it hadn't been completely unsealed there.

However, on a mountain nearby the main peak, mist and clouds in the twilight were coiling up, and the energy was extremely rich—it was already as though a wonderland. Some of the people there were quite impressive.

There were two people—one was tall, while the other was short, and they both wore a cloak. Even though Chu Feng exposed a thread of golden clouds inside his eye, he couldn't understand thoroughly what actually happened.

"It's really weird!" Chu Feng was amazed. Although he didn't use Fiery Eyes, the cloak of the opposite side could obstruct the golden light inside his eye; it was absolutely not an ordinary item.

With a distance this close, he couldn't use the flourishing Fiery Eyes because he was afraid that those people would sense it.

Even though the tall, cloaked person seemed weak on the surface, Chu Feng could still felt that this person was incredibly powerful. Besides, there was an old man next to the short-cloaked person, and his strength was also outstanding. Chu Feng vaguely perceived that he might be an expert that surpassed the visualization realm.

Chu Feng trembled with fear because right now, the earth had become dangerous, evolvers that surpassed the visualization realm was no longer just a few.

He looked at the mountains, and he sighed because the changes of the earth had remarkable progress, no wonder there were more and more powerful evolvers appeared.

He found that these few people were very free rein. They could go in and out the Daoist temple freely as though they were at their home and then they would sit in meditation to rest.

"Although it isn't Wan Jiansheng, they ought to know him, it might be a cooperation relationship? It looks like they are very familiar with here."

Chu Feng guessed. At the meantime, he was covetous because he saw myriad golden clouds and heard voices of reading scriptures coming through from the main peak of Mount Zhongnan. He immediately knew that there must be some good stuff. If it was really going to be unsealed, he couldn't wait to rush up there!

The happiest land under the heaven was certainly bound to have divine medicines as well as a breathing technique which had the most famous reputation in the ancient times. In addition, powerful and wonderful techniques were absolutely on top of the main peak.

And then, Chu Feng started to set about. He drove the bamboo boat and quietly advanced through the water; he held the diamond chakram on one hand and the king-sized golden thunder hammer on the other!

His primary target was that old man who surpassed the visualization realm and the tall, cloaked person.

But the old man had suddenly went away. He seemed to be in a hurry as he left the mountain.

Chu Feng smiled. This was probably the best because there would be only one primary target left. It would be much easier now.


He hurled out a domain and wanted to trap and kill the tall, cloaked person.

As a matter of fact, this person was exceptionally sensitive. She sensed danger and avoided it in advance. Chu Feng, however, had observed for a long time and e saw that she was left-handed. After deducing her habits, he expected the direction she was going to evade.

In an instant, the diamond chakram shot out. Chu Feng controlled his strength and made it burst out with immeasurable brilliant rays full of frightening energy. It shot straight toward the tall, cloaked person.

In such a close distance that they could touch each other just by pouncing forward, it was naturally very hard to miss.

However, this person's motion was very weird as though an empty flower illusion. She moved her body horizontally at the crucial point and simply avoided it. It was incredibly amazing.

Chu Feng was astonished because this kind of method had far surpassed the general powerful evolver—this kind of divine awareness had made him wondered. One had to know that he was hidden in the void and had attacked abruptly.

The cloaked person didn't see what kind of weapon was attacking her. Right after, there came another rotation, and she almost flew out with an unimaginable movement as she separated herself with this whirlpool.


Chu Feng's hollow of the palm shone; he waved the golden thunder hammer and then smashed ferociously to close off all her way out.

In an instant, Chu Feng pushed his cultivation to 120%. He had exhausted his ability, and if he couldn't even defeat one person by mounting a sneak attack, then he would lose face indeed.

Be noted that he had even eliminated Yuchi Kong a while ago.


However, this person's identity was very intangible as though she were the reincarnation of a fallen immortal. She was graceful and untainted by mortal desires, like a dancing fairy. The golden hammer brushed pass her, yet she avoided it and almost separated herself from this whirlpool area with frightening energy.


Chu Feng was shocked—even he was trembling with fear. This kind of reaction, this kind of innate divine skill, was indeed no weaker than him! He adapted himself to the changes very promptly and perfectly.

At this moment, the golden thunder hammer in Chu Feng's hand burst out with flashes of lightning. Finally, this cloaked person wouldn't be able to avoid it no matter how.


The lightning struck on her body, and it immediately caused her to become stiff.

After that, Chu Feng smashed violently with the golden hammer without the slightest hesitation. It smashed onto her head with a loud bang. This was, in and of itself, getting struck by thunderbolts.

Flashes of lightning with five colours burst out; it hit on the person that her body convulsed.

She was wearing unimaginable secret treasures on her, at least the cloak was already uncommon because it could actually block most of the erosion of the lightning.

However, she was still affected; her body was shaking severely and was becoming stiffer.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chu Feng immediately gave another three strikes on her head.

Because he had attacked her from the back, therefore, these three strikes were right on the back of her head.

At this moment, the cloak she wore was finally smashed into pieces, and a head full of sparkling bright silver hair was revealed. Chu Feng was stunned that it was actually a girl.

Before this, she was bound up by the cloak!

However, since he had already started to attack, he couldn't stop at this moment, and he continued to strike toward the back of her head. Inside her waterfall-like shining silver hair, there was extremely dazzling jewelry bursting out with symbols to protect her.

But Chu Feng's strength was too powerful—eight strikes in one breath had finally shaken off those symbols. Her body was swaying, and in the end, she fainted.

In this process, Chu Feng did not saw her real face directly.

Everything happened too fast—this kind of sneak attack would be end before an ordinary man could finish speaking

Beside her, the short-cloaked person screamed, her voice soft and immature. She was actually just a little girl. She wanted to escape and turned her head to bear in mind Chu Feng's appearance.

But as a result, she saw a person with a bronze mask that held a golden hammer appear from the void abruptly and rushed over. He gave one strikem and she immediately fainted.

It was much easier to deal with this little girl.

Chu Feng was stunned because he thought this little girl looked a little familiar.

Her sparkling and translucent silver hair had a soft radiance, her small face was absolutely beautiful, her eyes were closed, and her long eyelashes were shivering as though she would wake up at any moment.

This person was too pretty that it was a little too much.

Chu Feng was in doubt. At last, he suddenly realized who she was, and immediately, he had his head spinning.

Wasn't this the little girl with very high popularity on the Origin Beast Platform? Her name was Ying Xiaoxiao, and she was from the quasi-immortal race!

It was one of the most powerful races in the universe, known to be one of the constant top-ten since ancient times!

Her brother was Ying Wudi who had frightening strength, and he was contending for hegemony right now with the Dao child, young Buddha, Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique, and others. Her sister was known as the third beauty unmatched in her generation, and her reputation was beyond comparison.

"Did I hit the wrong person? This isn't Wan Jiansheng. But why do they know this place so well like it is their home? Isn't this Wan Jiansheng's territory?"

Chu Feng looked at this little silver-haired girl and the tall silver-haired woman that he had hit till they fainted because until now, he hadn't looked at their faces directly.

He hesitated because he had clearly hit the wrong person. Moreover, the little girl's identity was confirmed, and the identity of the silver-haired woman next to her could be easily predicted.

Chu Feng was speechless because he had indeed knocked down the third most beautiful woman under the starry sky!

And then, he looked down and saw that at the back of the silver-haired beautiful women's head, there was a bump that looked like a steamed bun. Moreover… she was bleeding. This made him very guilty because, with no reason, he hit the princesses of the quasi-immortal race miserably.

He looked at the king-sized golden hammer in his hand which was rotating strongly just now and had hit ten-odds of times in total.

"Erm, what happened has already happened. In any case, I've already attacked them, so I'll just rob them as well," Chu Feng murmured guiltily and he decided to...
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