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Chu Feng's voice was astonishing. The sky brightened as the light of the day appeared at the eastern mountain tops and beams of golden, glowing light somewhat burst from the peaks. He crossed the sky on the back of the ox, moving with a terrifying momentum.

The large green ox's fur was very bright and realistic. It carried Chu Feng on its back and trod into Mount Longhu, then it hung in midair while watching the area underneath.

"You must be sick of living since you dare to come here and behave so atrociously. Don't you know this place had already been occupied by my family's sage? Nowadays, these are our daoist grounds, get out of here!"

A golden eagle with a wingspan of several hundred meters spread its wings and rose high into the sky. This was a minor leader serving under the sage Night Demon. Arrows made from its feathers flew in all directions when it aggressively spread its feathered wings.


Chu Feng raised a hand and removed the diamond chakram he had visualized and then smashed it downward. This diamond chakram glowed and drew in all of the feather plumes. The feathers twisted and broke into pieces.

Next was a humming sound as the diamond chakram flew in a circle. It pounded the golden eagle's body and made it cry out miserably from its beak full of blood. After which, it disintegrated on the spot.

"Who dares charge into my Mount Longhu and commit such a violent crime!?" came a shout from the distance.

The movements here had startled the stronger evolvers in the mountains. Several extremely ferocious demonic auras rose up and clashed with the heavens.

Chu Feng's vision was indistinct. He hadn't been back for a period of time, yet Mount Longhu had truly changed hands. These outer-realm beings saw this place as their territory and took him to be an outsider.

He thought back to when Yao Yao was still here and nobody would dare to be so presumptuous as to enter Mount Longhu. She had warned all the races of the heavens, and as a result, nobody dared take even half a step past Lightning Pond.

Since Yao Yao had left, some daring evolvers finally had the guts to come and seize this famed mountain.

The strength of Chu Feng's energy increased rapidly and made his entire body glow even more splendidly. The sitting green ox raised its head and let out a depressed sound. It was becoming increasingly real.

Rumor had it that if the visualization reached its peak, then it was creation, and it could evolve into a true creature!

Of course, ordinary people couldn't use this type of technique. Unless there came a day when their abilities advanced by leaps and bounds, they would become a taboo person. They might be successful if they returned and cultivated the visualization realm once again.

However, this was also the path indicated by this realm's practitioners. Visualization was never-ending, and creation was an unimaginable matter.

The big green ox carried Chu Feng on its back and took unhurried steps as it crossed the mountainous region of Mount Longhu. It entered the depths of the holy mountain and approached the area where the Night Demon's camp was now situated.

"Film it all for me! We can't miss this!" Zhou Yitian roared in a low voice from behind. He was extremely excited, and his sleepiness had long since vanished.

"Don't worry, Director Zhou. This is the newest form of cutting-edge technology. I guarantee there won't be any issues!" The cameraman was also quite excited and agreed in a low voice.

Xia Qianyu and the others had also woken up now. She was quite startled, especially when she looked toward Mount Longhu absent-mindedly and thought she saw Chu Feng. He looked a bit similar from behind.

Finally, she sighed. It couldn't be him! After all, everyone in the world knew he died in the Kunlun purgatory. Qin Luoyin had personally given him a final send-off.

She also noticed upon closer inspection that this person's shoulders were wider than Chu Feng's, yet his figure was also shorter.

Naturally, this was Chu Feng's domain technique. Although he couldn't thoroughly change himself, he could still do some "fine tuning" to conceal his true self.

He wore a bronze mask as he rode the big green ox. The vast, mighty purple clouds above his head were nearly twenty kilometers in length and became increasingly divine and powerful. He was just like the Daoist devotees of legends who came slowly and brought an immortal aura with them. This looked like the ultimate form daoist magic.

"You have guts. Didn't you hear what I said, you blind oaf? You have the gall to charge into Mount Longhu? This is the territory of my family's young master!"

At this moment an old demon of the visualization realm appeared. It was a big crocodile respiring yellow mist. After making its true form visible, it flew up into mid-air. Its body was ten meters long, which wasn't necessarily excessive, but its world-shaking vitality was overflowing to the heavens like an erupting volcano.

Its words shook the mountain ridge, and its pervasive blood energy covered several mountain peaks. The mountains trembled, which sent boulders rolling down and shook the tall trees.

"It looks like much of Mount Longhu has been unsealed. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to set foot in this area," said Chu Feng to himself.

"You're still not leaving?! You cannot act so presumptuous here!" shouted the old crocodile whose open mouth was more than six meters long and filled with razor-sharp teeth.


It made the first attack by sweeping its tail across and directly targeting Chu Feng. In an instant, its tail rose suddenly and dropped down like a river of stars.


The atmosphere cracked and white mist exploded in a terrifying scene.

Were it anywhere other than Mount Longhu, there was no doubt that some mountain peaks would have exploded on the spot from its thrashing. This tail held a terrifying energy.

"A little lizard dares to be so brash in my presence!?" Chu Feng stretched a hand out. His hand overflowed with purple mist and rapidly enlarged before grasping below it.

There was a bang when he grasped the crocodile's thrashing tail. He then abruptly exerted himself and turned it upside down.

Next, he turned this large crocodile upside down and threw it outside of Mount Longhu. One of the normal mountains outside Mount Longhu burst open on the spot as it was struck by the crocodile's body. Smoke and dust filled the air.

Off in the distance, Xia Qianyu, Zhou Yitian, and the others watched dumbstruck. This was like a myth to them. That was an old demon of the visualization level, yet someone had attacked it and whipped it about like a hemp rope.

Chu Feng frowned. This old crocodile's body was truly sturdy; a normal mountain peak was nowhere near as tough and durable. He picked the large crocodile up and whipped it again into Mount Longhu.


Since it was a holy mountain, this place had domains which made it incomparably sturdy. This caused the old demon to let out a blood-curdling screech as it was instantly mangled. This time, it didn't smash the mountain peak apart.

Who was this person, and how could he be so abnormal? The crocodile felt alarmed since according to reason, the strongest beings who could descend to Earth were those of the visualization realm. A few had special techniques or could maybe be a realm higher, but there weren't many.

It could be said that currently it could be counted as a top-notch expert, yet now it was being casually beaten up like a soft rag doll.

"Master, save me!" it shouted loudly. At the same time, it said to Chu Feng ferociously, "Do you know who my family's young master is? He's ranked in the universe's top one hundred exceptional talents, and in the future, he will illuminate the heavens. You cannot afford to offend him, so quickly release me. My master's sworn brother has the Innocuous Divine Physique and is a paragon throughout the world!"

Had it not mentioned the Innocuous Divine Physique, Chu Feng would still be uninterested. However, now that it brought up this type of constitution, Chu Feng immediately thought of the so-called Earth's True One. He instantly lost all semblance of goodwill.

On top of that, this old demon surprisingly dared to threaten him, so he immediately used great force to whip it around and throw it into the main peak of Mount Longhu. The creature let out its very last mournful shriek and turned into a pile of fleshy pulp. It was as dead as dead it could be.


Zhou Yitian and the others, who were off in the back, couldn't hold back their astonishment. Where did this power come from? It was too overbearing and excessively tyrannical! How could someone eliminate a visualization-level demon in just a short moment?

It was mostly because after returning from the purgatory, Chu Feng was much stronger than he was a month before!

"Old Croc!"

Several greater demons flew over and let out bewildered shrieks. They reeked of alcohol and were intoxicated after drinking too much. Their responses were slowed down, so they stared blankly as their companion died and couldn't save it.

Presently, a surging mist covered them from head to toe and got rid of the tipsiness. Afterward, they moved to kill Chu Feng.

Then someone shouted, "Go to Mount Longhu's secret realm and find the young master!"

One of them thrust forward a tiger-headed spear accompanied by wind and thunder. Its most terrifying aspect was its ability to create densely-packed lightning, which exploded at Chu Feng.

"I hate being struck by lightning the most!" Chu Feng's face darkened as he spoke. Then he extended a large hand and snatched the large spear. His rear fist then exploded as he made an all-out effort. He didn't use any secret techniques that could reveal his identity, but rather collided in a barbaric manner.

His fist pounded the visualization-level demon with a booming sound, producing a blossom of bloody mist. The scene was shocking; he had smashed a greater demon with just one fist!

It must be known that this was a famous saint child, an expert who had accompanied the Night Demon, yet it was smashed to death just like that. It was even much even stronger than the old crocodile.

"Tyrannical! He's too great and truly ferocious! Who is that?" Now Zhou Yitian was trembling with excitement. He felt like venting his anger.

This was because he had heard that Chu Feng's parents were originally living in Mount Longhu. Now that the Night Demon had occupied the area, he didn't know how they were doing.

After all, he also had friendly relations with Chu Feng.

"You dare…"

The remaining people fell back and ran with all their might to go invite the Night Demon.


The big green ox mooed as it flew over. It tread across the vast sky and unexpectedly let out a rumbling thunderous sound that intimidated everyone. All of heaven and earth was trembling.

A sonic boom escaped from beneath the ox's hooves!

The big green ox overtook a greater demon and trampled it alive with a booming explosion. Yet another visualization-level saint child had died violently on the spot!

Behind them, Xia Qianyu, Zhou Yitian and the others quivered. They simply couldn't believe it! This time that person didn't do anything. He'd just sat on the green ox and trampled a greater demon to death!?

Now, Chu Feng took out the diamond chakram he had visualized and smashed it once again. Another greater demon exploded and turned into a red mist. Its body and soul had been entirely destroyed.

"Who dares violate my Mount Longhu!? Who dares charge into the Night Demon's territory!?

Finally, the master had emerged from one of Mount Longhu's dimensional spaces. He had a look of murder on him.

Speaking quite honestly, he looked quite majestic. He was well-built and had red hair that draped over his chest and back. He had brows like swords, eyes like stars, and an excessively aura heroic spirit within his handsomeness.

This was the Night Demon whose real name was Ye Mo. He was ranked among the top one hundred exceptional young talents in the universe. Naturally, he possessed qualities that surpassed others!

Chu Feng was wearing his bronze mask as he rode the big green ox. He possessed an even greater aura. Looking down on the land below he said, "Where are the ones originally inhabiting this mountain?"

"They're all dead. Completely slaughtered. Who are you to come and provoke me?" asked Ye Mo coldly.

Chu Feng was furious. Regardless of whether what he said was true or false, he immediately felt an extreme murderous intent. "Are you looking to die!?"

"What a joke. Who do you think you are daring to converse with me? Its just a couple of nobodies from earth living here, what are you so worked up about me killing them? Seems like you're just a native, too. However, it doesn't matter whether it's you or that so-called strong native Chu Feng from the past. Even if he comes back from the dead, I'd beat him until he's begging for forgiveness. Then I'd slaughter him!"

The Night Demon was overbearing and spoke with a cold voice. He stared at Chu Feng and said, "Since you dared to kill my subordinates, today I'll make you wish you were dead. Now kneel for me and accept your punishment!"

He was brash and conceited. As he rose up into the air, his entire body emitted an overflowing vitality. He was as terrible as a demon who had slaughtered millions, and his evil tendencies and terror knew no bounds.

In reality, he'd indeed killed many creatures and previously eliminated a race that had been hostile toward him. Its population of hundreds of thousands of people had been completely eliminated.

Chu Feng looked at him coldly. Still sitting on the big green ox, he moved forward. However, his own body's aura was increasing dramatically due to his boiling, murderous rage.

He didn't dismount, but one of his palms emitted a golden light. A golden palm swung forward, covered in a sparkling symbol. Chu Feng had used his absolute power and launched an all-out attack.

The symbol on his hand was simple. It was the symbol from the black talisman, which he had gained from the reincarnation grounds. It looked similar to the dozen gold symbols on the stone box.

Currently, Chu Feng was the only one who could see this symbol clearly and duplicate it. Now, it was visible on his palm.


The strike shook the void and made it tremble. Off in the distance, Zhou Yitian, Xia Qianyu, and the others were nervous as they watched closely.

"Slap it down! Don't miss this chance!" cried an excited Zhou Yitian. He felt something big might happen.

"You dare to wave your palm so willfully at me?" The Night Demon rushed over with the corners of his mouth held in a cruel smile. He lifted a fist and attacked Chu Feng using a type of extremely terrifying technique that could swallow people's minds.

Then in the next moment, he was dumbfounded.

The gold symbol on Chu Feng's palm glowed. It was like a specialized, secret magic that specifically targeted the soul. The Night Demon was left trembling when he realized his secret magic had lost effectiveness.

He was then slapped across the face and screeched in pain. His entire face and throat became deformed, and his skull almost broke open. He was sent flying away. Blood flowed from his mouth, and several of his teeth were broken.

What was most frightening was that he felt he'd experienced reincarnation. This made his whole body tremble.

"This is…" He was sincerely shaken and frightened. This was a secret magic made specifically for his race. It was too dreadful.

The so-called Night Demon was the demon king who had walked out from the darkness. He was like one who had come from the underworld and the shadows.

"The Night Demon was defeated with just one slap. Who is this guy? He's an unmatched god. He's too fierce!" The bewildered shouts of Zhou Yitian and the others were heard in the distance.
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