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Zhou Yitian's body convulsed gently, as though electricity was passing through his body. This was because he was very excited.

With just one punch, Chu Feng had made the brilliant and well-known Night Demon bleed through his mouth and nose. He flew out and even a couple of his teeth fell out. Chu Feng was just too fierce.

Never had Zhou Yitian seen a master so overbearing, not to mention this person seemed even stronger than Chu Feng from before. With a single slap, this master had put one of the universe's top one hundred young experts into misery. It was exceptional and alarming.

At the rear, Xia Qianyu and the other members of the crew shuddered as if getting an electric shock from head to toe. This was much more shocking than their filming, and their emotions rose and fell intensely.

They whispered in succession. Where had a person this strong come from? Should this clip be leaked out, it would definitely cause a great commotion. Young experts from various races in the outer realms were unlikely to be able to sit still at this.


Night Demon flew into a mountain peak, which shook and quaked. Ancient trees collapsed, and the ground cracked as great big rocks tumbled down the mountain.

He was furious from the humiliation. Jumping up, his long red hair danced in the breeze like a ball of flames. An astonishing beam of light shone from his eyes like two splendid bolts of lightning, looking rather terrifying.

Night Demon sobered up and extricated himself from the terrible state of getting caught in reincarnation—this person was absolutely frightening! But Night Demon was also indignant that he was slapped immediately in battle.

Nevermind this stranger, even when confronting the young Buddha, Ying Wudi, the owners of Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique, and the Immortal Destiny Physique, he couldn't see how unendurable they were.

He would've directly slapped whoever dared to come up!

If this could be endured, what else couldn't be? Flames shot from his eyes and the thousands of pores all over his body opened up. Black energy with a slightly dark, earthy aura spurted out from them.

Of course, he didn't dare repeat the technique he had just used as once was enough. He knew that it was no use to try to catch people off guard with a major attacking technique and swallow their spirits; after all, he had been suppressed contrary to expectations.

Usually, he was successful whenever he had to deal with others. The strongest, most unique geniuses throughout the galaxy nursed grievances against him when he used the great spirit-swallowing technique as it wasn't clear how they had died. Yet in the end, he was met with a ferocious fellow today.


Night Demon roared. Like the king of the night, black mist covered his entire body as black energy gushed out from his pores. It enveloped him at the scene, and it was as if he was standing within a black hole.


His fist came soaring through the sky like a black galaxy. It was deafening, shaking the earth as it struck the ground. In all fairness, this person was rather tremendous with unique features.

If he had gone against Chu Feng before the latter had gotten caught up in the purgatory space, it would have indeed taken him a bout of tricks to kill his enemy. The Chu Feng now, however, has went through the path of reincarnation. While outside of the ghost town, he had gained many fighting techniques, fist seals, and sword ideas. By himself, he had comprehended a lot of things. Furthermore, upon his return, he had experienced a heavenly tribulation, thus his strength had increased dramatically. The current Chu Feng's constitution and so on were substantially upgraded, so naturally, he was quite laid back.


As before, Chu Feng was sitting upon the body of a big green ox with only one hand raised, pressing downward with a simple attack. He was suffused with a golden radiance, and his prestige was divine and awe-inspiring. A cracking sound exploded in the air!

In addition, the purple cloud overhead expanded for over 10 kilometers, while the big green ox he sat atop of showed a glossy fur coat. Its spirit was threatening; it had directly stampeded a saint to death just then. Chu Feng sat on top of it like a god.

Boom! Boom!

A great explosion reverberated through the air, and Night Demon howled after having thrown a punch with all his might. It was indeed ferocious, and it felt as though the area was collapsing as a result of it. It was severely distorted and light rays appeared dimmer. The air exploded as terrifying white streams of air strewed out everywhere. These were even thicker than the white mist formed by jet aircrafts.

However, Chu Feng's Golden Palm simply dispelled this horrifying punch. The golden marks on his palm glittered, glistening and dazzling with the power of immortality.

Night Demon's fist felt an incomparably sharp pain as though he had just smashed into a rare magical mountain made of gold. He simply couldn't move, and his fist was sore and cracked.

With a bang, Chu Feng gently closed his palm, holding Night Demon's fist. He exerted force and crushed down, crippling the Demon's right fist.

At this moment, Chu Feng smiled. He had already confirmed that the special symbols cloned from those on the black talisman were indeed heaven-defying and rather incredible.

Not only were they useful against souls and spirits and could subdue his opponent's spirit-swallowing technique, the symbols were also astonishingly powerful in physical fights.


Night Demon yelled. Suddenly, he burst forth with his fist, his arm shaking as he issued a frightening black ripple. He wanted to shatter Chu Feng's golden palm.

But he was alarmed and furious. With his fist being held, not only did he have no way of shaking off that horrifying hand, his whole fist was in pain as if it was going to smash.


In the end, he launched a bolt of electricity. His right arm became mutilated as he used bone contraction and contortion. Through such hardships, he managed to break away from Chu Feng's grasp, though his own right fist had almost been crippled with cracks appearing on his bones.


At this moment, the big green ox jumped through the air. It was no longer exasperatingly slow. Instead, it abruptly vanished from its original place and appeared in front of Night Demon with a single leap. It was as though the land had shrunk into an inch.


This time, Chu Feng was the one taking the initiative to attack. His right hand enlarged, and his arm grew as well. His palm shot rapidly downward from high up in the air like a golden millstone. Along with his palm came the sound of wind and thunder, as well as thousands of beams of golden light.

It was, indeed, too quick. He had truly shrunken the land to an inch, and there wasn't much anyone could do about it.

Before, Chu Feng had sold off many saint children, so naturally, he had seized some secret techniques. This was a ground-shrinking technique that he had obtained from a destroyed scripture. It had a different method to the World's End Near at Hand but gave the same miraculous result.

Most of all, he was proficient in using the World End Near at Hand, so he found it incredibly easy to shrink the land into an inch.


Night Demon's countenance shifted. He had to receive the attack head-on as he couldn't dodge from it. He pushed forth using all the force he could must in both of his hands. Black energy spouted like a volcano except with black lava. It bubbled up, surging upward.

Unfortunately, even through using both hands, he still failed to keep off Chu Feng's large hand as it dropped from the sky. The golden millstone-like palm was overflowing with vitality. It pressed down and distorted space, which exploded with a loud bang like that of dashing thunder. The mountains nearby shook viciously.


Night Demon spat out a big mouthful of blood. There was a stabbing pain in his arms, as if they were fractured. His whole body was soft on the ground, almost paralyzed.

Yet by utilizing this slight opportunity to block the attack, he managed to buy some more time. From head to toe, he was blazing with black energy as he turned around and fled. Being up against this kind of horrifying and mysterious opponent gave him the chills.


However, the golden palm in the sky was too quick, turning over and pressing down again. This time, it wrapped around his body and whipped him up into the air.

Above all, Night Demon, brimming with abomination, yelled as the golden palm grabbed onto his face. Blood spurted from his mouth and nose while his face became distorted. His facial shape almost collapsed, and he lost more than a dozen teeth.

At the same time, his body was also aching sharply. Not only was his face badly injured, there were other parts of him which felt as though he had been ran over by a primordial ox. His body felt like it was going to snap and fall apart.

He was like a kite with a broken string. He fell head first with blood splashing everywhere midair.

At the rear, Zhou Yitian, Xia Qianyu, and the others were flabbergasted. Where had this master, who was greatly heaven-defying as he had quickly and easily disposed of Night Demon, came from? They simply couldn't believe it!

Nevermind them, even the group of small demons from Mount Longhu and the remaining saint children felt waves of horror as their scalps turned numb.

This master was so incredibly and unduly terrifying.

The scene was almost like a father disciplining his son even though were of completely different magnitudes. In the end, the well-known Night Demon was hung up and beaten as the other wished.

Were this to get out, the entire starry skies would be shaken. This would take the universe like a hurricane and was enough to startle the young experts from various races. This fight was incredibly scary.

Boom! Boom!

The next moment, Chu Feng attacked once again. His right arm became longer, hanging down like a golden galaxy. His right palm glowed like that of the Buddha's, the five golden element mountains falling down and suppressing everything on earth.

Night Demon flew into a rage out of shame, yet he couldn't do anything even if he wanted to. There was a chill in his heart as he watched the enormous palm in the sky, golden-bright and dazzling like a galaxy, fall from above.

"Buddy, let's talk about it! Stop!" he shouted.

Chu Feng's mouth held back a trace of indifference, and he paid no attention to him. Before, he had inquired after him with kind words, but this person was utterly arrogant, calling him a native. He said that Chu Feng had had to kneel to be resurrected and would be slain by him. Now that he was no match for him, he was being soft with his words. How could he be let off so lightly?

Therefore, Chu Feng ignored him. He slapped him and the golden symbols of reincarnation twinkled in the hollow of his palm. He exuded a frightening aura with his fingers, boundless and majestic like the great mountains.

There was a bang, and Night Demon wailed. This time, both of his arms were completely broken and flaccid, drooping down. His entire being was dispirited and listless. Chu Feng's slap had whittled him so much that he was almost limp on the ground. He was covered with blood and unable to stand.

"Stop, my friend, I concede! Ask away with whatever questions you have. I'll tell you everything I know without holding back!" said Night Demon.

There was another "pa" sound as Chu Feng easily slapped him again. This time, he flew out as his face was blasted. All of his teeth fell out mixed in with watery blood.

One shouldn't hit the face when they're beating someone up, but Chu Feng didn't care and precisely battered his face. These people needed to be beaten until they feared him. Then he would take the initiative himself to be honest and explain those matters.

"You…" Night Demon was extremely furious. After all, he was ranked among the top one hundred exceptional geniuses in the universe. Yet in the end, he was disgraced today for the first time in all his life.

He was trying to surmise whether this was the Immortal Destiny Physique, the Divine Glass Golden Body, or the Great Superfluous Fighting Physique. This person was outrageously tremendous. Even someone as strong as him couldn't retaliate and was suppressed during the whole thing.

"Are you the Winged Godhead or the Dao Bone Immortal Physique?" he questioned, wanting to know Chu Feng's identity.

"I'm just an ordinary being, but that's enough to put you in order." Chu Feng finally opened his mouth.


Night Demon vomited blood. How had he never heard of someone as incredibly ferocious? Moreover, from the looks of it, this was indeed an evolver born and bred on Earth?

"My friend, you should know when is enough. Aren't you being a bit excessive if you continue like this?!" said Night Demon, his gaze distant. He was truly fearful having encountered someone so violent, and he too felt as though it was like a father disciplining his son. He was sullen as the disparity between them was extraordinarily great.


It was at this time that the big green ox Chu Feng had visualized moved. Its fur coat was incomparably shiny and came forth as though it had shrunk the land into an inch. It lifted its hooves and trampled over Night Demon with a thump. Night Demon's bone shattered, and he coughed up blood non-stop.

"Damn you… what an intolerable bully you are!" Night Demon was aching all over. He felt wronged as this wasn't a balanced fight. He was far as good as his enemy and had no idea where this monster had come from.

"Luoshen, quick, come to Mount Longhu to spectate at this god." In the distance, Xia Qianyu connected with those in the outer regions and conversed with Jiang Luoshen in a low voice. "A fierce man took out the insufferably arrogant Night Demon here with just his hands! Come and have a look."
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