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Chu Feng threatening Qin Luoyin was naturally so that she would fall into despair and allow him to capture her earlier.

He had seen that, although the other party had collapsed to the ground, she hadn't yet lost the ability to fight and was still waiting to counterattack. In response, Chu Feng shot out even more magnetic stones and formed a domain of greater complexity.

At this moment, thirty layers of domains had been laid down!

"Hey Qin girl, enjoy your time in there. I'll be roasting some meat and drinking wine outside while I watch you crack the domains!" Chu Feng shouted. In truth, he couldn't roast anything at all because he wanted to vomit whenever he thought about those things.

Qin Luoyin's expression was icy as a ripping sound emerged from her brightly colored robe. She knew the other party was doing this on purpose. He was humiliating her in order to send her mind into disarray, before stepping into the domain to seize her.

"Chu Feng, you're just courting death. You'll become the Dameng Pure Land's slave once I escape, and everyone will order you about."


Another piece of her lustrous clothes had shattered, revealing a large area of white skin. The domain runes were too densely packed and kept on attacking her even while she was talking.


Chu Feng noticed that the woman still had trump cards and wouldn't be easy to kill. He no longer held back and raised the thirteen domains to the most perfect state in order to crush her.

He had successfully become a domain master, and it could be said that his methods were outstanding. Given enough time, he could surely kill a large group of visualization realm evolvers as his methods were suitable for group battles.

At the same time, he could also kill an expert of the higher realm by enveloping him in the domains and killing everything within.

One had to know that he was only depending on domains to kill the enemy. It could be considered quite stunning.

Chu Feng had long since noticed that his domain talents far surpassed his evolutionary talents and that he should focus on excavating them. From now on, he was poised to spread his wings and fly—whether it was with domains or evolution, he would spend the time to cultivate them.


The dense domain runes were like a flickering river of stars. They all came together, revolved around, and formed a majestic scene.

Chu Feng pushed the domain to its extremes with the full extent of his current power. He felt that he could almost kill an evolver two levels higher than the visualization realm.

That was his confidence. After studying domains, he was able to rob the energy of the mountains, rivers, and all living beings, and kill someone much stronger.

As expected, the energy around Qin Luoyin was extremely terrifying. She was like a boat in the bast oceans that would capsize at any moment.

"This time, I want to see how you can survive!" Chu Feng was confident that his domain could kill someone almost two realms higher than him.


Six treasured weapons exploded around Qin Luoyin and shattered in the blink of an eye. They simply couldn't resist the suppression of the domains.

This was a zone of death!


A black bell appeared and covered Qin Luoyin, temporarily blocking the sea of domain runes and winning some time for her.

"A secret treasure of the Dao Race? It's still not enough."

Chu Feng shouted as he watched the domain transformations. He would immediately repair any defects and cracks in the domain.

The jet black dao bell erupted with blinding light, the vague figure of an old daoist appearing upon it. The swaying bell droned lightly with the sound of daoist scriptures.

"Even that race's secret treasure won't do, die!" Chu Feng shouted.

The domain was activated, and the black bell exploded with a loud boom. The black light shattered into many pieces and was destroyed, no longer able to protect Qin Luoyin's body.

But Qin Luoyin had won precious time from this and managed to successfully activate a forbidden secret art.

The Dameng Breathing Technique's forbidden art didn't just hypnotize her bodily cells to release their full potential, but also hypnotized her spirit and allowed her to erupt with shocking power!

She was like a different person. Her cells were overflowing with dazzling light which formed a protective armor around her body.

At the same time, her eyes turned dull. They transformed into two black holes which then erupted with beams of like which shook one to the soul.

"Kill without mercy!"

Her voice was cold and distant, a stark contrast from before. This was a fundamental change—her bearing, her attack habits, and even her emotions had undergone a transformation.

At this moment, she was like a cruel female asura with no human emotions in her eyes. Her entire body was emitting light like a god.

This was the forbidden sphere of the Dameng Pure Land. They weren't just able to enter other people's dreams but could also bring themselves in, hypnotizing their body and spirit to release a primitive power.

The orthodoxy believed that everyone possessed a powerful demon in his heart. Once released, it would rend the world apart and cause a great calamity.

Everyone kept their demon under control without letting it out.

Meanwhile, the Dameng Pure Land had a way to release this primordial demon and allow it to fight. This would cause one to erupt with even more terrifying power.

Naturally, this caused great damage to oneself, and it wasn't every time that the demon could be driven back in. At that point, one would fall under the control of his demonic nature.

Additionally, the damage to one's spirit and body were also quite terrifying. The user might collapse entirely.

Those from the Dameng Pure Land would never use this forbidden art if they had a choice. This was a method of killing 1000 soldiers at the expense of 800.

So much so that it could even be considered a path of mutual destruction.

Qin Luoyin had released the demon within her heart. This demonified her and, in the blink of an eye, caused her aura to become terrifying.

She was dancing according to the forbidden secret art, but the movements were no longer the same as before. She was like the witch of the most powerful primordial tribe performing a sacrificial dance.

In an instant, the power of time flowed and all kinds of desolate visions appeared.

As expected, Qin Luoyin's erupted energy aura was terrifying as she fought the domain runes head on. She was no longer her self after allowing the demon to take the reins.

It seemed as though nuclear weapons were exploding in this area with mushroom clouds rising one after the other. Radioactive materials permeated the air, producing a frightening scene.

One had to know that this was the energy produced by a human of flesh and blood.


After an intense clash, the thirteen domain runes weaved together to suppress Qin Luoyin.

The Dameng Pure Land scion was cold and detached, but her eyes were like golden suns. There were scenes within them of myriad heavens being destroyed and rivers of stars collapsing. There was only murder left in her remorseless heart.


Her lustrous lotus-like arms waved through the air and destroyed a whole patch of domain runes.


Afterward, her white, jade-like feet stepped forth and crushed another group of domain runes.

Her movements were elegant as she danced like a sorceress. This was the Dameng Pure Land's forbidden art emitting a mysterious physical art in conjunction with their breathing technique.

In truth, both her spirit and body were dancing, and it was the dance of destruction.

"She's now over two realms higher!"

Chu Feng was shaken. He had figured out the other party's status because, otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to shake his thirteen-layered domain. This was somewhat heaven-defying.

Qin Luoyin had risen a great realm after activating the secret art. If this were to happen in an evenly-matched battle, who would be able to hold out?


Later on, the domains Chu Feng had supplemented began to show signs of cracking.

"No matter what you do, you will die today!" Chu Feng realized that the other's status wasn't normal. He might win if he could really endure for a while because the other party might not be able to hold out until then.

But he didn't want to be that passive because the plan was full of uncertainties. He liked to be in control of everything.

As such, Chu Feng put all of this domain methods to use in order to connect the twelve most primary domains into one and form a small Eight Trigrams Furnace!

This was a fusion technique that would combine twelve furnaces into one!

Qin Luoyin's multi-colored robe was damaged in many places, revealing the white jade-like skin below. Her figure was tall, and her face was fair, but she was incomparably cold and emitting a terrifying aura.


She slapped out while dancing and completely destroyed the thirteeth domain. The domain runes there were unable to approach her body as they were destroyed by a mysterious light.

She was dancing at this moment and would shoot through the air from time to time. She couldn't truly fly in this space, but she would traverse and spin through the air as though she were flying.

That was a power two levels above the visualization realm. She was like a goddess of war, poised to destroy all obstructions.


Finally, Chu Feng had succeeded. He shot out a large number of magnetic stones and managed to change the lay of the land. The remaining twelve domains merged into one and formed an Eight Trigrams Furnace.


The area was no longer the same. All kinds of domain runes mixed together anew and surged. In the end, a dazzling furnace appeared from the ground and enveloped the entire place, including Qin Luoyin.


Even though it was made of runes, the furnace was almost tangible and even produced the sound of its furnace lid closing down. It was too realistic.


Qin Luoyin's attack shook the divine furnace. The demon of her heart was in control of her body while she was hypnotized and her energy was vast.


Chu Feng shouted thus. Immediately, the dense runes in the furnace turned into sword beams which hacked toward Qin Luoyin.

Pfft! Pfft...

Bloody traces blossomed on Qin Luoyin's body as she was struck by the sword light. She was once again wounded, and not lightly at that.


Chu Feng shouted once more. This time, he was gasping hard because he was personally involved. The Eight Trigrams Furnace was being controlled by his spiritual power and not operating on its own.

He wanted to kill Qin Luoyin immediately to avoid accidents.

That was because the other party had too many trump cards. He was afraid some accident would occur.

Light emerged from the eight corners within the Eight Trigrams Furnace. They raged inside and burned fiercely.

"Ah…" Qin Luoyin who had released her heart's demon cried out in pain. She was suffering from the flames that could tear her body apart. It was likely that she would be destroyed here.


A large hole appeared on her body as the eight flames merged into one and shot toward her.

The result was astonishing!

At this moment, Chu Feng had donned the monastic robe, Equality of All Life. That was because he didn't believe the furnace was capable of killing the other party effectively. He was prepared for the worst, but now, it seemed he didn't need to put his own life on the line.

"Behead!" Chu Feng cried.

A sword carved with the eight trigram runes appeared in the domain. It slashed out with a swoosh and caused blood to splatter in all directions. This peerless lady of the generation was slashed through the waist!

Chu Feng let out a sigh of relief. Things had finally come to an end at this point.
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