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Goddamit, Chu Feng is still alive! He isn't just alive and kicking but also incomparably powerful. Who said he was dead?! the Netherworld Cat cursed in his heart. This kind of false news was lethal!

The black yak's fur was shining brightly, the pair of horns on his head big and powerful. He was just like a demon king. "Brother, how did you survive for so many days? People outside have been saying that you died in the purgatory. She's almost been deified these days."

The Manchurian Tiger was truly fierce. At his cultivation level, he was already formidable even without exerting his vigor. His entire body was shining lustrously as if he were made of gold. "The evolvers of every race are calling him goddess right now. Us brothers were quite annoyed and wanted to slaughter in revenge."

The old donkey chimed in shamelessly, "Right, we were prepared to capture and burn her in front of your cenotaph. We wanted to send her to you so that she can serve as your maid."

"Yes, I wanted to cut her into nine pieces and throw the remains into the four seas and five lakes!" the black yak added.

The Netherworld cat was drenched in sweat. These fierce fellows were all extremely fierce. Qin Luoyin's fame in the cosmos had reached the highest point. Everywhere she went, all the young evolvers would go crazy and view her as a goddess of beauty. Yet these fellows were looking to kidnap her and burn her in front of Chu Feng's cenotaph. It was truly too cruel.

Chu Feng let out a dry cough. "She's not my match. I'll settle the scores with her eventually."

"Oh? Something's not quite right. Why is your expression odd when she was mentioned? Is there something you're hiding?" The Manchurian Tiger had a square face, big ears, and evil eyes. This sharp fellow squeezed his big head over toward Chu Feng and gazed at him.

"No such thing. In any case, I never suffered while fighting against her. I'll deal with her eventually, and have the Dameng Pure Land pay a hefty price!" Chu Feng said righteously.

But when he thought about their incident in the purgatory, that white lustrous body appeared before his eyes and caused his heart to waver.

"Ohohoho, what expression is that? That was a ripple through and through. With this old ox's hundred plus years of experience as a love saint, I can see the tenderness in it, something big definitely happened." The black yak smiled oddly while swaying his coarse horns.

Chu Feng said, "Old Black, you even failed to get your first love, that green-furred yak from the Tibetan plains. You were left with regrets and couldn't forget her for hundreds of years. Now you have the cheek to call yourself a love saint? You're just making blind guesses."

"That is a separate matter!" This matter was the black yak's sore spot.

The Manchurian Tiger's bell-sized eyes erupted with a green light. "Explanation is concealment. There's definitely something fishy here. Could it be adultery? Heh, heh, brother, you're too heaven-defying. Don't tell me something happened between you and Qin Luoyin?"

Old donkey became spirited and said, "The next time we leave the mountain, I'm going to tell the world that she's my brother's plaything, that he calls her Little Qin. I must anger those bastards in the outer realms to death. The Myriad Star Physique Xu Chengxian and the other geniuses admire her greatly. Now, this old donkey will tell them that their so-called goddess is my brother's girl."

"Scram, stop causing trouble!" Chu Feng said with a dark face.

"This isn't causing trouble at all. In the future, I'll accept interviews from intergalactic media and provoke those young geniuses. Hee-haw, hee-haw…" The old donkey was growing more and more excited. He wanted nothing more than to open up a news conference right away.

Beside them, the Netherworld cat was petrified completely. That was because he had heard and seen everything. He was now completely stunned.

He also felt that Qin Luoyin had something unclear to do with Chu Feng and that there was a "situation". That was because Chu Feng's involuntary expression was too odd. There was definitely a ripple therein.

"Miao!" Night Demon cried loudly. He was extremely sad, unhappy, and indignant.

"What the hell are you crying about?!" Chu Feng landed a slap on his face and took this opportunity to distract everyone else. That was because he didn't want to discuss this matter with his brothers no matter how thick his face was.

"You, surnamed Chu, you profaned the goddess of my heart. I hate you, I'm furious!" Night Demon blurted out.

Chu Feng became delighted. "You can't even save yourself right now but you're still trying to stand up for a goddess? Are you stupid or what?!" With that, he stomped on the Netherworld Cat. He really didn't pay any particular attention to this highly-ranked genius.

Netherworld Cat felt downcast after hearing these words. He lowered his head and asked indignantly, "What exactly did you do to her?"

"I did nothing to her. It's her who wanted to be the mother of my child. Naturally, I wasn't willing, but she actually assaulted me without any shame. A single step left an everlasting shadow. Looking back, it's been a hundred years."

"This cat will fight it out with you!" Netherworld Cat scuttled up and clawed at Chu Feng's face. That was because he felt too distressed upon seeing Chu Feng act smug.

"Scram!" Chu Feng slapped him flying and caused all the hair on his body to puff up. "You're just a cat, yet you want to pursue a bestial relationship. This is too shameful."

"I've long since obtained a human form. Nowadays, the cat form is only a supplementary form that I rarely assume. You demon, I'm going to tell all the geniuses of the cosmos and make everyone seek revenge."

The old donkey arrived and said, "This little cat is really lacking in tact. I'll go and set up a news conference now and use that tragic backdrop to accentuate my brother's success. It's settled, hee-haw hee-haw."

Chu Feng grabbed the old donkey and said, "Don't act rashly, at least not now. We'll deal with them later. Now is not the time to leak everything."

Not long afterward, Chu Feng met his parents inside the doors of Mount Eternal. Apart from them, all of the other great demons of Kunlun were also here. Additionally, Zhou Quan, the Wudang Grandmaster, and the Elder Ape of Greatwood Temple were also here.

The scene became incomparable lively and exciting with so many people around.

Apparently, they had followed the black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the old donkey. Only Yellow Ox and Ouyang Feng could truly step into that place.

That was because the talent requirements were simply too high. That was a place for demonic sages to train. Success was fine, but failure would result in one turning into a zombie.

"Little Feng!" Chu Feng's parents hugged him and burst into tears. These days had been too much of an ordeal for them. They had been washing their faces with tears these days because they thought he would never return.

The black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the others had consoled them by saying Chu Feng had only fallen into a dimensional space and would return sooner or later. Even so, everyone knew that the hope was slim at best.

"Brother, you've finally returned." Zhou Quan came over, mooing loudly while swaying his four big horns. His eyes were red even though he had wiped away the tears.

The old llama, the Mastiff King, the Wudang Grandmaster, Wu Qifeng, and the Elder Ape of Greatwoods Temple all came forward. Everyone was happy and emotional.

Yellow Ox and Ouyang Feng weren't here. They had entered the depths of Mount Eternal to train like mad. That was because Yellow Ox had sworn to seek revenge for Chu Feng and wash those people with blood.

This kind of reunion naturally called for good wine. They all exchanged cheers and had long chats.

Chu Feng learned many things from them. Everything else was fine, but what he found unbearable was that the earth's true one was eyeing him.

The True One's guardian Yuchi Kong had been appearing in the Eastern Sea in hopes of hunting them. He wanted to capture Chu Feng's parents and force them to hand over the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique.

Yellow Ox and Ouyang Feng had fought with him with the rotten ships but were badly defeated. Fortunately, they escaped in time and escaped back to Mount Eternal. Otherwise, they might have been in grave danger.

This was also the reason why the two were cultivating madly.

"Yuchi Kong, True One Zhou Shang, you two must be tired of living!" Chu Feng was furious.

Even though they were also native evolvers, these two had never fought against those from the outer realms. On the contrary, they had directed their butcher's knife at their own people. This made Chu Feng feel great discomfort.

Before this, Yuchi Kong had asked him to hand the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique to Zhou Shang. That could be overlooked, but now, he had turned even more aggressive. He had watched with folded arms during Chu Feng's showdown and now after his death, the man was actually trying to hunt his family members in hope of obtaining the inheritance. This was unbearable!

Chu Feng's voice was cold. "I saw Yuchi Kong hiding in the dark when I arrived here. This old man definitely has no good intentions and must be killed!"

The black yak nodded. "This old bastard is very powerful and sharp. During the battle at Mount Kunlun, we ran over to Mount Longhu immediately afterward to save the people there. In the end, that bastard was already there and nearly succeeded. He's definitely not a good person. He attacks us but remains close to the outer realm people, definitely someone worth killing!"

"I'll go slaughter him!" Chu Feng said in a cold voice.

The Manchurian Tiger stopped Chu Feng. "No, brother. Don't be rash. This old fellow is probably two levels higher than the visualization realm and is absurdly powerful. Don't let anger put you in danger."

Chu Feng broke into a frown. He had the Equality for All Life monastic robe on him. But last time, the dark Qin Luoyin was able to ignore its effects by performing her sacrificial dance. She made him suffer quite a bit back then.

Presently, this Yuchi Kong was at least two great realms above him. He had no choice but to treat the man seriously.

Chu Feng gave it some thought before producing the diamond chakram. The weapon was no longer the same as before. It was now covered in winding threads.

One had to know that these threads were formed from the burning of a supreme talisman. It was an offering to the clay idol at the end of the reincarnation path.

But he put it away afterward. The diamond chakram was indeed very powerful, but it could only be considered full of potential. It might not necessarily be effective.

Soon, he glanced over at the stone box. This item was rather peculiar, but it belonged to the passive type. It had protected him on the reincarnation path but never produced any power of its own.

An idea came to him all of a sudden. There was a six-colored flame in the stone box, the Six Path Reincarnation Flame. This thing would surely be useful if introduced unexpectedly at the right moment.

But in the end, Chu Feng picked a blade covered in a rotten sheath. This was a weapon he had picked up from the reincarnation path. There was a dried corpse-like entity in the desert in charge of guarding the path.

Back then, Chu Feng was bold enough to snatch the mysterious blade from that unmoving soldier.

"I'll go test them out. I won't feel good until I give them a slash each!" Chu Feng said.

This time, he was incomparably furious. He felt that Yuchi Kong and the True One were shameless. They had gone too far by trying to target his family after his death. How could Chu Feng endure this?!

"Brother, that old fellow is too powerful. Don't be rash." The black yak and the others tried to dissuade him.

"No matter, I'll run away immediately if I can't win. I won't fight to the death with him. Even the purgatory can't restrain me. Trust my escaping abilities," Chu Feng said.

He left Mount Eternal after suppressing the Netherworld Cat.

Chu Feng walked into the bewildering mist and paid attention to his surroundings. As expected, after using his Fiery Eyes, he discovered Yuchi Kong in the distant sea region.

"Does this old bastard have a dog's nose? He's actually patrolling this area in search of the place!"

Chu Feng raised his blade, put on his mask, and headed forth.
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