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Chu Feng wasn't moving very quickly because he was pondering. At first, he had several plans with which to kill the other party but was almost killed instead. He had completely exposed himself and informed Qin Luoyin that he was alive, so several of his plans were no longer as effective.

He thought the other party would've turned careless after the month of absence, so much so that she might've thought he was dead. But his unexpected appearance might've made her more vigilant.

He suddenly halted his steps and turned back toward the Radiant City of Death. He hadn't even gotten very far before returning.

"I'm sorry, everyone, please let me pick two corpses. Your souls aren't here anyway so the skin is no use to you."

Chu Feng apologized first, then began searching through the battlefield outside of the city. he was picking the weakest human-shaped life forms, but those were fairly rare here.

The creatures here were all outrageously powerful and probably great experts in the past. Chu Feng mulled over it and realized that the weakest were golden arhats.

Otherwise, their flesh would've rotten long ago and not remain here.

Fortunately, the long years had eroded the energy within their bodies, and their constitution had long since weakened to the lowest level.

There was no true immortality in his world. Even an extremely powerful existence or item would be destroyed by time and drowned in the dust of history.

Chu Feng picked two corpses which he found to be suitable, modified them, and put them into his spatial bracelet.

He had suppressed many divine sons and saintesses and gotten many high-quality spoils from them. There was no lack of spatial items.

Chu Feng walked out hundreds of kilometers, moving stealthily as he searched for Qin Luoyin's whereabouts. He couldn't fail this time, or it would become more and more difficult for him to find her.

These few days, he had suffered the torture of the ancient curse technique and nearly died. It was too close.

Chu Feng's expression wasn't too good. His heart was filled with killing intent, and he wanted nothing more than to capture that Dameng Pureland descendant. But from a different perspective, he admired her methods. They were sufficiently ruthless and even made him fall for them.

Chu Feng bent down and examined carefully. Qin Luoyin had stalked this place before. It seemed she had indeed chased him here but didn't dare step near the city of death.

Chu Feng observed the lay of the land as he went on.

Unfortunately, none of the domains he had laid down before were activated. The other party was quite fleeting and had chosen her path quite carefully.

This woman was fairly careful and her senses were too sharp. She had evaded many of the domains.

Chu Feng considered things from Qin Luoyin's perspective and felt that the other party might be going around the city of death in search for him.

Perhaps she was already prepared to collect his corpse. After all, even a golden arhat's body would fall apart once struck by the ancient weapon.

Fortunately, that arrow didn't shoot into his body.

He sensed a killing intent along the way and opened his Fiery Eyes. There he saw a trap, a terrifying black bell and a barely discernible powder mixed into the soil.

Chu Feng's eyes were cold because he might've fallen for the trick had he not been more careful.

Even this unassuming powder was extremely frightening. This Spirit Dissolution Powder was extremely difficult to get rid of and, once inside the body, could kill a person's soul.

Qin Luoyin was a perfect being in the eyes of the universes' evolvers, one who had no flaws to speak of. She could even be considered exceptionally beautiful.

But after truly exchanging blows and coming to understand her, one would find that she was harsh, ruthless, and extremely dangerous.

One would likely suffer if he were too fixated on her city-toppling beauty.

If she wasn't sufficiently powerful, how could she have joined the upper ranks of the universe's younger generation?

Chu Feng circled around and, after some deductions, followed the clues back toward where he had come. He was prepared to set up a trap.

Finally, he confirmed a certain corner of the city. Qin Luoyin had appeared in this area before and it hadn't been very long, at most two hours.

This was the result of his investigation by means of domains.

After careful investigation, he discovered a piece of Violet Heavenly Thunder Crystal under a rock and a black wooden box in a gap in the ground. Naturally, it was incomparably dangerous.

Afterward, Chu Feng set up layer upon layer of killing domains around the vicinity. All of them were lethal.

"This won't do. I need to add some modifications and make the domains controllable." Chu Feng pondered for a while and realized that Qin Luoyin's senses were too sharp and would adopt a probing stance even while walking. She would retreat immediately once she had discovered a domain, and they would probably not be able to contain her.

Next up, Chu Feng went around the area making corrections and rearrangements. There was a vast amount of magnetic stones in his spatial bracelet.

Finally, the set up was complete whereupon he checked everything once and confirmed that there was nothing wrong. Then, he took out a corpse from his spatial bracelet and dressed it in his clothes. At the same time, Chu Feng cut his wrist and allowed some blood to drip onto it.

He gave it some thought, then set up the other corpse in a similar manner.

In the end, Chu Feng constructed a stealth domain and hid inside.

"Good, the hunting operation begins now!"

With a bang, he threw out one of the corpses into a domain in the distance. In the end, a Violet Heavenly Thunder Crystal exploded immediately.

The scene was somewhat shocking. A 500-meter area around that place turned into a pool of lava and surged into the skies. At the same time, electricity interweaved and illuminated the dark night sky!

Chu Feng was astonished. If he had stepped into it by accident, he would've been blasted to death.

That Violet Heavenly Thunder Crystal was too shocking. It would, without a doubt, even fry and kill those higher than the visualization realm.

After careful thought, Qin Luoyin was an evolver higher than the visualization realm. The Violet Heavenly Thunder Crystal in her hands was naturally to contend with these people.

Chu Feng sighed. It was fortunate that his domains were sufficiently far away. Otherwise, some of it would've been destroyed.

Afterward, he revealed a smile. That corpse was really quite realistic—it was blasted into several pieces, but the large chunks weren't devoured by the lightning and lava.

At the same time, he began to see those creatures outside of the City of Death in a new light. This was the weakest corpse he was able to find among them.

Afterward, Chu Feng trembled as a black wooden box emerged from the lava; it hadn't been burned to ash. Instead, it began to open and a blood-red broken blade shot out from within. It rushed into the air with a whoosh, cutting the large corpse chunks into several small pieces.

"Goddammit Qin Luoyin, you're so ruthless!"

He might've died for certain if it weren't for his understanding of domains, sufficient sensitiveness to the earth qi, and possession of the Fiery Eyes.

Afterward, Chu Feng remained still. He was hiding in wait for Qin Luoyin's appearance.

He had chosen this place and intentionally activated the death trap she had left behind in order to attract her over and then kill her.

The movements here were too big. The light tore through the darkness of the skies and was incomparably dazzling. It might even be seen from hundreds of kilometers away.

That was because the flash of lightning and the lava had surged dozens of meters into the air. It was simply too fierce and glaring.

As expected, some movement was seen from far away. Someone was rushing through the skies and arrived nearby, but there was no more movement thereafter.

It seemed the snake had been lured out of its hole.

Chu Feng held his breath within the concealment domain for fear of being exposed. He seemed to have turned to stone at this point, blending into the heaven and earth and erasing all signs of life.

Afterward, he saw a spirit-like figure with loose hair entering the domain. The lava was no longer boiling at this point and had solidified.

She charged in, stepping right over the scorching rocks and half flowing lava. She was observing the remains on the ground.

Chu Feng was just about to activate the domains.

But he held back as his heart suddenly moved.

That was because he felt that Qin Luoyin wasn't ordinary. She was powerful and cautious, not someone easily dealt with. The most important part was, when did her hair grow so disheveled?

His heart was moved at the thought of this. He then shot out the other corpse and silently drove it toward the domain in front.

This corpse was clad in Chu Feng's clothing and painted with his blood essence; it possessed his aura. Chu Feng had split off a strand of spirit to control the corpse which shot toward Qin Luoyin with a purple gold truncheon in his hand.

That purple gold truncheon erupted with brilliant violet flames and, at the same time, emitted electric flashes. It was a great killer weapon he had seized from a divine son.

"Qin Luoyin, die!"

Chu Feng's spirit on the corpse emitted spiritual waves.


The woman suddenly turned back without evading. She raised a backhand and clawed at the corpse, her hair dancing wildly behind her. The wind lifted her hair and revealed her true appearance.

A fake!

This woman's face was stiff like a wooden puppet. This wasn't Qin Luoyin herself but instead a puppet who was being controlled from afar.

Chu Feng's heart went cold. Fortunately, he hadn't activated the domains or else he would've been tricked. It would hardly be luring a snake out of its hole, but instead, startling the snake by beating the grass. He would've invited great trouble upon himself. [1]


The puppet woman was shattered after being struck, and the damaged portions were burnt in the flames. However, one of her hands still managed to pierce the corpse.

"You… Qin Luoyin, you're ruthless!"

Chu Feng's spirit on the corpse emitted a shout. Then, he felt something was wrong because that hand had Spirit Dissolution Powder on it and was about to destroy his spirit.

His spirit retreated decisively and left the place.

The next moment, the corpse fell to the ground, bounced a couple of times, and became completely still.

Chu Feng wiped off his cold sweat in the darkness. This Qin Luoyin was too difficult to deal with. She was exceptionally cautious, and her methods were ruthless. A careless mistake might cost him his life.

Then, he found that the corpse had started to decay.

It was suffering from various types of decay due to that terrifying puppet woman. However, the latter was also in pieces with various metallic parts falling to the ground.

Chu Feng hid in silence without the slightest of movements.

Qin Luoyin's figure appeared only after a long while. She looked on quietly from afar, then raised a snow-white palm. A bolt of light blasted out from her hand and landed on the ground nearby.

Within that split second, lightning and thunder raged amidst flying sand and debris. Even the earth had split open.

Chu Feng frowned. This perfect goddess in the eyes of all the youngsters was indeed extraordinary. She was still vigilant even at such a juncture and still performing a probe.

Qin Luoyin knew he was proficient in domains and was thus cautious even after seeing him die.

Chu Feng felt that his move in converting the domains to activation mode was correct. Now, the domains wouldn't appear unless he activated them. They wouldn't show up even if parts of them were destroyed.

Finally, Qin Luoyin walked over with light strides.

Chu Feng laughed. This woman had finally walked into his trap. It was time to draw the net in.

Then, he decisively activated the domains!
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