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Chu Feng's expression changed time and again because this news was too shocking. It struck the chords of his emotions because, according to this mysterious existence, the cosmos he was in was merely a ruin?

Then what was the broken cosmos in the primal chaos?

Additionally, what were the other cosmos like?

Chu Feng had many questions and notions as the mysterious existence's words invoked countless thoughts.

"The broken ancient cosmos in the primal chaos is indeed dilapidated, but it still retains the shape, silhouette, and order of the greater universe. But this place is nothing more than ruins."

The mysterious character thus commented on this area of the starry skies. According to his words, the truth was simply too shocking. And just who was he? How did he know these secrets?

Chu Feng couldn't help but directly inquire about these problems. For instance, his identity.

"I'm very ordinary, merely a spider lily growing before the netherworld." It spoke quite openly and spoke rather humbly of itself.

Chu Feng was startled. This spider lily was so powerful, yet he had described himself in such a simple manner. It was simply too humble.

"What are the transmigrators from the other cosmos scheming?" Chu Feng inquired.

"I'm guessing that it a problem occurred during a life transition and one of them fell into our cosmos. You can also consider it as being reborn in the wrong cosmos. In my eyes, this is just a transition of life forms."

The expert form of the spider lily mentioned reincarnation once again. It corrected him by explaining that this process was actually a journey of life imprints and a change in form.

Chu Feng was dumbstruck. It would more or less become a scientific debate if he were to go to the bottom of things.

The figure in the light spoke once more, "It the eyes of some of the cosmic entities, every creature in this cosmic ruins is a ghost. Do you agree?"

Chu Feng was dazed. What kind of damned arrogant cosmos would view the people here as spirits?

"Yes, they have flourishing vitality and surging yang affinity, so they believe themselves to be in the true world of the living. Meanwhile, this region of the starry skies is a ruin where spirits roamed about amidst the yin affinity."

Chu Feng became absent-minded as he thought about it. This… it was rather reasonable. Could it be that the world was full of ghosts but no one had ever noticed?

This caused him to feel unnatural and a chill to emerge in the depths of his heart.

Especially at the mention of the theory of these ruins—this entire cosmos was once destroyed and buried. This… the deeper one went, the more frightening it became. Moreover, everything made some sense.

Chu Feng was dumbstruck. The entire cosmos was full of dead spirits… this overturned their worldly views. The impact was too great!

The spider lily said, "In your eyes, you're full of vitality and yang affinity while I'm in the netherworld and shrouded in yin affinity. That's why I'm a ghost and you're human. It's that simple. Along the same line of thought, people from the other cosmos will view you in the same manner."

Chu Feng wanted to laugh but he felt a chill in the hidden depths of his heart. His emotions were complicated after hearing about the things that overturned a good part of his understanding.

"Since this place is a ruin with heavy yin affinity and a netherworld to those from the other cosmos, what can those people do?" Chu Feng asked.

"Ordinarily, they won't come over here. I told you before that it's likely an accident, but their arrival will surely cause conflicts over here."

At the same time, it was frowning. "The vast cosmos outside is the yang world that you might call the world of the living. Trouble might be brewing over there, so someone had come over to our netherworld to reincarnate.

"Senior, can you stop scaring me?" Chu Feng was speechless. Was all of this already confirmed? Their world was a netherworld while the outer realms were the land of the living?

"The truth is always cruel," the spider lily sighed.

After that, he added, "Naturally, this is just relatively speaking. It's fine as long as you don't believe yourself to be a ghost."

Chu Feng was helpless. His life had turned dark, and he could hardly tell if he was human or ghost.

"That cosmos in the outer realms, that world of the living is too strong in yang affinity. To the creatures of this world, it would feel like being burned in raging flames."

Chu Feng quickly interrupted the conversation. "Fine, I know now. Please stop, Senior. Our cosmos is a netherworld full of dead spirits, that's fine right? The more you say the more it gets terrifying. You've broken my confidence to conquer the starry skies."

The spider lily laughed. "Yes, I'm actually trying to motivate you. One day, when you're strong enough, you can go to the world of the living to live as a living person and not a ghost."

Chu Feng really didn't know what to say. His face was as stiff as wood.

"After saying so many things, what did senior force me into this netherworld for? Speaking of which, if the entirety of our cosmos is a place for dead spirits, your land is even denser in yin affinity. What does it count as?"

The lily replied, "I only called you over for a casual chat. I won't hide it from you. I saw that you looked like a certain person, so I just played a meaning move."

"You're truly frank!" Chu Feng had never seen such an existence. He had done something so meaningless out of boredom and also explained it so frankly.

"My netherworld is pretty small and it might feel darker compared to you all. But to those people from the other cosmos, it makes no difference because the entirety of our cosmos is filled with yin affinity and we are all ghosts."

"I'm not a ghost!" Chu Feng corrected.

Afterward, he asked, "What did you want to do by bringing me in here?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to form good karma with you and chat casually. You only need to help me with a small matter when you become a living being one day and head into the outer cosmos."

Chu Feng was truly unhappy. "Why do I feel so awkward? The more I listen, the more it feels like we're all demons and ghosts. This is too unpleasant to hear."

The flower said, "Sigh, those people from the yang world really view us in this way. Although it's not great to hear, the truth is the truth."

Chu Feng massaged his temples. "Let it be, I don't want to debate with you. Didn't you say it's nothing important? You're going to have me to to the yang world of the living. That's like piercing through the skies. It's a big matter!"

"I'm not putting a lot of hope on you. This was merely done on a while. I've set up so many pawns and schemes in the past but all of them have ended up dead. You don't need to worry, there won't be any agreements between you and I. Naturally, I won't be spending too much effort on a whimsical chess piece either."

An idea came to Chu Feng after hearing this. He immediately broke into a smile and said, "Senior, I'm already here at the expense of my flesh and blood. Don't you think you should teach me some things and guide the later generations?"

"Don't count on it. That breathing technique you have is extraordinary and will have great uses even after entering the yang world. It might even show it's true colors at that time. There's nothing more I can give you. Moreover, I can hardly guarantee my own safety. You can forget about asking me to take action on your behalf. It's already good enough that I can hang on in the netherworld. I'll surely disperse like smoke if I leave this place."

"Eh?!" Chu Feng was shaken. The Robbery Induction Breathing Technique might prove useful in the world of the living? It might even reveal its true colors?

This caused great waves in his heart.

At this moment, he had some doubt about whether he was really a ghost. Would he really be able to go to the yang world one day and become a living being?

"Oh right, you must know the purgatory right? Have you been to the city of death? What is that place? There's also a dark abyss at the end of the reincarnation path and a clay idol accepting offerings there. It looks like he's opening a backdoor for people who give him offerings and protecting them as they reincarnate with their memories. Is he a powerful person? Is he still alive? Can you tell me more about the land of reincarnation?"

Chu Feng's questions were related to the most important secrets of this world. This caused the spider lily to draw in a breath of cold air.

"You really went to those places? You went to the end of the reincarnation path and saw the clay idol?"

"I even robbed him of his business," Chu Feng mumbled.

The figure in the mass of light staggered back and almost fell down. Apparently, he was rather shocked.

"You did what?!" He asked urgently.

"Nothing much, I only recognized a couple of nephews…" Chu Feng talked briefly about how he had carved words on many super souls.

"F*ck…!" The spider lily couldn't remain calm and nearly cursed out loud. What kind of pawn was this? This was a true troublemaker!

"Let's make it clear. From now on, we are completely unrelated. I don't know you and you don't know me!" The spider lily said solemnly.

Chu Feng felt guilty after seeing its serious demeanor. "Is it so serious?"

"So many heaven-bestowed geniuses have become your nephews, I… can't afford to deal with someone like you."

Chu Feng was speechless. It seemed he had stirred up quite a big problem.

"There are some problems in the yang world of the living and many of them are thinking of ways to reincarnate. Now that you've done such a thing... sigh… I don't know what will happen in the end."

The spider lily frowned as he thought about what Chu Feng had done.

"Where are they reincarnating to?" Chu Feng asked.

"Each has his own fate, so it's hard to say. Most of them should be reincarnated back into the yang world." The spider lily replied.

Afterward, it did not wish to talk anymore. With a flash of light, Chu Feng was lifted onto the qilin chariot and brought out of the netherworld.

"Sigh... Senior, you shouldn't send me off like this, I don't want to leave yet. You haven't even treated me to a cup of wine. I still want to talk with that bloody buddha and the daoist being pulled by ants.

Chu Feng was brought away unwillingly.

The spider lily paid him no heed and simply sent him out of the netherworld.

In the desert, the boundless blue flowers had vanished and the mist had dispersed. The red sun was pressing down upon the horizon and the clouds were glowing brilliantly in the twilight.

He had come out of the netherworld? Chu Feng was doubtful whether his experience just now was a dream or the truth.

"He said this cosmos has been destroyed and that the entire place is a netherworld. Is it true that we're all dead spirits?" Chu Feng stood there with a shifting expression, pondering on whether he should believe those words.

"Is the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique based in the world of the living?" He thought about a lot of things.

Chu Feng was impacted quite a lot. It was just like when his world was turned upside down after the upheaval. Now he had experienced such a change yet again. Was this the truth?

"It might not be genuine, but it can be used as a reference. The truth… is usually too terrifying." Chu Feng inhaled deeply after deep contemplation.

He touched the stone box. It was quite odd that the spider lily hadn't discovered it, but Chu Feng wasn't about to reveal it himself.

That time, the spider lily had been staring at him constantly. It shot his diamond chakram several glances but actually overlooked the stone box.

"Ah, let these things be. I'll explore more when I feel like heading to the yang world one day. For now, I'm back and I must tell my parents and friends that I'm still alive. And those enemies, I wonder if they've been targeting the people around me? Just you wait!"
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