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One line after another lit up on the ground and flowed like molten iron through the mold. The scene was exceptionally brilliant in the dark night.

Afterward, numerous irregular diagrams popped up from all sides with a loud boom. They were incomparably complex and the lines upon them were exceptionally dazzling.

The domains had been activated!

Mottled lights erupted from the ground. They were only bright and luminous at first, but eventually grew incomparably beautiful with all kinds of prismatic luster.

Qin Luoyin immediately sensed something was wrong and charged out.

But how could she? Once the domains were activated, they gave her no time at all to react. The runes awoke within the time it took for a spark to fly off a flint and formed a killing ground.


A large golden pestle appeared in the air and smashed toward Qin Luoyin. This was one of the domains and its name was: exorcism!

This was a Buddhist race domain recorded within the books on the moon and was capable of looking down on all visualization realm enemies. Chu Feng had comprehended it thoroughly and laid it out here.

Lights surged from the ground and weaved together one after the other to form a treasured pestle. Qin Luoyin's entire body was shaken with a boom and sent staggering back, almost coughing up a large mouthful of blood.

At the same time, the pestle exploded in a golden mushroom cloud. The energy raged within the domain and grew increasingly terrifying.

"Chu Feng!" Qin Luoyin stood upon the desolate ground, her figure within the domain tall and slender, even taller than the average man. Her brightly colored robes covered her attractive figure and perfect, undulating curves.

Her multicolored mask had long since been removed and the face within was suffused with cold killing intent. Her large violet eyes were like glistening gems, but they stared at Chu Feng with great coldness.

Her soft and lustrous hair was a faint violet color and sparkled like hanging brocade. Her face was flawless, and her red lips, alluring. However, her temperament was frosty and cold.

"Qin Luoyin, will you bind yourself and submit or must I take action?" Chu Feng walked out from the concealment domain.

"You're still alive even after being wounded by the ancient curst instrument. That's what they mean by evil people live longer."

Qin Luoyin was fairly calm. She stood there without any wanton movements. Her white, crane-like neck and her chin were raised as she looked down on Chu Feng with some arrogance. It was unknown whether she was trying to infuriate the enemy or if she was truly disdainful of Chu Feng.

"Chu Feng, don't let me catch you, or else it'll be difficult even if you want to die!" A cold smile appeared on the corners of her mouth. She was still so calm even while restrained.

The meaning in her words was clear. She was going to make Chu Feng suffer agony worse than death.

Her words were sharp, but her entire person was still incomparably elegant.

"You're reminding me to teach you a good lesson once I catch you?" Chu Feng revealed a faint smile.


Qin Luoyin waved her long hair and began dancing. Her robes fluttered and her long skirt spread out as her lithe body swayed gently like an immortal poised to ride the wind.

A small strand of hair flew out in the darkness. Almost invisible, it flew through the air and shot toward Chu Feng. That was a golden thread needle with which to ambush the enemy!

However, she had underestimated Chu Feng's domain. Even a golden thread needle wouldn't work. It emitted dazzling sparks mid-air and transformed into a burst of energy.

"Qin Luoyin, hope you enjoy the show slowly!" Chu Feng mocked with cold eyes.


He stepped down forcefully. The activated domains began to explode with blinding lights which erupted from the ground and enveloped Qin Luoyin's position, much like an explosion of fireworks.

That area was extremely beautiful, but also just as terrifying with its raging energy.

One could see that the surrounding air was warped as though it were suffering the impact and pressure of the most terrifying domains. It was about to destroy the entire space.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several secret treasures appeared around Qin Luoyin. There was a jade necklace, a magical conch, and an exorcism pestle. This surprised Chu Feng greatly. Weren't these items from the Buddhist race?

Apparently, Qin Luoyin possessed an abundance of treasures.

These secret treasures lit up and blasted out to resist the domain runes. This was a contest of life and death, so she didn't dare act carelessly. She was activating all these weapons with full power.

"Qin Luoyin, I searched you thoroughly back then and groped you from head to toe. But I never discovered these weapons. Where were you hiding them?"

Chu Feng asked mischievously. His tone was frivolous and irritating.


Qin Luoyin cursed out directly. She had never done such a thing before—when she traveled the starry skies, her character was gentle and beautiful. But now, her attitude was one of anger and humiliation, stained with boiling murderous intent.


A secret treasure exploded around her, crushed to pieces. For instance, that magical conch was emitting a faint sound and surrounding her with various golden runes. Now it had broken down into several pieces and transformed into fine powder.

Chu Feng's expression was cold. Although he had been cursed, there wasn't the slightest fluctuation in his heart. He stood outside observing the most powerful descendant of the Dameng Pure Land.

Qin Luoyin stood straight. Her legs were slender and supple, her waist was thin, and her chest, tall. There was a hint of arrogance on her beautiful face which made her more elegant.

She spread her arms in a gentle, breathtaking dance which brought delight to one's eyes. But a terrifying thing happened when her lustrous arms swept through the air. She was actually destroying the domain runes. With every move of her legs, the domains surrounding her were broken down with great power.

This was the Dameng Pure Land's Dream Dance. It could lull the cells to sleep and release the potential ability in one's body. It could be considered exceptionally terrifying.

But the Dream Dance came at a big price. The body might be overloaded, exhausted and even break down afterward.

Chu Feng took in a breath of cold air when he saw her destroying his domains. It was shocking to find her so powerful. If she had used this against him immediately on Mount Kunlun, there was no telling who would win.

However, he surmised that this gorgeous dance would leave her with a disastrous aftermath. That was why she didn't dare use it casually. Today, she had been forced to deploy it.


Runes exploded around Qin Luoyin in the domain.

In truth, she was evading and not attempting to fight head on. But she had no choice because the domain had locked onto her. Her gentle figure moved constantly, turning her waist and limbs like a beautiful snake lady and traversing the space with great alacrity.

Unfortunately, there were too many domains here. Chu Feng had laid down twelve of them just to kill her.


A treasured pestled appeared yet again in the air. The Buddhist Race's shocking might blasted onto Qin Luoyin's back and caused her to stagger with blood seeping out of her mouth.


Afterward, the Dao Race's domain appeared. Nine figures of different shapes sat cross-legged in the air like godly bodies and rained down attacks.


This time, Qin Luoyin didn't dare resist with the Dream Dance. She had no choice but to toss out a secret treasure. A little green umbrella refined from green gold protected her. It opened up and spun rapidly to contend against those images.

The world rumbled and the void collapsed. Energy erupted like boiling lava and surged throughout the area.

"You really have a lot of secret treasures. Where did you stuff them? Your ear? Or is it some other part? Are you like Sun Wukong who stuffs his staff behind his ear?"

Chu Feng mocked coldly. He appeared rather relaxed outside of the domain as he watched Qin Luoyin struggle.

He would toss out some magnetic stones from time to time, repairing the domains and maintaining their integrity. They operated under the strongest conditions and pressed firmly upon Qin Luoyin.

The demonic umbrella exploded with a boom and hundreds of metallic fragments flew out in all directions which were then duly crushed by the domains.

One could imagine how terrifying this place was. Even secret treasures surpassing the visualization realm couldn't hold out in the end. They were still destroyed.

If a visualization realm evolver were to charge in, he would die without a doubt. This was a place of absolute danger.

Qin Luoyin turned her waist, limbs, and legs. At the same time, she spread her lustrous arms and drew a beautiful arc in the air. Her entire person was like a primordial witch and the dance was like a sacrificial rite. It was extremely beautiful and full of mysteriousness.


Her little waist was able to forcibly resist the impact even when a domain rune had bumped into it. A sorcerous light from ancient times would erupt on her body.

"This dance is truly unusual!" Chu Feng was astonished.

In truth, Qin Luoyin's emotions were heavy. Even she herself had no idea what price she would need to pay for this dance.

She wasn't flustered even at such a juncture. Her colorful skirt danced in the wind as her slender body moved about. She became increasingly beautiful as her body was bathed in divine brilliance.

"Qin Luoyin, take this!" Chu Feng shouted.

With a swoosh, he threw out a long spear which stuck itself into the ground.

"Use it as a steel pole and continue dancing. I like pole dances."

Qin Luoyin's delicate face was full of anger and killing intent. She revealed an incomparably cruel expression. She naturally knew that he was humiliating her intentionally.

"Chu Feng, do you think you can live just by ambushing me with domains? You'll die very soon. This place is the purgatory. All life in his land will eventually die unless our Dameng Pure Land saints open the door. If you want to live, join our Dameng Pure Land and submit to me."

Qin Luoyin spoke slowly while gazing at Chu Feng.

"Keep on dancing. I'm still admiring you so I have no time to speak. I don't want to enter the Dameng Pure Land as your husband," Chu Feng replied indifferently.

Qin Luoyin circulated her breathing technique, calming her spirit and erasing all emotional fluctuations. Afterward, her body erupted with colorful light and spun around. She was employing a special movement technique of the Dream Dance in a bid to escape the spatial bindings.

"She's warping space. Quite a skill I say, but you should just stay in the domain."

Chu Feng sneered as he threw out a rain of magnetic stones and suppressed the area in front of him. Within a split second, a dense array of domain runes interweaved and enveloped the land.


Qin Luoyin spat out a large mouthful of blood and fell down from the air. Apparently, she had suffered grievous injuries from the terrifying suppression.

"You've collapsed so quickly? Do you think I should sell you off or leave you to warm my bed? Or maybe I should settle our debt first an eye for an eye by biting your tongue?" Chu Feng mocked with a smile. "Everyone says you're the goddess of all the young evolvers in the universe. Then I'll take a loss and keep you as my servant. That way, I'll enjoy great prestige as I walk the starry skies!"
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