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Chu Feng approached the exit with a heart full of joy. He had finally escaped after being trapped alone in this purgatory for so long. It was too bleak and silent.

"I'm back!" he shouted as he sprinted toward the light.

He didn't forget to exercise caution on the last leg of his journey because he was afraid his joy would lead to sorrow. He had deeply experienced just now the sighs beside his ear and the horror.

Later on, he saw a table standing in the light that said "Kunlun."


The air exploded as Chu Feg rushed out at the quickest speed, accompanied by a burst of immortal mist. Soon, he was outside.

He felt excited after stepping onto the soil here. He had completely extricated himself from the purgatory. He couldn't help but want to cry out loud.

However, he sensed something staring at him from behind. He turned rapidly and glanced backward.

That sinister-looking path and cave were just as dark. It was as though all light had been devoured therein and replaced by an eerie air of evil.

Chu Feng saw a large pair of cowardly eyes staring at him.

That was… a small figure in the dark, resembling a little girl four or five years of age. It leaned on the stone wall gazing at him.

Chu Feng couldn't see her real appearance in the odd cave. Even his Fiery Eyes were helpless here; he had attempted it before.

Those eyes were actually quite timid? Chu Feng was sent into a daze. Then, he trembled and shook his head. He couldn't forget those eerie happenings, about the cold air blowing at his neck and the hand touching his scalp. It was too terrifying.

In the end, Chu Feng chose to withdraw step by step.

Afterward, Chu Feng saw another pair of eyes in the darkness of the cave. It was entirely green with no whites or pupils, and as big as a lantern. Those eyes were cold, merciless, and frightening!

What creature was that?

Chu Feng gasped, trembling. Why hadn't he seen that thing when he was charging through the peculiar place? In the end, there were two pairs of eyes at the cave's exit. This was somewhat terrifying!

He turned around without looking back and went toward the stone tablet in large strides.

This was a moderately-sized dimensional space with a stone tablet which read "Kunlun" and "other shore". There were two small paths behind it connecting to different places with doors of light therein.

This was a small space connecting to the outside world.

Chu Feng chose the road leading to Kunlun with great decisiveness. Back then, he had fallen in from Kunlun, so he wanted to escape back there.

The other road was labeled other shore. Who knew where that would take him? A careless mistake might bring him back to the ends of the reincarnation path. That would be a lot of trouble.

He walked to the end of the small path and rushed out of the light door. The gateway formed of energy truly took him away from this eerie place.

"I've escaped and said farewell to the purgatory. I, Chu Feng, have returned. Tremble, everyone!"

Chu Feng laughed loudly because he had smelled the fresh air. That familiar feeling was the smell of Kunlun, the place where he had lived for a fair length of time.

But why was it somewhat dark?

Chu Feng was suspicious whether he had come to the right place. This was… underground?

Afterward, he saw yet another stone tablet telling him that he was below Mount Kunlun and that he could enter the human world after stepping out of the purgatory.

Chu Feng followed the underground path upward. He could already feel the vigorous vitality through all that soil. It rushed over from the surface with a type of yang aura which blanketed the land, a stark contrast from the coldness of the eerie land.

He loved this kind of aura!

"Even the purgatory can't keep me in. I managed to escape back to life without any help!"

"I'm finding myself more and more impressive. I sat in the city of death, walked the path of reincarnation and left my mark on the land of transmigration. Even the eerie cave couldn't stop me. The heavens can't destroy me and hell can't bury me!"

Chu Feng's words resembled idle chatter. He hadn't spoken in over a month so he couldn't stop talking now that he had escaped. Moreover, he was incomparably narcissistic.

However, he encountered tragedy thereafter.

He was just shouting about how the heavens couldn't take him and how he had left his name on the path of reincarnation when a bolt of lightning struck him, causing him to smoke all over.

"Ah, goddamit, who struck me with lightning? Truly… tired of living, is it? This daddy here just came back from hell!"

Afterward, an even coarser bolt of lightning struck him with a boom. It caused him to spasm and tremble all over. The electric current was too powerful and caused him to bleed all over.

"What situation is this? Is there any justice left in this world? Why am I suddenly being struck by lightning?"

At the same time, he trembled because this lightning was very terrifying and strong enough to kill a visualization realm evolver. Any other person would've died already.

The flash of lightning was able to blast people at his realm to pieces.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Later on, bolts of lightning interweaved and fell down in a dense network. They bombarded Chu Feng until he was full of blood, his face dark, and his hair disheveled.

"Damn your grandpa. What do you have against me?! It seems… I spoke a bit more than I should. Could there really be a bastard in the dark? But… what the hell does that have to do with you?!" Chu Feng was dissatisfied.

He had just escaped from the purgatory and returned in a great mood, but he was struck on the head just after coming back. This was too much of a bad taste.

Chu Feng refused to believe he couldn't get through. He charged forward with great dissatisfaction to see what exactly was going.

Afterward, even his eyes grew stiff as he walked along the underground path. He saw a number of large pillars emitting dazzling light that was even brighter than the sun. Lightning was falling from them.

A field of lightning danced about and struck him until he was half dead. Moreover, many balls of lightning were flying about. They formed a magical river of stars that blasted toward his body.

He let out an odd cry and fled backward. This shocking power was enough to kill even higher realm evolvers.

"Goddammit, how unlucky. This is actually the hell's gate of Kunlun!

Chu Feng already knew where he was. He had wrongly accused the hidden existence after being struck half dead by the terrifying domain.

In the past, when he had come to Mount Kunlun with the two oxen, he was schemed against by the Woodpecker King and tricked into this forbidden land. Many bolts of lightning were attracted over into a thunderstorm.

This land was called Hell's Gate. Moreover, the great demons of Kunlun had discovered a deep well around here with a bronze pillar within. Raising or lowering it could adjust the strength of the lightning.

Chu Feng had arrived at the core region of Hell's Gate. It was only natural that he would be struck by lightning.

He was quite unlucky because it was normal to be struck by lightning here. All he could do was cry.

Although he was retreating rapidly, the lightning refused to stop once started. The flashes enveloped him entirely and struck him flying with blood splashing out in all directions.

The unstoppable lightning continued for a long time before growing quiet. Chu Feng was charred black and had almost turned into a piece of charcoal.

He believed that even someone one level higher than him might die here. Only an extremely small number of geniuses would survive here. This lightning was too terrifying and simply poised to take one's life.

"Oh?!" All of a sudden, he thought of a sudden possibility. Was this lightning domain here to refine the evils?

The ancients had surely discovered the dimensional space and that dark cave. They must've felt that the indescribable eeriness was too frightening.

That was why they sealed the land and added a lightning domain on top to purify it.

"I, fortunately, didn't touch the core area. Otherwise, I might be blasted into pieces."

Even so, Chu Feng felt quite unhappy. He had been struck by lightning out of the blue, and it felt too wretched.

But he wasn't at his wit's end, either. He comforted himself by saying, "It's good to be purified after coming out of the purgatory. It can be considered a cleansing of the unlucky qi around me, preventing evils from following after me."

Chu Feng picked up several spatial bracelets in the distance containing no small number of secret treasures. He tossed them all out for fear of the bracelets being broken by the calamitous lightning.

In the stone box, the six-colored flames were still burning without end. It actually wasn't extinguished.

Chu Feng revealed an odd expression as he covered up the box once more and packed up the flames for later use.

Afterward, he heard no small number of noises on the surface. It wasn't very clear, but he could hear them vaguely.

"That's odd, is someone undergoing a tribulation. Why is there so much lightning around Hell's Gate? This is too terrifying!"

"Don't tell me some kind of monster has appeared? Let the heavens deal with it and turn it to ashes!"

Chu Feng ground his teeth after hearing this. He thought, "The true demons are your family! This daddy has come back to shock you all!"

But he held back in the end and didn't go out. If he revealed himself just like that, the group of saints will likely be alarmed and deal with him together.

He absolutely wouldn't let himself be so passive. He must plan carefully!

There were a lot of people on the surface discussing the peculiar matter. Later on, they began discussing other things.

"Oh, no matter what kind of monster comes out, can it overpower the Origin Magnetic Saint Physique? He can suppress all enemies, including any monster that dares appear here!"

"The Destiny Immortal Physique is the real powerful one. It's like a true immortal coming to life, easily capable of killing a same-realm genius in one blow. Who can contend against him?!"

Chu Feng gained a basic understanding of what was happening after hearing them speak of those powerful physiques. The earth had become a land of contest for peerless geniuses.

The Origin Magnetic Saint Physique, the Divine Avian Golden Physique, and the Innocuous Divine Physique had appeared. They were here to fight against the Quasi-Immortal race scion Ying Wudi, the Demonic Prince Yuan Shicheng, and the Dao Race's dao child.

Chu Feng revealed an odd expression, and his heart grew restless.

He had studied this place for a long while and discovered that this domain was extraordinary and not something easily broken. Moreover, the people on the ground just wouldn't leave.

He didn't want to get stuck again so he withdrew for the moment and returned to the dimensional space. There he saw the other path labeled as other shore.

"I'm only going to take a look, not to go to the end," Chu Feng muttered to himself.

Afterward, he set out through the light door. In that split second, the world spun around him to his great astonishment. It was a teleportation domain.

Where does this lead to? He was somewhat worried because he didn't want to encounter another accident after just returning to earth.

"Huh?" He was startled the next moment because he had just arrived at his destination. It was a desolate desert, one that seemed very familiar.

This looked like the desert in Western Tibet.

The next moment, he heard rustling sounds as blue light filled the ground around him. Blue spider lilies popped up around him.

This scene was too familiar!

Chu Feng believed that he had escaped and returned to earth. He was now in the desert he had been to that year.

He had been traveling alone through Western China before the great upheavals. He had come to this place before and saw the earth filled with blooming spider lilies.

Right now, he was experiencing it all over again.

"The pollen…"

The spider lilies were like lustrous blue diamonds in the sunset, blooming one after another and throwing blue pollen into the air. They formed an ephemeral, faint blue mist.
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