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Chu Feng's tense body finally relaxed. The Dameng Pure Land's scion was brilliant, but he had already cut her into two and destroyed her ability to fight. There was no way she could kick up winds and waves now.

He stood in the distance staring intently at the Eight Trigrams domain.

It seemed as though stream after stream of molten iron was flowing on the desolate land, illuminating the night skies. The domain lowed along this path on the ground after which they interweaved in the air to form the furnace.

This furnace was lustrous and translucent. It hadn't formed out of thin air but was formed of the earth qi and energy to envelop Qin Luoyin.

She had been cut in half, but her expression was just as cold, emotionless, and demonic. Her snow-white skin had been stained with blood. The scene was bloody and eerie.

One of the most famous goddess level characters in the starry skies had fallen to this state.

Even though she was being guided by the demon in her heart and not her own will, she could still feel the coming of death. Her expression turned colder as her body surged a with a wisp of black flame. That was the heart demon's last struggle, an attempt at mutual destruction.

"Go on your way!"

Chu Feng spoke calmly. He didn't want any changes to occur because he knew how extraordinary this Dameng Pure Land descendant was. She had an endless supply of hidden aces.

Most importantly, this woman was both beautiful and ruthless. She would surely deliver the fatal blow once the opportunity arose.

The safest way was to kill her on the spot and eliminate this threat forever.


A green spear formed in the brilliant Eight Trigrams Furnace. Then, it shot forward with a swoosh.


Blood sprayed out in all directions as the spear pierced through Qin Luoyin's forehead and nailed right through her.

At this moment, Qin Luoyin's alluring lips parted involuntarily. She was still beautiful and her entire body was shrouded in a divine halo. Afterward, her spirited and gem-like eyes dimmed down.

Chu Feng didn't head over or approach. That was because, back at Kunlun, a saint's spiritual seed had appeared in Qin Luoyin's body to save her from danger.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, I'll send you off to the afterlife. Go walk on the reincarnation path and we'll fight again in your next life."

Chu Feng looked at her, then back at the Radiant City of Death. Afterward, he activated the Eight Trigrams Furnace and caused the raging flames within to shoot into the skies.

At their level, even cutting off the enemies' head could hardly ensure a complete kill. They could spread the spirit throughout their bodies and not keep it within the head.

As such, he utilized the eight trigrams flame in this domain to completely decimate Qin Luoyin and end everything.

The flames jumped around the resplendent furnace. Eight wisps of flames leaped about with great vigor and turned into eight types of runes. They spun about and drowned out Qin Luoyin completely.

Qin Luoyin's slender body was dazzling within the flames. It was spewing out rosy lights and the cut halves of her body were still full of vitality. This was produced by a certain instinctive mode of self-preservation.

But she was clearly in a bad condition. She would soon disappear completely and her name would vanish from the world.

"Something's not quite right!"

Chu Feng frowned as he looked about at the surroundings. The entire world was dark and only this place was brilliant. There were no other life forms around, so why was he feeling so restless?

He had sensed this feeling since quite a while ago. He had perceived it since he was using his domain to fight Qin Luoyin, but it wasn't as obvious.

Afterward, an astonishing, odd blue glow appeared between heaven and earth. This place was too serene a while ago with nothing at all in the vicinity.

But now an eerie blue light had appeared.

Then, it became clearer and started extending along the surface of the ground.

Bewildered, Chu Feng opened his Fiery Eyes and saw everything clearly. That blue wave was crashing toward this place. However, it wasn't violent at all. It was as quiet and gentle as the spring rain.

The blue light was clear and lustrous. It brought with it an intoxicating splendor as it drilled through the ground itself.

Chu Feng grew even more restless. He wanted to evade and leave this place, but every place was in the same state. Even the meteorites in the air were raining down blue light.

For a moment, it seemed like a blue river was flowing through the sky along with many small waterfalls.

What was this? The fireworks of a prosperous age?

Chu Feng's body tensed up as he donned a top-grade armor he had robbed from one of the divine sons. Additionally, a spiritual armor made clanging sounds within his body as it protected his human-shaped spiritual power.

"Chu Feng, you little demon. You've invited a great calamity. If you don't release me, we'll both die here!"

At this moment, a spiritual wave appeared from within the Eight Trigram's Furnace. This voice was clearly not Qin Luoyin's. It contained a hint of disdain and an exceptional amount of anger.

Chu Feng immediately understood that it was indeed the saint's spiritual seed within her body. What level of self-control—it didn't activate even when Qin Luoyin was cut in half and nailed through the head, but now, it could no longer hold back.

"Old witch, scram and wait to die there. No, I'll just send you off first!" Chu Feng said coldly. He activated the furnace with full power.

"Do you know what this place is? This is the incomparably terrifying purgatory said to be able to bury the entire cosmos. No matter how strong the expert, whoever dares act wantonly here will die!

The Dameng Pure Land saint sighed with a strong sense of hatred. She was a saint of the generation, but she was helpless in this situation. Her original body might have great power, but she was merely a spiritual seed at this moment. There was nothing she could do.

"I don't care about all that. Even if I'm to die here, I'll send you two off first. You old witch, I wouldn't have fallen in here if you hadn't attacked so shamelessly in secret," Chu Feng rebuked.

The flames within the furnace grew stronger and stronger. Qin Luoyin's body was being burnt and suffering the pain of destruction.

"If you hadn't acted so rashly, the purgatory would only purify itself every couple of months to destroy foreign entities. But now, it had activated early, and the flames of reincarnation have appeared. You won't last through this. It's sure death for you!"

Flames of reincarnation? Chu Feng glanced at the blue light. It was lustrous, translucent and contained a type of beauty within.

"Old witch, just worry about yourself. You two go first!" Chu Feng urged the flames once again.

At the same time, he began making arrangements. He split the furnace into two, forming a yin-yang furnace. One side was a land of destruction with which to burn Qin Luoyin and the saint's spiritual seed, while the other was full of peace and vitality.

Chu Feng shot in and hid within the yang furnace. This side was filled with vitality and would serve to protect him.

The other yin furnace was a land of destruction. Even though it was filled with bright flames, it was still lethal and could even be called a furnace of death.

"I swear that if Qin Luoyin dies here, my main body will find a way to enter earth and kill all of your nine generations and friends."

The saint said hatefully.

"Damn your grandpa!" Chu Feng wasn't buying this. He made the furnace glow even brighter, his yang furnace robbing the vitality from the yin furnace on the other side.

The Dameng Pure Land saint was quite obedient and really "scrammed" as told. Her spiritual seed exploded and turned into a wisp of pure energy which protected what remained of Qin Luoyin's body."

At this moment, the blue flames arrived and covered the entire area.

It was very gentle, like flowers blooming from the ocean spray. It brought with it a dreamy blue radiance which cracked apart like crystals, limpid and realistic.


But the entire place shook once it came into contact with the furnace. The wave was poised to destroy all life in this place.

Even with Chu Feng's high attainments in the field of domains, his furnace couldn't endure. The blue light poured straight in and covered the land.

Within a split second, his entire being became restless and filled with the urge to fight. There was a destructive urge within him poised to tear the sky apart.

"This isn't right. This isn't my own instinct, but the manipulation of a certain emotion brought about by the blue flame. It has seeped into the furnace and affected me.

Chu Feng was astonished. His will was agitated and full of restlessness. He couldn't help but want to brandish his fists and fight to the death with someone. This notion couldn't be stopped after its emergence.

At the same time, he heard the domain runes crumble. The flames didn't destroy everything in one go but approached gradually like the gentle spring rain.

Afterward, he felt his body being torn apart. The blue light was quite mild but the moment if approached his body, it felt as though he were about to be torn apart and turned to dust.

This was the flame of reincarnation and an early one at that. It was already so powerful even before the true powers of destruction had arrived.

"Am I going to die here?" Chu Feng sighed. Cracks had appeared over his body. Even though it was just the beginning, he simply couldn't stop those gentle flames and his flesh was about to be destroyed.

Suddenly, his chest felt hot. The mountain and river diagrams on the stone box erupted with lustrous light and calmed down his restless heart.

Moreover, his body was no longer in pain. Even though the blue flames were approaching, his flesh and blood didn't crack open.

On the other side, an astonishing thing was taking place. Qin Luoyin's body was burning, and it was even worse after the blue flames spread to her. She was on the verge of dying in both form and soul. But at the critical juncture, her body erupted with dazzling light which transformed into a shower of brilliance that engulfed her body.


The light rain surged with astonishing vitality.

In a split second, the wound on her forehead healed and the two parts of her body reattached themselves. She was in a phase of all-out recovery.

A Death Substitution Rune!

This priceless divine rune had activated and protected her, giving her a second life. She had revived once more.

Moreover, the dense vitality helped to block the blue flames and killing intent.


All of a sudden, the yin-yang furnace exploded, sending the two of them stumbling out. The domain was thus destroyed.

Chu Feng looked up at the sky. Man proposes and God disposes—just what kind of goddamned reincarnation flame was this? It completely wasted his great effort.

After falling down, Chu Feng discovered that the domain still had some effect. That was because he could feel how terrifying the restlessness in his heart was. Once again, his killing intent soared high, and he could no longer endure the will the fight. It was even more severe this time.

The stone box lit up in his chest and calmed him down a little bit.

Qin Luoyin, on the other hand, was quite different. The rune talisman helped her revive and keep her life, but her emotions had lost all control after being affected by the blue flames. She let out a shout and erupted with boiling magical power, poised to destroy the land. Afterward, her eyes shot out blue light as she attacked frantically.

Chu Feng trembled as he evaded. That lady of peerless grace was now like a madman. Her temperament was completely different. It was incomparably violent and could split the ground open with a raise of her hand. She smashed apart the meteorites in the air and even launched an attack at the blue flames.

Chu Feng was affected by her and also grew restless. Battle intent boiled up in his heart, but he knew he shouldn't approach that woman. So, he ran to some other place with a loud roar and began venting.

The two attacked countless times. They crossed paths several times during the process but Chu Feng always evaded her. That was because he didn't want to suffer badly in her hands. The other party was clearly out of her mind and they were two great realms apart.

Before long, the gentle blue light was still there, but the two stopped at the same time. Afterward, their hearts were filled with incomparable delight.

They both laughed unstoppably.

This was especially true of Qin Luoyin, her laughter was as pleasant as the chime of a bell. It was akin to the sounds of nature but, quite oddly, she couldn't stop.

Her eyes were blue and apparently, she was out of control.

Chu Feng was in the same state. He was incomparably happy but still maintained enough clarity to know that something wasn't quite right. He was about to die in the purgatory, so why was he laughing so heartily?

If even he was in this state despite the stone box, Qin Luoyin's state was likely even worse.

This was especially true after her demonic nature appeared—she had let go of all restrictions and was acting according to her heart. So she simply couldn't control her demonic self.

Chu Feng was frightened as he came to an understanding. This reincarnation flame was going to purify this space completely and destroy all creatures who had charged in by mistake. But it was a stepwise process. Currently, it was touching upon the spirit and releasing their emotions and desires.

As expected, their emotions changed once again after some time. They were no longer happy but full of hatred. He couldn't help but feel disgusted whenever he saw Qin Luoyin.

The latter was far off in the distance, expressing her incomparable hate for every piece of rock. She would feel contempt and disgust for everything around her. She enveloped herself in a shower of light and seemed to be in a state of extreme narcissism.

Afterward, Chu Feng ran away decisively. It was too goddamned uncomfortable. Once the emotions welled up, he would be crying, laughing, and feeling the urge to kill every once in a while.

But he was destined to suffer since he was facing a ruthless character two levels higher than him.

The only fortunate thing was that Qin Luoyin was drowning in her emotions and the demonic heart was controlling her, so she simply couldn't wake up. She had forgotten the presence of her enemy.

One could see this beautiful lady's robes and clothing had been burned clean by the blue flames. Her entire body was lustrous and slender. She stood there laughing, crying, hating, and would even attack the rocks from time to time.

The Death Substitution Talisman in her body was glowing. It could replenish her vitality but couldn't stop her emotional problems.

Finally, Chu Feng discovered that his breathing had turned coarse and his entire body was growing hot. An uncontrollable desire welled up in his heart.

He knew that his cravings from the seven emotions and six desires were acting up. But the stone box reinforced his will and suppressed it.

Suddenly, he trembled.

"Daydreaming lass, what are you doing? I don't have time to fight to the death with you, go away!" Chu Feng shouted.

He had discovered Qin Luoyin over the distant horizon.

He felt somewhat guilty because both of them were in an abnormal state. It would be too much of an injustice if he were killed here. One had to know that he had gained the absolute advantage in battle just now.

"You're so unbridled, you're not even wearing any clothes?" Chu Feng's eyes lit up with a blue glow.

From the end of desolate lands, a glowing jade-like body was approaching.

"I'm warning you, don't disturb my mood!" Chu Feng was drooling as he shouted loudly.
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