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"Ahhhh!" Yuchi Kong cried out in horror. The consciousness sound waves were vibrating with an unmatched mournfulness. He felt his spirit was being destroyed and quickly corroding, disappearing into dust.

This was a fate in which his body and soul would both be eliminated, and nothing would be left after his death. Even traces of him in this world would be wiped away, to say nothing of the reincarnation of legend. Not even his bones and dregs would be left.

This was a Sword of Reincarnation that could cut off one's reincarnation. It would cut and kill one's body and soul, eliminating them completely!

Yuchi Kong's spirit trembled and crumbled when he thought back to that ancient record. Facing death was the ultimate terror. He struggled with all his might, but it was in vain. This world was on the brink of total destruction.

Chu Feng was callous. He held the dark red, long blade and looked down and ahead. That skull that had been cut in half surprisingly dropped four or five weap

They were all small swords, spears, and dagger-axes and were classified as weapons that could only be wielded by the mind. However, the Sword of Reincarnation hacked them all to pieces.

"I hate it!" shrieked Yuchi Kong. He truly didn't want to die; he still hoped he could rise up alongside the Earth's True One and see the universe's splendor. He hadn't yet obtained the purple cloud of primordial chaos or the black and yellow mother-qi granted by the Earth's willpower. He'd hoped that one day he could look down upon the entire sea of stars.

"Why!?" he howled mournfully.

Chu Feng watched him closely but didn't feel like paying attention. This person was still unrepentant even in death and did not deserve sympathy.

Yuchi Kong reached the peak of his terror in the final moments. He truly regretted his past deeds. He shouldn't have been tied together with Zhou Shang on the war chariot so prematurely. He had sunk too low.

As the light of death flash before his eyes, he saw Chu Feng, and his spirit trembled. This young man before him gave him a feeling of oppression similar to that of a primordial devil mountain. His blood energy surged and his yang energy flourished, crumbling his willpower.

He knew that even if this person wasn't the Innocuous Divine Physique and didn't fear the legendary physiques that had recently appeared, he was destined to incite a perilous situation and become a legend.

Not even purgatory could trap or kill him, so what place could stop him? How could this be the False One? How could this be the Abandoned One?

Yuchi Kong instantly felt upset, remorseful, and all kinds of negative emotions entangled together.

He knew he was too bigoted and had lost himself to material greed. He saw the Innocuous Divine Physique and thought Zhou Shang was peerless.

How could there be a genuine chosen one on such a recovering planet? The so-called True One and False One were nothing more than a figure of speech. It was about survival of the fittest, and the victor would become king. Nothing was foreordained by the heavens!

He smiled bitterly. Even if the so-called Innocuous Divine Physique was even more frightening than the rumors said, if it could be killed, then it was nothing more than a bunch of dust. To be viewed as the True One ahead of time was truly laughable.

Now he thought of many things. Naturally he thought of Yao Yao since Chu Feng was the person Yao Yao cared about.

"I want to prove that I have more foresight than Princess Yaoyao? What a joke. Princess Yaoyao hasn't seen any sort of physique? It can even be said that she's killed them all! The Levitation Divine Physique, the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique, the Innocuous Divine Physique… she's killed them all! I regard the Innocuous Divine Physique as a rare and valuable treasure. Perhaps she thinks it's nothing more than a blade of grass at the side of the road. Is it an issue of scope?"

Yuchi Kong's train of thought was multitudinous as he approached death. Countless thoughts appeared all at once. He felt endless remorse and did some reflection. However, it was all too late.

His skull was cleaved open and was already transformed into a bloody mist while bones were becoming dust. Any trace of him in this world was about to be wiped away.

"Sword of Reincarnation!"

Yuchi Kong finally let out a loud cry of incomparable and abnormal terror. Afterwards he shook uncontrollably and said, "We're all spirits, yet I am one step further. I am thoroughly annihilated and wiped from this world. I see it… the underworld is so vast. How funny that this world's people are all living in the netherworld. They're all spirits. I can see the sight that the Sword of Reincarnation reflects… Ah…"

He lost his mind and shouted with all his might during his final moment. His spirit fluctuated violently.

"Be on your way!"

Chu Feng had been constantly staring at his destroyed spirit. Although he wanted to hear more, he knew that Yuchi Kong had been thoroughly ended. He'd already gone mad, and his destruction was imminent.


Finally Chu Feng hit Yuchi Kong's last remaining spirit and exploded it. He was thoroughly destroyed, and all traces of him were wiped from this world.

"Brother, you're amazing! You dealt with the old watchman's clapper just like that!?" The big Black Yak and the others had caught up to him and were now gasping for breath. Their eyes were filled with astonishment when they arrived. All had been subdued!

It must be known that Yuchi Kong was very difficult to handle. The green bamboo boat he steered was invincible, so Yellow Ox, Ouyang Feng and the others' corrupted ship suffered great losses while fighting him. He'd almost killed them.

"Great job, brother. You finally killed this old fellow! How delightful!" The Manchurian Tiger, the Old Donkey, Zhou Quan, the Kunlun demons, and all the others were excited. They'd rushed here together.

They were quite worried and feared something would go wrong with Chu Feng. Each one of them had prepared to fight to the death and follow him for the whole journey. If Chu Feng couldn't beat him or escape, then they would fight a bloody battle with all their might.

"Brother, are you okay?" Zhou Quan helped him up.

"I'm fine, I just need to cultivate myself for a day. However, this old fellow was truly ferocious!"

Chu Feng spat out a mouthful of blood. This time he'd taken a great risk to kill Yuchi Kong. He himself had nearly met with misfortune, and now his injuries were extreme.

The big Black Ox nodded his head and said, "Not only was he ferocious. He was so strong it's beyond the natural order! This old thing must be a monster that emerged from the secret realm and trained endlessly. Otherwise such an accomplishment would be impossible!"

The group felt a bit of lingering fear. It had been too dangerous just now, and had he been even somewhat inattentive, then Chu Feng might have been killed by the protector of the Earth's True One.

Had that happened, then they would all regret it for the rest of their lives. They couldn't accept it.

Their breaths were hurried right up until the end of the battle. They had a lingering fear since matters had been so tense out of fear that Chu Feng would meet unexpected circumstance.

"Brother, don't take such risks in the future. You just returned from purgatory, yet you're fighting with all your might again. We were so nervous our hearts were practically in our throats!" said the big Black Yak with a grave expression.

Now the Wudang Grandmaster also stepped forward and said solemnly, "With your innate talents, your month-long, single-minded cultivation, you could certainly defeat Yuchi Kong, but attacking ahead of time is too risky. Even if you don't consider yourself, you must still consider those around you. Now you aren't fighting alone. You've formed a group of friends with you at its helm, so if you were to meet with accident, then they too would face difficulty."

"You're right, elder!" Chu Feng nodded. He deeply respected Wu Qifeng. The old grandmaster had risked his life to shield Chu Feng when he was still weak, and he'd treated him genuinely and sincerely. Chu Feng had always respected his opinions.

"Er-ah er-ah. At long last you've killed that old monster. The entire universe will celebrate such a happy occasion! Let's go back and celebrate. Goddamnit, he'd dared to block us at Mount Eternal and kill us. This old man was truly the first. At last he's gone to the King of Hell's palace! No, he should be thoroughly dead, so he can't even see the palace."

Everyone wanted to beat the Old Donkey as soon as it opened its mouth. For it to start with two "er-ah" sounds with nothing important to add was taking advantage of others.

Chu Feng grimaced in pain. At least a dozen of his bones had been broken in the battle, and some had even been forced out in places when Yuchi Kong punched him. Both the front and back of his corporeal body were glowing and dripping with blood.

Were it not for the medicinal effects of the Six Path Reincarnation Pills, he might not have been able to support himself. Luckily the battle was finished, and many of his wounds were healing.

Chu Feng carefully used the stone box to gather the multi-colored flames, then he fastened the lid. This thing could not spread. Its killing power was too great and could easily cause problems if it were to run off.

He retrieved the diamond chakram and wore it on his wrist. Lastly his hand caressed the dark red, long blade. This battle was won thanks to this blade; without it, he couldn't have killed Yuchi Kong.

The big Black Ox and the others were staring intently with scorching gazes. Even the Old Llama of Kunlun, who was draped in the golden monastic robe, crossed his hands, sighed and said, "This blade is seriously extraordinary. It's a lethal weapon that must be kept whether at home or traveling!"

Everyone's gazes were strange. This old Buddhist monk, being a senior monk who had achieved the Dao, was always so solemn, yet for him to unexpectedly say this sort of thing… it was… rare.

He road on a golden lion, which had previously been the king of lions. Its whole body glowed with a splendid gold light. They were just like Buddhist race's almighty and mounts.

"Yes, this blade's origin is a bit frightening. However, it is not unique. It was crafted in a group. Ah, I do feel some regret. I should have made a few more back then. In those days I feared inciting trouble on the reincarnation road, so I didn't dare make more."

Chu Feng sighed with a bit of regret. Had he made a few more, he could bring them back and give them to big old Black Yak, Yellow Ox, the Old Donkey, Wu Qifeng and the others. What kind of scene would it be if everyone had one?

"Let's talk about it more if we get the chance. Just wait until I go to practice boxing in the City of the Dead and further cultivate the Dao. I'll go to the reincarnation road again and make one for everyone!"

This frightened everyone, and they told him that he shouldn't act recklessly.They'd already heard Chu Feng explain the situation in purgatory, and it was simply too dangerous.

Even saints were crushed into a bloody pulp by the millstone, so it simply wasn't a place where the living could stay. It was simply and truly the netherworld.

Causing havoc on the reincarnation road was too crazy. Never mind not having this type of Sword of Reincarnation; they were actually afraid that if Chu Feng acted on impulse and met with accident while trying to steal another, then there would be no remedy for their regrets.

"Don't worry, I never do anything if I'm not sure of the outcome. For the time being, I won't go." Chu Feng nodded his head for he too understood that place was too evil. It wasn't a good place.

Without the stone box, even a saint would die going in there, to say nothing of himself. That city of the dead and that reincarnation road were not prepared for the living.

At the same time, the only crack in the void and channel between purgatory and the outer world was excessively frightful and concealed an enormous oddity. That old mine shaft was too scary, and even the almighty ones of old died miserably in there. Still some people were scared to death. It was excessively horrifying.

Chu Feng carried the stone box when he walked that path and had still narrowly escaped accidents. This made him quite afraid of the consequences!

After two days at Mount Eternal, Chu Feng cultivated himself to his optimal state. His broken bones and the translucent, bloody holes on either side of his body had all healed.

"I'm prepared to go to Kunlun and kill the Earth's True One!"

Chu Feng declared this as he prepared to set off.

Everyone was speechless upon hearing this. No matter what they said, he was a visualization-level expert and thus could look disdainfully on the divine sons and saintesses of the universe. For him to unexpectedly say "kill" now was quite bold.

"Ahem, you're worthy of being called my brother!" The big Black Ox let out a dry cough because not many people were looking at him and thought he'd infected Chu Feng. In the past he'd been a rogue similar to a gang leader.

The old grandmaster Wu Qifeng furrowed his brows and said, "There's been word now that the Proud Son of Heaven is contending for hegemony in Kunlun. All sorts of peerless physiques are appearing one after the other and fighting to the death with people like Ying Wudi, the Dao Child, Yuan Shicheng, and the Young Buddha. You must enter the exceptionally dangerous Village of Ten Thousand Deities.

"I'm going precisely to meet with those people and see how strong they are!" Chu Feng talked bluntly and told them that he would wait for Yellow Ox and Ouyang Feng to emerge before leaving. He wouldn't take the risk now.

Chu Feng thought of his first step of entering the Village of Ten Thousand Deities. He was very envious of that place; there the strongest descendents of the Ten Greats could vie for hegemony and fight in close quarters, so inevitably it would have immense advantages.

Finally Chu Feng left. He hurried directly to Kunlun to fight with all sorts of Proud Sons of Heaven and peerless physiques. He wanted to emerge victorious. The first to enter the Village of Ten Thousand Deities could seize the planet's great creation.

At the same time off in the cosmos, the Dameng Pure Land's saint was also informing Qin Luoyin that she could set off and go to Kunlun to fight for a supreme chance!

After a period of time, Qin Luoyin had reappeared in this world and entered Earth. She left for Kunlun.
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