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The Sacred Ruins 625 Slaughtering the True One's Guardian

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A small piece fell off from the bronze mask and revealed a small part of Chu Feng's face.

Yuchi Kong gazed intently at him with a degree of puzzlement.

The frost from the dark red blade was oppressive and the scarlet radiance was as brilliant as immortal mist. Chu Feng was a like a god of war shuttling through the sky as he slashed out courageously!

Yuchi Kong had just taken a huge loss. He had cut off an arm, then removed a shoulder—half of his body was drenched in blood and suffering immense pain. Additionally, he felt a sense of dread after recalling those records. He didn't dare face the attacks head-on and instead began retreating.

A sneer appeared on Chu Feng's lips. Despite his wounds, he was delighted in being able to slash away the enemy's guts. He thus pressed on without the slightest bit of hesitation.

At the same time, he put away the jade-green boat beneath his feet into his spatial bracelet. It was a direct confiscation.


Yuchi Kong was both shocked and furious. He came to from his state of fear only after his vehicle had been seized and his eyes turned cold.

But it was already too late. The item had changed owners.

All of this happened because the man believed there was no one on earth capable of injuring him. His caution was sorely lacking.

He had retreated immediately to the boat after being forced to cut off an arm. Presently, the man had stepped away from the boat entirely after Chu Feng forced him back with a slash of his blade. This was simply handing the boat over.

"You animal, you dare?!" Yuchi Kong was furious. Regardless of the situation, he was a great expert who could be considered the most powerful on earth. Now his green boat had actually be snatched.

This was an item of great origins. Great characters had used it to cross the void and left many legends.

At this moment, Chu Feng was clad in twenty pieces of armor. The various metallic combat robes erupted with brilliant light at the same time.

Additionally, the spiritual form inside his body also donned a dozen or so pieces of armor, protecting itself firmly.

Chu Feng might not have a lot of other stuff but he had an abundance of armors and secret treasures. After selling so many divine sons and saintesses, the armor he had removed from them were simply piling up.

Afterward, Chu Feng swung his blade proactively and charged forth.

Yuchi Kong fell back furiously, evading the Bade of Reincarnation while gazing at Chu Feng in fury. This fellow in front had equipped so many pieces of armor that he looked like he was wearing a turtle shell. It wasn't possible to swat him to death in one go.

Under normal conditions, his palm was surging with majestic energy and powerful enough to kill an opponent in one slap. Now, however, he couldn't do that. Moreover, he had to be careful about the opponent's sword.


Yuchi Kong evaded Chu Feng's blade tip. Having taken a huge loss last time, he wasn't willing to meet this attack head-on no matter what.


The next moment, the man launched an attack from the side. His body moved like a specter as he arrived at great speeds and slapped out. His fingers were inky black and filled with the power of the netherworld. Ghastly wails surrounded his body and even the visions of graveyards could be seen therein.

Chy Feng left at extreme speeds. In addition to his movement arts, he had the black talisman inside his mouth, and this afforded him great velocity.

Yuchi Kong was shocked. The other party wasn't slower than him despite the two level's difference.

"Hand your life over, old barbarian!" Chu Feng shouted. He was now much calmer after seizing the raft since the other party could no longer jump through space using it.

He didn't just want to wound this old fellow. He was poised to kill him!


The sword intent washed over like a scarlet tidal wave. The scene was both majestic and frightening.

Yuchi Kong's expression was solemn as he spat out a small, black pagoda. It grew rapidly in size and came down upon Chu Feng.


Chu Feng did not even think before slashing forward. The Sword of Reincarnation was terrifying—it cut open the treasured pagoda forcibly and sent metallic shards flying everywhere.

Additionally, energy surged around the destroyed pagoda as the yin energy of the netherworld swept over like a tempest.


At the same time, the sword strapped to Yuchi Kong's back was unsheathed. He held it in his hands and swung it, shooting sword intent out for ten kilometers. The scene could be considered shocking.

This sword light could easily cut apart peaks and mountain ranges. The energy was shocking.

At this moment, the surface of the sea dipped down as though it had been suppressed by the sword. Countless corpses appeared in the water as sea beasts and fishes were crushed to death by the terrifying sword intent.

This was Yuchi Kong's frightening power. Once his sword qi had appeared, the killing intent alone was enough to kill a swathe of marine race creatures despite not cutting them directly.

The entire area became silent in a flash. The sea creatures walking the evolutionary path all escaped while the weaker ones perished.


Eighteen pieces of armor on Chu Feng's body were cut open, turning into 36 halves. So many treasures had been pierced through by a single sword qi—the scene was fairly shocking.

At this time, Chu Feng was like a rich young man as he tossed out the treasures he had robbed from the divine sones and saintesses like there was no tomorrow. All of this was just to kill Yuchi Kong.

He himself was very fast and had darted away after his shields had blocked the attack. His feet lit up as he used the World-Shrinking Art and his mouth glowed with flickering black light as the black talisman added to his speed.

He was as ethereal as a dream and akin to a shadow moving across the ocean surface. However, he hadn't run away but was looking for an opportunity to charge over with the reincarnation blade in hand.


Yuchi Kong roared as he raised his hand. A golden treasure seal flew out and expanded rapidly. The seal was simply too big and bursting with golden light as it pressed down like a mountain. It was beyond frightening.

Chu Feng's pupils contracted. He removed the diamond chakram from his wrist and smashed out without the slightest hesitation.

A loud boom ensued. The sound was so loud that it felt like the earth and sky were being rent apart. Threads of light appeared on the chakram and caused its momentum to increase sharply. The weapon was as heavy as a star and its brilliance was dazzling. There were astonishing runes flickering upon it.


The golden seal that was as large as a mountain peak exploded immediately upon contact. The scene was too shocking. It was like a sun exploding amidst a turmoil of energy.

White mist rose into the sky from the sea surface. During this brief moment, even the ocean floor and corals came close to being revealed.


Chu Feng shouted loudly. Now that the diamond chakram had appeared, Yuchi Kong would probably be able to guess his identity.

Chu Feng didn't hesitate at all to start a massacre. He had decided to fight it out once and for all with this person.

He was currently circulating the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique while the black talisman increased his strength dramatically.

He had arrived in the time it took for a spark to fly off a flint and slashed down with his reincarnation blade.


At the same time, Chu Feng's mask was also shattered and fell off completely to reveal his true appearance.

"What? It's you!?" Yuchi Kong screamed as though he had just seen a ghost. His face was full of horror in seeing a dead person come back to life and appear in front of him.

How heaven-defying was this? Even the purgatory couldn't trap him. Dameng Pure Land's information was fake!

Especially since he had always sided with the True One of Earth and helped Zhou Shang. Now, his heart was wavering after seeing that Chu Feng had returned alive.

If he wasn't dead even after all that, who was the True One and who was the False One? His will was shaken and his mind thrown into chaos.

Had he chosen wrong?


The reincarnation blade's sword intent slashed at him like rainbows. He had long since lost an arm and half of his body was drenched in blood. There was no way to resist or evade.


However, what he hadn't expected was that a mass of six-colored flames would explode on his body. The scene was terrifying—the six colors of the flame seemed to be combining into one, causing even the beholder's spirit to tremble.

Apparently, Chu Feng had used the Six Path Reincarnation Flames inside the stone box. Now that his identity had been compromised, all he could do was kill the man to silence him. Chu Feng had burned all boats and was using every method at his disposal.

The six colored reincarnation flames exploded without giving Yuchi Kong enough time to evade. The weapons and secret treasures he had produced all melted down and vanished into the sea.

Even though his movements were rapid, he was still caught onto by a wisp of flame. The heat caused him to cry out in pain with a pale expression. It was shocking.

"This is… the reincarnation flame?!"

He was even more astonished than when he saw the reincarnation blade.

The six-colored flames were fairly astonishing. It was even more powerful than the blue one Chu Feng and Qin Luouyin had encountered. A single wisp of it had caused Yuchi Kong's burnt left leg to spasm.

He was as decisive as he was ruthless and proceeded to cut off the calf below the knee. That charred calf fell down and turned to ashes in the void.

Chu Feng's heart trembled. If not for the stone box, he definitely wouldn't be able to touch the six colored flames. It could be considered quite fortunate that he and Qin Luoyin had only encountered the blue ones.

"Damn you, little animal. You're just too lucky!"

Yuchi Kong was frantic. He was now gravely wounded and extremely sullen after losing an arm and a leg. He was clearly very powerful, but the loss of limbs was unbearable.


The man's roars were akin to that of a wounded beast. They reverberated through the skies like tidal waves and scattered the clouds therein. Despite seething in anger, his eyes were frosty as he pounced toward Chu Feng like a divine lion displaying its magical arts.

At this time, Yuchi Kong's movements were too fast as he moved around Chu Feng. He left countless afterimages and caused the air to explode. Palm blades, sword intent, fist seals, secret treasures blanketed toward Chu Feng.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!

Even though Chu Feng's speed was terrifying, he still couldn't evade some of the attacks. After all, the enemy was two major realms above him. The black talisman could only increase the percentage of his own movement speed and not raise it to a specific realm.

The twenty pieces of armor on Chu Feng's body exploded and flowers of blood sprayed out from his body. Some places had been pierced through by fist seals to reveal sinister white bones.

Encountering such an old monster was really too miserable.

Chu Feng waved his hand to collect a part of the six-colored reincarnation flames and shot them out once again. He clad himself once again in many layers of armor to protect himself.

Moreover, this time, he locked onto the enemy and attacked with a terrifying secret art.

The flames of reincarnation were terrifying. It destroyed all the secret treasures Yuchi Kong had thrown out, but the most terrifying part was that it messed up his attack rhythm.


Chu Feng used extreme speed to hurl is sword all of a sudden. The blade flew out like a waterfall, slashed open the energy barrier and touched Yuchi Kong's body.

This shocked the old man out of his wits. The Sword of Reincarnation so odd that it caused him to feel fear and trepidation. He had fallen for a trick this time. To be more precise, he had suffered a small cut to his abdomen.

The wound wasn't really deep, but just as before, he slashed himself with his sword and dug out a large piece of flesh. He couldn't help but turn to the sky and roar in wretched misery.

"Little animal, I'll cut you into ten thousand pieces!" He shouted in extreme fury, regretting the fact that he hadn't killed Chu Feng since the beginning and robbed his breathing technique. That would've nipped the problem at the bud.

How could he have expected to suffer so much in the hands of a person he had always thought to be the abandoned one? He was almost crippled already.

At the same time that he was shouting, Yuchi Kong's eyes were also sinister. He utilized his spiritual power in an attempt to seize the blade. After all, the blade was something Chu Feng had tossed out unexpectedly.

But then he couldn't help but curse because there was a multicolored string attached to the hilt of the blade. This was a secret treasure that was of a higher rank compared to the spirit-binding cord, even surpassing the visualization realm. It used to be Qin Luoyin's belt but Chu Feng had robbed it on Mount Kunlun.

Chu Feng was now using it as his own belt. He found it quite useful today—he could directly lock the Sword of Reincarnation and bring it back in the blink of an eye.

"Old bastard, I'll see how long you can last!" Chu Feng said in a cold voice.

The other party had lost an arm and a leg before, and now his abdomen had more or less been dug out. The price involved was simply too great. He had suffered great damage and his strength had now fallen.

At the same time, Chu Feng began chomping on a Six Path Reincarnation Pill as though he were chewing gum. He had too many divine pills on his body, so he didn't care at all.

In the blink of an eye, his body erupted with golden light and his vitality surged like the tides. His life force flourished and his energy exploded.

He grabbed the Sword of Reincarnation in both hands and charged back!

Yuchi Kong's expression was sinister. His gazed transformed repeatedly in anger and humiliation until, in the end, he just turned around and left. Otherwise, it was quite likely that he would die here.

However, he discovered that he couldn't escape Chu Feng. With a black talisman in his mouth, that little brat's speed was even somewhat faster than him.

This filled his heart with a dense gloominess, and even his spirit was shaken. He felt that things weren't looking good at all.

They ran, stopped and fought fiercely many times along the way with blood flowing out in every direction.

Chu Feng had been badly injured once more. However, he still had Six-Path Reincarnation Pills on him which served to heal those bone-deep injuries in the blink of an eye.


All of a sudden, Chu Feng tossed out two Violet Heavenly Thunder Crystals. This wasn't an ordinary secret treasure but one that had come from the Dameng Pure Land. Qin Luoyin had buried those in the ground back in the Purgatory—their power was immense.

The sea region started boiling in the blink of an eye, and even the seawater had almost evaporated. Lighting and thunder interweaved as flames surged into the sky.

Yuchi Kong cried out in misery. His entire body was drenched in blood as one of his arms was blasted away and his body was almost cut apart.

Chu Feng had used this attack at the critical juncture. As expected, the crystals were able to effectively restrain and injure the other party.

One had to know that Qin Luoyin herself was two levels higher than the visualization realm. The killer weapons she had brought out from the Dameng Pureland were naturally not for attacking those at the same realm.

Yuchi Kong had come pretty close to losing his life.

"Little Bastard, you're too evil. Are you going to kill someone from the same bloodline of the earth?" Yuchi Kong's hair was in disarray as he shouted.

"Old barbarian, you have the gall to say this? I can ignore your attitude before, but you were actually looking to kill my friends and capture my parents after my supposed death. You act friendly with those from the outer realm and aim your butcher's blade at your own people. You're not worthy of saying such words."

Zhou Shang is the True One, and my actions were all for the greater picture. It's more suitable that you give him the breathing technique to him because he's the Innocuous Physique. You should help him rise to power for the good of the earth." Yuchi Kong spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Damn that True One. He's nothing more than a coward hiding behind other people, waiting to be fed and to take advantage of others. How can someone who needs to be given a breathing technique be the true one? I think your eyes are all muddled because your benefits are all tied to him. What dog shit True One? I just refuse to believe all that crap. If he dares appear in front of me, I'll erase him with one hand. I'll let you see how this so-called Expendable One slaughters the True One like a dog!"

"You you you…" Yuchi Kong was both shocked and furious. At the same time, he was terrified and lacking in confidence after recalling Chu Fen's fighting power. Chu Feng wasn't the Innocuous Physique but he was just as terrifying to be able to return alive from the Purgatory. This feat, in and of itself, was heaven-defying.

He had even brought back the Sword of Reincarnation. This caused Yuchi Kong to be shocked and his heart to tremble.


Chu Feng attacked with the long sword, leaving behind a long trail of light as he slashed forth.

Pfft Pfft Pfft...

Later on, Yuchi Kong cried out in misery as he was struck again. He became incomparably miserable after cutting off one of his own thighs.


The old man almost went crazy after his thigh was struck. The flames of anger surged into the sky, but he still proceeded to cut off half his body before running away frantically.

"You still want to escape?" Chu Feng sneered. The other party's speed had been lowered by a great margin, so he was caught up very soon. Chu Feng slashed diagonally and hacked off the man's shoulder in one go, sending blood flying in all directions.

"No, ah!" Yuchi Kong cried out in misery. At this point, the only thing left to hack off was his head.

"Let me help you with that!" Chu Feng used his fist seal this time and blasted the man's body into a bloody mist. Only a head was left behind.

"You…" Yuchi Kong grew fierce since he knew that he didn't have long to live. A head flew through the air and crashed into Chu Feng in an attempt to self-detonate.

"It'll be too easy on you if I let you die from self-detonation. I'll be the one to decide your life and death. You shall die under the Sword of Reincarnation!"

Chu Feng lifted his sword and shot out a beam of light, cutting that head into two halves.
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